Thapki Pyaar Ki – Another Loving Pat is What I Need Episode 6 Maha Episode


**Season 2 for A Loving Pat**
**Summary of episode 1-5 given.**
**MAHA Episode**
Hi all. I am back with Episode 6 of Thapki Pyaar Ki- Another Loving Pat is What I Need. I know I have made you all wait for long for this. I am so so sorry for that, what to do I was really super busy. And now all my school works and assignment are almost done and my last lesson is on 5th August. I am free from 6th August onwards. And I am so happy I got 100% for my second computer programming quiz and I am sharing my happiness with all of u 😛 But I have a physics test on 11th August, and two exam papers on 22nd and 24th August respectively. And 22nd August is my birthday and I have Maths exam that day L and is my 18th Birthday, don’t forget to wish me haha 😛 And I can update more frequently now. And do wish me luck for my tests and exams 😛 And tomorrow(today) is my fair so wish me luck that all my items gets sold haha. Anyways, let’s get back to the episode.

Here is the summary of episode 1-5.
In my this fan fiction, it begins with intro of Thapki and Bihaan. Thapki is a sweet innocent and full of life girl unlike Bihaan who is a rich arrogant businessman. They both have a past. Later it’s reavelad they r each other’s past. Bihaan and Thapki met Each other for first time around 5-6 yrs ago. They didn’t have a nice intro. Later, in a camp from hatred they bond. Bihaan accepts it but Thapki doesn’t. Later Thapki also accepts it. Thapki and Bihaan are good friends n later best friends. Bihaan realizes he is in love with Thapki. He decides that after boxing match he will confess his love to Thapki.
Now episode 6 we will see what happens after that.

Here is the link for the intro, episodes and promos.

Here is episode 6.
Precap: Bihaan decides to propose Thapki after his final match ends. After the match, Bihaan proposes Thapki and Thapki is surprised. She looks on.

Scene 1: Boxing Match
The episode begins with Bihaan reaching to the boxing venue and doing practice.
Aryan: Bhai are you ready
Bihaan is looking for Thapki.
Aryan: Are you looking for anything?
Bihaan: Yes
Aryan: What is it?
Bihaan: Tha the boxing gloves.
Aryan: I will bring it right now.
Aryan goes.
Vasu: You are looking for Thapki right?
Bihaan: Maa? You na?
Vasu: I can say very clearly, your eyes is looking for Thapki only.
Bihaan: No Maa, not at all.
Vasu: Really?
Bihaan: Yes, she come or not doesn’t matter.
Just then Thapki comes,
Thapki: Okay I will leave now.
Bihaan: Thapki, no no I was kidding.
Thapki: Just now you said I am here or not doesn’t matter I am leaving.
Bihaan quickly comes and as Thapki is about to go, Bihaan holds her hand. Thapki looks at Bihaan. Na na na plays. They share an eyelock.
Just then Aryan comes,
Aryan: Thapki you and here?
Thapki and Bihaan break the eyelock.
Thapki: I came here for a while.
Aryan: Why, please don’t leave Thapki.
Bihaan gestures Thapki not to leave and holds his ears, Thapki smiles.
Thapki: Okay I will not leave.
Aryan: Great.
Just then Bihaan’s name is announced.
Bihaan: Now I will leave. Wish me luck.
Thapki, Vasundhara and Aryan wishes Bihaan luck.

