thapki pyaar ki (anjaana anjaani) epi 7 last epi


thanks for ur love, Comments & ur Appreciation guys…..
u all always Encourage me

bt now i m ending the ff last episode for u all
somewhere u all will felt that Epi is going fastly….
bt its sure it will entertain..u

now here the epi start With thahaan entering the college
thapki went towards her class & bihaan to examination hall as today is his entrance exam.

they both have felt a strange feeling today bt it was unknown.

after college
thapki comes outside & began to find auto
Some boys come and teases her.
Thapki has fully changed now she didnt talk to boys or taunts them. as she think bcoz of her that behaviour her Papa got beaten by bihaan’s men so now she ignore boys & become A simple girl.:-)

Bihaan saw that some boys r teasing girl
he goes & Say;”Oh bro what u r doing? u just listen to me..if a girl ignored someone we dont need to Talk to her or FOLLOW HER as That kind of girl R Stupid who have much ego & Acts as Rajkumari…so u all go.”
Boy 2;”Hey who r u ? To give us lecture mind ur bussiness…& stay away u didnt know me..who i m.”
Bihaan;’Oh so u didnt listen to me…now i will teach by my style… & one more thing..I think u dont know me…Dont worry only in 1 punch..u Will see stars in daytime..
boys surround him
& bihaan began to beat them as always like a Super hero..(bihaan bg favr8)….
Boys run away
Bihaan:” Now no problem miss..whatever ur name…By the way why u havent Teach them a lesson..”
Thapki;”thank u.”
she leaves without answering.
B;”oh i was right U have full ego…. rajkumari…”
T;”oh hhhello Mr..Tees mar khan…i dont have interest to talking to strangers.”
bihaan is stunned as he comes to know that she is thapki by her stammering.
B;”C 4 chipkali..C 4 chuk chuk gadi..u r here at Agra…”
she is also shocked & her angers come out.
she leaves & try to go
bihaan holds her hand & say;” U will not go anywhere Vaani..first u have to listen to me..”
T;”what? U r happy na that i have leave my hometown…& come here. What u want that happened now plZ leave my hand.”
she try to free her hand bt fails
B:”no u r Misunderstanding..i havent sent that men at ur house…nor i said that my accident took place bcoz of u…it was all done by rahul & aliya…plz vaani plz forgive me.
t;”oh Never just leave my hand…”

she goes in angrily.
she was about to hit by car bt bihaan saves her.
B:”are u mad? Seriously girls have no brain at all…. if u dont want to listen to me..than i m sure u will listen to some one who is very special for u..that girl who is like ur sister,best friend riya..wait a min.. talk to her.”
he calls riya & tell her that he find thapki.
riya:”thapki how r u cutie i missed u a lot… When u have left noida..After some time bihaan parents come there to say sorry to u bt u have already leave that place…All searched for u no one knoe where r u?now bihaan finds u …he is right..yar its all happen bcoz of aliya..plz forgive him.”
thapki get teary eyed & repents as he misunderstood bihaan.
T:”sorry cockroach.”
B;”gajabb u back its ok..Chuk chuk gadi.”
they both laughs
Bihaan takes thapki to her house.

Soon thahaan becomes best friends..some time they pull each other legs …..Bt they enjoy there company..

Sometimes thapki saves bihaan….from teacher..& sometime he save her

There bonding Become strongest day by day.

One day thapki is sitting sad in class bihaan saw her
B:”Oh madam what happened??.”
T”nothing yar I m nervous as today is my test..dont know what will happen..”
B;be cool…u r B 4 bihaan B 4 best friend so cheer up & I know u will passed the test with Awesome marks..”
T;”thank u cockroach..”
she kissed him on cheeks & hugs him
T;”u r my best friend…”
he started to love her…her smile,Her cute nature,her simplicity,Her Naughty behaviour always attract him..Its more than attraction.:-)
They cant Remain silent when they r with each other Always chik chik pik. pik…Bak bak…
& there taunts r Non stop…:-) 🙂

