Thapki Pyaar Ki- Another Loving Pat is What I need Episode 3

**With summary and recap of episode 1 and 2**
***Season 2 for a Loving Pat****
Hey all, sorry for posting the episodes super late. My tests were going on, finally it ended, and that’s why I can finally publish the episodes now. I hope you all will love it. And please continue to support me I badly need them. I missed you all.
I realized most are not happy with new characters. Wait let me clear the confusion this fan fiction is mainly on Thahaan and no one else, the other pair are there as supporting characters. And as a lot of TPK fans are KRPKAB fans also I added Devakshi in this fan fiction, and instead of Abhika I decided to change it to Aara as most are Krishnadasi fans to. So, Bihaan’s younger brother is now Aryan instead of Abhishek and Thapki’s friend is now Aaradhya instead of Mihika. I am also enjoying Krishnadasi these days, I didn’t know about this show much previously.
So let me clear, Thahaan is the main pair and Sharuv, Devakshi and Aara are the supporting pairs.

Recap and Summary for episode 1-2:
The fan fiction begins with Koyal Chaudhury aka Thapki a stammering Bengali girl from a middle class family who prays for the wellbeing of her parents and has just finished her studies for law and is going to become a lawyer soon. She is close to her elder sister, Sonakshi (from KRPKAB) and friend Aaradhya (previously Mihika from YHM, now Aaradhya from KD). On the other hand, there is this arrogant guy Bihaan Pandey who is a rich businessman and he have a past due to which he hates boxing. He is business partner with Dev (from KRPKAB) and he always have fight with his younger brother, Aryan (previously Abhishek from YHM, now Aryan from KD). Well, Thapki goes to collect her law books and Bihaan is on the way to his office. However, they both have an encounter where Bihaan is wearing sunglasses and Thapki’s face is covered with her dupatta due to pollution. Thapki faints and Bihaan cares for her. Later, Thapki gets shocked seeing Bihaan’s face and she quickly goes away from there. Bihaan finds Thapki missing and Thapki’s law books are with him and he gets Sona’s name card and assume Thapki to be Sona. Later, he calls Sona and Aaradhya picks up the call, where Aryan takes the chance and flirts with her. Aaradhya tells Thapki that her books are with Inspector Aryan (Aryan is a police officer here) and Thapki goes to collect the book. Later, she gets shocked to see Bihaan and so does Bihaan. Bihaan and Thapki are angry with each other where its revealed that both had a past and were a past of each other where Thapki said I hate you to Bihaan. But it seems they both loved each other and still does but due to their bitter past experience, they hate each other. In anger, Bihaan injuires his hand and Thapki gets concerned. Later, Bihaan looks on. They both go home and cry their heart out. Bihaan cry his heart out to Vasu, his mom and Thapki cry her heart out to Sona. In today’s episode Thahaan’s past will be revealed.

If you want to read the intro and episodes here are the link:

Well, here is episode 3.
Scene 1: Pandey residence
Bihaan lies down on Vasundhara’s lap and while crying he falls asleep.
Vasu: That girl changed my son so much. My Bihaan was so different 5 years ago.
She gets back into flashback.
5 years ago,
A boxing match is going on, and everyone is cheering. A \boxer is fighting with another boxer, his eyes is shown. The crowd cheers for him.
Crowd: Bihaan! Bihaan! Bihaan!
Vasundhara, Balwinder are worried.
Aryan: Don’t worry mom and dad, he will definitely win.
Finally he punches the guy and continues doing so and the guy falls down for them. Vasundhara, Balwinder and Aryan gets up and is happy. Finally Bihaan’s face is shown and Bihaan smiles.
The referee declares Bihaan as the winner. He gets his hand up.
Bihaan smiles looking at Vasundhara and gives her a flying kiss. Vasundhara smiles.
And the opponent boxer is about to go who is sad, Bihaan comes to him.
Bihaan: You did well. B for Bihaan Pandey appreciates your effort.
Opponent: Till date no one defeated you. How can you win so easily?
Bihaan: Just the blessings of my parents and yes passion. Passion and determination is very important remember that.
Opponent: Nice to meet you, Bihaan Pandey.
He handshakes with Bihaan.
Vasundhara, Balwinder and Aryan comes to Bihaan.
Aryan: Congratulations Bro, you did very well.
Bihaan: And you also do well. You have exams tomorrow right?
Aryan tries to avoid the topic.
Bihaan: If you fail, I will punch you.
Balwinder: This you are telling him? First you try to pass. You failed twice and Aryan he topped twice and you are telling him.
Vasu: What Ballu ji, you always scold Bihaan my son has won a boxing match.
Balwinder: I appreciate that, good work and please also concentrate on your studies too. That will be great.
Bihaan avoids the topic.
Vasu: Now we all should go home, and we should celebrate this occasion. My son have won a boxing match.
Balwinder: Yes, as if he won an Olympic gold medal.
Bihaan: I will win that very soon also.
Vasu: Now let’s go.
Pandey family leaves.

Scene 2: Park
A girl is shown playing with birds, feeding them breads and humming in a very sweet voice. A bird comes to her hand and she looks at it smiling. Sonakshi comes to her,
Sona: Oh so you are here, I was finding you for a long time.
The girl is singing and she gets shocked and she frees the bird and she looks on surprised and she is none other than Thapki.
Thapki: Kabootar jaa jaa jaa.
Sona: What kabootar this is not kabootar.
Thapki: What Sona dii, you almost scared me.
Sona: Now let’s go home we are getting late.
Thapki: Let me play with the birds for a longer time.
Sona: I said no.
Thapki: Please.
Sona: Mom is waiting for us.
Thapki: Please.
Sona: You are so stubborn. You won’t agree like this.
Sonakshi takes Thapki’s hand and leaves.
Thapki: I will be coming again my Panchi friends.

Scene 3: College,
Next day,
Thapki is going to her college, and she is talking with her friend Riddhima.
Riddhima: You know I have a cousin her name is Aaradhya, she wants to come here in Noida for her studies soon.
Thapki: Wow that’s great.
Riddhima: But problem is her parents will stay in Chennai and they will send Aru here, she could have stayed in my house, but you know that my family is leaving for US soon. Then how?
Thapki: Don’t worry Riddhima, she can stay with us. At my house only mom,dad and my elder sister is there.
Riddhima: Okay will speak to her regarding it.
Just then Bihaan and some guys are loitering around and they are laughing and talking, his friend Karan asks him something.
Karan: Bihaan, how did you win yesterday yaar?
Bihaan smiles.
Karan: Why am I even asking you? This is your daily job. By the way, how did you celebrate?
Bihaan: Mom cooked all my F for favourite F for food.
Karan: Why you didn’t bring some for us?
Bihaan: Ghajab.
While they are walking, Bihaan collides with Thapki. Bihaan smiles and looks at Thapki and Thapki is surprised.
Bihaan: B for Beauty, B for Best
Thapki gives Bihaan a weird look,
Bihaan: Hi. I have seen you for the first time here.
Thapki: I am a first year student.
Bihaan: Oh, I am a last year student.
Karan: For him, last year never lasts. I mean to say he always fails.
Bihaan gives Karan an angry look and Karan gets scared. Thapki is about to go, Bihaan stops her.
Bihaan: B for Bihaan Pandey is my name and B for boxing is my passion.
Thapki: So what should I D for do? D for dance?
Karan and Riddhima laughs.
Bihaan: Name please?
Thapki: Not available.
Thapki is about to go,
Bihaan: Areh madam please say your name.
Thapki: Do you want me to give you a tight slap?
Thapki starts stammering.
Bihaan: Oho, A for arrogance B for beauty and C for Chug Chug Gari. Wow what a Chug Chug Gari. (stammers purposely while saying Chug Chug Gari.
Thapki loses her temper.
Bihaan: Want to D for dance , ABCD.
Karan: Any Body Can Dance?
Bihaan: No Arrogance Beauty Chug Chug Gari Dance.
All starts laughing.
Thapki pushes to Bihaan to the ground. All are stunned.,
Thapki: Next time don’t you dare to mess with Koyal Chaudhury.
Thapki leaves angrily,
Thapki: Let’s go Riddhima.
Thapki and Riddhima leaves. Riddhima and Karan lovingly look at each other.
Bihaan: Oh so madam’s name is Koyal Chadhury, Ghajab.

