Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 11

Hello guys i miss you ? sOooooo Mach her new episode of thapki pyaar ki + my imagination ❤️️??

The episode start with bihaan hug thapki and thapki was scared from the group of man, thapki sees Bihaan hand bleeding she screamed Bihaan your hand,
Bihaan: It okay thapki my hand is fine see I can really pain ,
Thapki : see Bihaan we should not go out of the house look to your hand is bleeding let’s return,
?, Bihaan: thapki are you crazy I will never return home ?
Thapki: but Bihaan don’t you think that we did a wrong thing when we left the house,
Bihaan: oh my lovely wife no we did the right thing and if you finish question can we go to see the house,
Thapki: one last question Bihaan how you know that am not lying.
Bihaan put his hands in her shoulder: thapki I don’t need a clue to know the truth I see the truth in your eye in this eyes I can see your love to me and how Mach you feel sad leaving the house but I promise you thapki that we will live a happy life and we should move in our life don’t think about the past.
Thapki smile : I can’t imagine my life without you Bihaan,
Bihaan says me too so now let see the new house before you ask another question, Bihaan tell thapki that this house will be for us until we get old, thapki look at him and smile, he opened the door ?, thapki walk in the house and says it is nice Bihaan,
Bihaan: sorry thapki I didn’t find a large house,
Thapki: no Bihaan I love it but I remember the family now they think of us.
Bihaan: oh thapki if you remember them all the time me and our child what will happen to us ,
Thapki smile and says Bihaan I will go to sleep am too tired ,

Bihaan: but thapki you didn’t eat dinner.
Thapki: I don’t want I will go to sleep ,
Bihaan: no you will eat and by my hand I will cook for you,
Thapki: Bihaan I don’t w…
Bihaan: I don’t want to her a word you go to the room and take rest .
Thapki: as you say .
Bihaan in the kitchen and see if there is something to cook , he try to cook a rice ? he burn the rich, thapki smell the burn rice she go to see what happened,
Thapki : Bihaan you burn the rice!!
Bihaan: no this is cooked,
Thapki: Bihaan move I will cook ,
Thapki start cooking Bihaan sees her and smile and thapki look at him and says why you look at me,
Bihaan: I am so lucky to have a lovely wife like you I will help you ,
Bihaan and thapki cook together, when they finish thapki legs slip and she about to fall down Bihaan hold her and raajanah song play, Bihaan put thapki down and tell her to watch her steps,
Thapki and bihaan was eating dinner thapki crying while she eating,
Bihaan: thapki …he wipes her tears ? and tell her thapki there is a very important thing I need to tell you.
Thapki: what Bihaan ….
Bihaan: the food that we both cooked it is delicious ?.
Thapki smile and says : Bihaan you always try to make me smile thank you ?
Bihaan: this is all I want to see your smile thapki I know my family was a big part of us but sometimes we need to live our life without them,
Thapki: Bihaan answers me can you live all your life with the family maa … Babji..all of them can you ?
Bihaan: of course I can you with me I don’t need anyone else.
Thapki: if you with me Bihaan I can live without anyone else because you are the parson who understand me without explaining to him.

Bihaan hold thapki hand and says so you promise for tomorrow you will not remember the family, thapki hesitation and says yes Bihaan I promise you,
Bihaan and thapki end eating and both sitting out side.
Bihaan: thapki today is the ending of a year and tomorrow will be new year for us so we should think about future not the past.
Thapki: Bihaan do you remember last year when you give me a star that named thapki letter star ⭐️ I was happy from you .
Bihaan: I remember I try to cheer you up.
Bihaan look at thapki and says that star that was in the sky is her beside me,
thapki tears from Bihaan words,
Bihaan thapki All I wish in this year no in all years is to make you smile and happy thapki please forgive me ,
Thapki tears why you apologize Bihaan ?,
Bihaan: because I was blind in my mother love I left you in the past I am the reason for our first child lost thapki please forgive me ?

