thapki pyaar ki (anjaana anjaani) epi 6


I know many of u r shocked as its only 1 more epi is left
S 4 sorry to giving u S 4 shock
bt i have to end it As suddenly my teacher had announced that they will take our Test & check our projects as u all know i m So lazy so i havent complete my projects yet
so i m ending the ff fastly & going to study..

Here the epi start with
Thapki is shocked to see bihaan in that condition…
She cried:”bihaan!!”
plz wake up bihaan plz i will nothing let happen to u..
Kuch nhi hoga tumhe..

she quickly take him to hospital With help of some men who witnessed the accident.
Bihaan condition is still critical…
Vasu comes Hurriedly at hospital
She is crying heavily she cant see his son in that condition..
Tears rolled down her cheeks
she is cursing herself
:”I m not a good mom..I cant take care of my child…My dearest child my bihaan.. many times i scold him..Never say that he is my son…God plz give me Punishment..Not this innocent child plz god plz…”
she began to repent
today Vasundhara pandey is not there Bt Mother of bihaan pandey who loves her child a lot.
today she dont care of society Only of her son…
O pure mother love is out..

she saw thapki there & assumes that she is the reason why her son is in hospital struggling from Life…& death
she goes near thapki & ask:”R u there when that accident took place .tell me..”
Thapki stammers & say;”G aaaunty g…I was ttthere.
Vasu slaps her hard;” BCOZ OF U MY SON IS HERE…U r stammering girl…I know this all happened bcoz of..u Go from here i said go..”

thapki leaves from there staring at OT and thinking about her cockroach pandey….
she leaves with teary eyed

After few years

thapki is sitting in her room & said;”i hate u bihaann….I hate u i dont care about u…. bcoz of u i had to leave noida…

she recalll
fb shows

goons come at thapki house & Said to thapki father to leave from there…
Goon1;”hey put all ur things & go from here bcoz of ur daughter Balwinder pandey’s son Bihaan is in hospital…We will not leave u..
Goons began to beat thapki’s father
Thapki poonam aditi & shubh cried to leave him
poonam;”plz stop we will go from here & never come here…

after that thapki parents leave noida & comes to Agra
fb ends

thapki;”i know bihaan u have send that goons at my house & as u said earlier that if u want u never let me stay at noida…i know u told ur father that ur accident happened bcoz of me…

I hate u cockroach pandey..
thapki is in college


Young bihaan is talking with a girl at mobile
B;”riya u know vaani is misguiding me..I havent tell anything to mum & bauji bcoz i was faint that time…Rahul mistakenly tell ma that accident took place bcoz of thapki..”
Riya;”i know bihaan thats why i trust u bcoz u r like my bro…!
B;”yes my sister bt where is vaani?? did u know”
Riya;”no bihaan bt i will soon find out Bt go na today is ur Entrance exam at agra so best of luck bro”
b;”thank u sis.”

bihaan reached Agra.
he accidentally reached that college where thapki studies.

He hurriedly Go inside as it was late..
thapki is also coming..From opposite side.

They both collide & thapki about to fall bt bihaan holds her.
Bihaan cant see her face as her dupatta is on his face…
Thapki;”oh sorry ”
she takes her duptta in hurry & sees in another direction as her friend is calling her
she goes
Both thahaan havent saw each other.
B;why its feeling strange that i heard this voice before…
T;”What kind of feeling is this?!

they both r disturbed & goes in opposite direction .

hope u understand me guys

next one will be last

full of omg

bye tc
keep supporting

Credit to: anu

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  1. Any…we can understand your state of mind.concentrate your studies and project.I wish you all the best and I REALLY MISS YOU.

    1. thanks pooja dear
      u always encourage me

      Love u

  2. S for super like always
    By y r u ending it jzt for ur assignment basically we students shouldn’t be over punctual anyways good luck for ur final year
    Ur thinking was jzt like mine

    1. Actually i have planned that i will write more than 10
      bt Suddenly my teacher had announced & i was shocked so i informed u all
      I completed some of projects bt Some of them r still pending…

      so only 1 more epi

      Ur thinking like me Ha ha

  3. Akanksha Gupta

    S for sad and s for shocking for me
    But understand your situation. Concentrate on your studies. And please back with new ff when you will be free

    1. hey akanksha thank u for ur comment

      i dont know whether i will be free or not to write another ff or not

      Bt may be i will write OS

  4. rafay don kon

    Oh abhe to start hui th?

    1. sorry dear i know it start soon & its ending Now
      bt plz dont forget to read last epi

  5. oh…i understood ur situation!! give priority to ur studies!! after ur exams plz come back with another ff!! ur writing skills are fantastic.. i miss ur ff a lot.. love u my dr frnd!!

    1. thank u yar
      i m helpless plz dont forget to read last epi

  6. Its soo nice ? but next is last ?…we’ll best of luck for ur test ?

    1. thanks snoor
      my friend
      i will try to update next epi
      when i will free
      keep reading

  7. thanks to everyone

    i will try to update next part as soon as possible

    bye tc
    thanks for ur love guys

  8. Feel sad that even this cute ff is ending. I can understand your situation. Study well and rock the exam. Nice
    Episide. Waiting for next episode.

    1. thanks true love

      keep reading yar & i will surely rock the xam

  9. feeling sad but it’s ok come with another one when u r free. waiting for nxt part

    1. thanks tara

      i will update next epi AsAp
      me too feeling sad
      bcoz i dont want to stop writing

      bt helplesss

  10. Hey anu sorry for super late comment but ur ff is awesome too good but why u ending so soon 🙁 it is such a cute ff anyways good luck 🙂

    1. i know u r sad
      bt Helpless me

      Bt u r here i have no tension

      u will always entertain the readers
      & i know when u r here no one will miss me bye

  11. Better don’t end it write when you have time well wait till then plse

  12. ok juggu i will try my best

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