Thapki Pyaar Ki-Another Loving Pat is What I Need Episode 7


**Season 2 for A Loving Pat**
Hi all. I hope you all remember me. I am finally back and sorry for updating late. I was tooooooooooo busy. And thank you so much for supporting till date means a lot to me. I thought you all may forget me, but some of you do remember me. I wanted to update the episode earlier but due to my project deadlines I couldn’t. You all know, I stayed awake till 3am for the last 2-3days just for my project, I was very stressed. But now finally all is done. So that’s why I got time to finally update the episode. I tell you all first half I dont know second half full of thahaan scenes.
Here is the link for the intro, episodes and promos.

Scene 1: Thapki’s Residence
The episode begins with Sonakshi consoling Thapki.
Sona: Enough of all this! Now it’s very late you have to sleep early. Tomorrow you have an appointment.
Thapki agrees and she and Sonakshi falls asleep.
Just then someone overhears their conversation and it is none other than Aradhya. Aradhya is shocked.
Aradhya: Thapki calls me her friend and she hid so many things from me. Such a big thing she never told me she is a heart patient.
Tears drop from Aradhya’s eyes.
Aradhya: Thapki loved Bihaan so much, and Bihaan also. But who is this Bihaan?
Aradhya wipes her tears.
Aradhya: Now, I must tell this Bihaan the entire truth. I can’t see my friend suffering. And Bihaan have all the rights to know this truth. I don’t know him, but I have to find him at any cost.
Aradhya gets determined.

Next day morning,
Sona: Thapki get ready, quick! You have an appointment today.
Thapki: Coming.
Thapki comes.
Sona: Let’s go.
As Thapki and Sonakshi were about to go, Sonakshi gets a call.
Sona: Hello? What!
Sonakshi keeps the phone.
Thapki: Sona dii, what happened?
Sona: Dev’s call.
Thapki: Jiju?
(Dev and Sona are married here).
Sona: Yes
Thapki: Oh what did he said?
Sona: Some problem occurred relating to his company. He is quite worried about that,
Thapki: I think you should go to him now.
Sona: But your appointment?
Just then a girl comes.
Girl: Don’t worry, I am here. I will bring Thapki to the hospital.
Thapki and Sona looks at the girl and smiles.
Thapki: Shraddha!
The girl is none other than Shraddha.
Shraddha: No need to worry, Sona dii you can go peacefully.
Sona: Thank you so much Shraddha.
Shraddha: No problem. You and Thapki always help me and my family and we know each other since childhood. This is nothing.
Thapki: So sweet of you.
Sona: Thapki, take care of yourself.
Thapki and Shraddha leaves for the hospital.
Shraddha: Thapki, I am going to tell mom that I am going to take you to the hospital, you wait here.
Thapki: Okay.
Shraddha goes and she speaks to someone hiding.
Shraddha: Okay, I will do as you say.
The person she is speaking to is Aradhya.
Aradhya: Thank you so much for helping me out Shraddha.
Shraddha: No problem, I am with you. Thapki is also my childhood friend. I will help you in finding out who is Bihaan.
Shraddha leaves.
Shraddha: Let’s go Thapki.
Shraddha and Thapki leaves.

