Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination


The episode start when Sheena get angry and call bihaan, Bihaan: yes Sheena what is it ,
Sheena: Bihaan how could you act like this with thapki she feel sad ? you make her cry .
Bihaan: and what she did with me she want me to marry you .
Sheena: WHAT !!! You get everything wrong Bihaan… she thought Bihaan still don’t know about the birthday party ?
Bihaan: what you mean thapki didn’t want me to marry you .
Sheena: no Bihaan you are really crazy how you get this though.
Bihaan: but what about all this decorations in the house ?

Sheena: all this decorations in the house is for me because it the second time to visit your house ?.
Bihaan: oh I really stoped I need to make thousands apologies for thapki .
Thapki crying in her room Sheena come and tell her that Bihaan still doesn’t know about the party thapki get happy and decided to call bihaan.
Bihaan see thapki call he get scared that thapki will be angry at him he cuts the phone ? thapki why he is cutting my phone. Bihaan return house he see Sheena dance ?? in a song with her self she ask Bihaan to dance with her bihaan agree .
thapki see them she get jealous she call bihaan with angry ?
Bihaan: what thapki oh yes am sorry thapki I didn’t know this party for Sheena return.
Thapki turn her face and says i still mad at you how you dance with Sheena in front of me .
Bihaan: thapki Sheena is my friend and it just was a dance.
Thapki: oh if I dance with kabir will you agree .
Bihaan: of course not .

Thapki: see I feel the same she go .
Bihaan wait thapki. Bihaan in his mind i cannot speak to her now I will wait Until she relax . Bihaan go out house and think about all the things that he hurt thapki feeling today. Bihaan return home and give thapki flowers ? and says last time I will make you cry ? thapki wanna accept his apology but she still think about the party she refused to accept his apology. Bihaan get shocked and look at her and says thapki why ??did I hurt your feelings I try to apologize to make everything between us good .
thapki : I will never accept your apology Bihaan you will always hurt me she go. Bihaan throw the flowers and go out of the house.
When it is midnight Bihaan was waiting for thapki to call him . Thapki call bihaan
Bihaan: now thapki call me he answered what why you call me ?
Thapki : bihaan come home babji want to you to return home ?
Bihaan: I don’t believe you thapki I thought you will say you are sorry or you want me return home .
Thapki : bihaan am still mad at you anyway come home before babji get angry she cut the line
Bihaan: hello thapki…thapki
Bihaan says okay if you don’t want me to return home thapki I won’t .
In the house ? everyone asks thapki where is bihaan did you call him
Thapki : yes I call him and tell him he should return home or babji will get angry but he didn’t come .
Sheena : thapki of course bihaan will not come he want you to apologize to him .
Thapki : I will go to bring bihaan .

The family agree with sheena and they decided they will make everything ready until bihaan come .
Bihaan : sitting in a bench and throwing rock in the water .
Thapki : bihaan .
Bihaan : look at her and says you come .
Thapki : I am sorry bihaan and she sit beside him .
Bihaan: thapki why you always act like this you hurt me .
Thapki: put her head in his shoulder and hold his hand sorry bihaan please forgive me .
Bihaan : says I love you thapki .
Thapki : remember the party she stand up and says bihaan babji was so angry and told me to bring you home ?
Bihaan: really we should go to home fast before he punish me .
Thapki take his hand and says let go .

Bihaan and thapki arrived home ? thapki says bihaan let go, bihaan refused to enter he says Babji will slap me please thapki you go tell him bihaan is sorry ,

Thapki : okay but you have to enter after me .
Bihaan: okay I will .
Thapki enter and tell the family bihaan come let get ready thapki call bihaan.
Bihaan enter the light is off ,
Bihaan: thapki the light is off ,
Thapki : give him knife ?
Bihaan: why you give me this .
Thapki says to him …..the light come and the family says happy birthday ? ???bihaaaaaaaaan ?????
Bihaan GAJAPP ? .
thapki tell him this knife ? to you cut this cake ? bihaan cut the cake and feed thapki and the family.
Thapki: what do you wish for .
Bihaan: I wish to live a happy life with you and with the family.
Bihaan thanks the family, the family says to bihaan you should thanks thapki she plans for this from last night,
bihaan: thapki always care from me because of that I love her so much, thapki feel shy from Bihaan saying I love u in front of the family, the party stars the family give bihaan gifts ? and they start dancing ?? thapki dance with bihaan.