Scene 4: Camp
After a few days,
Thapki and Riddhima comes for the camp, at the same time Bihaan and Karan also comes for the camp.
Thapki: Finally, we are at the camp.
On the other hand,
Bihaan: Wow, ghajab. C for camp was eagerly waiting for this. I am going to enjoy as much as I can here. No one can stop me. No S for study, No S for stress.
Then Riddhima sees Karan and smiles and they wave each other hi.
Thapki: Who were you waving hi? Riddhima: No one.
Thapki: Riddhima?
Riddhima: Ka
Riddhima remembers about Thapki’s fight with Bihaan and Karan.
Thapki: Ka?
Riddhima: Kaywa, Kabootar
Thapki: Really? I also want to see birds.
Thapki brings Riddhima with her,
Riddhima: Now how am I going to stop her?
Riddhima: Thapki, you go and see birds I will check if our name is in the list like for the partners.
Thapki: Okay fine.
Riddhima makes excuse and leaves. Karan sees this.
Karan: Bro, I am going to buy some cigarettes.
Bihaan: Karan, bro smoking is not good for health. You should not smoke.
Karan: I was just kidding, I am going to buy some chilled drinks.
Karan also makes excuse and leaves.
Bihaan is walking, and some birds are chirping near his ears. This makes Bihaan irritated. Bihaan tries to shoo the birds away, and then he gets really angry.
Bihaan: This birds?
Bihaan gets an idea. He takes the rock and throws at the bird which scares the bird. Thapki is looking at the birds and she sees from behind Bihaan doing like this.
Thapki: How dare he harm the birds?
Thapki pats Bihaan
Thapki: Excuse me, why are you scaring the birds?
Bihaan: Let me do my job. This birds are irritating.
Bihaan and Thapki look at each other and gets shocked.
Bihaan: You?
Thapki: You? What are you doing here?
Bihaan: I didn’t know that besides stammering you are also blind, Koyal Chaudhury.
Thapki: Hey, how do you know my name?
Bihaan: Wah, you at least can hear properly.
Thapki: You uff?
Bihaan: Did you watch Fanaa?
Thapki gives him a surprisd look.
Bihaan: It feels like I am Aamir Khan and you are Kajol. Kajol will also blind in that movie.
Thapki: Aamir Khan is so cute, and you are such a goon.
Bihaan: Goon?
Thapki: First you tell me how do you know my name?
Bihaan: B for Bihaan Pandey knows everything.
Thapki gives a very annoyed look to Bihaan.
Bihaan: You thought what? You yourself told me your name.
Thapki remembers and she regrets.
Bihaan: Now what stunned?
Thapki sees the birds and gets back to the topic.
Thapki: Hey goon why were you harming the birds?
Bihaan: Oh Panchi ke saath friendship.
Thapki: Since childhood.
Bihaan: You should have come to cartoon network. You are no less than a cartoon.
Thapki: If I am cartoon, you are a hooligan. Goon kahike.
Bihaan and Thapki gets angry and they walk in opposite directions.

