Thapki Pyaar Ki- Another Loving Pat is What I need Episode 1


Hi all. I am back with the first episode of another loving pat is what I need. Thanks for all the lovely support you all gave me in the introduction part, I hope you all will continue to support me like this. By any chance, if you didn’t read the introduction here is the link:

Well I am going to make one change. Actually Thapki’s family name will be Chaudhury instead of Chaturvedi as her family is Bengali famiy (Thanks Prtibha for pointing it out). Sorry for the mistake.

Anyways, here is episode 1.
Scene 1: Chaudhury Residence
The episode begins with a girl doing aarti with wet hairs and towel being wrapped around her hair. And she is praying. Her eyes is shown.
Girl: First of all please keep my family happy and healthy, and keep them away from all troubles, and please wherever he is, keep him happy. I am sure he is very happy. And please fulfil these wishes of mine, and never put them on trouble. I am very nervous what if I
The girl starts stammering, and Sonakshi comes and pats her.
Sona: Thapki!
The girl is none other than Thapki. Thapki looks at Sona and smiles.
Thapki: Thanks dii.
Sona: Are you nervous?
Thapki: No dii.
Sona: Don’t lie. I know very well that whenever you are nervous you stammer. So you can’t hide it from me.
Thapki looks on.
Sona: Don’t worry all will be fine, Thapki I am sure.
Thapki is about to go,
Sona: Your hair is still wet.
Thapki: Yes dii, why?
Sona: Maa?
Thapki: Oh no I forgot,
As Sonakshi and Thapki were about to go,
Poonam: Where are you both going?
Sonakshi and Thapki closes their eyes as they get caught.
Poonam: Thapki, how come your hair is wet, and Sona you didn’t say anything to Thapki.
Sona: Thapki, I told you so many times to keep your hair dry, you know you may catch cold and then you may get pneumonia. It’s not good for your health.
Thapki: What dii! You also?
Poonam: Okay, Thapki you come and sit down I will dry your hair for you.
Thapki sits down and Poonam dries her hair for her.
Poonam: Have you ate your medicines?
Thapki: Yes mom, I have. No need to worry.
Poonam: Okay good.
Poonam finishes drying Thapki’s hair. As Thapki was about to go, a girl comes and closes her eyes with her hands. Sonakshi and Poonam smiles seeing this.
Thapki: Mihika!
Mihika smiles and Thapki also smiles looking at her.
Thapki: You will never change.
Mihika: Areh yaar you are my best friend na.
Thapki: Where were you?
Mihika: Mom and dad had sent some goods from Chennai so I went to collect them.
Thapki: Oh okay,
Mihika sits down and looks at the time.
Mihika: Oh, now the movie will start, Sona dii can pass me the remote.
Sonakshi passes the remote to Mihika and she switches on the Tv. And watches a romantic movie.
Mihika: Varun dhawan! What a guy.
Thapki nods.
Mihika: I wish I get a dream man like Varun Dhawan. Good looking, dashing, handsome, confident, and also a good dancer. If I get Varun Dhawan itself it will be the best.
Thapki: You are na, too much.
Mihika: What too much, Sona dii what kind of dream man do you want?
Sona: Me?
Mihika: Yes, you.
Sona: I want my dream man to be a nice person, and also love his family a lot, he should be caring and most importantly matured. Good looks will also be good too.
Mihika: What about you, Thapki?
Thapki: Me? Why me?
Mihika: Just say na.
Thapki: He, he should be a good person from heart first of all. He should do what he loves to do. He should love his family and believe in love. And nature that he should love it too. And he is
Thapki remembers something,
Thapki: I have got some work, I should leave.
Mihika: Areh!
Thapki leaves and Sonakshi looks on.

