thapki pyaar ki (HUMDARD) OS


hey guys back with a Os sad with the ongoing track as the makers again drag thahaan love track.

so here the epi start with
After few weeks
bauji regain consciousness and bihaan is prove innocent with thapki help as she trust him and prove in front of judge that a third person try to harm bauji not bihaan.
everyone accept bihaan again.
Vasu hugs him and say sorry to him.

everything is fine but our hero bihaan is lost in thoughts sitting in his room.
B:”why did she do this? so much trust on me, is she do it intentionally so that i cAn forgive her no i will not forgive her but why did she do it intentionally oh so much confused i m. oh thapki kyu kiya aisa????? why why?
is u done it bcoz i helped u earlier tell me plz plz god why she done this ”
our hero is confused and so he decided to meet bauji.
he goes and tell bauji.
B:” why bauji in a relationship sometimes its complicated to understand i m confused bauji she helped me bauji knowing the fact that i hate her so much.”
he cries and hugs bauji.Bauji consoles him
Bj:” bihaan my child yes its hard to understand any relationship but it doesnt mean that its never solve listen to ur heart and u will get ur answers.I m sure it will show u right path.”
Bihaan get relief by bauji words he leave from there

he comes in his room and sit quietly and recall all the moments .
thapki support her; she encourage her to do work; she helps him Everything
he want to say sorry to her.
he heard a voice
the word echoed in his ears.
her sweet voice cutest ever.
B;’yes thapki”
T;’ i want a last thing from you.”
bihaan is super stunned he didnt speak a single word but his heart want to speak.
T;” yes i m going bihaan as i decided to leave you as u dont want to live with me You hates me a lot & i only want ur happiness only a smile on ur face.”
Bihaan is angry on himself what he did oh! his heart paining toO much. he want to cry but can’t what its called true love or SMTHING ELSE.
T;” i have decided earlier to leave when you say that ur r tolerating me but after bauji accident i change my view and decided to be with you and to prove u innocent.Now everything is fine so i m going.”
Bihaan gets teary eyed he want to stop her and say that how he loves her.
T:” so bihaan plz fulfil my last wish.”
B:” tell me what will i do.”he want to do anything for her as today she ask something from her husband
T:”can u plz Call me CHUK CHUK GADI last time.”
what she want to hear the words by which his husband teases him
So pure love guys
B;”ok he say in old Behaviour :”oh chuk chuk gadi you cant….”
he has no strength to speak anymore thapki comes and hugs him.
they both lost in each other
No tension of others , they want to stay together but cant destiny plan to separate them.
thapki leaves him and goes waving bye to him
T:” one more thing will u plz come to meet me
B:”ok i will try.”
bihaan cries thapki also cries but they both dont want to express to each other.
thapki goes.
bihaan plz stop him plz otherwise its too late rok lo na .
his heart say.
he recalls bauji words that listen to ur heart.
he runs to stop her.
here thapki is taking blessing from everyone.
she recalls her moments with bihaan
there marriage
there nok jhok
his supportive nature everything.

Humdard music play In Bg.
she is leaving Pn suddenly
bihaan comes and say;” no u will not go anywhere thapki.”
he takes her to mandir and fills her mang in front of everyone
everyone is shocked but bauji dadima is happy.
thapki also happy as her heart is very happy
B:” where did u go no u will not this is ur house.I m ur husband ok. why u want to leave me ha for my sake now i m saying that plz dont go.
I m habitual to listening u Ur Chik chik pik pik, bcoz i love u a lot & plz give me chance that i can be a good husband.” he says in teary eyed.
T:i m also habitual of ur taubts cant leave without you bcoz i love you too.”
they both hug each other.
everyone claps including DHRUV who understand thahaan love
suman preeti taunts thahaan fir hugging each other in front of family but it doesnt bother them
they smiles.
dadi ma bless thahaan
bauji also give them blessing.
vasu also hugs them.

@ night
T;” bihaan i love you very much.”
B:” me too my chuk chuk gadi.”
thapki hugs him as she loved this words.
B;” now i m repenting why i didnt call u bullet train if by calling chuk chuk gadi u can hug me so if i call u bullet train than what will you do…”
he say cutely
thapki laughs and kissed him on cheeks
Bihaan than kisses her on lips which is thirst from a long time.
after a long kiss
they both take there relationship to next level.

ok bye to all pl z do comments

dont know when it will happen in real tpk or happens or not

bye do comments

Credit to: anu

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  1. Really hoping 2 see this in real TPK . anyway good work

  2. This would be best ever ending seriously nice attmpt

  3. Superb episode…i don’t know when this will come in real TPK…

  4. i wish it will really happening on TPK… did a fabulous job yaarrrrr.when i read this i can feel a great relief…

  5. thanks for ur lovely comments guys

  6. Your os was on very fast mode , everything happend so quickly …..but because of the real show ,i want to hear that too

  7. aiza siddiqui

    awesome….gud job…anu ….
    we wish it could happen in real tpk….
    but what we wish that never happens….

    1. yes u r right my friend they show in tpk.which we never expect

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