Thapki pyaar ki and my imagination Episode 5

The episode start with bihaan decide to do work in the channel business, thapki in room and trying to take rest she got a headache ?
Thapki : I will go to drink some water maybe because I didn’t eat anything today .
Bihaan tell Babji he will go to thapki to tell her he will join the channel business .
Thapki start losing balance Bihaan see her he run to her thapki Lose consciousness bihaan hold her .
Bihaan in worried voice: thapki wake up .
The family hear Bihaan they come and see thapki they tell Bihaan to take her to the hospital Bihaan agree .
In the hospital The family worried about thapki health the doctor come to them and says you can enter and see thapki the family enter and ask thapki what happens are you okay, thapki tell them, Bihaan enter and he sit beside thapki and ask the family what happens why you all sad
vaus : Bihaan you need to care more about thapki .
blwender : yeah you need to care about her and never let her go to work .
Suman and preeti : says to bihaan yes also you need to make sure she eat a lot .
Aditia and druve : you need to become more responsible for all the thing that thapki asks .
Bihaan : what do you mean he look at thapki and ask her again .

Break Precaps:
Shardda knows about thapki getting pregnant she planning to kill her child.

Thapki hold Bihaan hand and whisper in his ?? ears you will become a father Bihaan.
Bihaan: smile and hug ? thapki and tell her this the best news I heard thanks thapki from now on you just ask I will do all the work .
The family look at them and feel happy ?
In house Bihaan bring drums man and he start to drums with them thapki see them and smile and family start dancing with the drums voice and bihaan see thapki standing and look at him he come to her and hold her and tell her you don’t need to walk until our child come, thapki look at Bihaan and smiles.
In night in Bihaan room thapki tidy the clothes in the locker
Bihaan sees her and tell her :why you do work I said you need to take rest .
Thapki: Bihaan it just smalle work .
Bihaan hold her and put her in the bed and tell her mrs thapki Bihaan pandy now you are pregnant so doing work not just affect you it affect our child and i want our child to by health and now you go to sleep ? i will tidy the clothes for you .
Thapki: but Bihaan …Bihaan shut her by his hand and says
Bihaan: no from now you will do as I said without question me okay now go to sleep .
Thapki: okay .
Bihaan tidy the clothes and put them in locker and after he finish he sees thapki sleeping in bed he sleep beside her and he saw her hair come in her eye her remove it and kiss her in head and says to her while she sleeping I promise you thapki I will never let anything happen to our child .
Shradda was working as a housemaid in house she know about thapki get pregnant she decided I will kill her child she make her sister marry my druve I will get revenge from you thapki .

Break precaps:
Shardda wants thapki to fall from the ladder and lose the child.

In the other day, Shradda was making a rope in the Ladder to make thapki falls down, Bihaan sees the the rope when he go down stairs, shradda go to thapki and tell her that vaus call you to go down stairs thapki says yes I will come .
Bihaan sees shradda call thapki to go downstairs, Bihaan go to shardda and tell her to go downstairs and tell vaus thapki need to take rest, thapki sees Bihaan talking to shradda she tell him no Bihaan I will go , shradda get scared and act like it is normal to go downstairs she about to go thapki stop her saying no I will go ,
Bihaan says you don’t know thapki shradda make to you a gift today,
thapki : gift !
Bihaan: yes she make a small rope in the ladder to make you lose your child .
Thapki : shocked ? what she look at shradda .
Bihaan : go to the ladder and cut the rope .
Thapki : I don’t believe you shradda you did this .
Druve : shradda didn’t do this the worker did I think Bihaan misunderstood .
Bihaan : no druve I know shradda did this .
Thapki: Bihaan did you see her put the rope .
Bihaan : no but ..
Thapki: look Bihaan druve said it was the worker and I know shradda has been change to better right shardda .
Shradda : she thinking why druve save her and said yes thapki .
Bihaan : look at shardda in anger look and take thapki hand let go .
Shradda about to go druve stop her why you put the rope ?
Shradda : no druve I didn’t .
Druve : stop this lies I am don with you evil game shradda if any other mistake you do I will get you out of this house you of course ask your selfie why I lies to thapki because I don’t want her to feel scared from you. Druve leaves .
Shardda : so you care for thapki druve I will not just make her feel scared I will kill her child and then you can get me out of this house .
Bihaan thinking of shardda putting the rope,
thapki : come to him and ask him bihaan which colors you want for decorations.
Bihaan throw the decorations from thapki hand and yells I don’t like this and he leaves .
Thapki : Bihaan wait .
Vaus : thapki what happened why Bihaan is angry.
Thapki: I don’t know maybe because of the rope that was in latter .
Vaus : what rope ?!
Thapki: nothing I will go to talk to him .
Bihaan in the room do boxing.
Thapki come and sees him and says : so my dear husband is angry from me .
Bihaan: stop it thapki Iam angry now am not in mood of joking.
Thapki: oh so okay me and my child will go out of this room if you are angry .
She act like she is really going she take suitcase and start putting clothes inside Bihaan sees her he think she is leaving he stops her .
Bihaan: thapki what are you doing am sorry leave this suitcase .
Thapki hold Bihaan from behind and says I will never leave bihaan why you are angry.
Bihaan: please thapki don’t make jokes of you leaving i promise you I will never leave you again and this child will live a great life with us .
Thapki: Bihaan but why you get angry.
Bihaan: thapki am scared that shardda do thing to our child .
Thapki : Bihaan if you with me can a bad thing happen.
Bihaan : no .
Thapki: so if you with me me and my child will be more than good are you listening my baby your dad really cares for you .
Bihaan speaking to the baby : yes and I will make you and your beautiful mom always happy .
Bihaan huge thapki and tell her I love you thapki and I will make sure this time nothing happen to our child , thapki smile and says love u too Bihaan.
Shardda sees Aditia make milk to thapki shardda : druve cannot think Aditia will harm thapki I will poison in the milk when thapki drink it she will kill her child .
Aditia finish making the milk shardda hurry up putting the poison and run out of the kitchen Aditia come and take the milk to thapki,
Shradda: the revenge start now .