Scene 2: Pandey residence
Here a guy is shown speaking arrogantly on the phone and he is super angry and is wearing glasses.
Guy: How many times I have told you that you should do the work properly? I am coming soon, if I see the work is still incomplete, I will fire you and then you will regret. I want it to be done at any cost.
Just then Vasundhara comes in,
Vasu: Bihaan!
Bihaan looks around and he calms down seeing Vasundhara.
Bihaan: Maa!
Bihaan goes to Vasundhara and takes her blessings.
Vasu: May God bless you.
Bihaan: Maa, do you need anything?
Vasu: I have a question.
Bihaan: Yes Maa, what is it?
Vasu: Beta, why did you scold them cool down.
Bihaan: How do I cool down they can’t even do a work properly.
Vasu: But beta, okay do one thing come down and have breakfast.
Bihaan comes down and have breakfast. And Bihaan’s younger brother is Abhishek.
Abhi: Oh so you finally came.
Bihaan ignores him and he eats breakfast. And the servant serves him coffee and Bihaan drinks it and gets angry.
Bihaan: This is too sweet! Who made this coffee?
Servant: Me sir
Bihaan: Do one thing pour the entire sugar into your mouth, you know that I hate sugar a lot.
Servant: But sir I was just
Bihaan: Shut up! And get lost!
Vasu: Bihaan, I told him to add sugar to coffee. Everytime is not good to have bitter coffee.
Bihaan: Mom, you don’t take his side.
Abhishek nods and he goes to watch TV.
Bihaan talks on the phone,
Bihaan: Mr. Dev do one thing, before I come to office make sure the work is done by them and I am almost on my way.
Abhishek is watching a boxing match, and Bihaan keeps the phone and gets shocked as he sees Abhishek watching boxing match. Bihaan angrily switches off the TV.
Abhi: What nonsense is this, Bihaan?
Bihaan: Don’t you think I should be the one asking you this question.
Abhi: So what’s wrong in that?
Bihaan: I don’t even want to see boxing channel here and I want this channel to be unsubscribed at any cost, if not I will break the TV. I don’t even want to hear that word.
Abhishek stands up.
Abhi: Enough Bihaan!
Bihaan looks at Abhishek,
Abhi: Just that no one says anything, doesn’t mean you do whatever you want, this is too much.
Bihaan: I am going for work now, and I want this channel to be removed at any cost once I reach home.
Bihaan leaves.
Vasu: (in her mind) Bihaan I understand what is going on in your mind and heart beta?
As Vasundhara was about to go,
Abhi: Mom, what exactly is happening to Bihaan? He is getting worse day by day. He was never like that.
Vasu: I don’t know.
Abhi: Are you hiding something from me?
Vasundhara gets surprised,
Vasu: What will I hide?
Abhi: Something about Bihaan.
Vasu: Abhi beta, I have some work I have to leave.
Abhi: (in his mind) I am sure something is wrong with Bihaan, what happened to old Bihaan?
Vasu: (in her mind) Sorry beta, but I can’t tell you the truth about Bihaan’s past.

Scene 3: Chaudhury Residence
Thapki gets ready and as she was about to go,
Thapki: Mom, I am leaving.
Poonam: Where are you going somewhere?
Thapki: Yes mom, I have to collect some law books.
Sona: Yes, after all our Thapki is going to become a lawyer soon.
Poonam: Okay fine.
As Thapki was about to go,
Sona: Thapki wait a minute,
Thapki waits.
Sonakshi goes to Thapki.
Sona: Make sure you cover your face as there is a lot of pollution nowadays. Its unhealthy.
Thapki: Okay Sona,
Poonam: And have your medicines, and take care of yourself and do what Sona said.
Thapki: Okay Maa.
Thapki leaves.

Scene 4: On the Road
Thapki does what Sonakshi told her to do and she covers her mouth and nose using her dupatta and rides her scooty.
Thapki: Yes Sona dii, I already brought the books I am on my way home.
Thapki rides her scooty and she gets stuck on traffic jam.
Thapki: Uff this traffic jam had to happen now. I have to get home soon.

On the other hand, Bihaan wearing a sunglass is also in his car and stuck in traffic jam
Bihaan: What happened?
Driver: Actually sir, we are stuck in traffic jam.
Bihaan: This traffic jam? Now I am getting even late.
Bihaan angrily looks at his watch and is waiting impatiently.

