Thapki Pyaar Ki- Another Loving Pat is What I need PROMO


—Season 2 for A Loving Pat—

Hey all I am back. This time I am back with a promo. The reason is because I am super duper busy this week due to which I am not getting time to update the episodes. I have as usual my projects and quizzes going on -_- and also my aunt is here she is having an operation so have to take care of her also. Please pray for my aunt, and also in 27th I have a fair in my pre Uni where I am setting up a stall for handicrafts there, so will be busy with that too. Well, I will try my utmost best to update the episodes next week, it may take time. I am scared that you all may stop reading my fan fiction for that reason but it’s a request please don’t stop reading. And when I will publish episode 5 I will publish a summary for episode 1-4, so that you all can stay in touch with the story. This problem is only for this month and I said before that I will be really very busy in July. But in aug I can update more frequently as I am kinda free that time. But my request please don’t stop reading my fan fiction for this reason.

Here is the link for the intro and episodes if you didn’t read it:

Now about the episodes , firstly I will give the detailed precap and than I will write promo for episode 6 as episode 6 is the MOST crucial episode of  this fan fiction and will bring the biggest twist in Thahaan’s story.

Detailed Precap for episode 5:
Here Bihaan is telling Thapki that I promise I will never hurt you, please agree to me. Thapki looks on and later she leaves from there. Later, Bihaan carries Thapki in his arm to somewhere and Thapki looks at Bihaan lovingly. Thapki is sitting down in her college and just then Karan rushes who is nervous. Riddhima says what happened? Karan says Bihaan, Bihaan’s life is in danger. Thapki says what and gets up and she runs to Bihaan.

Here is promo for episode 6: (some of episode 5 also)
Bihaan is clearing up his shelf and he gets a picture of him and Thapki in college time and he gets into flashback with all his wonderful moments with Thapki. Bihaan says those were the best days of my life, but now Bihaan throws the picture away and Thapki picks the picture up. And she looks at Bihaan teary-eyed and as she was about to go Bihaan sees her and pins her to the wall. Bihaan says why did you do so with me? Thapki doesn’t replies and becomes angry and Bihaan says that I will never forget what you did. Thapki leaves and cries looking at Bihaan from outside and saying I am sorry, Bihaan I had to do all this only for you Bihaan, it was regarding your life.

What did Thapki do which made Bihaan hate her? Why did she do so?

Let’s see who can guess it correctly.

That’s the detailed precap and promo.Well I hope you all like it, and I will try my best to update next week. I can’t promise but I will try.

To all TPK ff writers, I read all of ur ff last week but I was busy last week that’s why I couldn’t comment and welcome back Anu. Happy to see u back with a bang.And Aami your one shot is awesome. And i love all of ur ff. And to rest read u all FFs too m waiting for the next part and I understand u all r busy. And besides yesterday, if I didn’t comment don’t think that I don’t like ur fan fiction is because I am busy or I don’t know about your fan fiction and you all rock.

And please do feel free to express your opinions. Your comments always make me happier. The more people  commenting , the more happier I am.

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  1. Truelove

    eagerly waiting for next episode. thanks for promo. i was really frustrated by TPK ongoing track but your promo made me smile.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sweta thanks for commenting and no problem even I am super frustated by current track of TPK and happy it made u smile 😛

  2. rafay don kon

    Nice promo.and super excited about thapki secrete.take care your aunt will be fine.?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rafay thanks for commenting yaar happy u liked it and Thapki’s secret will be revealed in epi 6 itself and epi 5 will show some hints and my aunt is fine now 🙂

  3. Manyasa29

    Super duper precap and promo !!
    I hope ur aunt gets well soon.
    And hey don’t worry… one is going to stop reading ur ff…it’s far better than actual tpk !
    Keep writing.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey neha thanks for commenting happy u liked the precap and promo and she is fine now 🙂 and thanks I myself very forgetful thats why I say like this 😛 and I m fed up of TPK current track too and will update the next epi maybe next week wed i will try if not fri or sat

  4. Zuha Fatima

    Wow promo! Prayers for ur Aunt! Take ur time! Dont know about others but will support u till the end!?Keep writing, with a bright smile?Love ya!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey zu thanks for commenting happy u liked the promos and my aunt, she is fine now and thanks for supporting me 🙂 and willl upload the next epi on wed if not fri or sat

  5. Nusz Khan

    This is beautiful Farin!! I loved it a lot xx.

    Don’t worry I am praying for your Aunite, I told you on Skype.

    But anyways keep smiling like always xx.

    ~Nusz xx.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey nusz thanks for commenting and she is fine now 🙂 and haha thanks and lol u used my actual name 😛

  6. Ur aunt will get well soon.. I pray for her… & about the upcoming episodes I think may be thapki sacrificed her love to save bihaan’s life from someone, may be his boxing opponents or anything… that’s why he hates boxing glove… I am just guessing.. pata nhi what’s the twist….

  7. Ur aunt will get well soon.. I pray for her… & about the upcoming episodes I think may be thapki sacrificed her love to save bihaan’s life from someone, may be his boxing opponents or anything… that’s why he hates boxing glove… I am just guessing.. pata nhi what’s the twist….

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rinka thanks for commenting and I will just say that ur answer is quite close and what actually happened will be revealed in epi 5 some clues in epi 6 u will get the answer and epi 6 is the most important epi of this ff

  8. i will pray for ur aunt hope she get well soon

    & I think to save bihaan from something or some one she betray him

    Thahaan unite soon
    love u my friend

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey anu thanks for commenting and my aunt is fine now and what actually happened that u will get some clue in epi 5 and in epi 6 the most important epi u will get the answer and yeah in real tpk they not showing thahaan scenes these days -_- and love u too dear 🙂

  9. I think ka bihaan na thapki sa love confexion kiya hoga or thapki na use kisisa bachana ka liya mana kar diya hoga .so fataraja please batana I guess right and wrong and I am waiting for your krazius story. Please I don’t wait for agust. Best of luck to you for me.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey garima thanks for commenting and garima u will get ur answer in epi 6 and epi 5 some clues and my krazyness story I will start at end of aug or beginning of sep once my semester break starts and I m really busy this month thats why not possible but this ff will post on wed or fri or sat

  10. it’s OK….
    take care of ur aunti……
    bagavan ji JO ki aunti ko amesha happy aur healthy rakiye……

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey santosh thanks for commenting and she is fine now annd she is much better 🙂

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