In the night in bihaan rooms bihaan was remember thapki birthday and when he kiss her in cheek, thapki come to room and says how was the party bihaan. Bihaan come to her and says where is my birthday gift ? thapki yes I forget her you go. Bihaan open the gift it was a watch ⌚️ he thanks thapki and says just nothing else, thapki yes bihaan why you want me to bring you another gift, bihaan put his two hand in thapki shoulder as he usually do and says thapki remember your last birthday day I give you another gift, thapki remember bihaan Kiss her in cheek. Thapki feel shy and remove his hand and says bihaan I don’t remember,
bihaan : I will not sleep until you give me my another gift ? .
Thapki smile and says okay bihaan I will give you a kiss in cheek but you have to close your eyes ? .
Bihaan close his eye thapki slap his cheek and says now you can sleep ?.
Bihaan look at thapki so you not going to give me my another gift .
Bihaan was talking suddenly thapki kiss ? him in cheek bihaan look at her and she smiled at him and says now you happy go to sleep, bihaan also kiss her in cheek and she got shy and they both sleep ? .

In the morning bihaan was taking shower ? thapki was waiting for him to finish,
Thapki: bihaan hurry up I was waiting for you to finish from hour ?
Bihaan: thapki my eye some soap come to my ? eyes .
Thapki: bihaan are you okay try to wash your eyes ?.
Bihaan: thapki I cannot see anything.
Thapki: get out from bathroom so I can help you .
Bihaan take a towel and get out and he call thapki .
Thapki says am her bihaan she sit him and bring water ? to remove the soap from his eyes .
Bihaan: thapki try to slow down my eyes get hurt ?.
Thapki: okay bihaan but you don’t move .
When thapki finish she about to go.
Bihaan : my eyes still hurt, thapki check his eyes nothing there bihaan I remove all Soap you can go to change your cloth.
Bihaan: okay but it still hurt me .
Thapki start blow in his eyes and raajanah song start .
Thapki: now the pain is gone .
Bihaan: what pain .
Thapki: hits him you was lying.
Bihaan: no thapki
thapki: I don’t wanna hear anything go to change .
In the breakfast the family was sitting together and they eating, dadi ask bihaan where is thapki today bihaan I thought she come I will go to see her, bihaan go to the room thapki was trying to choice a cloth bihaan : come to her and says I love the yellow colors in you .
thapki : bihaan but I want to ware new clothes,
bihaan :but way thapki ?

thapki : oh you forget today I will go for work.
Bihaan: what work ?
thapki: bihaan you forget I need to do work with druve to not lose the channel now help me to choose a cloth to wear for work bihaan : says okay he start looking for her he don’t find yellow color he says let go shopping .
thapki: bihaan i don’t have time please I will wear anything.
Bihaan: no you will go with me for shopping .
Thapki: if you insisted I will go .
Thapki and bihaan were in the mall thapki was trying cloth bihaan don’t like it suddenly he saw a beautiful white dress ? he imagined thapki wear it .
thapki : bihaan I will buy this .
Bihaan: no you will buy this .
Thapki: bihaan this is for party I want cloth for work .
Thapki ask woman that in the shop that she need cloth for work .
The woman of course come to her she give thapki short skirts and white shirts, thapki no I don’t wear this . The worker just try it madame you will like it. Bihaan was waiting for thapki to finish trying so he can drop her to work and looking in the white dress, thapki call bihaan.
Bihaan: yes thapki did you finish.
He saw thapki wear short skirts and white shirts he smiled at her and says you look beautiful. Thapki hide in change room Bihaan follow her .
thapki :bihaan I told you before I feel shy wearing this cloth in front of you
Bihaan: thapki but you wear it now without me asking you and you call me .
thapki : says bihaan please go I will change.

