Thapki Pyaar Ki- Another Loving Pat is What I need Episode 2


Hi all. I am back with episode 2 of another loving pat is what I need. I came back two days earlier 😛 Thanks for all the lovely support you all gave me in the previous episodes. I hope you all will continue to support me like this. By any chance, if you didn’t read the introduction and episode 1 here is the link:

Here is episode 2.
Scene 1: On the Road
The episode begins with Bihaan being shocked as he finds Thapki unconscious.
Bihaan: Someone bring some water.
A police hands him the bottle and Bihaan sprinkles water on Thapki’s face. As Bihaan was about to remove the dupatta which Thapki used to cover her nose and mouth Bihaan gets a phone call and he moves from there.
Bihaan: Hello?
Vasu: Where are you Bihaan?
Bihaan: Mom I will come late tonight no need to wait for me.
Vasu: But beta
Bihaan keeps the phone. And he calls Dev.
Thapki gains consciousness and she sees Bihaan from the back. She sees Bihaan’s face from the back and gets shocked. She quickly gets away from there. Bihaan keeps the phone and is surprised to see Thapki disappeared.
Bihaan: Where is that girl? She was here just now.
Police: I have no idea.
Bihaan: She just went away like that?
As Bihaan was about to go, the police finds something.
Police: Sir that girl left something.
The police shows Thapki’s law books.
Bihaan: Law books?
Police: Maybe she is an lawyer.
Bihaan sees the book and finds a name card.
Bihaan: Name card?
Police: I think we can get to know about something about the girl and then call her and give the book.
Bihaan: I will do that.
Bihaan sees the name card, which mentions Sonakshi’s name.
Bihaan: Oh so the girl’s name is Sonakshi Chaudhury. But she is a nutritionist.
Bihaan leaves and decides to call her.

Scene 2: Chaudhury Residence
Here Thapki remembers how she saw Bihaan’s face and she is teary eyed and she returns home. She wipes her tears.
Poonam: So you finally came home?
Thapki nods.
Poonam: Why did you take so long?
Thapki: Traffic jam.
Poonam: Did you have medicines?
Thapki nods no then yes.
Poonam: You never take care of yourself.
Sona: Thapki where are the books?
Thapki remembers how she left the book while she was in a hurry.
Thapki: The shop was closed by the time I reached there.
Sona: Oho
Poonam: That means you went out for no reason?
Thapki: I will collect on my way tomorrow. For now, may I take some rest?
Poonam: Okay. Do have medicines.
Thapki leaves.
Poonam: This girl never takes care of herself.
Sona: (in her mind) Thapki seems to be quite disturbed. I am sure something happened. I should ask her.

Scene 3: Bihaan’s office
Here Bihaan is working in his office and Abhishek reaches there.
Abhi: So you are going to night shift now?
Bihaan: What difference does it makes to you? And what are you doing here.
Abhi: I came here to thank you.
Bihaan: For what?
Abhi: For helping the police force. My junior told me.
Bihaan: That was my duty.
Bihaan dials Sonakshi’s number, and Sonakshi’s phone rings. Mihika sees it.
Mihika: Sona dii, your phone is ringing?
Sona: You pick it up.
Mihika: Hello?
Just then someone calls Bihaan
Secretary: Bihaan Sir, Dev sir is calling you.
Bihaan leaves.
Mihika: Hello, anyone here?
Abhishek picks up the phone. As Mihika was about to keep the phone,
Abhi: Hello?
Mihika: If you wanted to talk why didn’t you speak up?
Abhi: At least I spoke now.
Mihika: What do you want I don’t have time for your lecture.
Abhi: This much arrogance?
Mihika: Look, I am telling you don’t test my patience.
Abhi: I am a very good person and everyone behaves patiently with me.
Mihika: Then why are you telling me?
Abhi: Abhishek is my name and I am a police.
Just then Bihaan comes, and he gets surprised to see Abhishek flirting, Abhishek silently keeps the phone and is about to leave. Bihaan picks it up.
Bihaan: Hello?
Mihika: How come your voice suddenly changed?
Bihaan: I am having sore throat.
Bihaan angrily looks at Abhishek and he leaves the office quickly.
Bihaan: So you are Dr.Sonakshi Chaudhury?
Mihika: No I am Mihika, Sona dii’s sister’s friend.
Bihaan: Oh tell her that she left her law book and yes I will be waiting for her in my office. I am sending the address in her phone now.
Bihaan keeps the phone,
Mihika: But that is Thapki or Koyal not Sona dii.
Mihika: He kept the phone? Never mind let me tell Sona dii about it.