Commentor: Today is the final match and whoever wins this match will get selected for international level. And the favourite is Bihaan Pandey, who have consistently won all the matches till now.
Now the fight will begin.
Later the fight begins, and Bihaan does very well and finally he throws the guy on the ground. Vasundhara, Thapki and Aryan are happy. Bauji also joins in later and he is also happy.All applaud for Bihaan.
Commentor: So this national tournament champion is Mr. Bihaan Pandey.
All claps for Bihaan.
The refree lifts Bihaan’s hand up. Everyone is happy. The sponsors also give Bihaan the trophy who is super happy. Thapki, Vasundhara, Aryan and Bauji are super happy. Thapki’s sister sees this from TV.
Sona: Wow Thapki’s friend Bihaan plays so well I didn’t know.
Now it’s Bihaan’s turn to talk.
Host: So what do you have to say?
Bihaan: This T for tournament always means a lot to me. T for Thanks to this I can take one step ahead to fulfill mine and my D for dad’s D for dream to win an Olympic medal in boxing for India. This has been the best and memorable tournament for me.
Host: So who do you credit this win to?
Bihaan: My friend, K for Koyal.
Thapki is surprised as she thought Bihaan will take Karan’s name.
Bihaan: Also known as T for Thapki. She is one reason why I have gone so far. My family have always been there for me from day 1, and Thapki she is someone very special to me. She encouraged me to play my game with passion and showed me where I belong to. I would love to dedicate this T for trophy to T for Thapki.
Thapki is teary-eyed. Sonakshi smiles seeing this. Bihaan’s family also.
Bihaan: Maa, Bauji, Aryan I didn’t dedicate to you all doesn’t mean I don’t like you all. I have always dedicated everything to all of you, this time I tried something special.
Bihaan winks and his family members smile.
Bihaan: Thapki please come here.
Thapki: Me?
Bihaan: Yes, please
Host: Round of applause to Thapki.
All claps. Thapki happily stand beside Bihaan and a picture is taken with Thapki and Bihaan with the trophy. All claps. As Thapki is about to go
Bihaan: There is one more thing I have to say, so please wait Thapki.
Thapki stops.
Bihaan: This would be in flimy style.
Bihaan bends down. Thapki is surprised.
Bihaan: Thapki, we have both shared a very bad experience during our first encounter. Later thanks to the camp we became friends from when we became best friends we didn’t even realize it.
Thapki smiles.
Bihaan: I would love to say that can we make this more than best friends?
Thapki is confused.
Bihaan: I know you must be confused sorry for that, Thapki I just want to say that you want to be my partner, as in you want to accept my love?
Thapki is stunned.

Bihaan: Yes, Thapki I love you.
Thapki looks around and is embarrassed. Vasundhara, Bauji and Aryan are surprised too.
Bihaan: What is your answer Thapki? Do you accept my love?
All: Say yes!
Vasu: I hope Thapki agrees.
Sona: Thapki, please agree.
Thapki looks around and then she finally answers.
Thapki: No.
All are silent. Bihaan feels bad.
Thapki: I am very surprised you asked me this, I never expected something like this will happen. I thought it was only me.
Bihaan: I didn’t get you.
Thapki: The thing is that I love you too Mr. B for Bihaan Pandey.
Thapki hugs Bihaan. Ranjhaana plays.
Bihaan gets very happy. Vasundhara, Aryan and Bauji smiles. The crowd applauds. Sonakshi gets happy and she also dances as she sees Poonam coming she quickly switches off the TV.
Poonam: When will Thapki come?
Sona: She will come later. She is with her bf.
Poonam: BF what is that?
Sona: Best friend maa.
Poonam: Oh okay, she is with Riddhima. Never mind.
Poonam leaves. Sonakshi takes a sigh of relief.
Sona: Finally Thapki agreed.

Scene 2: Park
Thapki comes there for nature viewing and Bihaan comes to the park for jogging. Thapki and Bihaan collide with each other and they feel shy while they see each other.
Karan: Oho Thapki Bhabi, why are you feeling shy now?
Thapki blushes more in shy.
Karan: Okay, I am leaving and now you both may enjoy.
Karan leaves. Thapki and Bihaan have a stroll in the park and they feel shy. Just then
Thapki and Bihaan together: You?
They both laugh.
Thapki: You didn’t feel so much shy in confessing love yesterday?
Bihaan: What to do my Gari first time.
Thapki smiles.
Thapki: Second time
Bihaan is shocked.
Bihaan: What! When?
Thapki laughs.

Thapki: No, my first love is nature.
Bihaan smiles.
Bihaan: Ghajab I love you more than boxing and you love nature more than me?
Thapki pulls Bihaan’s cheek,
Thapki: No my Bihaan Pandey you are my cute teddy bear, how can I not love you? You are the most precious thing I have with me.
Bihaan smiles, and while walking suddenly Thapki’s sandal breaks.
Bihaan: What happened?
Thapki: A big problem.
Bihaan: What is it?
Thapki: My Chapal broke.
Bihaan: Just a small problem. Don’t worry B for Bihaan Pandey is here to the rescue.
Thapki: What rescue rescue, there isn’t a proper shopping mall nearby to buy a new pair of sandal?
Bihaan: No need sandals.
Thapki: Then will I take yours?
Bihaan: No need of that.
Thapki: So you expect me to fly.
Bihaan: No.
Thapki: Then?
Bihaan comes to Thapki and lifts her in the arm,
Thapki: Bihaan what are you doing? What if anyone sees this? Put me down. Right now.
Bihaan: Let it be?
Thapki gives Bihaan a weird look.
Bihaan: Anyways everyone knows our relationship so let it be.
Thapki: Look Bihaan, it it doesn’t look good.
Bihaan: I don’t care.