next day
Bihaan is sad today thapki notice him
She goes & pats him
T;”What happened Mr.lion..why r u sad…”
B;”Are yar that KALI BILLI Principal want to meet mum & i was much scared as if i call mum..she will surely told Ma that i often teases everyone..& bunks classes and went to Mall or cinema.Plz kuch kar na yar .Save me from this.”
T;”that simple…I have an idea..
She whispers something in his ears…
B: “F 4 fantastic..F 4 fabulous idea…”
Bihaan goes to princi cabin..& told her that her mum has come.
P:”Call her.”
B;”Ma come..”
thapki enters wearing like a old lady…(she looks too beautiful in old lady get up) She had a strong personality like Vasu..
T;”Yes beta i have come(she spokes like Vasu)”
P;” Mrs. vasundhara pandey..U son is too naughty..He had no manners at all..He dont pay any concentration in his studies… he often bunk classes…Everytime he got scolded by teachers…this is not good…Its not a good symbol of a discipline child…. its affect our college environment….”
Thahaan r too much angry…
B(in mind):” kalli billi…U giving lectures..have u saw ur hairs just like Chidiya ka Ghosla(nest of a bird)..Have u ever saw ur face in mirror..Witches r more beautiful than u…First saw urself.. college reputation my foot..”
T;”Madam i want to ask one thing Have u never Enjoy ur school life & college life…were u never Spent good times with ur friends…is only discipline is more important…(bihaan say her to talk in anger or in low tone so that she didnt stammer & princi cant Come to know about her)
Tell me..”
I a life everything is important not only studies…So stop saying to bad to my child..U have also children will they r like u? No they also do Mischief….I m proud of my son ever now thanks to call me…Bye.”
she leaves in anger as fears that princi dont comes to know truth
principal is shocked & open her mouth.
Bihaan goes outside saying bye to princi

bihaan comes outside… in joy..& hugs thapki
b;”U r too good my friend…Princi ki to bolti hi bnd kar di ha ha ha .. u r my best friend…..
T(in mind);” i was always here to support u bihaan…I want to be with u forever. .. I want to be more than ur friend. ………I love u my cockroach pandey. ….love u so much.”
thahaan began to love each other BT they both fears if they lose there friendship…

After few months

Thahaan had come to attend Rihul marriage as they love each other
so they decided to get married

B:” congrats bhai finally u r in love….& u marry with my dear sis..omg..”
T;”yes rahul bhai u had to take care of my bestie as she is my part of my heart & i cant see tears in her eyes…no tears mind it.”
B;”Yes bhai Man ja..otherwise chipkali will kill u..”
thapki beats him

rihul smiles seeing there mischief..

Today thapki decide that she will confess her love to bihaan next day.
She is super happy:-) 🙂

Bt destiny cant see her happy as its her fate as whenever she become happy..the most bad thing happened in her life

that worst thing is waiting for her at home
thapki enters her house happy
Poonam;”U have come dear actually a good news for & ur papa decide to get u married the boy is coming tomorrow to see u….Be ready.”
thapki is shocked
no she will not married anyone else she loves bihaan.
Bihaan is also at door
He is also shocked & ger teary eyed
Bt he control & comes to poonam
:!yes aunty g u r right…Now finally she will go from my life..Ah so much relief
he is hiding his pain
thapki is shocked as she havent expect it from bihaan

she is fully broken down
she goes in her room

poonam;”i think she get shy ha.”
b;”may be ok aunty g i m going.”

he leaves & is crying heavily.

he reached home & goes to his room.
Thahaan is crying & recalling there moments.
(hamari adhuri kahani plays).

after one hour

bihaan received a Msg & he get shocked reading it.
it was thapki Msg
he reads it:


bihaan is shocked and run towards her home
B(shout)” no u cant leave me like this…i love u too yar

he runs suddenly a truck comes & hits him

@ city hospital
Thahaan both r in CRITICAL CONDITION
Whole pandey & chaturvedi family r in hospital crying

rihul r also there

Riya goes in thapki room
& rahul is at bihaan room

dr. had already told that they will not survive

thahaan open each other eyes they r searching for each other
b to

bye tc
do comments if u like last epi

Credit to: anu

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  1. oh its half posted

    i will post Next part in comment box soon

  2. Its a for awesome aur a for adorable by I’m gonna miss tis cute cockroach pandey and chipkali
    Gud luck any dear finally found I’m elder than u,??

    1. thanks juggu Di
      as u r elder than me so now u r my Di

      ramzan is going to start
      I pray this Eid brings lot of happiness

      1. Jzt one year elder that doesn’t matter Cal me juggu as usual

        Gajab ending..

  3. rafay don kon

    Oh yar puri ache th but end nahe.

  4. now here the remaining part guys

    Bihaan sees rahul
    and ask about thapki..He told him everything.
    Bihaan take a deep sigh.
    Thapki also ask about Bihaan & riya also tells her he met with accident…
    thahaan want to see each other.they want to talk to each other.
    Rihul understands & Start video conferencing.
    Thahaan see each other they both get teary eyed.
    T(speak in difficulty):” What is tthis bihaan?
    B:”Same ques chipkali…
    i already told u i cant saw u in pain.. so see me too here.(he is saying in difficulty.)
    T:’U never Change cockroach….I love u yar..”
    B;”I love u too my chuk chuk gadi..Now lets leave that world….This is not for us…..lets go..
    T;”As u wish my bestie…me too dont want to stay here..”
    thahaan say I love u to each other.

    they both points hand in front of mobiles as they want to hold each other its impossible………
    Everyone cries
    Suddenly thahaan closes there eyes & they both dies……

    Rihul cried a lot..
    Everyone cries….