Thapki teardrops: Bihaan if am her with you that mean You don’t need to apologize for anything and now am pregnant again and you promise me that you will never leave my hand Bihaan you know when you left me that day she tears…..?
Bihaan tears drop and hug her tightly and says am sorry ….am sorry thapki……
Bihaan cut the hug and go to bring color and a white paper, thapki sees the stuff and ask Bihaan why he brought this stuff,
Bihaan: I will draw you and me and our child in the future and we will see this drawing every day, thapki feel happy and start painting with bihaan, after they finish the put the drawing in the wall, in the night thapki was get ready to sleep Bihaan sees thapki he comes closer to her ,
Thapki: Bihaan….., Bihaan smile and come closer thapki falls down in the bad Bihaan falls too and the bad broken, thapki and bihaan start laughing ?, Bihaan help thapki to wake up she come closer to him they both look to each other suddenly thapki push Bihaan and says because of you the bed broken now where I will sleep,
Bihaan:because of me it was because of you, you should loss some weight ,
Thapki: what did you sad you mean am fat of course because am pregnant she get sad and left the room,
Bihaan in his mind gajab I was going to say that she look beautiful what I said I need to say sorry for her, thapki was talking to her child she says am fat because of you if you come tell your father that I was fat because of you, Bihaan come and smile in his face oh my lovely wife is sad, thapki turn her face,
Bihaan: thapki look at me ,
Thapki: no
Bihaan: please thapki…

Thapki: I will never speak to you if am fat why you living with me go and found another girl and she tears,
Bihaan: uff thapki I was joking ? please look at me thapki.
Bihaan act like his hand still bleeding,
Bihaan: ouch my hand, thapki immediately look at him and graph his hand and says,
Thapki: Bihaan are your hand fine let me see she flows in it, Bihaan look at her and smile, thapki sees Bihaan and she about to remove her hand Bihaan hold her hand and says sorry thapki please forgive me this is New Year let’s start it with happiness not sadness, also I have new rules for us we will never go to sleep until we forgive each other, thapki kiss Bihaan hand and says I agree,
Thapki: but Bihaan now where we will sleep?!
Bihaan: umm I found it he bring a blanket and put it in the ground and put two pillows and says this is our new bad Bihaan lying down and thapki come beside Bihaan and put her head in Bihaan shoulder and bihaan hold her hand and they both sleep ?.

In the morning thapki was about to wash her face there was no water ? she go to Bihaan and wake up him,
Bihaan: thapki please let me sleep ?.
Thapki: I know Bihaan he will not wake up I will go to ask the neighbors, thapki go to the neighborhood and ask them if the water works in their houses ? they said yes, thapki take some water from them to cook for bihaan, Bihaan wake up and find the water is not working he go to ask thapki, thapki was angry from him she look at him and continue cooking, Bihaan hit his hand to the back of his head and says in his mind what I did I make her mad again I have do something, thapki cook in angry mood Bihaan says thapki…. she give him a look of angry and continue cooking, Bihaan hold her from back,
Thapki : Bihaan leave me I want to cook
Bihaan: sorry my lovely wife I didn’t wake up I will go to fix the water problem and I will be back he kiss her in cheek and go, thapki hold her cheek and smile, Bihaan go to the man that sales to bihaan the house and tell him to fix the water, the man I will fix it but you have to buy more, Bihaan get angry and says what buy more you sold to me the house in high price and now you want to me to buy for the water,
The man: excuse me sir look like this the first time you buy a house you should buy for the water and the electric in the house ?,

