Thapki Pyaar Ki- Another Loving Pat is What I need Episode 4


**Season 2 for A Loving Pat**
***With Recap***

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Recap for previous episode: Bihaan lies down on Vasu’s lap and cries, and then flashback of Thapki and Bihaan’s life 5 years ago. Bihaan is a boxer, a very good boxer who wins all the match, while Thapki is a simple girl who wants to enjoy life and loves nature and birds. Thapki and Bihaan meet each other in college and due to opposite personality, they get into fight. While Thapki is a decent, innocent girl and a bright first year student, Bihaan is completely contrast to Thapki who is naughty , dominating and failed twice in final year. Thapki and Bihaan’s friends Riddima and Karan likes each other. After some days Thapki and Bihaan meets each other in a camp and their fight continues. Karan swaps his partner Bihaan to Riddhima hence making Thapki and Bihaan a partner. Bihaan sees this and agrees as he doesn’t know that Thapki and Koyal are the same person, he only knows Thapki as Koyal. Later, while partners wear same color bracelet, Bihaan gets shocked to know that Thapki and Koyal is the same person and she is his partner only. Thapki and Bihaan have to continue to be partner as they may face problems in changing partner and their camp maybe affected and Karan and Riddhima persudes them to adjust with each other. Thapki and Bihaan have no other way but to agree to be partners and they look at each other angrily.

Scene 1: Tent
The episode begins with Thapki and Riddhima setting up their tents and talking to each other.
Riddima: Thapki, I am so sorry yaar please forgive me.
Thapki doesn’t listens and is setting up all the things in the tent, Riddhima comes to Thapki and hugs her.
Riddhima: I am so sorry yaar.
Thapki seperates her from Riddhima.
Riddhima: You are still angry, I am sorry I told you na.
Thapki: It’s okay I am not angry, just disappointed that we couldn’t be partners.
Riddhima: I also feel bad.But at least we can stay together at night, then we will talk a lot.
Thapki: Sure.
Riddhima smiles.
Thapki: Now I have to go and collect the mosquito coil.
Riddhima: You stay here, I go and bring them.
Riddhima leaves and Thapki waits for her. Thapki continues to set the things in the tent. Then Thapki gets thinking,
Thapki: I behaved a little rude of Riddhu. Let her come, I will hug her.
Bihaan on the other hand is finding his tent,
Bihaan: This one must be my tent.
Bihaan opens the tent door, and Thapki smiles and hugs. Bihaan is stunned.
Thapki: Finally you came.
Thapki looks up and sees Bihaan. She gets shocked and separates herself.
Thapki: You! What are you doing here?
Bihaan: Don’t you think I should ask you this question?
Thapki: This is my tent, it’s not yours. How dare you come in without asking? Don’t you have any manners?
Bihaan: Oh ho, me and manners. Look who is talking about manners. I know girls like you, you act innocent first and then trap guys.
Thapki: Look you, just get lost from here.
Bihaan: You get lost.
Thapki and Bihaan comes near and as they were about to fight, Karan and Riddima comes and gets shocked to see them like this.
Karan: Bihaan!
Thapki and Bihaan looks at them.
Bihaan:Look Karan, good you came here on time yaar, this Chuk Chuk Gadi, Thapki, she is claiming our tent as yours.
Karan: Bihaan, this tent is Riddhima and Thapki’s not ours.
Bihaan gets surprised, and Thapki looks at Bihaan angrily.
Thapki: Now you got your answer.
Thapki holds Bihaan’s hand,
Thapki: Get out of here. You have no place here.
Karan: Let’s go yaar.
Karan and Bihaan leaves, Bihaan looks at Thapki and points his eyes using his fingers and shows Thapki. This makes Thapki more angry.
Riddhima: (in her mind) They can’t even tolerate each other far away, and they are partners what will happen?

