Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination episode 6

The episode start with Aditia give the milk to thapki, thapki about to drink the milk Bihaan stop her and bring to her another glass of milk,
Thapki: Bihaan Aditia already bring to me milk .
Bihaan: no my milk is better you drink this I will drink yours.
Thapki: okay if you say so .
Thapki drink the milk, Bihaan go to the kitchen and throw the milk that Aditia make he says in his mind what do you think shardda I know your game you will never win he recalled seeing shradda putting poison in the milk.
Shardda come to thapki and she see her good she get angry and think how I put poison in the milk and she drink it. Bihaan call shradda out side,
shradda go to bihaan and ask him what do you want ?
Bihaan : shardda you work in this house so you should got money ? from your work.
Shardda smile: you will give me money.
Bihaan: yes her you go but I want you to do something to this money .
Shardda: what I will do anything.
Bihaan: burn it .
Shardda: what are you crazy ?
Bihaan: shout burn it I said .
Shardda get scared she ask we’re to burn it .

He lights a fire ? and tell her now burn pice of dollar ? until all your money go .
Shardda do as Bihaan said .
Blwender sees shardda burn the money ? he got mad ? and angry and shout Bihaan what shradda is doing .
Bihaan: shradda burn the money Babji I try to stop her she got mad .
Shardda get angry and says no he is lying he give me the money to burn it .
Bihaan: but why I will give you money and where I get this much money.
Shardda: you stop lying Babji Bihaan let do this believe me .
Blwender: shardda i will not do to you anything you just need to leave this house.
Shardda: for a money you will get me out of this house?
Blwender : this money it is for charity not for the house.
Shardda: Babji believes me it was Bihaan who told me .
Blwender: stop it shardda I don’t wanna her anything you just leave this house without problems I will call your father to take you home .
Bihaan gajab my plan is working let see you shardda leavening this house ?
Thapki was in the room reading book Bihaan cut her reading and tell her thapki I have good news for you .
Thapki: what good news did do trouble?
Bihaan: no this time shardda will go out of this house.
Thapki: WHAT and you are happy what shardda did to get out of this house .
Bihaan: she put poison in your milk that you about to drink today .
Thapki get shocked because of that you give me another milk .
Bihaan: yes and I did a magnificent plan to get her out of our life .
Thapki: what was your plan .
Bihaan: I take fake money and tell her to burn it Babji saw her and think this the money for charity and he get her out of this house, how was my plan .
Thapki: your are genius Bihaan I didn’t know .
Bihaan: really I have other thing to do you don’t know .
Thapki: like …
Bihaan : I can speak other language.
Thapki: oh like English.
Bihaan: yes I can .
Thapki: so do it tell me you are smart in English.
Bihaan in his mind where you get your self Bihaan thapki will sure laughs at me .
He about to speak…

Shardda calling everyone, everyone go to her,
Vaus: what happened why you call us ?
Shardda: I have clue that money that I burn was fake she bring a dollar and compression with really dollar .
Blwender: sorry shardda you can stay in house.
Thapki look at Bihaan worried
Bihaan: stop it shardda but you need to get of this house I saw you today putting poison in thapki is milk.
Shardda get shocked: what Bihaan you of course saw Aditia as me .
Bihaan: no I saw you putting the poison.
Preeti : yeah shardda you always try to kill thapki what will stop you now.
Suman : and yes I saw her enter the kitchen while Aditia making the milk.
Vaus: shardda tell the truth did you do this .
Shardda: I didn’t…. it was …
Bihaan: shout stop this lies I can’t see you harm thapki and stay silent maa in this time get this evil woman out of this house or I will do .
Vaus: shardda I always try to let you stay in this house and learn your mistakes from long time I want to do this and now I can get out of this house you not my son wife and you not a housemaid go out .
Shardda: you can’t get me out of this house.
vaus : why I can’t,
Shardda: because am pregnant and I have druve child .
Everyone shocked, druve look at Aditia.