Just then Thapki’s scooty is also at the same place. Thapki is looking around, and Bihaan looks around, someone calls him he talks on the phone, and Thapki also looks at Bihaan’s car. Later, the traffic is still there. Thapki and Bihaan both get impatient. They get out of their vehicles at the same time. Thapki goes to the police officer.
Thapki: Police dada, how long will it take to clear this jam?
Police: I am sorry behen ji we need time, today there is huge traffic due to accident,
Thapki: Accident? Police: Yes
Thapki: I may help my friend is a doctor.
Police: Mam do call him.
Thapki is about to go, and Bihaan angrily comes to him. And as he was about to ask the police officer, he collides with Thapki, Thapki is about to fall Bihaan holds her and they both look at each other. Music plays.
Bihaan stares at Thapki’s eyes.
Bihaan: (in his mind) Those eyes are magical eyes. You will fall for it at once glance.
This brings a smile to Bihaan’s face,
Thapki: (in her mind) That smile, the killer look. The smile which is enough to win your heart.
Thapki gets up and she gets shy and she goes to call Dhruv. Bihaan composes himself and gets back to his angry avatar.

Bihaan: Areh police officers don’t you all know how to control traffic.
Police: Sir actually
Other police: Sir you are Abhishek Pandey’s elder brother right?
Bihaan: Yes, I am B for Bihaan Pandey B for
Bihaan keeps quiet.
Bihaan: How long will it take?
Police: What to do? There has been an accident that’s why.
Bihaan: What? Then call ambulance.
Police: One girl is calling up.
Bihaan: Okay, by then I make sure I reduce the traffic.

Bihaan helps the police, by telling a car to move one by one to reduce traffic. Thapki finishes talking on the phone.
Thapki: I have talked to them they will be hear soon.
Police: Thanks behen ji.
Thapki also helps in reducing the traffic and even ambulance comes and takes the patient away. Slowly, slowly the jam gets over too.
Bihaan looks at time.
Bihaan: Its very late now. I think I should sent the car to dad he needs it now.
Bihaan tells the driver to do so.
Bihaan calls Dev,
Bihaan: Tonight I will do overnight.
Bihaan keeps his phone.
And slowly after traffic gets cleared.
Thapki: Thank you so much for helping out.
Bihaan: No problem. Its my duty,
Thapki: Are you staying here?
Bihaan: I sent my car already. I will take auto here.
Thapki: Look I don’t think you will get any auto here, you should come with me. I will drop you.
Bihaan: Its okay
Thapki: I don’t mind please do come. You may have some important work.
Bihaan: Okay fine, I am coming.

Later, Thapki with her face covered and Bihaan still wearing sunglass are in scooty. Thapki is riding it and Bihaan is behind her.
Thapki: Wear this extra scooty! Bihaan does so, and they ride later, Bihaan accidentally holds Thapki’s hand and they feel more awkward. Music plays.
Bihaan: It’s okay, I reached my place, you can drop me here.
Thapki does so, and she gets up.
Bihaan: Thank you.
Bihaan handshakes his hand with Thapki.
Bihaan: By the way what is your name?
Thapki: My name is
As Thapki was about to say something, she feels dizzy and she faints and Bihaan holds her in his arm.
Bihaan: Excuse me? Are you okay? Wake up.
Bihaan tries to wake Thapki up, he opens his sunglasses, and Thapki sees everything dusty as she slowly gains consciousness and again she faints.
The episode ends.

Precap: Thapki’s face is not covered and Bihaan is also not wearing sunglass, Thapki and Bihaan are shocked to see each other face to face and as Bihaan was about to say something, Thapki slaps Bihaan. Bihaan is shocked.
Well, I hope you all loved the first episode. Sorry no much of Thahaan scenes as first half was used for the intro of the characters but I hope you all liked it overall as there was Thahaan parts too. Don’t worry from episode 2 there will be more Thahaan scenes but please don’t stop reading my fan fiction. And I am sure you will love it more.

The next episode will be published on next Sunday, 26th June.

Please do comment and feel free to express your opinions. Thank you (

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