Here Riddhima comes to check her and Thapki’s name, and Karan also comes to check his and Bihaan’s name. They look at each other and smile.
Karan: Hi.
Riddhima: Hi.
Riddhima checks the name.
Karan: Do you want to be my partner?
Riddhima: But how about my friend?
Karan: She will be partner of your friend.
Riddhima: But?
Karan: Don’t worry about him, he will definitely agree.
Riddhima: But my friend?
Karan: Bihaan will persuade her I know him very well.
Riddhma: Okay, then in that case I will be your partner.
Riddhima changes Thapki and Karan’s name, which makes Riddhima and Karan partner and Thapki and Bihaan partner.
Riddhima leaves, Karan waves, and he smiles and just then someone pats him and as he looks behind he is shocked. It’s Bihaan.
Karan: Bihaan?
Bihaan: How dare you change partner?
Karan: Yaar, you see na I have a crush with Riddhu now here is the chance, how can I let go?
Bihaan: Okay, enough of your Laila-Majnu story, but why you made that Kaw Kaw Koyal my partner?
Karan: Who said Riddhima’s partner is Koyal?
Bihaan: She is not?
Karan: Riddhima’s partner which is now your partner’s name is Thapki.
Bihaan: What kind of name is this, Thapki! Karan: Whatever it is but it’s better than Koyal na?
Bihaan: That’s true. And happy to know your crush is sensible. Who would even make the Kaw Kaw Koyal his/her partner?
Karan: Now we are getting late, let’s go.
Bihaan and Karan leaves.

Scene 5: Meeting Point
Here the hosts and volunteers brief all about the camp.
Host: In this 3 days 2 night camp, we have a lot of activities planned. One is with your partner and later in groups of four.
Everyone smiles.
Host: Now we will say the four main activities one will do with their partners. No.1 is tonight making dinner together, No.2 is rock climbing No.3 is hiking and No.4 is adventure. And then, we will go to the 5th and final one which will do in groups of 4 and that is a performance, which can be singing, dancing or anything.
All claps.
Host: Now all the volunteers will give you the bracelet, you and your partner will have the same colour.
The volunteers give the bracelet, and Thapki and Bihaan get green bracelet and Riddhima and Karan get blue bracelet. (Inspired from the dandiya episode the day I became fan of Thahaan 😛 )
Thapki: Areh Riddhima mine is green how come yours is blue? You checked the list na.
Riddhima makes some excuses.
Thapki: You didn’t check the list na. God knows who is my partner?
Just then Bihaan comes with Karan,
Bihaan: Looks like you got your partner, Karan. Riddhima is your partner.
Karan and Riddhima stands together, and Riddhima looks on at Thapki.
Bihaan: Some people don’t even have a partner so sad. Now I have to check my partner, who have green bracelet.
Thapki is stunned and she looks at Bihaan. She holds her hand.
Bihaan: Hey what are you doing I don’t want to become your partner.
Thapki: Neither do I.
Bihaan is shocked to see green bracelet on Thapki’s wrist too.
Bihaan: How come your bracelet is green, your name is Thapki?
Thapki: Yes, why.
Bihaan: But Koyal is your name.
Thapki: Koyal is my actual name, Thapki is my pet name.
Bihaan: Ghajab. Really you are a cartoon and your name is also like the ones a cartoon have.
Thapki: Hey goonda.
Bihaan and Thapki gets thinking and they look at Karan and Riddhima. Bihaan gives Karan an angry look.
Riddhima: Look guys, if we change now we will be in trouble. I think we should let it be we have no other option.
Bihaan: It was better to study then coming in this camp.
Thapki: I just wasted my crucial time for no reason.
Karan: Now we do not have any other option. Let it be. It’s just for two days.
Thapki and Bihaan look at each other angrily and unwillingly. The episode ends.

Precap: Thapki and Bihaan do the tasks together, unwillingly. Thapki and Bihaan fight while cooking and make a mess. Later, Thapki is walking and she becomes weak and as she was about to fall, Bihaan holds her and carries her on his back. Thapki and Bihaan look at each other surprised. Music plays.