Scene 2: Hospital
Thapki and Shraddha is at the cabin now.
Shraddha: Doctor, how is Thapki’s condition?
Doctor: She is as usual fine, but must take care of herself.
Thapki: You always say that.
Doctor: What will I do if is like that?
The doctor is none other than Dhruv.
Thapki: Dhruv, you are my very good friend, you have always helped me. At least tell me how many days I will survive.
Dhruv: Thapki, why do you always think negatively?
Thapki: Please Dhruv.
Dhruv: Look Thapki. I am a doctor. I have seen many cases like yours. There are many cases where the patient did survive for years with atrial septal defect.
Thapki: But some didn’t, right?
Dhruv: Thapki, you again started.
Thapki: Look Dhruv my dream is to become a lawyer, I already got a degree I just want to have the experience of being a lawyer, that’s all. You can tell me. There is nothing else I want.
Dhruv: Really? There is nothing else you want?
Thapki remembers about Bihaan.
Thapki: There is but it’s impossible.
Dhruv: Look, at your x-ray.
Dhruv shows Thapki the x-ray.
Dhruv: Your heart is like normal people, is just that you have an opening. And it’s not so serious. Just a surgery is needed to close the opening, and then you will be absolutely fine. Even now you are also fine.
Thapki: But surgery is a very big thing.
Dhruv: It’s not a serious one, Thapki. We will just close the opening and nothing else. And most survive this surgery.
Thapki: But I may among the minority.
Dhruv: Thapki, dont think negatively if not your beauty will spoil.
Dhruv comes to Shraddha.
Dhruv: See this girl is so positive and she is so pretty.
Dhruv takes Shraddha’s hand and Shraddha blushes.
Dhruv: She is so cute, her smile is so sweet.
Shraddha blushes even more. As Dhruv was about to kiss Shraddha’s hand, Thapki smiles.
Thapki: Oho, you again started flirting. You will never change.
Dhruv: What yaar, cant I even do so with my girlfriend?
Thapki: Okay okay, that’s why I say why you change so much suddenly.
Shraddha: That means you are not like that actually.
Dhruv: No baby. You are getting me wrong.
Thapki: Okay, you both talk. I have some work. I need to leave.
Thapki is about to go,
Dhruv: Wait Thapki.
Thapki stops.
Dhruv: Here is your latest reports and medicine prescriptions. Do have them regularly.
Thapki: Okay.
Thapki leaves.

Thapki is walking and then she is speaking on the phone.
Thapki: Yes Maa, Shraddha brought me to the hospital safely. Dhruv says all is fine.
Thapki is speaking and at the same time, Bihaan also comes to the hospital.
Bihaan: Yes Aryan, I am going to get mom’s report. I have her previous report with me.
While, Thapki and Bihaan are talking on the phone, they didn’t realize the wet floor sign and then they collide and Thapki is about to fall Bihaan holds her and the papers fall down and Thapki’s dupatta falls on Bihaan. Ranjhaana plays. Thapki and Bihaan try to get up but they slip, and they try to get up so they hold each other, later they finally see each other’s face.
Bihaan: You!
Thapki: You!
They try to get up, and then Thapki slips and she falls on Bihaan. They share an eyelock. They look at each other for long time.

On the other hand,
Dhruv: Baby, you know I can’t wait for our next date.
Shraddha: Me too.
Dhruv is talking with Shraddha, and Shraddha gets Aradhya’s message.
Shraddha: (in her mind) Oh no I forgot.
Shraddha: Dhruv, do you know who is Bihaan?
Dhruv: Bihaan?
Shraddha: Yes.
Dhruv: No.
Shraddha: Okay.
Shraddha leaves.
Dhruv: Where are you going?
Shraddha: I have some work.
Shraddha leaves.
As Thapki and Bihaan look at each other, Shraddha is surprised to see them like this. Shraddha goes to Thapki.
Shraddha: Thapki, are you okay.
Thapki: No, I am not some dumb guy collided with me.
Bihaan gives Thapki a weird look.
Thapki: Let’s go Shraddha.
Shraddha picks up the report,
Bihaan: Oh Chug Chug Gari, where are you running?
Thapki looks at Bihaan surprised.
Bihaan remembers their first meeting.
Bihaan: I mean
Shraddha: Hey how dare you call my friend like this,
Thapki: Let it be Shraddha, there is some guy which we should avoid.
Thapki leaves,
Bihaan: B for Bihaan Pandey is not an ordinary person.
Shraddha gets surprised listening to Bihaan’s name.
Shraddha: Bihaan?
Bihaan: Yes, any problem.
Thapki: You know him.
Shraddha: I mean Bihaan is so bad
Bihaan: B for, leave it just get lost with your useless friend.
Bihaan leaves.
Thapki: Let’s go Shraddha.
Shraddha: (in her mind) So he is Bihaan? I need to talk to him.
Bihaan: (in his mind) What just happened to me? Why am I acting like this after seeing that girl?
Shraddha: Thapki, I left my thing let me take it.
Thapki: Okay, will be waiting.
Shraddha leaves.
Shraddha follows Bihaan. And then she is surprised to see Bihaan with Dhruv.
Shraddha: Dhruv?
Bihaan: Dhruv yaar, how are you?
Dhruv: I am fine.
Dhruv and Bihaan hugs.
Shraddha: This Dhruv lied to me?
Bihaan: You seem to be in a bad mood.
Dhruv: It’s because of you.
Bihaan: What did I do?
Dhruv: You dont come to meet me.
Bihaan: I am so busy, and you are a doctor, you should know this well.
Dhruv: And not only that my girlfriend likes you more than me?
Bihaan: What!
Dhruv: Yes, just now she asked me who is Bihaan.
Bihaan: What? Me? How does she know me?
Shraddha is hiding.
Shraddha: Here in my relationship, Dhruv is the girl, I am the guy. How can he be so jealous? Aww my Dhruv.
Dhruv: It’s like that. After all you are more successful and good looking than me.
Bihaan: No yaar, nothing like that.
Bihaan looks at the time.
Bihaan: Dhruv, I am getting late, mom’s report.
Dhruv: Okay.
Dhruv gives Bihaan his mom’s report.
Bihaan: Thanks.
Bihaan leaves.