Bihaan : I just wanna say you always look beautiful so anything you wear you will look beautiful on it.
Thapki tears in her eye from Bihaan word and she huge him and says I love you Bihaan . The worker enter the change room and finding them huge each other she says sorry madame ,
thapki : cut the huge and says no Bihaan will go .
Bihaan : yes Iam sorry he go .
Bihaan was waiting for thapki to come suddenly a woman in the street was getting hit by man ,
Bihaan: get angry to see the man hit the woman he go to them man and tell him to leave the woman,the man this is my wife is not from your bussinse
Bihaan get angry he hold the man wife tell her to go back this man need to learn how to respect woman he beat him until the police come,
thapki come out of the shop and sees Bihaan fitting with the man and the police she go to him and ask him why you fitting with this man
Bihaan : thapki this man was dirspect his wife .
thapki : so you come to make a fight with him it is his wife and Bihaan it is them problem I know you want to help you can talk to them not fight with them in street the police take Bihaan .
thapki get sad and she go with him , Bihaan in police car ? and his hand is roped by police chain thapki look to bihaan he get hurt in his head and his hand is bleeding thapki hold his hand and she saw the chain she cry.
Bihaan: says to her thapki stop crying am okay and now druve will buy my bill and we will go home ? .
Bihaan sit beside thapki and says look to my eye thapki . Thapki crying and she looks down ,
Bihaan: thapki I didn’t do mistake you know .
Thapki: get angry and says bihaan you do a mistake this time you should not fight with that man ,
Bihaan says I am sorry please forgive me , thapki touch his head that got hurt and says I am not sad at you Bihaan but I will always support you in everything . Bihaan look so happy and says I love you thapki . Thapki: bell his cheeks and says I luv too Bihaan.
Thapki and bihaan come to police station and thapki tell the officers ? Bihaan is incenit druve come and says don’t worry thapki bihaan will get out of jail today and now he buy the bill the officer refused to let Bihaan out now he need to spend a night in jail until he learn his lesson,
Bihaan get angry ?: hey officer my name is b for Bihaan pandy you cannot make me spend a hour her .

The officer apologized to druve and says he need to spend the night her druve understand the police rules he tell Bihaan to him to be Waite until the night to get out there is no solution, Bihaan thanks druve and agree,
thapki : no officer please make bihaan get out , the officer refused again.
Druve tell thapki don’t worry they will not do anything to bihaan and bihaan will return in night. Thapki go to bihaan and says bihaan I will stay her until you get out from jail, bihaan : no thapki please go with druve I will come at night please thapki go .
Thapki : says and your injury how you will manage it is bleeding she cry .
Bihaan remove her tears and says : thapki I will manage everything you go home ? thapki kiss his hand and tell him to come fast to home I will be waiting for you she go .
In night thapki was waiting for bihaan everyone go to sleep ? thapki : where are you Bihaan.
Bihaan enter the house ? thapki see him she runs to him and huge him
Bihaan : what happened thapki don’t worry am okay,
thapki : I was worried you come late and I thought you will not come .
bihaan : slowly down thapki one night I didn’t come home all of this if I did come in all days what will happen.
thapki : says I will never speak to you .
bihaan hold her in his arms and says but I can’t live without speaking to you and thapki looking at him rajanah song come bihaan take thapki to the room .
In the next day thapki was feeling not good, Aditia give thapki fruit thapki refused to eat.
Aditia: thapki if you didn’t eat anything you will get sick ?
thapki: I don’t know in these day i feel not good I will go to the hospital today .
Bihaan out side with banji give ram ? pyaar food and walking.
Babji: Bihaan you need to join druve and thapki at the channel business.
Bihaan: but you know what happened in the past .
Babji : the past is go you need to star new life with new business.
Bihaan in his mind Babji right I will join the channel business and will make thapki happy ?.

Thapki Lost consciousness and bihaan see her and get worried.

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