Thapki pyaar ki the END of kosi track ?


The episode start with bihaan shocked learning that sanker is the responsible for the child dead, bihaan says I will never leave her I will punish her for this, kabir tell vasu that thapki go to bring bihaan, bihaan come home and call sanker, sanker run and says yes bihaan, bihaan slap ?? her so hard and tell her who do you think your selfie to kill my child I will kill you like you killed my child bihaan bring gun and about to shot thapki stop him, thapki says to bihaan no bihaan don’t get your hand dirty by her evils she will go jail and will take her punishment, sanker cry but i am not the one who kept the letters it is kosi not me, bihaan get extremely shocked he look at thapki and said to her you want me to forgive the woman who killed my father and now she killed my child am sorry thapki I will get this evil woman out of the house ? thapki no bihaan it is your mother, bihaan hold her shoulder and tell her your heart ❤️ is pure thapki but I tell you before some time we need to get our hearts far from this and think in our minds that this is wrong also kosi is the reason for our breakup, bihaan go to kosi room and says your game is over I will never forgive you i will get you out of this house ? kosi please bihaan not to do this bihaan take her hand and get her out of the house and he tell her I wish I never been your son and the police ? come and take kosi but sanker says but I can’t leave i am kabir wife kabir tell her it is fake marriage sanker and kosi apologize to the family and the police take them to jail. Kabir also apology to bihaan and tell him you are likely to have thapki as your wife and he thanks the family for let him stay in their house, thapki thanks kabir for helping her, kabir go. The family was happy to see bihaan and thapki return together.

And they get married again, In the next day thapki wake up she look for bihaan, bihaan come with breakfast ?
thapki : bihaan why you bring to me the food I was going to cook for you
bihaan : I want to make your first day in this room special

they both sit in the couch and eat breakfast together, bihaan phone ring, bihaan : it not the time for you, bihaan says to thapki am coming you eat, bihaan in the phone did you do as I say I want the place be perfect okay bye, thapki tell bihaan she end the breakfast she take the plant to go to kitchen bihaan stop her no from today you will not work,
thapki : but bihaan I want to do this, bihaan : mrs thapki bihaan pandy you always do work for me today I will do your work, thapki laughed okay as you say bihaan.
Vaus come to call them for breakfast bihaan tell her today I cooked to thapki breakfast and we eat together vaus smiles okay bihaan if you finish you and thapki come down, vaus ask thapki to go with her today for shopping thapki about to say yes,
bihaan : No thapki is busy today mother, thapki look ? at bihaan and says am…
bihaan: yeah she will go with to buy new cloth for ram pyaar ? thapki and vaus laughs in bihaan. Bihaan I mean we will go for shopping, vaus bihaan say you want to go on date with thapki, bihaan and thapki look to each other and smiled.

Vaus says okay I will go with preeti suman bhui.
Thapki says to bihaan where we going bihaan, bihaan you get ready am waiting down stairs, thapki but bihaan where we going,
bihaan :supers?,
Thapki get ready she wear green saris and beautiful jewelry and go down stairs everybody look at thapki and says wow thapki you look beautiful were you going thapki : bihaan will take me out today. Bihaan calling thapki were are you hurry up, thapki sit in back of the bike and says let’s go, bihaan look at thapki from the mirror in the bike thapki smile at him, bihaan by the way you look different today thapki you mean beautiful right bihaan I didn’t says that,
thapki :what do you mean ?
bihaan : it just your eyes
thapki touch her eye
bihaan : no your nose
thapki touch her nose she says what bihaan,
bihaan stop the bike, thapki : bihaan what happened,

bihaan : thapki you look more than beautiful, thapki act like she is angry, bihaan : oh you are angry so should we return home, thapki no bihaan I was….. bihaan smile at her , thapki hit his shoulder and they continue them way to the date place which bihaan make it,
Bihaan:thapki close your eye
thapki : but bihaan were we, bihaan get off the bike and close her eye and they walk in stress that full of flower ? and thapki bihaan where we, bihaan we in a place that you will always remember bihaan open her eyes ? it was a beautiful place decorations with balloons ? and flowers and table for two, bihaan take thapki hand and walks her to the table thapki smiles to see the decorations and thanks bihaan, bihaan sit her and they both start remember the old days suddenly a music ? turn on bihaan ask thapki to dance with him and they dance, the dates end bihaan take thapki home ? thapki enter house vaus call her thapki go to vaus, vaus tell her tomorrow bihaan birthday ? thapki says really I have to do for him a big supers ?, bihaan come what are you saying vaus says nothing bihaan I just ask thapki how was the date thapki answer was amazing ? preeti and suman bhui come to thapki to tell her about tomorrow bihaan birthday thapki stop them and says I know, bihaan what you know, thapki tell him tomorrow will rain and I tell them I know and she smiles, thapki tell bihaan to go to the room and put a movie to they watch it together and she is coming, bihaan says don’t be late, bihaan go, thapki tell preeti and suman bhui that tomorrow they will make a big surprise for bihaan, Thapki go to the room bihaan says you are late mr thapki bihaan pandy ,
Thapki says I am tired ? bihaan I want to sleep,
bihaan : but thapki I want to watch with you a movie ?,
Thapki : sorry bihaan I am really tired she go to bed, bihaan feel sad and says in his mind she ask for a movie and now tell me she want to sleep, bihaan sleep, thapki wake up when she see bihaan is sleeping she go downstairs and the family get together and they start planning for tomorrow, bihaan wake up to drink water ? he don’t find thapki, he says where she go in the night he call thapki , thapki and the family ?? hear bihaan calling thapki , vaus says we need to hide from bihaan or he will find out about the surprise, they hide accept thapki bihaan see thapki and says am calling you and you are her, thapki sorry bihaan I didn’t hear you let go to sleep, bihaan wait why you come downstairs
thapki : I was going to check if it is rain outside. Bihaan says okay I was worried about you let go to sleep, thapki look ? back at the family and points at them that everything is good ??. The next morning bihaan wake up and look beside the bed where is thapki, thapki was sitting in couch and holding a book and writing, bihaan ask her what you are writing. Thapki hide the book ? and says nothing, bihaan : thapki he take the book behind her and about to open, thapki stop bihaan and says you cannot take my stuff and see what inside her I am angry at you don’t speak to me again. Bihaan shock but thapki I didn’t look inside the book, thapki leave the room with angry ?,
Bihaan: what happened to thapki ?.

Precaps: Thapki ignore bihaan , thapki call Sheena to come to bihaan birthday party.

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  1. Manish ki deewani

    Amazing I’m so happy that kosi and Sankara r out of thahaan life. Or thoughts r superb hope one day in tpk they all r out from their life .and precap is interesting .keep it up.

  2. Sulbi

    Great.. i wish it should happen in TPK… waiting for next part…

  3. The date was awesome ? … Kosi’s truth came out … It was the best ..?? Thapki planning Bihaan’s birthday ? … Waiting for the next part

  4. Nice. Keep writting.

  5. Nice episode

  6. very nice….thank God…no kosi no snaker no kabir at all…keep wrttng….

  7. Jyldyza Osekova

    What is that? The End?

  8. Nice dear

  9. Awesome wala part yaar…keep rocking friend.

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