Shraddha talks to Aradhya.
Shraddha: I got Bihaan!
Aradhya: What are you saying yaar?
Shraddha tells Aradhya what happened and all that.
Aradhya: We need to tell Bihaan as soon as possible. Just get me his office address.
Shraddha: That I don’t have but I can get it from Dhruv.
Aradhya: Thank you so much for the help yaar, means a lot to me.
Shraddha: No need to worry.

Scene 3: Near Bihaan’s office
Aradhya is on the way to Bihaan’s office.
Aradhya: I will make everything fine.
Aradhya reaches the office and she gets into Bihaan’s cabin.
Aradhya: Bihaan, I need to speak to you.
Aradhya tells Bihaan all the truth. And he is shocked and he turns.
It turns out to be Aryan.
Aryan: That’s why Thapki Bhabi did all this?
Aradhya: Thapki Bhabi?
Aryan: I know you must be confused, I am not Bihaan, I am his younger brother.
Aradhya: What!
Aryan: Yes.
Aryan: I am Aryan, Inspector Aryan.
Aradhya: I am Aradhya, Thapki’s friend.
Aryan: Riddhima didi’s cousin right?
Aradhya: How do you know?
Aryan: That doesn’t matter, but we have to do something.
Later, while speaking Aradhya realizes that this is the same place Thapki came to collect her law book and she gets an idea. And shares it with Aryan. Aryan smiles.
Aryan: Okay done.

