Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 20

The episode start with bihaan return to the house and vaus sees his head get hurt she run to him and hold his head and says,
Bihaan: what !? Happen to you and this injury?
Thapki hear bihaan voice she come down stairs she saw bihaan injured she run to him and ask the same question!!

Bihaan: nothing happens I just save a girl that was attacked by a group of man…
Thapki and vaus: thanks God that you are fine..
Vaus ask thapki to take bihaan to the room to take rest, thapki agree…
Thapki let bihaan set and she go to bring bandage to put it in bihaan head,
Thapki: bihaan it hurt you…

Bihaan remember what happened in the phone call he says in his mind I will never talk to her until she say the word , bihaan ignore her …
Thapki: bihaan…what … happen..why ..ignore me!
Bihaan send her message in the phone….
Thapki read the message “I will not speak to you until you say the word that my heart want to hear” thapki says: bihaan you act like a kids…..
Bihaan smile at her and turn his face…,he send to her a heart …thapki smile and send “I love u” bihaan look to the message and says I have to stop talking to you until you said it…..

Thapki look at him and says : bihaan I love you …….bihaan come to her and hug her and says : these words make me feel your love to me…thapki tears and says …you are my happiness bihaan..

In Koyal house. Koyla recall all the moment that she share with bihaan and smile her mother come and says are you thinking of raj…..
Koyla: no…I mean …
Her mother: I will order wedding card if you are ready ?
Koyla hug her mother: no mother all I want is to be sure if it is he the one..

In the morning, bihaan sees thapki sleeping he put the blanket in her and kiss her cheek and go down stairs, vaus ask bihaan if he wants breakfast bihaan says he don’t want he will get late for work he goes, Thapki wake up and look beside the bed she doesn’t find bihaan she call him ..bihaan..bihaan..I think he go for work unless he can wake up me, vaus come with breakfast to thapki , thapki ask her if she saw bihaan, vaus tell her that bihaan go for work and I come to give you breakfast come on eat, thapki eat ..

In the garage, bihaan was doing work, happy sing come to him and tell him that he should find another job, bihaan get shoked and says,
Bihaan: what! But why??
Happy sing : I will travel to another country and I will close this garage, bihaan agree and about to leave the garage, Koyla come to the garage and sees bihaan,
Koyla: hello… bihaan..
Bihaan look at koyal: weird…you talk to me in nice voice…
Koyla keep looking at bihaan and bihaan was tell her that he get fired from the job, Koyal dose not hear him all she hears is her heart beat …and imagine happy sing throw in them flower….
Suddenly bihaan shake her and says are you hear me Koyal your phone is rang..
Koyla: hu..yes …my phone she answers..her mother says : hello Koyal did the second signal happen?… Koyla: how do you know …I mean no no bye talk to you later…her mother : I will buy her wedding card today….
Bihaan get in his bike and go..Koyal did not see him when happy sing come she imagine him bihaan she hug him…happy sing: koyla are you fine…when Koyal end the hug she saw happy sing face she says where is bihaan?!….happy sing: he left before you hug me….
Koyla touch her head and says my mother signs happen with me it mean that … am in love with…bihaan..she image her and bihaan dancing and she smiled……happy sing look at her and says I think Koyal lost her mind …,Koyal ride her bike and imagine bihaan says to her stop the bike you will get hurt it was a police man not bihaan …,when she enter the office she sees bihaan drink coffee she site besides him and drink coffee it was a worker not bihaan,…finally she sit in her office and kiss bihaan picture it was a flower pictures…
When she about to sit in chair she fall down and a girl hold her and says Koyal are you fine …
Koyla realize everything she says am fine she go to her office and hold her head I need to stop thinking of bihaan…..,raj enter her office and says Koyal are you ready to get marry to me?! Koyal get shocked she remember bihaan and see raj…..

Bihaan return home, thapki sees him he go to the room and change his clothes…
Thapki look at him and says : bihaan what happened did something happened in the work?
Bihaan: yes I got fired ….happy sing closing the place and I need to find another job ….bihaan lying in the bed…., thapki says: don’t worry bihaan you will find one , also did you know I go to the doctor today and he let me hear the baby heart beat, bihaan wake up and says really he hold the baby and come closer and says I can hear it too…, thapki: bihaan when this baby will play with him all day ….bihaan hug thapki : you are rigth and when he come all our happiness will be completed….thapki says: bihaan if something happen to me or the baby….bihaan says shuu …nothing will happen if am her and your husband bihaan will never leave you ….thapki and bihaan hold there hand to each other and share a eye look.

In Koyal office,
Koyal: look …raj….I need more time to think…
Raj: look koyal am not forcing to answer I just want to hear yes or no..
Koyal: am sorry Raj I don’t think about getting marriage…
Raj get shoked he leaves with tears ….
Koyal : sorry …Raj…..but …my heart is saying bihaan not Raj…..

Thapki call koyal,
Koyal: hi thapki how are you…
Thapki : am fine your mother tell me that you are ready to get marry..
Koyal: what!! ….no …it just..
Thapki : Koyal come on tell me who is he …
Koyal imagine bihaan: it is the handsome man I ever see his smile make me smile …when he got angry he look like angry birds…..but when he look to my eye I feel that he says I will always be her to protect you …
Thapki: wow …I didn’t know that my friend fall in love ..
Bihaan call thapki, thapki: look Koyal I will call you later and yes I want to tell you that you and your mother have to come to my house i want to let you meet my family ….
Koyal : okay see you tomorrow then …
Thapki go to bihaan,
Thapki:yes bihaan..