Scene 2: Near the camp kitchen
It’s night time
All the partners are standing with each other Thapki, Riddhima, Karan and Bihaan are standing together. Thapki and Bihaan look at each other angrily.
Host: Now it’s time for the first round which is cooking. Today, you all have a job, and that is to cook dinner together.
Everyone claps.
Bihaan: If this girl Thapki cooks food all will die eating for her.
Thapki: Did you say something?
Bihaan: Yes do you want to hear it?
Karan: Areh Bihaan yaar stop fighting let’s listen to the instructions properly.
Host: In first round, the food will be tasted by our sponsers and teachers. And will be put in the buffet for all to eat, and each partner have to make each item, and it should be appetizer or main course related. And pure vegetarian is must. And the top 5 food which will be chosen by our sponsors and teachers will get points. And those who will cook the worst food will get minus points.
Thapki and Bihaan are annoyed.
Thapki: I am sure in the end of the competition the balance of our points will be negative value.
Host: You all will have to collect your aprons, and also only limited utensils and groceries will be given to cook tonight’s dinner. And you all will have 100 minutes for that.
All listens.
Host: You all must be thinking that two people are cooking so it’s easy, well there is a twist in the tale. And that is, that partner’s hand will be tied using a rope.
All are stunned. Thapki and Bihaan look at each other.
Host: So, partners will have two hands to cook food, so basically one person is cooking with both hands, but it’s difficult for two person to cook with each hand.
Bihaan: This is not fair. I will not accept this rule. Nonsense rule.
Karan: Bihaan keep quiet.
Thapki whispers to Riddhima,
Thapki: Look Ridhu, there is no way I am going to tie my hand with this guy. Impossible.
The sponsors come and tie all the partner’s hand. The sponsor was about to tie Bihaan and Thapki’s hand together,
Bihaan: Look I am not interested to tie my hand with this girl.
Sponsor: Sir, you have to.
The sponsors tie Bihaan and Thapki’s hand together.
Thapki: It’s better to get kidnapped.
Host: Now you all go to the kitchen as your time starts now.
Everyone runs into the kitchen. Thapki and Bihaan goes. Thapki goes to right side, and Bihaan goes to the left side. They try to walk but they can’t.
Bihaan: Areh Kaw Kaw, why are you going to the right go to left.
Thapki: Can’t you see the kitchen there?
Bihaan is surprised to see the kitchen there.
Thapki: Always listen to ladies, as ladies are always right.
Thapki walks to right, and Bihaan walks to the left. Thapki gives Bihaan an annoyed look and later walk to right, and behind Thapki’s back he gestures to kill her.
Thapki and Bihaan faces difficulties while carrying the utensils as they fight most of the time, and also facing problem in co-ordination. Later they finally do so, and stand.
Host: 10 minutes gone, one and half hour to go.
Thapki: Oh god, we still haven’t started cooking.
Bihaan: Oh have you thought what to cook?
Thapki: Jhal Muri.
Bihaan: What is burning (Kya Jal Rahi hain).
Thapki: Hey Goon. Nothing is burning, I am talking about Jhal Muri, a Bengali dish.
Bihaan: Oh so you are a Bengali, let’s do one thing let’s cook Rasgulla.
Thapki: Can you please stop complaining and think something?
Bihaan: Idea.
Thapki: What?
Bihaan: Daal Makhni.
Thapki: Good idea.
Thapki and Bihaan cook daal makhni.
Thapki: Taste it.
Bihaan tastes,
Bihaan: (in his mind) This Bangalan cooks really well.
Bihaan: It reminded me of my Maa.
Thapki looks at Bihaan,
Bihaan: Maa cooks the best.
Thapki: No one can match a mother’s standard in cooking.
Bihaan: You definitely no.
Thapki ignores him and they continue cooking. Bihaan was about to add more butter
Thapki: Hey idiot add this not that, it will be too buttery and oily
Bihaan: Oh diet wali, dal means pulse and makhani means butter so there should be more butter. The more butter the more yummy. The food must be yummy so let me add.
Thapki: No, food must be healthy. This is more important. And too much butter means too much calories.
Bihaan: Go and give this lecture to some fatso.
Thapki: No, Bihaan I won’t let you add any more butter,
Thapki and Bihaan fights over the butter, the butter falls down and they slip on the butter and due to this their hands strike, and the entire dal falls down. Thapki and Bihaan are stunned.
Bihaan: The entire dal fell down.
Thapki: What have you done, Bihaan!
Bihaan: Oh Kaw Kaw Koyal, stop doing Kaw Kaw into my ears.
Thapki: You spoiled my entire food and effort.
Bihaan: It was my effort too.
Thapki screams on Bihaan,
Bihaan: (in his mind) I have to shut this Bangalan up.
Thapki: I need explanation.
Bihaan: Ami Je Tomar. (I am yours).
Thapki gives Bihaan a very stunned look and she hits him.
Thapki: What did you say?
Bihaan: What you just heard. I said correctly.
Thapki: You are so cheap.
Bihaan: You are cheap, you hugged me.
Thapki: And how dare you say Tumi Je Amar. (You are mine)
Bihaan:No, Ami je Tomar, (I am yours)
Thapki: Get lost from here. I will not be yours.
Bihaan: I am not interested.
Thapki: Then why did you say so this?
Bihaan: I had to reply you in Bengali, but I dont know Bengali but I saw Bhool Bhulaya, the way Manjulika said that it means that she wants to kill you.
Thapki: It means this IMURS.
Bihaan: IMURS? Now what Bengali word is this?
Thapki: Seperate I and M and see.
Bihaan does so and gets shocked as he realizes what he just said.
Bihaan: What?
Thapki: This is what that means.
Just then the host announces,
Host: 5 minutes to go,
Thapki: Oh no what to do,
Thapki and Bihaan says together,
Thapki and Bihaan: Maggi Noodles.
Thapki and Bihaan finds Maagi noodles.
Thapki: Let’s add vegetables it will look plain.
Bihaan cuts vegetables, and Thapki adds them and she adds spices and cooks
Thapki: Noodles is done. Now chilli is left.
and as Bihaan was about to cut the chilli and put it he cuts his hand. Thapki is shocked.
Thapki cares for Bihaan’s finger and she sucks blood and Bihaan looks at Thapki surprised and Music plays. Bihaan removes his finger.
Bihaan: I don’t want a vampire to suck my blood.
Thapki looks at Bihaan angrily,
Later, Thapki realizes that the noodles have started burning a little, and then she quickly switches it off.
Thapki: Oh no it burned a little.
Bihaan: Can’t you be careful.
Host: Time is up.
Thapki and Bihaan are stunned, and they had no other option but to let it be.
The judges and sponsers taste all the food, some they like and some they didn’t. They taste Thapki and Bihaan’s food.
Judge: Food is a simple one and that too burnt.
Later, Thapki and Bihaan look at each other angrily.
The judges announce the name of the five best cooking partners. They call Karan and Riddhima’s name. They get happy, Thapki and Bihaan smiles.Thapki and Bihaan’s name was not called.
Judge: These people will have +20points.
All clap. Thapki and Bihaan claps.
They call out the worst cooking partners’ names.
Thapki: Now our name will definitely be called.
Judge: Last partner, one name starts with T and one starts with B.
Thapki and Bihaan closes their eyes,
Karan: T means Thapki and B means Bihaan Thapki and Bihaan’s name had to be there.
Judge: It’s Tanmay and Barkha.
They get sad, Thapki and Bihaan gets happy and as they were about to give hi-five, they stop.
Sponsor: Now you all can have dinner, and then go to sleep. As next day, there are more challenges with your partners. So do have a sound sleep.