Thapki is on her way and Aradhya calls her.
Aradhya: Hello Thapki?
Thapki: Aru?
Aradhya: Yaar, I am in trouble please help me.
(Pretends to cry)
Thapki: What happened Aru why are you crying?
Aradhya: My cheque, the one Amma sent me.
Thapki: What about it?
Aradhya: I was not finding a place, so I kept in your law book.
Thapki: Then take it from there.
Aradhya: It’s not there.
Thapki: What! Did you check?
Aradhya: Yes, but still.
Thapki: Okay relax, think carefully.
Aradhya: I know
Thapki: Where?
Aradhya: You know that day you left the law book with the inspector, I think it’s with him.
Thapki: Inspector?
Aradhya: Yes, his brother.
Thapki gets shocked as she realizes it’s in Bihaan’s office.
Thapki: No can’t be.
Aradhya: Please go to his office and check, please it’s my request.
Thapki: Maybe it fall on road.
Aradhya: No!!! I will be in trouble. Please check in his office once, please.
Aradhya pretends to cry.
Thapki: Okay, I am going.
Aradhya smiles.
Thapki keeps the phone.
Thapki: Now how do I go there?
Aryan: Such a drama queen!
Aradhya: How dare you call me a drama queen?
Aryan: Yes, I should call you two foot dinosaur.
Aradhya gets angry.
Aradhya: You!
Aryan sees Bihaan come to his cabin and gets shocked.
Aryan: Let’s hide.
Aryan and Aradhya hides.
Aradhya’s phone rings.
Bihaan: Who is it?
Aryan: Go!
Aradhya leaves. Aryan looks behind and is shocked to see Bihaan.
Aryan: Bh Bh Bhai!
Bihaan: Yes. So
Aryan: So
Bihaan: Is anyone here?
Aryan: No.
Bihaan: Then that ringtone?
Aryan: My phone.
Bihaan: But that.
Aryan: Was trying out new ringtones.
Bihaan: Oh okay.
Thapki comes to the office, and Aryan sees Thapki.
Aryan: Oh no.
Bihaan: What happened? Did you do anything wrong?
Aryan: (in her mind) I must do something which bhai doesn’t sees bhabi.
Aryan messages Aradhya what to do.
Aradhya messages dont let Thapki see Bihaan with you at any cost,
Aryan: (in his mind) How?
Aryan takes a black cloth and closes Bihaan’s eye.
Bihaan: Aryan, what is this?
Aryan: Let’s play a game, you will catch me.
Bihaan: Have you gone crazy, Aryan?
Aryan: Cmon Bhai, I am so bored.
Bihaan: Something is fishy.
Aryan: I hate fish, now let’s play. Catch me.
Bihaan tries to do so and Aryan moves from there and Bihaan moves wrongly.
Aryan: (in his mind) He can’t see me.
Aradhya who is hiding gestures Aryan to come. Aryan comes.
Aradhya: Now see the magic.
Thapki comes there.
Aryan: Wow, I think we should leave.
Aryan winks at Aradhya, Aradhya smiles and they leave.

Thapki looks everywhere.
Thapki: Where did Aru keep the cheque? She is so careless.
Thapki is surprised to see Bihaan who is trying to catch Aryan.
Thapki: What is this Bihaan doing?
Thapki remembers.
Thapki: Who cares, I need to find the cheque.
Thapki tries to find the cheque, and Bihaan tries and fails. Thapki forgets about the cheque and smiles seeing Bihaan’s childishness.
Thapki: (in her mind) From your heart, you still haven’t change Bihaan.
Thapki is standing there, and staring at Bihaan, and Bihaan comes and catches Thapki.
Bihaan: Caught you!
Thapki was about to go, Bihaan holds her tightly.
Bihaan: Now I won’t leave you at all.
Thapki tries to but she fails.
Bihaan holds Thapki’s hair.
Bihaan: Why did you hair grow so long suddenly?
Thapki tries to speak but she can’t due to nervousness.
Bihaan: Your clothes are so silky.
Thapki tries again. Bihaan who is blindfolded cups Thapki’s face.
Bihaan: And why is your face so soft?
Thapki: B B B
Thapki stammers.
Bihaan opens his blindfold and is shocked to see Thapki. Bihaan in anger leaves, Thapki and as she was about to fall Bihaan holds her. Na na na plays. They share an eyelock.
Thapki gets up.
Thapki: I take your leave.
Bihaan holds Thapki tightly.
Thapki: Bihaan? What are you doing?
Bihaan gestures her to keep quiet.
Bihaan holds Thapki and pins her to the wall.
Thapki: Bihaan?
Bihaan is about to kiss Thapki and Thapki closes her eyes.
Bihaan adjusts Thapki’s dupatta. Thapki looks on Bihaan.
Bihaan: Why did you come to my life again?
Thapki: I didn’t want to.
Bihaan: What do you want?
Thapki: You!
Bihaan is surprised.
Thapki: You know its my bad luck I met you.
Bihaan: But it’s my good luck I met you.
Thapki is surprised.
Bihaan: Thank you so much for showing my worth and position did that, due to this I became the great businessman Bihaan Pandey.
Thapki is surprised,
Bihaan: I left boxing and did business and now people respects me a lot, and I own this company.
Thapki: I thought you will change, but you didn’t you became stone-hearted, you were better as a boxer.
Bihaan: Why jealous? Of course, you must be after all you regret leaving me.
Thapki: Yes, I regret.
Bihaan smiles.
Bihaan: So your real identity finally came to the fore.
Thapki: I regret that I loved you Bihaan.
Bihaan is shocked.
Bihaan: Oh really. Now try as much as you can you can’t trap me this time.
Thapki: Nothing can happena about you, Bihaan. I hate you, I hate you Bihaan!
Thapki is about to go,
Bihaan: I don’t care.
Thapki ignores, and she takes her things and as she was about to leave.
Bihaan sees reports.
Bihaan: Reports?
Bihaan sees reports and Thapki find her reports missing. And she realizes the report is with Bihaan. Thapki is shocked. As Bihaan was about to read it, Thapki snatches it from Bihaan’s hand and keeps it with her.
Thapki: What’s your problem, Bihaan!
Bihaan: It’s my mom’s report.
Thapki: No, your mom’s report is here with me.
Bihaan takes it and keeps it with him.
Bihaan: All is normal.
Thapki smiles.
Bihaan sees Thapki and remembers,
Bihaan: Then whose report was that?
Thapki is shocked.
Bihaan: Thapki?
Thapki: My friend’s report. I collected. It’s none of your business. What would you do if it’s mine?
Bihaan ignores Thapki.
Thapki: I live or die doesn’t matter so no need to bother.
Bihaan gets angry at Thapki and holds her hand tightly and pins her to the wall again.
Thapki: You are hurting me, Bihaan.
Bihaan: And how much you hurt me.
Tears drops from Thapki’s eyes.
Thapki: (in her mind) I wish I could tell you how much I loved you and how much it hurts seeing you like this.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Why , why are you doing so Thapki? Just tell me once you love me Thapki, I love you a lot, don’t cheat my love. Please say this all is misunderstanding and you still love me.
Thapki: (in her mind) I love you Bihaan.
Bihaan: (in his mind) I love you Thapki.
Bihaan wipes Thapki’s tears as he sees them and while wiping them.
Thapki: What do you want Bihaan? Why can’t you leave me? You know you
Thapki complains, and Bihaan suddenly to stop her kiss her. And they both share a passionate kiss. And they don’t realize. Later, Thapki realizes and she pushes Bihaan hard.
Thapki silently leaves from there, and Bihaan becomes silent.
Bihaan: (in his mind) What did I just do? How can I?
The episode ends as Bihaan looks at Thapki who is walking silently and is trying to understand what just happened with her.

