Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 10


The episode start with thapki take Bihaan to his new office and tell him to work with druve, druve enter his office he sees Bihaan and thapki,
Druve: hi thapki why you bring Bihaan her?
Thapki: it time to Bihaan work with you druve and not in printing.
Druve: ok but Bihaan don’t kno..
Thapki cut him: no druve I will teach him everything and I promise Bihaan will make you proud of him.
Druve get angry ? and says: okay bihaan your new office will be beside my office am so excited to see you working and he leave,
Bihaan: thank you thapki am really happy now should we start.
Thapki yes let go thapki start teaching Bihaan how to us the computer ? and how to do a news in the channel, druve sees them and says : wow thapki you let Bihaan do my work and am not happy seeing him do my work i study 5 years to be her but Bihaan didn’t continue the school and now he get a assistant manager job I will not support you thapki in this, in fact I will show you that Bihaan can’t get the job right ,

Meanwhile, Aditia was talking to vaus about put a room for the child in the house ? vaus agree with her, Aditia go to the store room to bring some stuff suddenly a woman that wear thapki clothes hit Aditia from back Aditia fall down, and the woman go to the camera and close it and run out side, vaus sees the store room door open she go to see how is there she saw Aditia fall down she runs to her and try to make her wake up she touch her head she sees blood she immediately call the doctor,
Bihaan and thapki finish the work ,
Bihaan: uff am so tired thapki let’s go home ?.
Thapki: okay bihaan let’s go we finish all the work.
Druve come to Bihaan and tell him he need to do some other work like writing the news for tomorrow.
Bihaan: but druve am tired now can I do this tomorrow,
Druve: look Bihaan that doesn’t mean you my brother I will give you less work,
Thapki feel weird from druve behavior she says it okay druve me and bihaan will finish the work and please druve don’t behave like this with bihaan unless he trying and I promise from tomorrow he will do all the job without you saying for him let’s go Bihaan I will help you to finish this work,
Druve get angry from thapki words and says let see Bihaan work without you helping him,
Bihaan star at thapki doing the work and raajanah song play thapki ask Bihaan to give her a pen Bihaan just look at her and smile, thapki shout at him Bihaan hello are you with me,
Bihaan: yes thapki you look more beautiful while you working,
Thapki : oh you are not focusing with me Bihaan please focus we need to end this work,
Bihaan: okay but you have to look less beautiful to make me focus,
Thapki: what you mean I need to become less beautiful,
Bihaan: I was joking let’s do the work ,
Bihaan and thapki finish the work ,
Bihaan: thapki you go with druve I will go by my bike ?,
Thapki: but why I want to go with you ,
Bihaan: thapki you are pregnant now you need to go by car not bike,
Thapki: no I will go with you she sit in the back of the bike and hold Bihaan from behind and says let’s go home Bihaan,
Bihaan: as you say my lovely wife.

Break Precaps:
Vaus shout at thapki , Bihaan get angry at the family because they don’t believe thapki, thapki and bihaan leave the house.

Bihaan sees a ice cream ? shop he asks thapki she wants,
Thapki: yes Bihaan I want , Bihaan and thapki enter the shop and ordered 3 ice cream ?,
Thapki: why you order 3 ?
Bihaan: one for me two for you one to you and the another one to our child,
Thapki: but Bihaan I can’t eat the two,
Bihaan: I will eat half and the other half you eat it, thapki agree they finish eating ice cream they go home ?,
Vaus and blwender was waiting for thapki to come,
Thapki and bihaan enter they found the whole family sitting and Aditia was have injured in her head, thapki run to Aditia and ask her how she got the injury druve push thapki far from Aditia,
Druve: you asking what happened wow thapki you really a tricky sister you tell Aditia you will go to work to give Bihaan lunch box and return but no you come to hit her by stick in her head how a sister do that??!!!
Thapki: druve you saw me in the office how I will be in two place in same time and I never imagine to do that to Aditia,
Bihaan: druve watch your word I am not going to let you saying wrong about my thapki and Aditia lost her mind how you think thapki will harm you she is your sister,
Thapki crying ? and try to speak to Aditia, Aditia stay silent,
Suman: Bihaan we have a clue that thapki is the one that hit Aditia we found a record video that was in the store room,
Preeti: play a video , the video show a woman that wear thapki clothes and hit Aditia and her face does show,
Vaus go to thapki and ask her why she did this, blwender: thapki answer us why you did this ??,
Thapki: maa..Babji.. please believe me I didn’t do this , Bihaan put his hand in thapki shoulder and says
Bihaan: no thapki this time you won’t say anything if they think that is was you let them think that I know it wasn’t you I believe you so you don’t say anything I just will ask them one question, do you think the woman in that video is thapki yes or no ,
Vaus: Bihaan this in not a game ,
Bihaan get angry answers me yes or no ??
Blwender: Bihaan my son come down we can understand what happened from thapki ,
Bihaan: thapki didn’t do it Babji so what she will answer you want her to lies and say it was her I asked question and I want all of you to answer do you think thapki hit Aditia yes or no ?
Druve: yes it was thapki am sure .
Suman and preeti: our eyes don’t lie it was thapki .
Blwender: all I saw in the video it was thapki,
Vaus: I saw thapki in the video so… yes.
Bihaan and thapki get ? shocked ,
Bihaan: I don’t believe you thapki did the impossible to make you happy I will not stay in home there is people that don’t trust in my thapki let leave this house thapki,
Thapki: Bihaan what are you saying no am not leaving,
Bihaan: thapki you want to stay in house that people don’t trust you ,
Thapki: I know maa believe me and Aditia right maa, vaus turned her face and says this time no thapki I don’t believe you first you locked the door in Aditia and now you hit her in head by stick how could do thapki, thapki tears and says it was shardda that locked the door,
Vaus: stop lying thapki shardda has been traveled to American since the day we get her out of the house her father call today and tell us, Bihaan get shocked and says and you believe him, let’s go thapki there is no place for us in this family, thapki says Aditia you believe me right ,Aditia remains silent and tears and she look at druve,
Druve: Aditia don’t believe you thapki and bihaan if you really want to leave this house you can ,
Blwender: no Bihaan don’t do this we will solve this issue, Bihaan get angry more he says okay druve I will leave let’s go thapki ,
Thapki: Bihaan please listen to me,
Bihaan: no thapki you listen to me I can’t see you hurting by anyone I promise you that I will make you and our child happy and that what I will do, he take thapki hands and go to his room and start packing their stuff, thapki teardrops and sees the room and recalls the family saying that she hit Aditia by stick, Bihaan finish packing he take thapki hand and go out side the house ?,
Blwender: stop Bihaan think again before you go ,
Bihaan: I already think Babji if all of you become blind in seeing the truth than I don’t want to live with you thapki is my happiness and I can’t live with people hurt her feelings I leave her hands once but I promise her that i will never leave her hand again am sorry Babji this time am not staying in this house ?,
Thapki crying ? vaus: Bihaan stop you can’t leave the house like this,
Bihaan watch me doing it maa you break the trust with thapki, I break my relationship with the whole family,
Thapki and the family get shocked ?
Thapki: Bihaan don’t do this let’s return,
Bihaan: no thapki this time we will go forever from this house and will never return they need to know they do mistakes when they don’t believe you, Bihaan sit in his bike thapki sit behind him and look to the house ? and she recall all the good days that happened in the house.