Druve: no she is lying no it can’t .
Shardda: yes druve it not a lies but if you don’t believe me I will bring papers, she bring the papers.
Vaus and druve sees the paper and get shocked.
Bihaan: it is your new game to stay in this house you can make fake pregnant paper.
Shardda: okay if you don’t believe me I will call my doctor to come and tell you .
Thapki go to Aditia and tell her don’t worry shardda lying,
Aditia: but if this truth .
The doctor come and tell them that shardda really pregnant.
Bihaan: no I know it is your game druve you can tell us she is lying.
Druve get shocked he remains silent.
Vaus : druve say something.
Blwender: druve prove to us that shardda lying .
Preeti and suman : druve please tell us .
Druve stay silent and go to his room,
Aditia crying ? and says I don’t wanna live with druve thapki take her to her room .
Bihaan I know shardda is lying I will prove this.
Thapki : no Aditia don’t leave druve you even sees him in pain he is shocked like you .
Aditia: thapki I cannot live with him I just think about shardda getting pregnant it disgust me .
Thapki: Aditia now your are sad let talk about this later you take a rest she let her sleep in the bad and go out of the room .
She saw Bihaan thinking,
Thapki: Bihaan after everything happens what will we do .
Bihaan: go it .
Thapki: what are you saying?
Bihaan : thapki I know shardda is lying and I will prove this .
Thapki: but Bihaan even that Aditia is sad ?.
Bihaan: don’t worry I will fix everything.
Thapki: i believes in you that you will fix everything.
Bihaan: so I need you and my child to support in this plan .
Thapki: we will support you .
Bihaan tell her the plan thapki listen.
Thapki: but if …
Bihaan: no thapki you need to be careful this plan should work and than all shardda truth will come and Aditia and druve will be back together.
Thapki huge Bihaan and tell him : you really care for your brother.
Bihaan: I learn from you thapki .

Break Precaps:
Bihaan tells everyone he will take thapki to the hospital to check the baby health he recommend shardda to go with them .