Precap: Police comes and tells Bihaan, you are under arrest. The police arrests Bihaan. Later, Vasundhara taunts Thapki that because of her Bihaan is completely changed and all that and she tells her something shocking Thapki gets shocked. Later, in court, Thapki is in lawyer avatar and says that she will fight case for Bihaan. All are shocked, especially Bihaan. Aryan and Aradhya smiles. Vasu gets glad.

I am sorry for making the first half a little boring, but I hope you all liked the second half 😛 but its very weird I think and what do you all think? Why did Bihaan get arrested and what did Vasu said to Thapki which shocked Thapki?

I am sorry, but I may be late in publishing the next episode that is Episode 8, which I will be publishing only after 11 August. My last lesson for my first semester is on 6 August, but after that I would be going to Indonesia for holidays and family outing during my small break till 10 August. And my Physics test is on 11 August. So, my plan is to study even in my free time this week and also the work load in last week of lessons is less, but I need to study as I will not do so during my trip. So instead of writing fan fiction, I will be studying. I hope you all understand. Thanks for understanding. But please don’t stop reading my fan fiction. I will try my best to upload the next episode before going to Indonesia for holiday, if not I will publish a promo if I can. And the next episode will be published most likely on 12 or 13 August. Thank you 

And whoever read my season 1 which is A Loving Pat. Be honest did you like season 1 more or season 2 more. Please do say. And I am planning to end this fan fiction before September as I will be going to Bangladesh for Eid. And when I was writing season 1, due to internet issues couldn’t publish the episodes properly. I don’t want the same to happen in season 2 so that’s why I may wrap this fan fiction up in first week of September and maybe start a combo fan fiction like Strange and Full of Krazyness after eid. So this may end before 15 episodes. I am not sure yet. It may even end in 10 episodes. But I am not sure yet.