Scene 3: Outside
Here Bihaan comes changed as he was about to go in the tent, he sees someone running.
Bihaan: Who is it?
Bihaan quickly runs and he catches the girl.
Bihaan: Caught you.
Bihaan switches on the torch and is shocked to find Thapki. Thapki screams. Bihaan screams too.
Thapki: What are you doing here?
Bihaan: What are you doing here?
Thapki: Can you please don’t copy me?
Bihaan: Reply me first.
Thapki: There are too many mosquitoes in the tent.
Bihaan: This much only, come with me.
Bihaan brings Thapki,
Thapki: What are you doing?
Bihaan pushes her into her tent, and Riddhima wakes up.
Thapki: What nonsense?
Bihaan: Just wait a second.
Bihaan goes and as Thapki was about to go, Bihaan comes in.
Thapki: What are you doing here?
Bihaan sprays the mosquito repellent near Thapki’s face.Thapki starts coughing.
Bihaan: Here is the solution, now stay here peacefully and don’t disturb me.
Riddhima: What have you done, Bihaan!
Bihaan: Ghajab. What have I done?
Riddhima: Thapki is allergic to them.
Bihaan is shocked, and Riddhima is caring for Thapki and brings her out who is feeling dizzy. Bihaan brings some water, and Riddhima makes Thapki drink the water. Thapki feels better.
Bihaan: I am sorry.
Riddhima: Now we have to wait here. We can’t go in.
Bihaan: Do one thing, you both sleep there and Karan and I will stay there.
Riddhima brings Thapki to Bihaan’s tent, and Bihaan wakes Karan up and goes to their tent.

