Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 21

The episode star with koyal enter the house with her mother and thapki introduce them to the family,
Suddenly koyal get a phone from office and she apologizes to thapki that she need to go , koyal left , thapki call Bihaan to let him meet koyal mother ,
Bihaan: hi aunt ji ..
Koyal mother: hello my son..your the one who saves my koyal..
Bihaan: yes ..will.

Koyal mother: thank you so much my son you don’t know how much you help my daughter..
Bihaan: no need to thanks me it was my job but where is koyal?!
Koyal mother: she go for a job the office call her..
Bihaan: oh she run from me..
Koyal mother: what are you saying..
Bihaan: nothing .

Druve come to Bihaan,
Druve: Bihaan there is a man want to meet you out side.
Bihaan:okay am come
Bihaan go out side he find a man standing ,
Bihaan:who is you and why you want me?!
Raj: look Bihaan I know you don’t know me my name is raj ..
Thapki saw raj she go to him and says,
Thapki: raj it is you koyal friend am thapki do you remember me..
Raj look at thapki and recall them days at school,
Raj: yes thapki how are you?!
Thapki: am good and you.
Raj: fine where is your husband koyal tell me that you get married..
Bihaan: am her husband..
Raj get shocked and says..
Raj: what ..I mean ..yeah nice to meet you..
Bihaan: so what do you want from me..
Raj: there is a race bike and I want to participate to show to thapki that you can win..

Thapki : what is this a joke raj Bihaan don’t do the race..
Bihaan get angry and says ,
Bihaan: what do you mean that I cannot win ..okay I accept this challenge..
Thapki: no is raj always challenging people don’t do it..
Raj: okay then meet you tomorrow,raj left,
Bihaan look at thapki,
Bihaan: wah ..what a friend you have he challenged me from the first meeting ..
Thapki: please Bihaan don’t challenge raj he always will let you lose and I know when you will lose you will get angry ..
Bihaan: don’t worry I will win for you..
Thapki smile: I hope you will win, but Bihaan what about your job I was thinking that you continue work with druve..
Bihaan: no thapki also already I tell druve that I want to find my own job ..
Thapki: but how and where Bihaan?? The first job you get you lose it..
Bihaan hold thapki hand and says to her to look to his eye and says : Mrs thapki Bihaan pandy do you trust ??
Thapki: yes I trust you Bihaan..
Bihaan: so for sure I will get a new job that me and you and our child will love but you don’t worry I will get one soon..
Thapki: I hope you get one.

Koyal go to happy sing to say good bye to him suddenly she saw the poster of the race that the winner will get a million doller as a gift she think of Bihaan to do the race, she call Bihaan,
Bihaan: yes koyal…
Koyal tell Bihaan about the race bike , Bihaan agree to do it ..
Koyal meet Bihaan ..
Bihaan: where is the poster..Bihaan read the poster the place is the same of raj race…,
Bihaan: well this time I will win for sure ..
Koyal smile: if you win you can open your own business..
Bihaan: thanks koyal if you want me to do anything am ready..
Koyal: well today I thought to go with you to drink coffee..
Bihaan: okay for sure let’s go..
Koyal think in her mind: Bihaan today I will tell you my feelings ..
They go to the cafe and Bihaan order two coffee, Aditia was there with druve they saw Bihaan and they think he dating another girl..

Bihaan: koyal thank you you help me a lot when you show me the poster..
Koyal: Bihaan there is something I want to tell you..,druve call Bihaan..
Bihaan:sorry koyal I need to answer this..
Bihaan: hi druve,
Druve: who is this girl and why you drink coffee with her..
Bihaan get nervous: no druve you got everything wrong please don’t tell thapki about this..
Druve: I don’t believe you Bihaan it mean you was dating this girl ..
Bihaan: no no druve, druve end the call,
Bihaan: sorry koyal I need to go I will meet you tomorrow in the race..,
Koyal: okay ..Bihaan bye .
Bihaan go to home, koyal says : Bihaan tomorrow when you win the race I will tell you for sure.

Raj and his friend,
Raj: all of you are stoped can’t you tell me that Bihaan is married ..
Raj friend: I try to tell you but you don’t hear me so now koyal will marry you for sure..
Raj: no koyal have feelings for bihaan when he save her and I have another plan tomorrow in the race bike I will win two things koyal love and the race..
Raj friends : you will win for sure ..
Raj smile : let’s see how Bihaan pandy loss in front of raj.

In druve office, druve was thinking of Bihaan dating ,geet come and ask him if he is fine,
Druve: geet I need your help if my brother date a girl and didn’t tell his wife .
Geet think he talk about her: will he need to tell his wife and leave her if he in love with the girl that he date ..
Druve recall Bihaan saying don’t tell thapki he says: maybe he in love with her..
Geet smile: druve sir do you want to tell me something..
Druve: why you are .. just leave.
Geet get angry and leave: I know druve you have feelings for me she write a letter and put it in druve files,
Geet: when druve read this message he will tell his feelings to me.

geet message go to a worker and he think geet love him,Thapki take Bihaan phone while he is sleeping, koyal tell raj that even If he win she will not marry him .

BIG thanks to every single one of you guys
love u all take care ❤

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  1. it’s a quick update, i’ve just commenting on the 20th…
    wow, it’s getting more complicated, dhruve misunderstanding bihaan, raj’s challenge..
    the bike race is interesting…
    waiting for the next. tc and smile 🙂

    1. Hello lee_na how are you ??
      Well actually the 20 episode for yesterday and 21 for today because of that it was really fast update ??thank u soooo much love u take care ❤️?❤️

  2. This part was filled with some complications…I hope everything will be resolve soon.

    1. Thanks pooja and I love you comment ?❤️

  3. Alm.Abi

    sandy dear i think you have a plan to kill us… kindly update fast and end the suspense…love u…

    1. Hahaha ?…sorry I will try to post soon ?

  4. Interesting….. let us see who will win…

    1. Thanks arooj ❤️️?

  5. nO MU PLZ thahaan only

    1. Thanks anu and I will make thahaan only don’t worry ?❤️️?

  6. Wow just super ? duper writer ☺

    But plz bihaan jeeta ??? that raj ? no one like bihaan..just excited when koyal know about bihaan married ?? poor lady

    But keep rocking ?

    1. Thank you sooo sooo much fan ❤️️?
      and I reAlly in love with your comment ?

  7. Manish ki deewani

    sandy i read both parts together soooooo sorry dear for late comment also i didn’t comment on ur 20th epi…eagerly wait for next definetely read it after my college but still koyal don’t know that bihaan is thapki’s hubby …..take care.thahaan no kohaan i know it but plz clear the mu of druve

    1. Thanks Manish ki deewani sOoo much and I will in next episode ?❤️️?

  8. Di …. Sorry for commenting late again … ??
    The episode was hilarious … ???
    Dhruv misunderstanding Bihaan ?
    Raj challenging Bihaan and then getting to know that he is married … ?
    The bike race ??? … Hope Bihaan wins ?
    Can’t describe it in mere words … I know di I write sane comments … But what can I do … You are so fab … That if I start describing u … I will be at lack of words …? …
    Di ? u
    Take care ?

    1. Thanks my love also I can’t describe how much I love your comments ?❤️?

  9. Sulbi

    Good one dear… waiting for race…

    1. Thanks sulbi so so much ❤️️??

  10. Interesting twist between Koyal & Bihaan. Nice chapter. Looking forward to the next.

    1. Thanks mala ❤️️?

  11. oh a lot of suspense thre….

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