Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 18

The episode start with raj proposal to koyal,
Raj: what did you say koyal will you be my wife?
Koyal let hi stand up and says : look raj you are very good person and I need to think about the marriage thing it not a easy decision.
Raj: oh yeah sure take your time when you will tell me your answer?
Koyal: I will try to tell you soon bye .
Raj feel sad : I think koyal doesn’t like me I need to prove to her that am her truth love.

In pandy nevas, thapki try to let Bihaan wake up she says,
Thapki: Bihaan you will get late at work wake up,
Bihaan: from long time I didn’t sleep in bed so let my enjoy my bedtime,
Thapki: okay my dear husband enjoy your bed time but when happy sing fired you from work don’t come and says it my flute I didn’t wake up you..
Bihaan open his eyes and says: you are right I will get ready .., thapki sees a cockroach in the floor she shout Bihaan help she go behind Bihaan, Bihaan look at her and says: I will be late for work let me go …, thapki hold Bihaan hand and tell him to kill the cockroach please, Bihaan give her a eye look and go to the cockroach and he speak to him,
Bihaan: cockroach ji can you go away so my lovely wife let me get ready or I will kill you he throw the cockroach from the window and says to thapki,
Bihaan: now can I go to get ready,
Thapki smile: yes you can ..

Bihaan get ready and go to eat breakfast, thapki says today I will eat from your plate Bihaan,
the family look at Bihaan and smile,
Bihaan: thapki from the morning act like my shadow what happened?!
Thapki: nothing what if a wife want to share his husband plate is that something wrong?!
Bihaan: no my love I mean okay sit and let’s eat together Bihaan feed thapki..
The family look at them and smile,
Vaus: we really miss you , so Bihaan druve put a room for the baby it your true which room you will put the baby room?
Bihaan look at thapki and says : thapki decided which room is for the baby ..
Suman: look to Bihaan everything let his wife do.. this is truth love..,
Preeti: Bihaan deverji today go you and thapki do some shopping for the baby you need to buy to him stuff,
Thapki: it is not important and it still time for the baby to come, Bihaan hold thapki hand and says: oh my love we need to let everything be ready before he come ,
Thapki smile and says : as you say Bihaan,

Bihaan: I will go now he go to dadi and kiss her head and says don’t go anywhere dadi you are a special lady to me ,
Dadi: my whole wishes with you go and best of luck in your job,
Bihaan go and he about to ride his bike he called thapki,
Thapki: Bihaan call me she answered, hi Bihaan did you forget something?
Bihaan: come out I forget something important.
Thapki: what! Okay I will come , she run outside,
She see Bihaan in his bike,
Thapki: what Bihaan?!
Bihaan: come her …
Thapki come to Bihaan,
Bihaan says look my work never be good until I say to you l love you thapki, he pull her until she sit in the bike,
Thapki: Bihaan leave my hand someone will come ,
Bihaan smile: who will come and then I don’t care about anyone you my wife, he come closer to her , thapki get shy she kiss him in cheek and run inside,
Bihaan: thapki…wait .. he touch his cheek and says this time you run from me Mrs thapki Bihaan pandy but you will not run forever, Thapki enter the house and preeti and suman see her they asked : thapki what happened between you and Bihaan,
Thapki get shy: nothing he just want me to wish him luck,
Preeti: well thapki me and suman see that you get closer to each other,
Thapki get more shy she run to her room,
Vaus sees thapki run to her room, vaus ask preeti and suman to stop bothering thapki and go for work.

In koyal house, koyal mother ask koyal why she didn’t go for work? , koyal thinking about raj proposal for her,
koyal mothers : hello where is your mind girl am asking you..
Koyal: hu.. mother I will go to my room I didn’t feel good today because of that I didn’t go to office…
Koyal remember the first time she met raj and she ask her self dose raj is my truth love ….

Bihaan in the garage with happy sing trying to fix a car,
Bihaan: this car is huge I will take three day to fix it …
Happy sing: my son Bihaan do you want me to do your work..
Bihaan about to say yes..happy sing give him an angry look,
Bihaan: no I will do it but tell me this girl that come before two days what her deal why you care a lot about her…
Happy sing: koyal very sweet girl she lost her family when she was young aunt ji take her and raise her as her own daughter…,Bihaan feel guilty he recalled when he broke her bike and throw water in her face,
Bihaan: she just like me…I need to apologize to her.

