Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 19

The episode star with koyal sitting in bed and think about raj , her mothers sees her she sit beside her and says,
Koyal mother: what happened koyal why you are thinking a lot something happened?!
Koyal hold her mother hand : mother your wish come truth I think I will marry raj…
Koyal mother stand up and says: what for real you will marry to raj….
Koyal: not for real ….it just… my friend..but marry him..I can’t…and sometimes I think that maybe the god let us be friends to got marry in the end…but I don feel it is my truth love…

Koyal mother: koyal my daughter see the god will give a sing if raj is your truth love
First sing you will think about him all the day
Second sing you will imagine him in every place, last sing when you see him you will hear your heart beat if this three sing happen with you than for sure you find your truth love…
Koyal: but mother how do you know?!
Koyal mother: I feel all that before I married your father..
Koyal smile: really so I will see if these sing happen with me.

Bihaan end his work in garage he go to the house that he and thapki live in, he close the door of the house and locked he recalled all the happy moments that he and thapki share, koyal sees Bihaan she walk fast and says : I will hide from him every time I see his face bad thing happened she hide behind a car ….Bihaan look around he walk to the other side ….koyal sees him leaving she says : thanks god I did meet him she walk to the way home….

Raj friends start the plan they keep following koyal..,Bihaan hit one of raj friends and say sorry and he in his way he notices that raj friends following a girl ….
Bihaan: I hope they don’t really follow that girl what is them deal …
One of raj friends close koyal mouth and take her inside the car, Bihaan get shocked he take his bike and follow them.

Thapki was helping preeti and suman in making Chinese food suddenly she cut her finger,
Preeti: omg your finger thapki is bleeding ..
Thapki: it okay it small cut I will bandage it ..,
Thapki in her mind : I hope Bihaan it is fine why my heart is worried about him.

Bihaan follow the car until she stops, koyal mouth was closed by plaster she cannot talk her hand is roped they take her inside old house,
One of raj friends call raj: hi raj koyal is her come and save her..
Raj: yes am coming..
Bihaan get off his bike and enter the place,
Raj friends sees him they get shocked….
Bihaan: what a plan you make you kidnap a girl in the street and bring her her wow your plan is perfect but one thing you forget is there is good man that watch you…
Koyal sees Bihaan she says in her mind: oh god from all the man in earth you bring this to save me..she try to get her hand free..
One of raj friends: look you go or I ..I ..will beat you.
Bihaan laughed: okay do it am ready …

Raj friends come to beat Bihaan, Bihaan beat them all easily he go to koyal and remove the rope and he about to remove the plaster he see her face and says ,
Bihaan: you!!!!! Oh god I save you no no something wrong okay you do something stay in your place I will go and leave you with the group of man..,
Koyal get angry she remove the plaster and says: look you angry bird I try to ignore you all day but you followed me her..
Bihaan: oh hello madam I come to save a girl and I didn’tknow it is you or I will do the impossible to never meet you again…one of raj friend hit Bihaan by a stick in head koyal scream …

Bihaan lost consciousness and fall down …
One of raj friend: take koyal hand and pull her to come out side…koyal help
One of raj friends show a gun he says to koyal shut up or I will shot you…
Koyal tears she shut up…..she look at Bihaan fall down..koyal in her mind: please god let angry bird wake up I need his help…..the man plaster her mouth agin and roped her arm in a chair….
Raj in the way to koyal, one of his friends call him and says: raj everything is destroyed some strange man come and he trying to help koyal,
Raj: what !!!!take koyal to another place immediately..
Koyal crying: please god help me …raj friend point the gun in koyal head …koyal get scared..

Bihaan wake up he sees koyal and the gun he kicks the man hand until the gun is down , one of raj friends kick Bihaan from behind and one from the front Bihaan in the end beat them all and says don’t try to hurt this girl again or I will kill you, all of them run away, Bihaan sees koyal tears from scared..
Bihaan come to her and says : don’t worry nothing happened..he take the plaster out and he free her hand koyal…
Bihaan: it’s okay don’t cry …
Koyal wipes her tears: am not crying I was scared..
Bihaan: really and these tears ..…
Koyal: okay I was crying but …I ..don’t..know ..this man’s and why they want to hurt me..
Bihaan: don’t bother your self now you need to get rest let’s take you home..
Koyal: thank you…
Bihaan: what …sorry repeat I didn’t hear you.,
Koyal: thank you …
Bihaan: your welcome and am sorry koyal
for real I didn’t know that you don’t have parents and when happy sing told me I was shocked am like you koyal..
Koyal: what .. you also..

