Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 16

The episode start with druve fired the worker and geet smile, druve take geet hand and ask her,
Druve: are your hand fine…
Geet: it still hurt me
Druve take the bandage and put it in geet hand ..
Aditia come and ask where is druve she go to his office and says before she enter,
Aditia: druve I make your favorite food I hope you like it no…I will say druve I miss eating with you….no …uf… I will say druve I am sorry if these day the work made you ignore me this is good I will say this she open the door she get shocked to see druve hold geet hand, druve look at Aditia and leave geet hand,
Aditia get angry and says: sorry druve I didn’t now you have a guest in your office..
Druve: no Aditia wait I will explain…
Aditia left, druve follow her,
Geet: wow druve you leave my hand when you saw Aditia but don’t worry Aditia you druve will leave you soon.

In thahaan house, thapki try to call Bihaan he didn’t answer, vaus call thapki, thapki answered,
Thapki: hello maa what happened to dadi are she fine…
Vaus: now she will do a surgery and you need to come..
Thapki: I will try to come she end the call,
Thapki try again to call Bihaan,he didn’t answer again,
Thapki: Bihaan why you don’t answer I need to tell you about dadi…

In the garage, Bihaan fix a car and didn’t see his phone when he finish he see thapki calls he says: why thapki call me 10 time I hope nothing happened he about to call her happy sing take his phone and
says: will hello b for bihaan you come her to work not calling your girlfriend you know in the past I was like you I call girls and didn’t focus in the work ,
Bihaan smile: the girls was liking you..
Happy sing: yes of course I know now am old but in the past I was like you handsome and girls follow me at college it was good days wait why you ask me go for work and you will not get your phone until you finish your work,
Bihaan: as you say.., Bihaan says to him selfie sorry thapki I can’t call you but I will meet you at night and you can tell me why you called.

In koyal office, koyal was working raj sees her smile, koyal look at raj and says: if you keep looking at me like this I will not focus at work..
Raj: what I do koyal sense the day you come to the office I forget all the girls and remember you…
Koyal: oh really in college you never sees me you ignore me all the time ..
Raj: what I don’t remember..
Koyal: of course you don’t remember because you don’t care about me in the past..,
Raj: you said it koyal it was in the past but now is different actually koyal I lo..
Koyal : look raj am too late I need to go to the house but don’t forget you need to take me to dinner I will be waiting for you..
Raj : I will come at 8 to pickup you bye..
Koyal: bye raj , koyal left,
Raj : koyal today I will tell you my feelings for you .

Druve come to the house, Aditia go to the room and locked the door,
druve : please Aditia open the door you mistake what happened please Aditia,
Aditia: I don’t want to hear you druve just leave me alone ..
Druve : please Aditia, Aditia open the door, druve hold her hand and
says: Aditia you get everything wrong geet hand get broken and I just bandage her hand and you don’t trust your husband,
Aditia: druve you now I got jealous when you go with another woman am sorry druve,
Druve hug her and says Aditia I just love you and my heart just for you so you don’t need to be jealous, Aditia smile .

Thapki get angry that Bihaan don’t answer her phone she goes to the restaurant at 8, koyal and raj come to the restaurant too, Bihaan sees thapki enter the restaurant he run to her and take her hand, thapki look at him and remove his hand ,
Bihaan: thapki what happened?!
Thapki: you ask I called thousands time today and you didn’t call me back…
Bihaan: oh my lovely wife am sorry my manager take my phone because of that I didn’t call you back he take her hand again and enter the table that Bihaan decorations,
Thapki see the decorations and smile,
Thapki: wow Bihaan this place look amazing you did all this, Bihaan hold thapki from back and says: yes I made all of these to see your smile, Thapki remember dadi she immediately says but Bihaan there something I will tell you maybe you will get angry and all this date will be destroyed,
Bihaan get worried and says: what happened thapki you scared me?!
Thapki: Bihaan dadi in the hospital and she is very sick we need to go to meet her…
Bihaan get angry: thapki you meet the family again ..
Thapki: yes Bihaan…
Bihaan: stop you meet them in secret without tell me …
Thapki: I was scared that you will be angry Bihaan..
Bihaan: it mean you don’t trust me thapki do you know am now angry that you lied to me … not because you meet the family again..
Thapki: please Bihaan listen to me..Bihaan push her back and says if you don’t trust me thapki why you are her go away go to the family,
thapki tears: Bihaan I love you..
Bihaan: if you love me and your love is really you need to trust your husband not lies to him,you see this place full of decorations this my heart is full of your name but when you lied to me he take a flower and break her half and says that what happened to my heart when lies to me thapki my heart get broken…
Thapki crying : please Bihaan forgive me ..
Bihaan turn his face and says: you need to choose one thapki me or the family..
Thapki get shocked…
Bihaan: if you go that mean you choose the family..if you stay that mean you choose me…
Thapki get angry: Bihaan this is your family too I can’t believe you don’t care about dadi ..
Bihaan look at her and says: I care but I break all my real ships with them when they don’t trust you…
Thapki cry: Bihaan you did all of that for me so please let us go back these the last request from me to you…Ek villian song play( humdard)
Bihaan look at thapki eyes crying he come closer to her and wipes her tears and hug her and says: you know that I love you a lot thapki I can’t leave you I just wanna live this life to see the smile in your face he cut the hug and says so tell me what do you want us to do,
thapki get shocked and smile she says am dreaming right Bihaan you don’t hate me or you will leave me,
Bihaan hold her hand and says : that was old Bihaan but now you see new Bihaan and I tell you before that I will never leave your hand again,
thapki feel happy and hug Bihaan.
Thapki: Bihaan let’s go to see dadi , Bihaan agree,
Bihaan: thapki you go to the bike I will cancel the order , thapki agree.

