Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 22

The start with geet put the letter in druve file,
Druve ask geet to give him the file suddenly the letter fall down in another file and a worker take the letter and read it the letter says” I don’t know when this happens and why but am in love with you..geet..” the worker smile ,
Druve:akash what is in your hand …..
Akash: nothing it just a letter..
Geet thinks that letter go to druve,
Geet: tomorrow druve will tell me his feelings for me.

Bihaan return to the home and was waiting for druve when druve come..
Bihaan: look druve you got everything wrong koyal is my friend and we just go to drink coffee that’s it ..
Druve: if it was your friend why you said don’t tell thapki !?
Bihaan: well was going to be a surprise but I have to tell you that I was participated in a race bike and the prize will be million dollar and I want to surprise thapki ..
Druve get shocked: wow ..Bihaan I don’t believe that am sorry I thought wrong and I promise you I will not tell thapki ..
Bihaan: thanks druve..
Druve: your most welcome and win the race tomorrow..
Bihaan: I will ..

In Bihaan room, thapki was sitting and tidy Bihaan cloth Aditia enter and imagine thapki become old and Bihaan marry another woman and leave her like this she tears..
Thapki sees Aditia: Aditia why you are her and why you are tearing?!
Aditia wipes her tears and says: thapki I want to tell you something important..
Thapki: what happened Aditia tell me ?!
Aditia: it is about Bihaan..
Thapki get scared: what Bihaan in danger..tell me Aditia..why you are silent?!
Aditia: look to your caring of Bihaan make me tears you care a lot about him but he ..,thapki Bihaan is fine but he ..
Thapki: he what !?
Aditia: Bihaan dating another girl ..
Thapki smile: oh for sure stop making joke Aditia Bihaan impossible to date another girl he love me a lot.
Aditia tears: thapki you need To believe me I saw him in my two eyes..
Thapki get angry: stop it Aditia I trust Bihaan and I know he don’t speak to another girl ..
Aditia: so okay am lying to you but if really Bihaan don’t date another girl why he told druve not to tell you..
Thapki get shocked: what!! No impossible I will ask Bihaan..
Aditia: he will lie to you I tell what you have to do take his phone and see who is the girl that he talk to ..
Thapki: but I don’t want to lie to Bihaan..
Aditia: look thapki this time you do this to save your marriage and it not about lying is about knowing the truth..
Thapki: you are right Aditia I need to see if Bihaan really talk to a girl or not …
Aditia: and yes am sure that Bihaan hide the girl name by replacing it by a guy name…
Thapki:Aditia how do you know these stuff? ..
Aditia: actually from a week I was thinking druve talking to a girl so I search internet and I know ..
Thapki: thanks Aditia.., Bihaan come ,
Aditia: I will go now good night thapki ,Aditia left, Bihaan close the room door ..
Thapki look at him and turn her face ..
Bihaan hold thapki from back and he about to kiss her cheek thapki push him back ..
Bihaan: thapki what happened!
Thapki ignore him and she go to sleep ,
Bihaan: my lovely wife did I do something wrong ?!
Thapki take the blanket and close her eyes ,
Bihaan look at her he sit beside her while she acting that she is sleeping, Bihaan touch her hair and says : my love did you sleep !?
Thapki continue acting, Bihaan kiss her in front of head and go to sleep beside her ,
Thapki wake up when she make sure that Bihaan sleeping , she take his phone and search for the most calling person after her number it was happy sing she get shocked she imagine that Bihaan lied about his job and about happy sing that he is his manager, … she imagine a Punjabi girl that dance with bihaan and they get married to each other ….she tears , Suddenly Bihaan wake up to drink water he sees thapki crying and he run to her and hold her and says ,
Bihaan: thapki ..what happened my love ?!
Thapki: stop calling me my love your love happy sing ..
Bihaan smile : did you lose your mind who tell you ..
Thapki: and what is her real name ?!
Bihaan: stop it thapki I will explore from laughs ..
Thapki : you laughing and am crying I hate you Bihaan..
Bihaan: oh my love you don’t believe me that happy sing is my boss so call him..
Thapki call happy sing ,
Happy sing wife answer: hello .., thapki got shocked she imagined Bihaan talking to old woman and marry to each other …
Thapki cry and give the phone to Bihaan ..,
Bihaan take that phone and answer : hello happy sing ..,
Happy sing wife : hello my son yes happy sing her talk to him ..
Bihaan give the phone to thapki while she is crying,
Bihaan: answer this than you will stop crying..
Thapki take that phone,
Happy sing : hello thapki ji Bihaan tell me about you and yes am Bihaan manager and I want to say sorry that I fired him ..
Thapki wipes her tears : hello happy sing…am sorry but I thought Bihaan..
Happy sing : Bihaan very good husband don’t loss him and he end the call , Bihaan was staring at thapki, thapki run to him and hug him tightly and Bihaan hug her back ..
Thapki: sorry ..sorry..Bihaan I don’t know what happened to me ..
Bihaan: don’t say sorry thapki because I know how much you feel jealous when I speek to another girl ..
Thapki smile and look at Bihaan: Bihaan l love u ..
Bihaan hold her in his arm : I love u too .