Hey all I am so sorry for updating the episodes late. Well this may also continue this month. The reason is because firstly I have projects and quizzes. Secondly, next week is Eid, and thirdly my aunt is coming for treatment. So this july is a super busy month for me. I wanted to write as many episodes as I can during my holidays, but unfortunately my laptop had to be spoiled that time. I will get my laptop back tomorrow. Used my uncle’s laptop to write this episode, luckily half of the episode was saved in my pen drive. Well, I will try my best to upload the episode next Friday if not next Sunday latest.

And please feel free to express your opinions. Criticism is open here. But no flaw language is to be used: P .You can write whatever you feel and sorry if I disappointed you and please do say what else should I do to improve on my fan fiction. But please don’t stop reading my fan fiction at least till episode 7 or 8. And I will add summary and precap in every episode from now onwards. Thank you. Please do comment. Thank you once again 🙂
And yes Eid Mubarak in advance, and do comment that will be a great eid gift for me 😛

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey neha thanks for commenting happy u liked it and i also love nok-jhok and hatke type stories will try to publish the next part soon and yeah the color code wala idea i got inspired from the dandiya episode where thahaan wear same color chunri and they had to dance from then i become thahaan fan later pure thahaan fan and yeah the flashback shows the start of thahaan’s college life

  2. How did i miss first 2 parts…..this was so enjoyable…really i wish there could be atleast 2% of fun in actual serial

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      Hey B for bihaan 😛 thanks for C for commenting happy u liked it and i m also quite disappointed with the show only like thahaan in the show 🙂


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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey santosh thanks for commenting glad u liked it i also like krishnadasi i watch it sometimes i saw first few episodes but then dehleez come i switched there now dehleez end i again watch krishnadasi is so much better than other colors show, I like it a lot my friends r crazy fan of that show too, and I also realized most tpk fans r also kd fans n krpkab fans thats why i added these two shows n i dont even know why i added yhm characters i dont even watch that show maybe because of the characters 😛 and yes i love thahaan they r my fav colors pair currently , for me 2nd is harmya (harman-soumya) and 3rd is aara in colors current shows. All time colors shows first is zaya (zain-aliya), 2nd thahaan (thapki-bihaan) 3rd ishveer (ishani-ranveer)

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    Hey Fatarajo! First of all Khair Mubarak on wishing Eid in advance. Then coming to your fanfiction, the episode was awesome as always I eagerly want to know about Bihaan’s past. Plus, Thahaan scenes were lovely. Hope the mystery behind why Bihaan hates Thapki and, Thapki hates Bihaan is revealed soon. ?❤️
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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      hey alisha thanks for commenting same 2 u dear and happy u liked my fan fiction and dont worry i wont drag thahaan’s past much maybe maxmimum till epi 5 or 6 highest, and the mystery will be revealed soon n same 2 u dear have a nice day too, n love ur ragini n parth ff

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      Hey rafay thanks for commenting yaar n dont worry yaar there is a surprise for u and also suspense so keep tuned n continue reading and yes nusz she is too good main toh bas ek fan hoon 😛

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      Hey zu once again thanks for commenting dear well I didnt mean by KSG as Karan but u can assume him as Karan actually Karan n Riddhima’s character I got inspired from some other show hehe I love asya i like asad ahmed khan but i hate KSG 😛 and happy u liked the episode dear love u too n kachoo also

      1. Zuha Fatima

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        Love u dear Jo?


      2. RANdomfANCreationz

        Yes his acting is very good I agree with u even in his bollywood movies his acting s outstanding the way he potrayed asad ahmed khan is too good

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      Hey reji thanks for commenting n i m so happy u liked season 1 a lot i saw ur comments that time too but due to internet issues couldnt reply to all comments that time and I hope u will love season 2 equally too n same 2 u eid mubarak 2 u too 🙂

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