Bihaan: I didn’t eat watinig for you to come…
Thapki sit beside bihaan and both eat, thapki finish…,
Bihaan : what! eat more..
Thapki : but bihaan am full…
Bihaan: you are full but my child ….
Thapki smile: okay….I will eat ..
Vaus come and bring more food ,thapki give bihaan a eye look that she will not eat more…
Bihaan: is enough thapki can’t eat more…
Vasu: no she need more food to let the child health be good and you thapki you will never leave the place until you eat all this food even Adita eat it come on start ….
Bihaan look at thapki he hold her hand ,
Bihaan:don’t worry I will eat with you …
Thapki smile : thanks ..bihaan..
Vasu see them she say always bihaan help thapki please God let the two of them be happy with them child.

In the morning, Koyal wake up she sees bihaan give her flower and bihaan says Koyal I love you, suddenly her mother shake her to wake up…
Koyal wake up again : sorry mother these days all in my mind is b..
Koyal mother : raj… I know because of that she give her the wedding card …Koyal get shoked…
Koyal: no!…
Her mother : now get ready thapki call me to go to her place ….
Koyal get angry she cut the card : look mother I tell you before I am not getting marriage…
Her mother: I know but am put the card until you agree….
Koyal: I will go to get ready ….
Her mother: thanks God now when Koyal get married all my dream come truth .

In pandy Nivas, Koyla come with her mother ,
Her mother look to the house is so big and look to there garden..
Koyal: mother stop it …
Thapki come and welcome them , Koyal mother tell Koyal to bring the gift that out side ,
Koyal take the gift, bihaan come and says can I help you …
Koyal look at bihaan….,
bihaan: you ..Koyal..
Koyal: you are here…wait of course am imagine you …
Bihaan in his mind: happy sing was right I think Koyal lost her mind..
Bihaan change her voice : Koyal..Koyal..yes your imagination…is not me..
Koyal: why you always come to me ….look I want your help please make me stop imagine you …
Bihaan smile: okay you have to close your eyes and to dance and say am crazy then all your imagination will stop …
Koyal do as bihaan says and bihaan laugh at her….,bihaan left…,
Koyal open her eye…it really happen now I need to stop thinking of bihaan.

Thapki tell bihaan to continue his work in druve office , raj challenge bihaan in bike race..

Hope you like the episode
Love u all take care ❤

Thanks guys I don’t believe that I continue writing until the 20 episode ????
THANK You ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  1. Nice episode congratulations for 20th episode

    1. Thank you anchal sooooooo MUCH ❤❤❤

  2. Navami

    Nice epi sandy..and congratzzz for your 20th epiii….keep writting…

    1. Hi navami I miss your comments…..thank you sooooooo much and I hope I continue writing ❤❤❤

  3. Sulbi

    Nice dear

    1. Thank you sulbi sooooooo much ❤❤❤

  4. Di congrats for 20th episode ???? ?
    Koyal is falling for Bihaan ? …
    But the best part is yet to come when she will get to know Bihaan is Thapki’s husband ?? … Can’t wait di
    Precap …???
    Your story is tremendous … Faboulous ….
    Di I hope ur ff goes on till at least 50 episodes

    1. Hello my love i miss you sooooooo much ??
      And I know some of you don’t like that Koyal falling for bihaan but the coming episode will be interesting ??
      Thank you sooooooo much and I really hope that I can go to that number ??

  5. koyal love fir bihan…but bihan is only for thapki….hehe…lets see what will happened…

    1. Thanks sadia and you are right bihaan only for thapki THAHAAN forever ❤❤

  6. First I am really sorry I can’t comments on ur ff…I am teacher & student so busy life hope you understand……just read all parts ur ff too good must say super writer how bihaan changing for child and how dadi plan for them…I am sad after reading today episode koyal dreaming bihaan ?? first she takes his job and now love lol what bihaan say and she do it ?? I miss sheena ? but hope in next episode all misunderstand clear…that raj know about bihaan married life ??? and I request no more bad about Thahaan….cvs already doing this and hurting us more more day by day ..cvs mad and character less thinking hate them ???

    1. Hello fan how are you ? I understand your position because am student too , and am sooooooo happy that you keep reading the story ?☺ and I want to clear something that am not going to make thahaan spirit that first thing second thing that Koyal character I make her to create something funny in the story ?? but really thank you sooooooo much and don’t worry I will not make like the cvs also the only reason for making this ff is to make thahaan fans happy ❤❤❤

  7. Koyal scenes are sooo funny, remind me the way bihaan falling in love with thapki in tpk. Eager to know her reaction when she knows bihaan is thapki’s husband.
    Bihaan going back to druve’s office, maybe he’ll find out about geet..
    Waiting for the next…and congratulations for the 20th!!! I’m happy for you… 🙂 🙂 🙂 ♡♡♡ tc

    1. Thank you ?lee_na ? Soooooo much ❤️?

  8. Congrats friend for the successful accomplishment of the 20th part…good luck.I hope koyal will realize the true love of raj then they will live together,pls don’t make any baneful incidents in Thahaans life…one more thing don’t feel bad about my comments I just want to encourage you through my keep writing.iam sure this ff would be a great refreshment to you….

    1. Thanks ?pooja ?soooo much ❤️?

    2. And I love reading your comments and I never feel bad reading them in fact from the awaiting comment that I want to see is your comments ?

  9. Alm.Abi

    sandy dear congratulations for 20th part…. koyal imagination part was awesome…the way u are tackling the love triangle.. its amzaing…. i hope cvs use the brain in same way…

    1. Thanks ❤️Alm.Abi ❤️ You soooooo much ???I hope too ❤️️

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