Scene 4: Thapki’s room
Here Thapki is sad as she looks at the sky, and Sonakshi sits besides her.
Sona: What happened Thapki? You seem to be worried.
Thapki: No I am fine.
Sona: Don’t lie. I am your elder sister I know when you are lying.
Thapki looks on. Just then Mihika comes,
Mihika: Thapki, you left your law book there.
Thapki is surprised and she looks at Sonakshi.
Mihika: But why was he calling Sona dii instead of you?
Thapki: I think it’s because of the name card of Sona dii I kept in it.
Mihika: He was telling you to collect the book from his office.
Thapki: Office?
Mihika: Yes, he is some police officer named Abhishek who kept your book. He also sent his office address.
Thapki sighs a relief.
Mihika: Okay, I need to call my Akka will talk to you later.
Mihika goes to talk to her sister.
Thapki was about to go,
Sona: You said that you never collected the book?
Thapki is surprised.
Sona: Why did you lie?
Thapki: I have to leave to collect the book.
Sona: But Thapki?
Thapki leaves.

Scene 5: Bihaan’s office
Here Thapki reaches Bihaan’s office.
Thapki: How can a police officer have his cabin here?
Thapki asks the receptionist.
Thapki: Actually I have come here to collect my books, Abhishek sir told me to come here. I am Sonakshi Chaudhury’s younger sister.
Receptionist: But Abhishek sir is the younger brother of the owner of this company. He is the one who called you here.
Thapki: Oh I get it.
Receptionist calls Bihaan.
Bihaan: Did she come?
Receptionist: Her younger sister came.
Bihaan: Sent her in.
Receptionist: You may go in Madam.
Thapki: Thanks.

Scene 6: Bihaan’s cabin.
Bihaan is sitting down and doing his work and Thapki
Thapki: Sir, may I come in?
Bihaan: (in his mind) This voice sounds so familiar.
Thapki: Sir? Are you there?
Bihaan: Come in.
Thapki comes in, and Bihaan looks infront,
Bihaan: So here is your book Miss So
Bihaan is shocked to see Thapki. Thapki is also shocked to see Bihaan. Bihaan stands up. They both look at each other. Yaara Re from Roy plays. Bihaan smiles, and Thapki also smiles, and as they both run and hug each other and they are teary-eyed. It turns out to be Thapki’s imagination. Thapki stops and Bihaan runs to hug Thapki.
Thapki: (in her mind) What were you going to do, Thapki?
Thapki: Stop!
Bihaan remembers and in his words three words echoes,
Flashback: I hate you!
Bihaan gets angry.
Thapki comes and slaps Bihaan. Bihaan is shocked.
Thapki: So you finally traced me down and now you are back in my life to create problems.
Bihaan goes back, and sits in his chair angrily
Thapki: Don’t you have any other work? You are still the same right. You were useless, you are useless and you will remain useless.
Bihaan gets angry,
Bihaan: Enough! Thapki is shocked.
Bihaan: Just because I do not say anything doesn’t mean you say whatever you want.
Thapki is angry.
Bihaan: The useless guy you are talking about is now one of the most successful businessman in Noida and everyone knows him by one name The Bihaan Pandey. And this office you are in is mine, I am running it. One of the co-owner of this company.
Thapki: You have not changed yet, right Bihaan? Even today, money is all you think about it? You thought what, I will accept your love and get married to you seeing your wealth? Look Bihaan, I am not those type of girls you are thinking who fall for one’s wealth.
Bihaan gets super angry, and he pins Thapki close to the wall. Thapki gets scared and closes her eyes.
Bihaan: What did you say? Say it again. Right on my face.
Thapki: I am so happy I rejected a guy like you.
Bihaan: Why are you even here?
Thapki: You just get lost.
Bihaan: Look Thapki, I am speaking to you decently that’s enough. If not I know you very well.
Thapki: Oh so now you will teach what is standard? Have you even seen your standard? And not wealth is necessary to determine one’s standard? Mentality is. And your mentality is very cheap Mr. Bihaan Pandey.
Bihaan gets super angry that he takes a vase and Thapki gets scared and closes her eyes, Bihaan in anger breaks the vase with his hand in anger and his hand starts to bleed. Thapki is shocked, as she sees Bihaan’s hand bleeding.
Thapki: Bihaan! What have you done?