Bihaan get angry and says how Mach should I buy the man give Bihaan the bill and bihaan buy for it,
Thapki put the food in the table and wait for bihaan she go to the room and change her clothes, and she goes to the table and sit she says where are you Bihaan?!
Bihaan was in the way home he sees a flower shop he remember thapki and says I will buy to her flower I hope she forgive me, thapki get daze she says no I will wait for bihaan she says to the child we should wait for your father to come, Bihaan enter the house and sees thapki,
Bihaan: gajab you look beautiful mrs thapki Bihaan pandy,
Thapki get shy and says you come late I didn’t eat come let’s eat together,
Bihaan smile and says thapki I brought you a gift,
Thapki: I will not accept your gift until you come to eat, Bihaan sit in the table and both eat when they finish,
Bihaan: look thapki this gift I will give it to you if you answer my question,
Thapki: ok ,
Bihaan: how Mach you love me thapki?
Thapki: what?! Bihaan I love you so Mach and she hug him ,
Bihaan give her the flower ? thapki smile and she kiss him in cheek,
Bihaan: gajab you kiss me without me asking you, thapki get shy ☺️
Bihaan: thapki but there is problem now I need to find another job,
Thapki: oh yes you leave druve office ,
Bihaan : I will go to find one I will not return to home until I found one,
Thapki: Bihaan you really will go to find a job.
Bihaan: my lovely wife I will go now wish my luck bye.
Thapki wait Bihaan she hold his hand and says if you didn’t found one don’t be angry of course there is other places will make you work .
Bihaan okay I will try to not get angry I will go now bye, thapki hold Bihaan hand ,

Bihaan hug her and says don’t worry I will try to come back early today you take care of yourself and our child he kiss her in front of head and go,
Thapki: oh god please make bihaan find a job.
Meanwhile, druve in his office smiling that Bihaan didn’t come, the workers ask druve where is Bihaan,
Druve: from today Bihaan is not working in this channel, the workers get shocked,
In the same time Aditia was thinking of thapki she sees her picture and says why thapki you my sister and now you …..
She look to the video again and sees that thapki face didn’t show up,
Aditia: why her face is covered it is possible that she is not thapki who hit me in the head, vasu was crying in her room remember Bihaan and thapki help her and when they got married she says: why Bihaan you leave the house?? She cry and hold Bihaan picture and hug her, blwender out side remember Bihaan help him he says: Bihaan you was always make this house happy Bihaan my son please come back….., preeti and her husband seeing Bihaan picture they feel sad, suman was out side she sees ram pyaar she remembers Bihaan and says bihaan dever ji you even leave your favorite friends ram pyaar now who will care for her she tears.
In thahaan house, thapki was cleaning suddenly a woman shout for help thapki looks on…

Thapki goes to the woman to help her,
Bihaan get new job, druve tell Aditia to stop looking for another truth and the woman in the video is thapki.

I hope you like it ?
Thanks for you comments and sorry If I missed to reply love u all take care ❤️

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  1. very nice and intresting….

    1. Thanks Sadia and I hope you like the next episode ?❤️️

  2. Nice episode. I love it

    1. Thanks rifa ❤️ I wish you love my next episode too ?

  3. First of all … Welcome back … And you are back with a bang … ? … This episode was so romantic …. ? … Their hugs and all the cute romantic moments which u wrote ..? … And I felt so nice to see all missing Thahaan and Thahaan own house ?? … The precap ??? …. Plz update soon … Loved the episode ❤❤

    1. I will not say thank you because it small word to describe that I love your comments ❤️?❤️️ Thank NaiTan can you be my friend please ??

    2. Of course … ?? … Being friend with such amazing talented writer …?

  4. pooja prabha

    I feel really glad to read your ff after a long days …its a lovely part.I hope you can upload the next part soon.

    1. Pooja am more glad that you read my story many thanks ❤️ I will try to post soon ??

  5. Nice episode

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    Super dear

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    1. Hi kudrat dear am fine and many happy New Years to you dear ❤️❤️❣️❣️??
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  8. I like the way they solve problems quickly so the misunderstanding doesn’t increase.
    I don’t like the way druv behaves, why is he becoming like this? Is he jealous of thahaan?
    The family are missing bihaan, i like it, i hope they realize their mistake soon.
    Such a lovely request Sandy… I’m smiling because of that. 🙂 you’re a sweetheart. Tc

    1. Thanks lee_na ❤️️ and druve behave like this because he doesn’t like Bihaan to work with him in the office ? And I hope you keep smiling ? LOVE you tack care ?

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    U came back gajabbbbbb wala episode update soon if possible

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