Bihaan continues.
Thapki: Am I not as heavy as an elephany?
Bihaan: As light as a feather.
Thapki: What Bihaan? You are too much.
And then Bihaan brings Thapki outside like that to the car.

Scene 3: College
It’s the mid year result.
Thapki: Bihaan how is your result.
Bihaan: Fail.
Thapki hits her forehead with his hand.
Thapki: Even Salman Khan didn’t fail so many times in Bajrangi Bhaijaan then you did.
Bihaan: After all I am a Sallu fan.
Thapki: Nothing can happen about you. I have taken a decision.
Bihaan: What is it?
Thapki: From now, I will teach you.
Bihaan gets shocked.
Bihaan: What!

Thapki: Yes.
Bihaan: Oh ya I forgot you are Albert Einstein.
Thapki: Bihaan this is not funny, you have failed twice.
Bihaan: So what?
Thapki: Look Bihaan, I know you are an international boxer now but education is also needed. It will help you in future.
Bihaan: I already know enough English. How will maths, physics, economics and whatever mental names help me in boxing.
Thapki: It will. Do you trust me?
Bihaan: Yes, my love and what else you want?
Thapki: I am coming to your house tomorrow.
Bihaan: For alliance
Thapki: Not so soon, first you pass your exams then. I said I will come to your house and we both will study together.
Bihaan: No!!!!
Thapki: Yes!!!
Bihaan: Why?
Thapki: Okay fine, I will breakup with you.
Bihaan: No, Thapki. I hate to say this okay fine I will study.
Thapki smiles and pulls Bihaan’s cheek. I knew it. Thapki a picture with Bihaan.
Bihaan: Ghajab.
Thapki: Now see what I do.
Thapki uses the Meri Jaan app (Thahaan’s ad :P)
Bihaan: Meri Jaan?
Thapki: Yes
Bihaan: Oh yes, you are my jaan. Let’s take more pictures.
They take more pictures.

Scene 4: Pandey Residence
From next day till the final exams, after classes Thapki will come to Bihaan’s house to make sure he studies and she also studied. Bihaan makes excuses but Thapki catches him. And Bihaan makes sad and puppy faces. Thapki also makes faces at him and Bihaan studies forcefully looking at Thapki angrily. Thapki is studying and is focused, Bihaan is about to take his phone, Thapki takes it. Aryan is coming.
Thapki: Aryan take this phone and play whatever games you want.
Bihaan: But that’s my phone.
Aryan: Wow, playing games in Bihaan’s mobile is some different fun. Thanks my to be Thapki Bhabi.
Thapki gets a little shy after listening to Bhabi
Bihaan: Bhabi ke Camche, you will take my phone. I will give you a punch.
Bauji: No one will disobey Thapki bitiya.
Thapki smiles.

Bauji: Bihaan you study. And Thapki bitiya well done.
Bihaan: Ghajab. I got qualified for international level and you are giving salutes to your Thapki bitiya.
Bauji: You idiot, first pass and also get Olympic medal then talk. Stupid boy.
Bauji leaves.
Bihaan: Before marriage is like this, I wonder what will happen after marriage?
Thapki: Did you say anything?
Bihaan: No nothing.
Thapki: Good, now study.
Bihaan studies angrily. Vasundhara sees this and smiles.
Vasu: Feels so good to see Bihaan study.
Bauji: Vasu, only this Thapki bitiya will change our Bihaan. Mark our words.
Later, in these days Bihaan sees Thapki falling sick due to taking tension about him.
Bihaan: Thapki, I will study hard and pass only for you. I promise.
Thapki smiles.

Scene 5: College
Bihaan studies hard and later exam day comes.
Bihaan: How is your health now Thapki?
Thapki: Better.
Later, the time for exam begins and they give exam.