Bihaan: yes my family leave me when I was child and Babji take me and raised me as son for him…
Koyal : am sorry to hear that…
Bihaan: anyway let’s take you home of course your mother worried about you ..
Koyal sit in the back of Bihaan and she look at him she recalled Bihaan beat raj friends and when they hit him in the head and when he say don’t bother your self..
Bihaan arrived to koyal house,
Koyal: thanks again Bihaan…
Bihaan: your most welcome koyal..
Koyal smile at him and Bihaan goes.
Koyal enter the house and she thinks about Bihaan, her mother come and says koyal what happened?!
Koyal hug her mother and says : today I was in danger but Bihaan save me ….
Koyal mother: who is Bihaan and what happened, koyal tell her mother all of the story her mother hug her and says thanks for god that Bihaan come to save you.

Raj with his friends,
Raj: all of you are stoped…
Raj friends: sorry raj you know that strange man destroys everything…
Raj did you know who is he..
One of them says: yes I go to get the information his name is Bihaan pandy and he work in the garage …also he is m..
Raj: stop ..all I need to know is this..
Raj friend: but he is mar..
Raj: I said stop it I know this Bihaan pandy want my koyal let’s see who will win koyal heart me or you Bihaan pandy.

In druve room, Aditia stop talking to druve..
Druve : please Aditia speak to me..
Aditia ignore him..suddenly the light went off and when it is returned Aditia find a cake says sorry..druve says to her sorry Aditia, Aditia smile and forgive him..

Precap: Koyal imagine Bihaan in every place,Thapki invented koyal to her house.

A lot of thanks to all of you ❤️
And I hope you like the episode?
LOVE u All TaKE CaRe ❤️??

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  1. omg I was ryt koyal going to fall for bihaan and thahaan and koyal love triangle poor raj

    1. Thank you sooooooo much anu and I hope u like the coming episode ❤??

  2. The love triangle begins….♡♡♡ i’m so excited…. great imagination Sandy…
    I’m glad aditia forgives druve.
    Waiting for the next. Tc and smile 😉

    1. Thanks lee_na sooooooo much and am more glad than you that you like the episode ???

  3. Sulbi

    Wow… amazing dear…

    1. Thanks sulbi and am happy that you like it ❤???

  4. Nice one… so koyal falling for bihaan….. love triangle is about to start… I am eagerly waiting for the next part… sorry dear I could not comment on other parts because I was having exams.. just completed reading all of the previous that I didn’t read..

    1. Hello rinka_ritz it okay dear I am sooooooo happy that you reading my story and I hope you like the previous episode ❤❤ thank you sooooooo much ❤❤

  5. Thax 4 updating di
    Nice episode
    Eagrly wating 4 next,
    Di plz apna dhyen rekna
    Behut tand h
    Love u so much
    Good night..

    Wating 4 next..

    1. Hi sweetie am very good today also happy to read your comment ❤??

  6. Sandy…its a nice part but I don’t like the way koyal imagines everywhere in the presence of Bihaan…looking forward.

    1. Hi pooja am sorry you didn’t like it ? but I hope you will know why I make that ? thanks for your comment ❤??

  7. Alm.Abi

    ahhhh sandy dear… i am screaming… such a superb part…heroic bihaan entry… koyal dialogues amazing… waiting for nxt… update soon…

    1. You make me smile while reading your comment ☺……many many thanks for you Alm.Abi and I hope you like the coming episode ??❤

      1. Alm.Abi

        no need to say thnx. u r such a love buddy❤❤❤❤❤❤.. nd btw i hve posted a new os DOSTANA…kindly do read it.. hope u ll like it…

  8. Manish ki deewani

    oh dear superb part especially bihaan fighting ….koyal falling for bihaan but she is unaware that bihaan is hubby of her best friend …i’m curios for next one ….plz update soooon sorry i am late but i think i am always late.take care.

    1. Thank you sooooooo mach manish ki deewani ❤❤❤❤
      No you not always late ?

  9. i was right….koyal falls fur bihan…but thahaan forever..

    1. Thanks sadia ❤?

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