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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      LOL Rinka and thanks for commenting and hehe uff I m fed up of real tpk they drag so much
      -_- i m big fan of thahaan only who cares about tpk and yeah guess guess u may get it right who knows who knows bihaan really stabbed bauji 😛 and yeah my sub is kinda tough but I m enjoying but physics not at all 😛 and I wont forget u all u all always make me smile how can I and hahah no problem take ur time and read the first season whenever u want to

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      Haha thanks for commenting noor and sapola uff meine sapola ko yahan doctor banaya no worries 😛 and dont worry bihaan will know about it soon till then stay tuned


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      Hey rafay yaar law drama may seem to be boring but I tell u yeh wala scene hi tumko sabse maaza ayega telling u 😛 and first season i related to the show second season didnt n that season 2 of strange n full of krazy i will publish in mid sep this time name also change story also change couple 3 retained 2 not retained and 3 new couples so 6 couples

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      Hey sweta thanks for commenting and yeah he did it but unintentionally 😛 and yeah I loved ur arshi thahaan ff and yeah season 1 was more of what I wanted to happen in actual show and season 2 is a storyline I had in my mind for quite a long time and dont worry I already mention from epi 1 that thapki is a lawyer i m not so forgetful 😛

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      Hey tara thanks for commenting happy u liked it

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      Hey su thanks for commenting and u know i was chatting with u at the same time and happy u liked it dear eagerly waiting for sahil ff

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      Hey manyasa thanks for commenting haha t for thank u and hahaha i also laughed while writing that part despite a thahaan fan i will say i find dhruv more good looking but now i find manish more good looking than ankit 😛 and hahah lol dharam sankat one was related to show two isnt haha thanks and wow engineering oh no yeah i take pre uni so thats why its diff and my lessons will resume in mid oct actually i have exams in 22 n 24 aug b4 that I have no lessons aft 6 aug and u r from mumbai cool i wanna come in that place I cant promise 15 epi 12 for sure


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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey santosh thanks for commenting yaar areh yaar pucho mat I already stop watching show iss sapola ka shakal bhi mein nahi dekhna chati hoon and awww so sweet happy u liked my ff and iss sapola koh maine ek wajah ke liye dr banaya iske liye uss churail ko bhi uska gf banaya at least he will stay away from thahaan no worries tharuv have no feelings for each other here they r just friends n thapki loves bihaan n dhruv loves shraddha so its not possible for dhruv to seperate thahaan 😛

  11. Aare mat bolo yaar I am just fed up of the show… Na isse chor sakti hu or na hi dekh sakti hu… 0:) I m just tolerating bcoz I love Thahaan jodi and manish is my favorite nowadays 🙂 atleast yaha toh thahaan milenge and I can imagine them…. 😀

  12. Aare mat bolo yaar I am just fed up of the show… Na isse chor sakti hu or na hi dekh sakti hu… I m just tolerating bcoz I love Thahaan jodi and manish is my favorite nowadays .. bura dikhaye ya acha mai 7 p.m. baje isko dekhungi hi I don’t miss a single epi… But this sapola is stinging us all over.. Agar sach mei ye sapola k sath shadi hua aur groom swap hua I will quit the show completely and will dedicate myself completely into ur ff…atleast yaha toh thahaan milenge and I can imagine them…. 😀

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yeah rinka same here I m the big fan of the Jodi they r one of my fav that’s why i write this ff even I m fed up of the show really manyasa deserved much more and manish is very down to earth person 🙂 and yeah screw that sapola -_- and yeah if tharuv gets married I will not even read the written updates until or unless I get a news that thahaan will unite or whatsoever n awww so sweet of u well this ff is for finite episodes only

  13. I love it … we all are just fed up from ongoing track the sapola sequence,thapki’s kahan aatma and bihaan motion Buddhist it’s Ff make me to feel relax . Sorry for late comment and plz upload next part as soon as possible

    1. Thapkis’ mahan aatma and bihaan motti Buddhi

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yeah yaar same here and finally sapola track ended n today’s epi proved that bihaan is actually mahaan atma and thapki is moti buddhi and well the next episode I will try to upload day after tomorrow, if not the following day

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