Results day,
Today is result day and both Thapki and Bihaan’s result comes. Thapki gets first place.
Bihaan: My jaan will get the first place as always I knew it,
Thapki: Bihaan how is your result?
Bihaan: I won’t tell.
Thapki: Why?
Bihaan: I failed.
Bihaan is sad.
Thapki: This time I won’t scold you because you really tried. But you got a little late. Never mind.
Bihaan: Why you are not happy, you got first.
Thapki: But you?
Bihaan: It’s okay.
As Thapki was about to go,
Bihaan: Wait. See this.
Bihaan shows Thapki that he actually passed.
Thapki: So you passed?
Bihaan: Yes

Thapki: But you said you failed.
Bihaan: I was joking.
Thapki: Bihaan this is a stupid joke,
Thapki chases Bihaan and later doing so, they were about to lose balance Bihaan pins Thapki to the tree.
Thapki: Bihaan, what are you doing? What if anyone sees us like this?
Bihaan: Let them see.
Thapki was about to go, Bihaan holds her hand.
Thapki: Bihaan?
Bihaan: I won’t leave your hand so easily.
Thapki: Okay what do you want?
Bihaan: I passed so I deserve something right.
Thapki: Hmm. What do you want?
Bihaan gestures Thapki a kiss on the cheeks.
Thapki: Bihaan you na?
Bihaan gestures her he is serious.
Thapki nods no.

Bihaan: Okay fine.
Bihaan stands there and Thapki looks around and gives Bihaan a kiss on the cheeks, Bihaan is about to fall
Thapki: No need to overact
Bihaan: Not overacting this is Pyaar Ka Nasha
Thapki: Bihaan, you are getting naughtier day by day.
Bihaan: Anything?
Thapki: I will tell mom and dad about our relationship today.
Bihaan smiles.
Thapki: I know them very well, they will agree. And Sona dii is also there for us. No need to worry.
Bihaan: Do you want me to speak with them?
Thapki: Never mind, I speak with them first.
Bihaan: Okay as your wish.

Scene 6: Thapki’s Residence
Thapki comes home and she prays.
Thapki: I hope Mom and dad will agree to mine and Bihaan’s relationship.
Just then Thapki goes up and she overhears something which shocks Thapki.

Scene 7: Outside
Bihaan is sleeping and he gets a call.
Bihaan: Hello Thapki?
Bihaan gets up.
Bihaan: Okay I am coming.

Here Thapki and Bihaan meets each other in some isolated place at private.
Bihaan: Thapki, why did you call me here alone at this place and at this time?
Thapki: Bihaan, I have to tell you something.
Bihaan: What is it?
Thapki: I am sorry but I have realized it today.
Bihaan: What is it? Tell me.
Thapki: I don’t love you Bihaan.
Bihaan laughs.
Bihaan: What is this? Ghajab. You called me for this only.
Thapki: No, I am serious,
Bihaan: Don’t joke my jaan.
Thapki gets angry,
Thapki: Bihaan can you stop calling me that?
Bihaan realizes Thapki is serious.

Bihaan: Have something happened? Is it about uncle aunty?
Thapki: No it’s not about me or mom dad. It’s about you Bihaan.
Bihaan: I don’t get it.
Thapki: Look Bihaan you are a very nice and sweet guy. I have thought about it, you don’t deserve me. You deserve someone else.
Bihaan: What do you want to say?
Thapki: Bihaan, I want to break up with you.
Bihaan: To marry me right,
Thapki: Bihaan can you stop this marriage nonsense please. I can’t get married to a useless goon guy like you.
Bihaan: You are recreating history?
Thapki: Bihaan I am serious.
Thapki opens the ring and gives to Bihaan.
Thapki: Give this to someone else.
Thapki leaves and Bihaan holds her hand tightly.
Thapki: Bihaan I said leave my hand.
Bihaan: I have tolerated enough, now this is too much. I am sure something is wrong tell me.
Thapki: Yes something is wrong.
Bihaan: What is it?

