Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 17

The episode start with bihaan crying and thapki hug him, in dadi room vaus tell dadi that Bihaan come and he is think that she die, dadi laughs and says,
Dadi: Bihaan deserves this this is his punishment …
Vaus smile: all we need now is let them return to the house…
Out side the room,
The doctor: you need to pay me more I do this acting because of dadi but we didn’t say there will someone attack me….
Babji: sorry doctor just do more acting until Bihaan return home…
The doctor: I will do….suddenly Bihaan come and says: you will what!!!
The doctor get shocked and says: I will …I will ..make you come down ..because you get so angry when hear the news of dadi…
Thapki look at Bihaan and says: please Bihaan come down…., Bihaan ask the doctor he want to see dadi to last time and he tears…
The doctor agree, Bihaan and thapki enter dadi room .., dadi was scared that Bihaan will know the plan she close her eyes.., Bihaan sit beside dadi and there was a white scarf in her face Bihaan about to remove it vaus come and says: Bihaan you cannot remove the scarf you can talk to her like this ….
Bihaan: dadi I am sorry you leave the live without saying anything to me if there is a wish that you want me to do am ready..but please come to live dadi…Bihaan keep crying..dadi want to take a breath…vaus notice she ask Bihaan to leave …., Bihaan hold dadi hand and says I am sorry dadi I will never leave you again … thapki tell Bihaan to leave thapki noticed that dadi hand is beating she got shocked,
Thapki: Bihaan dadi is a live look her hand beating heart…
Bihaan: yes you are right he remove the scarf…
Dadi smile and look at Bihaan, Bihaan immediately hug dadi and thapki crying from happiness she look at vaus and says: this was a plan,
Vaus: yes it was a plan to make you and bihaan return home..
Thapki smile and says: we will maa right Bihaan..
Bihaan hold dadi hand: if my dadi is alive I will return forever to home…all the family feel happy and they return to the house..
When they was on the way home druve feel guilty that he was hating Bihaan he decided to apologize to him, when they come to home thapki hold Bihaan hand and they enter like new couples that got married, druve tell the family that he want to say something important to Bihaan, vaus was scared that druve will get Bihaan out of the house,
Druve: Bihaan am sorry I thought wrong about you I hope you forgive me and I was jealous from you because Babji writer the house by your name and he make you my assistant manager I don’t know what happened to me I just hope you forgive me Bihaan you deserve the best…
Bihaan: druve I didn’t know anything about that I accepte your apologized and this house will be in your name not by my name and the work I decided to continue to work in the garage until I found new job he hug druve..,vaus feel happy.

Thapki enter the room and says: Bihaan look to the room it doesn’t change..
Bihaan: you are right everything in his place,but thapki what will happen to our house ?
Thapki: Bihaan I didn’t think about it let’s sell it or we keep it when the two of us get angry he go to that house and never return..
Bihaan: what you mean you want me to leave you Okay I will go to our house and leave alone …
Thapki: no Bihaan don’t leave she hold his hand…
Bihaan: thapki I was joking why your eyes full of tears he wiped her tears and says no more crying thapki I want to see my smiley thapki that she just laughs not cry….
Thapki: Bihaan can I ask you question..
Bihaan put his two hand in her shoulder: ask my love…
Thapki: Bihaan how you change you always when you get angry from me you don’t accept my apology and you never listen to me but now you changed how this Bihaan come ??
Bihaan: my lovely wife thapki if I will become father soon so I need to change that’s it and your love can change anything…
Thapki smile and hug Bihaan.., vaus enter and says: am happy that the two of you return..
Thapki cut the hug and says: we are more happy maa…
Bihaan: I will go to see dadi .
Thapki Tell to vaus that how Bihaan changed vaus feel happy.

In the morning in koyal house,
Koyal mother: koyal did you know that thapki goes to her husband house..
Koyal: really why she did say good bye to me I didn’t even see her husband…
Koyal mother: look koyal even thapki get married you do like her marry a rich man..
Koyal: I don’t want to talk about marriage…I will go now bye..
Raj call koyal, koyal answered,
Koyal: hello raj..
Raj : koyal meet me in the garden I don’t want to hear any excuses come to the garden now…he end the call ,
Koyal: hello..raj …he end the call let see what he want.

In druve office geet take druve phone and keep it in her bag, druve search for his phone he didn’t found him, geet says she will go to search for him, Aditia call geet answered,
Aditia: druve hi..
Geet: this is geet will actually druve forget his phone in the restaurant that we eat lunch there and I will go to return to him,
Aditia get shocked she close the phone,
Geet give the phone to druve , druve thanks geet,
Geet in her mind: you will thank me when you get divorced from Aditia soon.

Koyal go to the garden and she call raj,
Koyal: where are you raj..
Raj come from behind and close her eye and says: there is a surprise for you …
Koyal: what raj let me see, when he open her eyes she saw a flower that grouped by a sentence “ koyal I love you” koyal get shocked she look at raj and says ,
Koyal: raj what is this …
Raj get in his knees and hold koyal hand and says,
Raj: koyal I love you a lot will you accept me as your husband?
Koyal get shocked she look at the flower and at raj….

Koyal says to raj she need to think before she get married to him, thapki and bihaan decided to put a room for the baby, Aditia stop talking to druve.

Thanks lee_na, NaiTan, pooja, sulbi, kudrat, Rifa,and all the reader even silent reading ? very very thanks to all of you love u all take care ❤️?❣️?❤️️?❣️?

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