Koyal tell raj she will go to to bring water she take the water and she hit Bihaan and the water pour into Bihaan suit,
Koyal didn’t sees Bihaan face … when she saw his face..
Koyal: you !!! Oh god I wish I didn’t meet you again and you always follow me..
Bihaan: are you blind can’t you see look to my suit is full of water and excuse me madam I am not obsessive in following you ..
Koyal: am not blind you are blind and look what ever happened go far from me every time I meet you bad things happen..
Bihaan: hello madam it same her I meet you all the good thing become bad things and you need to say sorry for making my suits wet .
Koyal: I apologize to you hahaha funny if I die today I will never apologize to you …
Bihaan: you not going to apologize..
Koyal: never..
Bihaan take glass of water and throw it in koyal face … and he says now we equal each other and he goes…
Koyal: are you crazy…ufff I hate you you angry bird… now all my clothes become wet..

Thapki was waiting for bihaan..Bihaan come and says ,
Bihaan: sorry thapki let’s go, they go to the hospital, Bihaan ask the doctor where is dadi,
The doctor: well…actually..your dadi .. Bihaan get angry and yell : what happened to dadi he go to Babji and ask him,
Babji crying: Bihaan he hug him..
Thapki go to vaus and ask her..
Vaus: thapki dadi ..
Bihaan: why nobody is talking..
Thapki hold Bihaan hand and says I think dadi is da..
Bihaan: no no thapki it is impossible dadi not dead your joking stop lying…
Thapki hold Bihaan face and says: Bihaan you have to accept the truth, Bihaan get angry he go to the doctor and hold his shirt and says: why you didn’t save her I will kill you, thapki Babji and druve hold Bihaan,
Bihaan: leave me I will kill him like he did with dadi…
Babji ask thapki to take Bihaan out side, thapki take Bihaan out side,
Bihaan crying and says it my fault I should stay with her in the house,
thapki crying: no Bihaan it wasn’t your fault it is her day …
Bihaan hug thapki and he crying…..

Thapki and bihaan return to the house, druve apologized to Bihaan, geet Lies to Aditia,
Raj proposal to koyal.

Thanks guys soooo Mach for your love …like …..and more …..
Love u all take care ❤️❤️❤️

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  1. I like the new bihaan, i was affraid that bihaan won’t forgive thapki, but he didn’t… thanks Sandy for not dragging it.
    Is dadi really dead? I’m so sorry to hear that…
    Koyal and bihaan quarreling is funny.
    Keep going Sandy…tc and smile 😉

    1. Hello lee_na how are you ? ?
      Am so happy that you like it ??
      Thank you So So much ❤️️Lee_na❤️

      1. I’m fine sweetheart ♡♡♡
        Thank you for the lovely ff… 🙂

  2. Di ….How r u ?
    As soon as Thahaan date started … I was?? … But when Bihaan scolded her ?? .. I felt bad … And then the way Bihaan understood her condition … And agreed ❤? .. Koyal-Bihan scenes ??? They are so funny …
    The last part made me ? ..? Dadi … ? …
    Precap ? Loved it

    ❤ You di … Take care ??

    1. Am fine and u ?
      Thanks my love ? NaiTan ?

  3. Stupendo fantabulosle phantas magoricaly magical

    1. Hello poonam I didn’t understand some word can you write it with the definition I really try to Understand I cannot I just understand magical episode ??
      Anyway thanks a lot poonam ❤️

  4. i like it bihan become angry but change too rapidly…i wish it happens too in tpk…welldone..keep it upm..

    1. Thanks Sadia ❤️️

  5. Thahaan is back on their house…Bihaan is completely changed because no he is know about how to control anger.good going.

    1. Thanks pooja ❤️

  6. Sulbi

    Superb dear

    1. Thanks sulbi ?❣️❤️️

  7. Thax di
    Superb episode.
    Waiting for next..

    Plz apna dhyen rekna..
    Good night..
    Sweet dreams..

    1. Thanks my sweet kudrat and sorry for replying late so sorry ?❤️️?

  8. Manish ki deewani

    nice part dear….. waiting for next part….. thahaan back to thier home…. loved it

    1. Thank you soooo much ❤️?❤️️

  9. Nice part and sorry for not commenting in previous parts

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  10. Nice update waiting for next

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