Scene 4: Outside
Next Day Morning,
Thapki and Riddhima comes there. Bihaan and Karan comes there too. Bihaan feels bad for Thapki and asks her.
Bihaan: Are you okay, Thapki?
Thapki ignores Bihaan.
Riddhima: She is much better now. No need to worry. Thanks for yesterday.
Later, the hosts again announce.
Host: Hello all, happy to see you all back. I hope you all enjoyed yesterday. Today will be more fun.
All listens.
Host: Today there will be round 2, 3 and 4. First there will be rock climbing, and then there will be adventure and finally hiking.
The volunteers give everyone a map.
Host: You all can’t afford to lose this map, as this will guide you till the end point. And whoever completes all three rounds in the time span will get points, if not minus points.
Bihaan: They made this camp like a maths exam.
Karan: Areh forget about all this, we came to enjoy here.
Bihaan: Yes enjoy, what kind of partner you paired me with? I am enjoying.
Karan: Sorry yaar, Ridhu
Bihaan: No need to elaborate.

Later, all go to their place. Thapki and Bihaan goes to.
They see water boat.
Bihaan: Let’s choose boating. Are you fine with it?
Thapki nods. Later, Thapki and Bihaan do sailing together.
Bihaan: Do you need help?
Thapki giving Bihaan an annoyed look,
Thapki: No thank you.
Thapki and Bihaan do sailing.
Thapki: Today is so hot, the weather.
Bihaan looks at Thapki and smiles, he takes some water and sprinkles on Thapki’s face.
Thapki: Bihaan ki Bacchi, you?
Thapki sprinkles water on Bihaan. Like that they both sprinkle water at each other, and the boat is about to sink, Bihaan quickly brings it back to balance.
Bihaan: I am sorry.
Thapki gives an annoyed look, and Thapki starts laughing. Bihaan also laughs.