Thapki: It’s you Bihaan. You need to change yourself. Have you seen your style and the way you talk?
Bihaan is surprised.
Thapki: And you and me are not at all a match. A big mismatch.
Bihaan: What do you want?
Thapki: You may become a big boxer and whatever but you are always classified as those low standard people who fails their exams and only do big talks and hit people only. I dont want to waste my life for such people.
Bihaan: What’s wrong with you Thapki? Have I done any mistake?
Thapki: Yes. Why did you choose me?
Bihaan: Because I love you.
Thapki: Oh please stop saying the same thing over and over again. Just look at yourself where you and where I.
Bihaan: Thapki?
Thapki: If I didn’t teach you you would have been a failure. You are good for nothing.
Bihaan: If you had so much problem with me, why did you accept my proposal in that match, you could have rejected me.
Thapki: I have this much sense as I dont want unnecessary attention and you are right. It was so stupid of me. Thank god I didn’t take any foolish step before it was too late.
Bihaan: Thapki I am sure something is wrong. What is it? Tell me.
Bihaan is shattered.

Thapki: Your family is also no less. How can they let you do boxing? After all you are useless, this is only way you can earn money because you dont even have status of high society. And your family just agreed to this so easily, really Bihaan wants status is determined from family. You are cheap and so is your family.
Bihaan gets angry.
Bihaan: Enough Thapki!
Thapki is angry. Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand tightly.
Bihaan: My biggest mistake was to love someone selfish like you Thapki and I am so happy your true face have came out. I thought you were not like other girls, but you turn out to be worse then them. If you said this to me I would have maybe forgiven you, but you have not done the right thing by insulting my family. Now you wait and watch what can I do? And I myself am not interested.
Thapki leaves Bihaan’s hand.
Thapki: I hate you Bihaan, I hate you.
Bihaan: You what, I myself break up our relationship. I hate you Thapki.
Bihaan and Thapki look at each other and walk at opposite direction. Darmiyaan plays and they both hide their tears.
Bihaan: (in his mind) You have not done the right thing Thapki
Thapki: (in her mind) I am sorry Bihaan, I had to do so.

Later, Bihaan comes home and Aryan comes to Bihaan.
Aryan: Bhai you are awake at this time? Where you went?
Bihaan is quiet.
Aryan: Anyways, I got a letter that the boxing committee wants you to resume training day after tomorrow for international tournament next month.
Bihaan thinks how he proposed Thapki and all their moments.
Aryan: Wow I cant wait to see u in Tv, and everywhere Bihaan Pandey the boxing king.
Bihaan gets angry.
Bihaan: Boxing! Boxing! Boxing ! Is that the only thing you have to talk about?
Aryan is stunned.
Bihaan: Aryan tell boxing committee to take the runner up in my place.
Aryan: Why?
Bihaan: Tell them that B for Bihaan Pandey quits B for boxing. I am retiring.
Aryan is super shocked and stands up.
Aryan: What!

Scene 7: Pandey residence
Current(like after 5 yrs all these days it was 5 yrs ago flashback story)
Bihaan is sleeping on Vasundhara’slap and tear drops from his eyes.
Vasu: From that day, my Bihaan completely changed himself and retired from what he loved the most. He lost two things that day boxing and Thapki. Thapki, why did you cheat my son?
Vasundhara looks at Bihaan and cries.
Vasu: I want my old Bihaan back.

Scene 8: Thapki’s residence
Thapki hugs Sonakshi and cries.
Thapki: I never wanted to meet him, but today.
Sona: Thapki stop crying.
Thapki: Dii, Bihaan have completely changed because of me. I didn’t know it will be this much serious.
Sona: Why?
Thapki: Bihaan quit boxing and now he is a businessman. He is doing something he is not at all passionate with and he is completely changed.
Thapki: I wish I never met Bihaan. But if I never rejected him, it would have been a problem for him in future.
Sona: Thapki, Bihaan truly loved you a lot why you didn’t even tell him the truth once. I know and I am sure he would have accepted you.
Thapki: He would have done so only and that’s why I rejected him. I dont want to become his burden.
Sona: You are not a burden.
Thapki: I am.
Sona: Stop it.
Thapki: Dont worry dii, I will be going far away from all of you and Bihaan and then all will be fine.
Sonakshi slaps Thapki.
Sona: You stop saying this. I will not let you anything happen.
Sonakshi hugs Thapki and cries.
Thapki gets into a flashback,

5 yrs ago again, Thapki goes to speak about her and Bihaan’s relationship to her parents and she overhears their conversation.
Poonam: Thapki shouldn’t know it at any cost.
Thapki is surprised.
Krishnakant: But soon or other day she will get to know it somehow.
Poonam: No she wont be able to bear this pain.
Krishnakant: I know my daughter she is very strong.
Poonam: I can’t tell her.
Krishankant: Me neither.
Poonam: The money.
Krishnakant: I am trying, but no bank is lending me a huge account,
Thapki: (in her mind) What is mom and dad talking about?
As Thapki was about to go,
Poonam: How will Thapki’s surgery happen?
Krishnakant: I am trying.
Poonam: We can’t tell Thapki that she is a heart patient and her heart is weaker than others.
Thapki is stunned and she hides.
Krishnakant: Why my daughter?