Thapki makes Bihaan sit down she finds a first aid and she nurses Bihaan’s hand. Thapki is teary-eyed and she blows Bihaan’s hand and applies ointment and again blows his hand and Bihaan lovingly looks at Thapki as her hairlocks fly and he looks on at her. Music plays,
Thapki: Why are you so careless?
Bihaan is surprised to see Thapki’s concern for him, and later
Bihaan gets back into his normal avatar and he removes his hand.
Bihaan: What were you doing?
Thapki remembers what she was just doing,
Thapki: Don’t misunderstand me. I was doing this for humanity’s sake.
Bihaan: Now you will teach me what is humanity?
Thapki looks at Bihaan angrily.
Bihaan: Now get lost of here.
Thapki: Who would even stay here?
Thapki leaves and Bihaan stops her.
Bihaan: Wait! Thapki stops. Bihaan takes Thapki’s book and gives it to her.
Bihaan: I don’t want a single thing of yours in this office or even a glimpse of you?
Thapki: I am also not interested.
Bihaan: If I want I could have throw this book right on your face, but you just spoke about standard and mentality. I don’t have low standard like you.
Thapki angrily takes the book and leaves. Bihaan is super angry.

Scene 7: Pandey Residence
Bihaan comes back home and he angrily thinks about Thapki. Vasundhara sees Bihaan.
Vasu: Oh so finally you are back.
Bihaan: Mom, I won’t have dinner tonight.
Bihaan goes in his room. Later, he gets changed and sits down on his bed and Vasundhara comes.
Bihaan: Mom I told you I don’t want food.
Vasundhara comes and sits beside Bihaan.
Vasu: Why? Did anything happened today?
Bihaan: I don’t feel like talking now.
Vasundhara is shocked to see Bihaan’s hand bandaged and gets worried,
Vasu: What happened to your hand, Bihaan?
Bihaan remembers how he broke the vase angrily and Thapki bandages it. Bihaan angrily tries to unwrap it.
Vasu: What are you doing Bihaan? Have you gone crazy?
Bihaan: I don’t want this plaster. I don’t want a glimpse of it.
Bihaan tries to free it like crazy, Vasundhara controls Bihaan.
Vasu: Bihaan? Bihaan? Bihaaan!!!
Vasundhara slaps Bihaan. Bihaan gets to his sense.
Vasu: Have you gone mad? What were you just about to do?
Bihaan: Maa, she is back.
Bihaan cries in Vasundhara’s lap.
Vasu: Who?
Bihaan: Thapki.
Vasundhara is shocked.

Scene 8: Chaudhury Residence
Here Thapki also comes to her house, and Sonakshi waits for her.
Sona: I was waiting for you.
Thapki: The book is here already. I am going up to keep the book.
Thapki goes in her room to put the books,
Sona: Thapki, why are you avoiding me?
Thapki: Where?
Thapki pretends to work.
Sona: Look you cant fool me like this.
Thapki: I went to collect books that’s it.
Sonakshi pulls Thapki’s hand.
Sona: Really, you are saying the truth?
Thapki: Yes.
Sona: Okay, then swear on me that you are fine.
Thapki is shocked,
Sona: Cmon swear.
Thapki starts crying and she hugs Sonakshi,
Thapki: Sona dii, he is back.
Sona: Who?
Thapki: Bihaan.
Sona: What?
Thapki keeps on crying and Sonakshi looks on.
The episode ends with both Thapki and Bihaan’s sad and crying face.

Precap: Thapki and Bihaan’s past. Bihaan in college time flirts with Thapki, Bihaan completely different look from his current look in the past, more cool and casual .But with his first hair style in TPK.Bihaan says hi I am B for Bihaan Pandey B for boxing is my passion. Thapki tries to avoid him and Bihaan flirts with her making Thapki more irritated. Thapki pushes Bihaan and leaves.

Photo collage credit goes to my friend (she doesn’t want me to reveal her name :P)

Well, many people were asking me if I have written ff on TPK before and also some wanted link for season 1.
Here’s the link.

Thapki Pyaar Ki- A Loving Pat (18 episodes)

Rehnuma- Thapki Pyaar Ki Three Shots
I forgot the name initially later I remembered 😛

The Strange and Full of Krazyness (10 episodes)
You can find intro and episode 1-10 in thjs link. And this ff is a combination of 4-5 shows and TPK is one of them. Well I do mention which scene is for which show.

The next episode will be published on Sunday,3rd July. I know it’s quite late, but I am having common tests from this Monday onwards, please do pray for me. And I will try to publish a promo if I am free.

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Ghazab!!! It was an awesome episode? Loved it and waiting 4r the next part…Love you and ur FF!