Raj with his friends,
Raj: look my plan is perfect all we need is you kidnap koyal and I will come as a hero and koyal will see me as her truth love,
Raj friends: but if she know..
Raj: don’t worry if raj is her no fair ..
One of his friends: you will be like sharkhan and koyal like kajol ….
Raj: it will be like a movie but the hero is me and the heroine koyal.

Thapki call Bihaan,
Bihaan: oh thapki miss me now let’s see her speak to my manager…
Bihaan give the phone to happy sing,
Happy sing: is this a call for me …
Bihaan: yes is your old girlfriend dolly…
Happy sing smile: really dolly is in the phone he answered,
Thapki: hi …
Happy sing: hello dolly ji …I really miss you..
Thapki: who is this I want to talk..
Happy sing cut her: I know I break up with you in the past but give me another chance..,
Bihaan keep laughing at them he suddenly take the phone from happy sing and says,
Bihaan: dolly get married now am sorry boss,
Happy sing feel sad: …married..I need to take a rest…,
Bihaan: uhm..uhm.. thapki ji is me your husband b for bihaan.
Thapki get angry: who answered your phone and why he called me dolly…
Bihaan: it was my boss …

Thapki: Bihaan I want to tell you…
Bihaan: you miss me….
Thapki: what just .
Bihaan: uf thapki you cannot lie to me I know you miss me anyway I miss you too ….
Thapki smile: Bihaan I will be waiting for you bye…
Bihaan: before you end the call say the word that my heart want to hear…
Thapki get shy she about to say it preeti and suman come..
Preeti: who is in the phone..
Suman : of course it Bihaan devarji ..
Thapki: well…actually…
Bihaan: thapki what are you saying am waiting to say the word…
Thapki: Bihaan I will tell you later bye she end the call.
Bihaan: what she end the call without saying I love u…, let see you thapki how you can spend whole day without talking to me..
Thapki in her mind: sorry Bihaan..
Preeti and suman: why you end the call thapki , will actually we want you to come with us today we want to cook Chinese food and you know the recipe,
Thapki: I will help you.

In druve office, druve try to call Aditia she didn’t answer, Aditia come to the office druve: hi Aditia I try to call you but..
Aditia: stop it druve I can’t handle this anymore…
Druve: handle what??
Aditia: your lies druve you lied to me …
Druve: Aditia listen..
Aditia : no you listen if you really want me to stay with you fired geet
Druve: geet !! But what she did..okay fine I will fired her but you come down..
Aditia: right now..
Druve call geet, geet come and says ,
Geet: yes druve sir..
Druve: sorry geet but I don’t want you to work her anymore,
Geet : what but why I thought….
Druve look at Aditia and says: but wait Aditia why you want me to fired her ?!
Aditia look at druve and says : if you didn’t fired her I will stop talking to you ..
Druve : sorry Aditia but I can’t fired geet she is very good worker..
Aditia get angry and leave…
Druve: geet you can continue working her, geet smile and leave.

Koyal get kidnap,koyal call for help suddenly someone enter to help her …

Many many thanks to ALL of you
LOVE you All take care ❤

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  1. Alm.Abi

    sandy dear its amazing… hope the writer of tpk got some ideas from you…

    1. Thanks you sooooo much ❤️Alm.Abi❤️

  2. Bihaan is so naughty, i like when he teased his boss and thapki, and when he talked to’s so funny… 😉
    I wonder if raj’s plan will succeed… or would it bihaan who come to rescue..?
    Sandy, you make me happy today because you made me smile… 🙂 😉 tc

    1. I tried to make something funny to make u smile and I did it ?? am really happy to see you liking the story ❤️? Thanks lee_na❤️?

  3. Sandy its really a pleasing one…simplicity is the speciality of your ff.

    1. many many thanks to you pooja ?❤️️?

  4. Manish ki deewani

    GAJAAAAAAAB WALA PART DEAR ……i really like it

    1. Thanks am glad that you like it ❤❤❤

  5. Superb episode di
    Eagrly wating for next
    Plz take care
    Good night

    Di how r u ?
    so v r wating..

    1. Hi my sweetheart am fine and u how was your day ❤?☺
      I will try to post soon ?❤

  6. Sulbi

    Sooo good dear

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