Krishnakant looks and is shocked as he sees Thapki. Poonam is shocked too.
Thapki: What happened to me?
Krishnakant: Nothing beta.
Thapki: My heart is weaker than others what did you mean by it>
Poonam: You get tired easily that’s why.
Thapki: Lie.
Thapki makes Krishnakant swear on her.
Thapki: Dad, swear on me and tell the truth. What’s wrong with me?
Krishnakant: You are suffering from atrial septal defect.
Thapki is shocked.
Krishnakant: And in your case, your opening is large and the surgery requires risk. And that’s why you may face problems in future.
Thapki: That means will I die soon?
Poonam: Enough. No one will die. It’s just a disease.
Thapki: Maa, I am grown up now and I know what does atrial septal defect means. I know that I have a hole in my heart and my case is very rare as my case have a lot of complications and hence I may die soon.
Poonam: Stop saying that.
Poonam hugs Thapki.
Poonam: Nothing will happen to you. We will arrange money and make sure this surgery happens.
Thapki: Even if this surgery happens it involves risks for my case, and no need to waste so much money on me.
Poonam and Krishnakant cries.
Thapki: There is one thing, you can let me do.
Poonam: What is it beta?
Thapki: Maa, Papa, my dream is to become a lawyer. Can I study law and after that I want to stand on my own. Will I have enough time for that?
Poonam: Its not so serious disease. There are people also who live for long despite all these diseases.
Thapki: But there is no gurantee. That’s why please mom and dad let me live my first day as my last day. Don’t waste money on me. We can use that to live happily at least. At least my wishes will get fulfilled.
Thapki sits down on the ground shattered and cries. Sad music plays.
Thapki gets out of flashback.
Thapki: Miraculously I am still alive now, I dont know when I will die.
Sona: Enough Thapki. That’s why mom and dad never wanted to tell you.
Thapki: But how long one day I would have know it anyways.
Sona cries.
Thapki: I am just happy I am getting to live these last few days of my life happily.
Sona: It’s not your last few days you still have years to go.
And they both hug and cry.
Thapki: That’s why I rejected Bihaan. I still love him a lot. I cant live without me. But I know how will Bihaan react after knowing this that’s why to make his life better I had to do so. I still love him.
Thapki cries. The episode ends.

Precap: Thapki and Bihaan meets each other where Bihaan insults Thapki a lot. Thapki pretends to hate Bihaan also. Later, Thapki leaves her medical report accidentally and as Bihaan was about to open it, Thapki sees this and is shocked and rushes to stop Bihaan.

Will Bihaan get to know why Thapki actually rejected him?

Hey, I know you all are having questions in your mind. Sorry had to made Thapki a heart patient in this fan fiction as I had this story in my mind for a very long time, and had to create hate story between Thapki and Bihaan due to the story. Please don’t stop reading my fan fiction for that reason. At least read episode 7 and 8 as those two episodes have a big twist too. And after that’s it’s your wish. Saying this so that I don’t waste your time.

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I came back with season 2 only for all of you guys you know. I never expected will be writing season 2 for loving pat ever. Thanks to your comments in season 1 it made me come back with season 2. And hope you all like the story of season 2 too. And yes, season 2 will be of 15 episodes only not more. And if you all dont like it, it will be reduced the no.of episodes.

And next episode, I will publish next episode on Monday 1st August or Tuesday 2nd August or Wednesday 3rd August.

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    STUPENDOUS Fatarajo???Amazingly Amazing! You are rocking this Fan Fiction like Hell! Keep it up!U are an Amazing writer! Loving ur updates!Keep it up!

    love u!


    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I m not stupid u r stupid- that was what I thought when i saw the comment in your ff n i will go to heaven not hell understand 😛 and well ff is it? n live u chuha

      1. Zuha Fatima

        Acha baba sorry, You are rocking this FF like Heaven ? and chuha???