In the morning koyal was going to the office and she saw raj friends she remembered that they kidnap her that day ,
She go near to them and hide she hear them saying ,
Raj friends: will raj idea was asom kidnap koyal and show that he is hero but unfortunately that Bihaan destroyed our job ..
Raj come and koyal sees him she got shocked,
Raj : but don’t worry guys today Bihaan will lose this race and when I win koyal will marry me for sure..
Koyal get extremely angry she show her self raj sees her he got shocked,
Raj :k..oyal..
Koyal: I shocked you raj will actually you shocked me more what a plan you want to show me that you are my hero by kidnap me ..are you crazy ..did you know that day if Bihaan didn’t come I was dead by your plan ..
And your new plan wining the race to show to me that you are the strong man that win races..look raj after knowing your truth I just ..hate you,raj get shocked,
Koyal: yes I hate you you show me how a person can lower him self for a girl .. and one more thing raj even if you win the race I will never marry you …
Raj : listen to me koyal, koyal leave,
Raj friends: ohh sorry raj ..
Raj: I will never accept the lose of this race all that happens because of Bihaan pandy I will win and even if I didn’t get your heart koyal I will let you see Bihaan lose.

The race start , thapki wish Bihaan luck,
Raj want to tell koyal that Bihaan married to thapki

Dear reader thank you soooooooo much for taking the time to read this episode and I hope you liked it

LOVE u All tAKe CaRE ??

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  1. Ha..ha… bihaan and happy sing….it’s sooo funny… 🙂 🙂 😉
    I think Raj isn’t koyal’s true love…
    Waiting for the race.. Tc and smile 😉

    1. Thanks ❤️Lee_na ❤️ Am so happy that you find it funny ? I hope you keep liking the story ??

  2. somuch of eagerness to read next part….its really funny.

    1. Thanks pooooja ? I will update soon as possible ❤️?

  3. Sulbi

    Super dear… so curious… waiting for next one..

    1. Thanks sulbi ?❤️ And I will post soon ?

  4. Manish ki deewani

    sandy nice part dear…. lol happy singh and Bihaan .thapki b pata nahi kya kya sochti hai…exited 4 bike race

    1. Happy to see liking the story ??I will post soOn ?❤️

    1. Thanks Rifa ❤️️??

  5. thapki always feels jaelous fir bihan…nice epi..

    1. Thanks Sadia so much ❤️️??

  6. Hahaha that happy sing wife and thapki though ? just sounds funny …early waiting too see that raj lose the race ???

    Keep smiling and write

    1. Thanks ffffan ????
      You got it right Bihaan win ??

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