    The true lovers end
    bt not the true love

    After 6 years

    A 4 yrs old boy is running on the road …
    he is very cute, handsome & lovely child…Same to same like bihaan
    He is Ayan son of Rihul
    Rihul Thinks that bihaan has come back as there son..
    Rihul is following him
    he is running.
    suddenly he collides with a cute little girl of her age…Beautiful like princess
    They both fall down
    Ayan:”Oh thuk thuk gadi…ha ha ha mumma dhto yeh llki..(oh thuk thuk gadi mamma see this girl)
    Girl becomes angry & she stands and go
    Ayan;”Alle luko kaha da lhi ho.:-:-) 🙂 hmte dosti kalogi..(Hey stop where r u going? Will u do friendship with me..
    girl didnt respond.
    Ayan;”Ma papa Nhi bolti(ma papa she is not replying)
    Riya;”ask her politely
    Ayan;”alle O Mata rani…PlZ dosti kal Hm bhut cute hai..Sb thte hai.. (oh Mata rani plz do friendship with me i m very cute everyone say..)
    girl smiles & leaves from them
    ayan follows her.

    Rihul stands there & smiling enjoying new upcoming story of New thahaan..

    bye to all
    now decide end or start

    I m finishing here

    hope u all enjoyed

    Bye do comments
    if u like epi

  5. rafay don kon

    Oh sorry i through k wo end ha.must come with new one.

    1. sorry rafay last one

      try to back with Os
      not ffs
      Its last
      thanks for ur comment

  6. its a sad ending!! bt asuseul it was really nice my bestie… WISH UR BRIGHT FUTURE!!

  7. thank u sweety

    I will not cm back juggu
    thanks for ur love

    keep writing my dear friend

    u rocks

  8. sad ending

  9. Fabulous work yaar…

  10. Its amazing episode dear….I miss u dear…pls come back ff soon…I m waiting for us another ff

    1. last ff kumutha

      I had to focus on my studies

      plz dont force me

      I said Na that may i be back with Os
      So whenever i write just read that & comment
      Thanks for ur love

      Keep encouraging

  11. thanks pooja dear

    thanks for reading

    i know tara its sad ending bt

    Its just an ff

    there never will be end like this. in real.

  12. you made me cry….. hospital scene was so emotional yaar. but end it very beautifully. best luck for exam. and come back another cute ff .

    1. thanks true lovr
      i know its emotional thanks for reading it
      love u

  13. hi dear anu! sorry for my absense:-) i really felt bad for thahaan but anyways,ur ff’s last episode was superb and emotional.please pray for me.i was really busy these days ,in my work and tomorrow is also a hectic day ok i have to make slides..
    ok see u

    1. ok maira i will surely pray for u
      i wish the coming days bring happiness & full of masti in ur life
      no restless day any more

      best of luck
      do ur work honestly
      keep working

  14. Phew, …atlast..I control myself..I didn’t cry…I want to describe this off in my experience to it….intro gave me a feeling that it will be so cool story, cause you mentioned that it would be based on nook jhoks….then the first epi came…I liked that but something was missing….then came second epi ,then I felt ,yes ,the missing thing was some good dialogue …then the rest epi till 6 ,honestly I didn’t like that and the reason was same dialogue…don’t know I just felt the dialogues were so childish ,…but this part compensate all these as the twist was awesome, …I was so used to cheesy ffs ,this was a different ..thank you for this….i m sorry if you dislike my opinion, I just want to be honest

    1. thanks as u spoke honestly
      i know this ff is childish not so romantic
      Actually i think true love is just from heart
      Hatred than friendship than NEVER ENDING LOVE
      so i write the ff
      I never mind ur Words
      feeling happy as u like last epi
      Thanks dear

  15. OMG so emotional anu u know i read it twice i feel so bad for thahaan anjaana anjaani suits so well hope u come back with a new season ASAP

    1. thank u fatarajo to read it

      only one season yar
      last ff
      again thank u

  16. Nusz (T!B!H) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) you need to rock the world!!!

    I cried so much :(((( they were so cute but you killed them…. Just loved this ff so much… I really hope you come back with another one!!! This ff rocks so much aha, love you lots and sorry for the late comment aha


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