  2. Sherry

    You are an amazing writer…..i like reading your ff for its super duper story…..Keep it up…!! looking forward for the next episode… : )

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sherry thanks for commenting n u know i was finding a book for 2 yrs and then i found it online and the name of the owner was sherry 😛 and then i saw ur name reminded me of her 😛 and anyways happy u liked the story thanks and will post the next episode as soon as I m free

      1. Sherry

        You are an amazing writer….ever thought of becoming an author…..Keep it up…!!

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Well not really hahah but i dont mind 😛 as i enjoy writing i wanna be something i like something related to handicraft, business or computer. Anyways I m studying engineering 1st year and I m enjoying it as got computer stuffs, and circuits n all that but I hate the fact we have too many projects -_- and also not getting time to upload ffs

  3. Manyasa29

    It was Fantastic Joyee !!!
    I am in love with ur fanfiction…..oh my god!!!……u write so well !!!
    U made me cry in this episode !??
    Waiting eagerly for the next episode….and all the best for ur tests and assignments.?
    Yes…surely we all will wish u on ur 18th birthday..and u know what…even i just completed my 18 years this 29th june??
    And ha congratulations on ur 100% result in computer quiz?

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey neha thanks for commenting and aww so sweet of u and sorry to make u cry what to do is a story na and next epi i will publish as soon as I m free and well do remember haha and wow gonna wish hey why u nvr tell me would have wished u 😛 happy very belated birthday 😛 and that computer quiz was once in a blue moon 😛 was a miracle 😛

  4. Hi fatarajo..u make me cry!! Nice and very emotional epi…pls continue it.. & Advance Many Happy Returns of the day!!!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sweety thanks for commenting and so sorry yaar what to do my story is like that thats why and thanks and i will accept wishes only on my birthday 😛

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey tara thanks for commenting happy u liked it 🙂


    good j for job and j for jo….????
    congratulations for u r 100% result i computer quiz…????

    coming to the episode really good one and emotional …..
    waiting for next part…..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey santosh thanks for commenting and that c for computer quiz was c for chamatkar and happy u liked the epi will publish next part as soon as i m free and whenever i see ur name reminds me of santosh in kapil sharma show 😛

  6. rafay don kon

    Oh that’s a reason very sad waiting for next bihan ko kb pta chaly ga. Wasay congratulations for your 100% birthday is also in august??

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rafay thanks for commenting and bihaan will know soon but will take time and btw 100% score ek miracle tha and cool when is ur birthday yaar

      1. rafay don kon

        Mine on 7 august

    2. rafay don kon

      Mine on 7 august

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Oh i see i will definately will try to wish u on 7 aug and i cant forget this date as I will be going to indonesia for holidays that day 😛

  7. Ur fan fiction is just amazing…….I m speechless!! Mahaepisodes should be like this jisme love confession toh hua .. Not like the real tpk ki gorilla track and all ko introduce karo aur love confession Friday ka normal episode me karo jiska repeat telecast v na ho….. but coming to ur ff… fatarajo u have used good logic like thapki intentionally hurting bihaan by talking ill about his family etc. otherwise he would have never broke up… but thapki as usual like the real one is insensible… bihaan ka life barbaad nhi karne k liye khud buri ban gayi simply mahan aatma… but I m waiting eagerly for the next episode…. don’t worry… Will definitely wish u on ur birthday and congrats for all ur successes…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rinka thanks for commenting and uff dont even talk about tpk fed up of that show n poor thahaan was watching that show for them and the cvs r bent on seperating them -_- n yeah i had to and she is mahaan atma n she is heart patient na they get emotional easily but they r also strong n she did so as she know bihaan maybe with her n she doesnt want to be bihaan’s burden and next epi i will publish as soon as i m free and remember my birthday and thanks yaar is possible because of all of u

  8. I got mix emotions….they united and again separated. I stuck with story till the end. Awesome work. 🙂 🙂

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey sweta thanks for commenting yeah made it a blend and happy it didnt bore u thanks for commenting dear

  9. no words to express….

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey gurwinder thanks for commenting happy u liked it

  10. Hey fatarajo when are you going to publish the next episode?? we are waiting impatiently dear!!

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