Bihaan give the milk to thapki to drink it,
Vaus decided to get out shardda from the house.

Sorry guys for posting late ?but I was having exams this week ?enjoy reading my story ?

Special thanks ?to Special reader ?for me :
Manish ki deewani
Pooja prabha
Thahaan fans
Bihaan love

Thanks for your comments it really mean a lot to me ??

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  1. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    your story about thapki really lovely.I hope you make the story that there is a balance between evil and good, dont like created by cvs, so redundant that evil and very imposible. we are working women who need refreshing not suffering.but tks for your story….

    1. Thanks sir wahyuni hatta ?, and I will try to make balanced between them ??

  2. Marvellous story..?
    Keep.writing dear…?
    Waiting. For next part…..?
    Precap I hope vasu Maa change the glass of milk…?

    1. Thanks wajeeha ?
      You need to write the next part to know ??

    2. Sorry meaning to read not write ???

  3. Manish ki deewani

    Wow amazing … Junior thahaan …last part sooooo cite ..I really enjoyed it a lot..and overall episode is superb … Love or story very much …keep writing
    And how’s ur exams.

    1. Thanks Manish ki deewani ?
      The exam was good ???

  4. very nice epi…hope so the baby wil safe from all the evilness…..update regularly….m

    1. Thanks Sadia ?

  5. Thanks.

    1. Thanks to you ❤️

  6. Awsum wala episode…love d way bihaan concern for thapki and there child…really Feeling k yeh sab tpk me kab dekhne ko milega

    1. Thanks Bihaan_love ?❤️

  7. Hey very nice epi……bihaan luv fa thapki n his child s just awesome….tq fa d update….waiting fa next epi…n all d best fa Ur xam

    1. Thanks sush ?
      Thank you for your wishes ❤️❤️

  8. Nice episode keep writing n all the best for exam…

    1. Thanks you sooo much anchal ❤️??

  9. Lovely episode ❤❤ . Bihaan’s love for Thapki ?? . Love them . And the precap is scary ? !!! But u r a fab writer . And ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR EXAMS ???

    1. Thank you soooooo much NaiTan ❤️?

  10. what a awesome wala writing yaar………keep rocking.

    1. Thanks pooja prabha ?


    1. Thanks rifa ?

  12. KUDRAT

    Sorry for late cmting
    How r u di,and ur exam?
    Di ur story is very intersting
    So plz try to post soon
    Plz plz plz plz plz……….
    We r eagrly waiting cor next episode
    LU di
    Take care
    Good nihgt

    1. Hi kudrat am fine and you ? ?
      It was good ?
      Thanks kudrat and I promise I will try to post soooon as I finish writing it ?

  13. Sulbi

    Superb dear… waiting for nxt part… tc…

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