Break precaps:
Bihaan found a small house for him and thapki to live in it, a man about to shot thapki .

Bihaan stop the bike and look at thapki crying he wipes her tears ? and tell her that she need to forget the family because they will start new life,
Thapki: Bihaan where we will live we don’t have any place,
Bihaan: thapki I will find place,
Thapki and bihaan go to a person who know the empty house in the city, thapki go for a walk while Bihaan sees the house,
Thapki go far from the house a group of man sees thapki walking alone they decide to follow her, Bihaan buy the house and he go out side to call thapki he didn’t found her he get worried, thapki was recalling the family and Aditia a man says hello gorgeous, thapki realize that she go far from the house that Bihaan buy it she tell the man to leave or she will call Bihaan,
The man call his group the group go around thapki,
thapki : what are you doing leave me alone she call Bihaan,
One of the mans says who this Bihaan and how he will find you ,
Thapki crying please leave me I will give you money ? please,
The man : we don’t want money we want to sale you to another woman to work for her,
Bihaan search for thapki he asks people but they say they didn’t saw her,
Bihaan sees thapki is shoes steps he follow her and found her ,
Bihaan: thapki …
thapki: Bihaan help me, the man immediately take thapki inside a car ?
Bihaan shouts thapki …. he take his bike and follow them, thapki crying and please them to leave her, Bihaan go in front of the car the car stops and the group of man get out of the car and thapki crying,
Bihaan: leave thapki or I will give you pain,
The man laughs and tell the group of man to beat Bihaan,
Thapki about to go to Bihaan the man hold her hand and says you will not go for any place,
Bihaan beat the group of man and look to the man that hold thapki hand he tell him leave her or I will beat you like I did with you man’s , the man show a gun and put it in thapki head and tell Bihaan to go or he will shot thapki, Bihaan smile and kick the man head by his hand and take the gun and and point it in the man and tell him,
Bihaan: if you didn’t leave in 3 i will shot you 1 ..2..the man run away.
Thapki run to Bihaan and hug him and bihaan hug her back and tell her don’t worry thapki I will not let anything happen to you he cut the hug and kiss her in front of her head and hug her again.

Bihaan and thapki love the new house,
Bihaan cook for thapki ,Druve feel happy that Bihaan didn’t come to his office, Aditia thinks about thapki and try to found out if the woman in the video is thapki or not.

Thanks guys for you like the story unfortunately I will stop writing for a week but I promise I will continue after this week.

LOVE U ALL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  1. Navami

    Wow ..heart touching episode…dr..thahan seneces..the chase ..fight…awesome…come soon..dr..take care…

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  2. Nice episode congratulations for 10th episode

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  3. Really a emotionally binding episode…always you tried to keep originality in writing…good luck friend for your hardwork.

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  4. Great epi…
    I like the way bihaan trust her fully
    Take your time Sandy…tc

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  5. I like the way Bihan supporter and trust to Thapki. Fabulous and keep writing. I hope in the story later than be succesfull and happy life with her son….

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  10. Manish ki deewani

    Sandy or imagination for tpk is superb I wish I replace the writers of tpk with all ff writers .this episode is heart touching .Bihaan trust her ..I like it …thahaan r out of pandey zoo…
    Happy new year

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  11. Di thax 4 updating
    exellent episode
    Waiting 4 next episode
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