Later, they reach near the rock-climbing place.
Volunteer: Did you both fall down into the water?
Thapki: Almost.
Volunteer: Time is running, quick two more guys to go guys.
Bihaan and Thapki quickly goes for rock climbing. There the volunteers make them wear the safety kit for rock climbing. And they start doing so.
Thapki and Bihaan climb on the rocks. Thapki does it really well and she looks behind and sees Bihaan struggling.
Bihaan: What if I fall down? I wont be able to balance on the rocks.
Thapki: C’mon Bihaan you can do it.
Thapki is almost on the top, other people who reached there already sees them, all are worried. Karan and Riddhima are also worried.
Bihaan tries to stand and he is about to fall, Thapki holds Bihaan’s hand tightly, even though she is finding it difficult.
Thapki: Do you trust me?
Bihaan: I am so scared.
Thapki: Look, Bihaan at least do it for yourself. Not for us.
Bihaan: No Thapki I can’t.
Thapki: Okay fine.
Thapki is about to release Bihaan’s hand,
Bihaan: No!! Okay I will do.
Bihaan one by one slowly steps on the rocks and later he climbs, and finally he manages to finish climbing. Later, Bihaan falls on Thapki. They look at each other. Ranjhana plays.
Thapki gets Bihaan up and Thapki smiles.
Thapki: You did really well.
Bihaan smiles.
Karan: Finally things are getting better between these two.
Later, all take a break, and Thapki and Bihaan drink water.
Bihaan: Thank you so much yaar for helping me today.
Thapki: Yaar?
Bihaan: No, no nothing.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Looks like I need to time to ask Thapki for being friends. I was too rude to her.

Scene 5: Hill
Host: Now after the break it’s time for round 4 which is the final round for the partners. And that is hiking. And this is the most crucial round. So even if you can’t do it within time at least try to complete it.
Everyone starts hiking. Thapki and Bihaan does hiking. Aahista Aahista from Bachna Ae Haseeno Plays. Bihaan says some jokes and Thapki laughs. Thapki and Bihaan talk to each other while hiking. Later, Thapki feels tired. Bihaan is walking and he sees Thapki about to fall due to weakness.
Bihaan: Are you okay?
Thapki nods.
Bihaan: You look weak. Don’t worry I will call one of the volunteers here and then they will take us by van.
Thapki: But how about the task?
Bihaan: Your health is more important.
Thapki: But I want to do it, I am fine.
Thapki goes and she trembles,
Bihaan: You are not even able to stand properly.
Thapki: I will try.
Bihaan: You are really stubborn.
Bihaan gets thinking and gets an idea.
Bihaan: Get on my back
Thapki: What?
Bihaan: Do as I said.
Thapki: I am not a kid.
Bihaan: Shh! Just do as I say if not I m quitting.
Bihaan bends down and Thapki gets onto his back and Bihaan carries Thapki on her on the back and music plays. Thapki looks at Bihaan.
And while walking,
Thapki: Bihaan let it be you may be facing problems.
Bihaan: No no its okay.
Bihaan walks and they reach on the top.
Volunteer: Finally you both did it.
All claps.
Volunteer: You successfully passed all 4 rounds.
Thapki and Bihaan hugs each other, and later they feel embarrassed.
Bihaan: I am sorry.
Thapki feels shy.
Bihaan: I have a question.
Thapki: Ye.
Bihaan bends down.
Bihaan: I have done a lot of bad things with you and I should be punished. But today I want to seek forgiveness from you.
Thapki: I forgive you.
Bihaan: Not only that.
Thapki: Then?
Bihaan: Can we all forget all these and have a fresh start?
Thapki: What are you trying to say?
Bihaan: See in this camp, we have been partners but that was for two days. Can we be partners forever?
Thapki is shocked.
The episode ends.
Precap: Thapki’s reply to Bihaan
(Thapki and Bihaan look at each other awkwardly)

I will publish the detailed precap in the promo.

Hey all, I am so sorry but I may not post this fan fiction for a while. Reason is because I am busy like I still have projects to do and also quizzes. But when I am free I will definitely upload the episode. Well, I will try my best to update next week, if I can then can. If I cannot then I will publish a promo at least, and then inform when I will publish the next episode. This thing is for this month only August I will publish more frequently. But please don’t stop reading my fan fiction for that. And when I will publish episode 5 I will publish a summary of epi 1-4 along so that you all don’t forget the story.

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