Thapki goes to Aditia to see if she is okay when she enter the room Aditia wasn’t there, thapki got scared ? she ask the family if they saw her they says no ,
Thapki: where did you go Aditia?
Bihaan: thapki let go search for her .
Thapki: okay.
Druve in his room thinking of what happened to him in the past when he can’t marry thapki and when his mother lies to him and when Bihaan save him from the shot gun and he says to himself now when I fallen in love with Aditia I felt everything has been fixed but no shardda now pregnant and Aditia will never forgive me.
Druve: why my luck is bad I don’t get any happy in my life I can’t hurt Aditia,
Bihaan call druve and tell him Aditia is messing druve get scared: what am coming.
Aditia walking in streets recall shradda saying she is pregnant and druve stay silent, she cry and says I cannot believe what happened I will not stay with druve anymore.
Bihaan and thapki in the car ? Bihaan ask thapki if she know a place that Aditia go for , thapki says I know a place they go to the place and sees Aditia sitting in that place and crying ? thapki run to her and hug her saying Aditia are you fine we were worried about you,
Aditia: how do you know the place .
Thapki: do you remember when we where kids we always come to this place to tell each other our bad days and when we get hurt by people words,
Aditia: thapki I cannot continue my life with druve am sorry don’t force me to stay with him .
Thapki: I won’t force you if you don’t want so it okay you can leave the house and leave druve.
Bihaan: yes Aditia it is your decision.
Druve come Aditia sees him she tell him to leave she don’t wanna hear anything.
Bihaan tell druve to leave,
Druve: Aditia we need to talk you didn’t see my opinion of shardda getting pregnant.
Aditia leave.
Bihaan: don’t worry druve everything will be fix you need first to let Aditia rest she got shocking news about shardda pregnancy.
Druve: you are right Bihaan I will talk to her later thank you Bihaan for finding Aditia.
Bihaan: I will always help you druve.
In the house, druve go to his room he saw shradda sitting in the bed he get angry and throw her out of the room and close the ? door ,
shardda : open the door druve am you sons mother you can’t avoid me forever.
Druve cry in his room remember Aditia saying she don’t wanna talk to him,
Aditia in gust room crying remember the day when druve convinced his love to her .
In Bihaan room, thapki try to sleep and bihaan playing in the phone ?
Thapki: Bihaan how you be so careless Aditia and druve hate each other and about to break up their wedding and you her playing in phone.
Bihaan: oh my lovely wife I tell you I will fix everything and I will now you go to sleep and let continue working.
Thapki: Bihaan I know you will fix everything but I can’t sleep I am still thinking of them .
Bihaan: wake up from bad and hold thapki hand and tell her if I tell you story will you go to sleep.
Thapki: yes but you have to tell me and our child the story .
Bihaan: thapki we always say our child why we don’t put to him a name .
Thapki: yes I was thinking of a name .
Bihaan: first what do you think it will be a boy or a girl .
Thapki: I want a girl .
Bihaan: but I want a boy .
Thapki: Bihaan I feel it will be a girl .
Bihaan: I don’t want a girl .
Thapki: what the wrong with girls am a girl too .
Bihaan: no it just.. forget it if you want a girl I want a girl too are you happy.
Thapki: yes am happy but what about the name .
Bihaan: we will decide when she born .
Thapki sleep beside Bihaan while Bihaan tell her the story and when he saw her sleeping he light off the Light and sleep beside her.
In the morning, everyone was sitting in the table and eating breakfast, vaus ask Bihaan if he take care of thapki ,
Bihaan: yes maa I take care for her but she don’t stop doing work .
Thapki: Bihaan eat breakfast she signal him about the plan .
Bihaan: oh yes maa today I will take thapki for the doctor to check the baby I was thinking of taking shradda with us .
Druve look on and everyone,
Shardda: yes I will go with you .
Aditia come to see thapki and tell her she is going the family got shocked from Aditia decision,
Vaus: Aditia why my daughter if you do this druve can’t live without you .
Aditia: sorry mother but I can’t live with him anymore I hope everyone accept my decision.
Blwender: we cannot force you to stay I am really happy to have a daughter like you Aditia my wishes is with you .
Dadi : Aditia can you come to me she give her a gift her a photo of the family she tell her everytime you remember us you look to this picture, Aditia cry and hug her.
Preeti and suman bhui hug Aditia and tell her they will miss her .
Druve look at Aditia leavening he tears ,
Bihaan I wil drop you Aditia , thapki go with shardda to the doctor, the doctor checked thapki when it shardda turn thapki sees shardda give the doctor money to tell thapki that shardda has been checked,
Thapki get shocked and try to call Bihaan,
Bihaan and Aditia in the car ?
Bihaan: uff there is no battery in the phone of course thapki call me .
Aditia: take my phone Bihaan and call her .
Bihaan: thanks Aditia.

Break precaps:
Shardda tells thapki to not tell anyone that she is lying or she will kill her son .

Bihaan call thapki shardda go to thapki and break the phone,
Bihaan: hello thapki…thapki..hello what happened to her phone ?.
Shardda what happened thapki,
Thapki: I know your truth shardda you lied about getting pregnant and now your truth will come to everyone.
Shardda: think again thapki if you tell them you will win and Aditia will be back to druve but you will lose your child again.
Thapki: what do you mean?
Shardda: if you tell the family about me lying i promise you that your child will be dead before he born .
Thapki: you cannot do this bihaan will stop you .
Shardda: he cannot stop me because even if you tell him your child will be gone it is your decision thapki think again before telling anyone even Bihaan.

Bihaan ask thapki what happened in the hospital did she know that shardda is lying, thapki about to tell him she saw shardda.

I try to write the update in the fast way hope you like it ?

Special thanks ❤️?
?Manish ki deewani
?Pooja prabha
?Thahaan fans
?Bihaan love

If it possible I will try to post the next episode sooooon ???

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  2. The same is happening in the show but Tha hain are not together …. These ff make us smile and the way u depict the story is commendable . I loved it … And thank u for mentioning my name . Hope u upload the next soon .

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