    • Fatarajo


      Hey zu thanks for commenting dear happy u liked it and love u too and ur ff too dear and will try to update soon next week but i cant update b4 thurs next week as i have tests next week

  2. Kashfia (Zuha's sister)

    Very nice dear! And waiting eagerly for Thahaan’s past…Keep writing Joyee!

    • Fatarajo


      Hey kashfia thanks for commenting dear happy u liked it and yeah thahaan past will be reaveald soon as it has a huge part to play in thahaan’s story

  3. rafay don kon

    Nice yar mujhy un past readout krny ki boht jaldi ha but i will have to wait but no problm study is more necessary and best of luck for your tests.

  4. Manyasa29

    Hey joyee…its awesome as usual….well i m so happy u published this 2 days before…i m very much excited to know their past…and i must say u r champion in creating suspense and twists…but hey 3 rd july is too long…try to publish it little earlier….and all the best for ur exams…..and ha thanks for the links !!

    • Fatarajo


      Hey neha thanks for commenting dear happy u liked it yeah i was free the last two days which is why i could publish it earlier and i love to create suspense 😛 and well i will try my best to update on thurs at least b4 that its not possible as i have tests and thanks dear and no problem my pleasure 🙂

  5. sweety

    hi i’m a silent reader of ur ff…its awesome!!! i like this story line very much!!
    waiting eagerly for the nxt epi…

    • Fatarajo


      Hey sweety first of all thanks for commenting I get very happy when a silent reader starts commenting on my ff and happy u liked the storyline dear and will try my best to update the next episode at least on next thurs b4 that i have tests so wont be possible thanks 🙂

  6. truelove

    Very nice episode…i really enjoyed reading it. Egerly waiting to read about their collage life

    • Fatarajo


      hey shweta thanks for commenting happy u liked the episode and continue enjoy reading and yeah their college life track will start from next episode onwards 🙂

  7. Prtibha

    Felt bad for both of them but episode was superb…..good luck for ur test n b back soon with another blast…

    • Fatarajo


      hey prtibha thanks for commenting yaar yes they both are very hurt and happy u liked the episode and thanks for the wishes will be back soon will try my best to update the next episode on thursday

  8. Nusz Khan

    |Registered Member

    I can’t wait to find out about their past… It seems like they liked each other but something is bothering them, well I need to wait and see aha xx..

    Well I really can’t wait for the next episode and thanks for adding Dev and Sona!! That’s the best part xx and omg you added Mihika and Abhi I wish they were a couple in Yhm xx

    But anyways waiting for the next episode xx…

    ~Nusz xx

  9. Rinka

    Hey fatarajo I know I can’t wait patiently till 3rd July for the next episode, u have made it so interesting but anyways your exams are more important… so best of luck for it.. come with a bang with the next episode soon..

    • Fatarajo


      Hey rinka thanks for commenting happy u liked it well i will try to update the episode on thurs and yeah thanks for understanding and i hope u will love the next episode too 🙂

  10. Harry

    Hey yar i didnt like new loving pat…

    I dont know why I M not loving it…
    Due to thahaan past & new characters…
    I never watch YHM OR KRPKAB

    dont know nothing about the serial nor characters…..

    I m still reading As i m big fan of urs…
    Plz No rona dhona track….

    Ur Strange krazyness story much better than this….

    Plz Change the track….

    If u didnt like my comment i m sorry Bt its my opinion As U all writers done so much hardwork so u all had to know About opinion of readers….

    sorry for bad comment….

    Reality is that I m just joking….

    I loved it a lot…..
    bye tc
    sorry for Making u tensed..
    bt i m like this…

    • Fatarajo


      Yaar u gave me an heart attack 😛 and honest opinions is open here if u really dont like season 2 i dont mind at least i will get an rough idea that what change i should make to the story and well in epi 5 there will be a big twist so please do read it at least now and also epi 5 if u dont like u may stop reading its ur wish and if u really dont like this ff i wont mind as i can know what improvements i should make and well for the other show characters just assume some random person can already



    Waiting for Thahaan FB….

    Track tho bahuth accha chall raha hai ?????
    Aur ha……aaghe jaake jyaada character ?????? involve math Karo…….
    (I don’t like new character involved and mixed love stories I want only Thahaan lovetrack???❤❤❤❤❤❤…)


      Its my opinion….. u take suggestion or not …….

      ongoing story is too good…..u never mind negative comments…. keep moving with good Thahaan hate and love story……once best of luck …..

    • Fatarajo


      Hey Santosh thanks for commenting yaar happy u liked it and I already mentioned that thahaan is main couple in this show and I willonly give imimportance to thahaan other characters r just supporting characters like they have a role to play in their story and they are for only few episodes not all episodes

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