Thapki pyaar ki & my imagination – Episode 2

The episode start with thapki get angrily from bihaan and leave bihaan feel weird from thapki behavior. Thapki runs downstairs and tell the family about the plan that they decide last night thapki says we have to ignore bihaan they family says ?? okay. Bihaan come and says hi everyone nobody replies
bihaan: what happened to you maa babji preeti bhiu suman bhiu my brothers,
than vaus says to bihaan no one will talk to you bihaan after what you did to thapki, thapki look at bihaan and turns her face. Bihaan with smiles in his face ?: oh so thapki still mad at me okay I will says to her sorry than everyone will talk,
he go to thapki to apologize thapki says to him bihaan I don’t want you to speak to me and she goes bihaan says wait thapki he follow her to their room and she locked ? the door before bihaan come inside.
Bihaan from outside the door ? thapki i am sorry please open the door and talk to me, thapki inside the room says bihaan I can’t hear you the music is too loud, bihaan get angry ? and leave, thapki open the door and see him leave the house she get happy she says now my plan will start.

Thapki goes to the family and they started decorations the house and thapki call sheena to come to the party. In the same time bihaan in his bike ? get angry ? about thapki attitude saying in his mind I don’t believe thapki behavior today after long time we come back together and she act like this for a book ? he decided to call her, thapki phone ? ring thapki shutdown her phone, bihaan get angry more saying she turned off her phone to not speak to me okay thapki you will see what I will do, thapki when she was making bihaan ? gift she says sorry bihaan I have to do this to make you feel surprised for the ? party. Sheena come and everyone welcome her sheena go to thapki and hugs ? her I miss you thapki she says to thapki Iam sad from you and bihaan why didn’t call me for your wedding it okay now I will celebrate ? bihaan birthday with you, thapki tell sheena that she have to ignore bihaan until the party to surprise him. Bihaan go to paan house ? pain long time no seen Bihaan where is thapki , Bihaan: don’t ask .
Paan : look at the birthday card that thapki send to him and he hide it .
Bihaan: what are you hiding
Paan : nothing just a wedding card .
Bihaan: pull the card from paan hand and says oh this card from thapki ,
Paan : No it is a wedding card for thapki friends
Bihaan: but thapki didn’t tell me about that .
Paan : maybe she is forget come let go to shopping.
Bihaan: I will go to see thapki .
Paan : bihaan you have to stay we should spend some time together.
Bihaan: paan Iam sorry but I need to talk to thapki , Bihaan left .
Paan : no what I did sorry thapki .
Bihaan: come home the door is looked, he ring the bell.

Aditia: open the door she saw Bihaan she feel nervous that he will know about the party .
Bihaan: let me enter Aditia.
Aditia: why you make my sister mad and now you want to enter.
Bihaan: please Aditia I need to talk to thapki please if you and druve have problem I will help you now you help me and let me talk to thapki .
Aditia: think to let him enter or Bihaan will get angry she agrees.
Bihaan: thanks Aditia now call thapki I need to speak to her but don’t tell I want her .
Aditia: yes I understand.
Thapki: where is the flower man .
She saw Bihaan.
Bihaan: thapki please before you go you need to listen to me .
Thapki about to go Bihaan hold her hand and speak to her
Bihaan: thapki forgive me please I can’t see you mad at me please.
Sheena come with music casts to ask thapki which one to put in the party .
Bihaan sees Sheena and look at thapki what Sheena doing her. He remember the wedding card that was in paan hand he Thought that thapki want him to marry Sheena again.
Bihaan: this party is for me all this decorations is for me .
Thapki: Bihaan how do you know that .
Bihaan : I don’t believe thapki that you did all this because of a book ?.
Thapki: Bihaan I want to make a surprise for you .
Bihaan: oh a surprise you shocked me thapki after all this days we live with each other for a book you want to make me… just forget it if you are happy in this and you make all this dictionaries so okay I will do as you wish, he left.
Thapki: what happened to him it a birthday party .
Sheena: I am sorry thapki I come maybe Bihaan know from the casts that was in my hand .
Thapki: no Sheena it is not your fault it just Bihaan still angry at me .
Bihaan in his mind okay thapki you want me to marry Sheena again I will .

Bihaan thinks thapki want him to marry sheena again, thapki call bihaan he didn’t answer. Bihaan dance with Sheena in front of thapki .

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Nice episode dear,try to update soon

    1. Hi kudrat I will post the next part soon as I finish writer it maybe today ?

  3. Nice,update next part soon plss

  4. Manish ki deewani

    Nice part.wait for next part

  5. Its highly fascinating imagination about Thahaan…

  6. Sulbi

    Good one dear… update nxt part soon…

  7. Awesome update …. I loved it ❤❤ Your imagination is just superb ?? … Plz update soon

  8. sorry but where is the 1 epi i dont get it…i dnt get the reason of dispute of book btwn thahaan…overall nice epi…

    1. Hi Sadia you can find the episode in my account called thapki pyaar ki the END of kosi track. ?? Thank you for reading my story ?

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