thapki pyaar ki (Anjaana anjaani) epi 5


sorry for late my dear friends i m really very busy thanks to all again for reading my ff .
here the epi start with Thahaan looking at each other and fumes.
Riya:”hey cutie this is not good, u have talk to rude to him. Its not good dear. Dont forget he try to help u yar…”
thapki;’ Oh wow what a friend i have? ha who dont care for her friend but for a boy WHO INSULT HER FRIEND.”
Riya;’u r taking me wrong yar i m ur best friend thats why i m telling Say sorry to him and forget everything.”
T;” yes u r right i have to forget everything ….I have to forget the promise which my friend Kept for me that she never Leave my hand..So if u tired of our friendship…If u dont want a stammering girl to be ur friend so go from my life (she began to cry she is Not in her senses…She is angry with bihaan & that anger she bursts out at riya).
Riya understood it and go and sit with other girl.
Thapki dont like her behaviour she is very sad

bihaan notice her sad face and decide to make her happy.

@ lunch time
thapki & riya both r sad they r sitting at different benches.
Thapki is sitting quietly and recalling the friendship moments of her & riya.
there cute Fights,Masti moments…etc.
Bihaan suddenly come in front of her ( bihaan bg music play)
B;” oh g see who is sitting chipkali Ah!!! so sad she is…”:-
T;” plz go from here i dont want to talk .”
B;’ Oh Listen actually after seeing u like this i remember something….U want to know what…
Thapki didnt response bihaan spoke
B;”When u sad na U seems like A fat buffalo (Moti bhains) who is just grinding her food sitting quietly.”
thapki fumes at him bt again she becomes sad
B;”oh madam what happened to U .u r not that chuk chuk gadi who often Shout at me, made jokes, taunts me, R u fine or some CHUDAIL (witch) behind u plz tell na.” suddenly he began to Behave strangely and jumps like a mad .
ha said:” Oh chudail g plz leave chuk chuk gadi otherwise she will kill U..she is more dangerous than u & u know she is so courageous that She can KILL U only by shouting…See me how i fear from her….so Bhag jao otherwise …..Go from here.”
thapki smiles watching his Stupidness.
B:”Oh CHIPKALI U dont fear that chudail will soon leave u.”
T;’oh yar stop ur stupid… (suddenly she said) oh so u think a witch behind me No u r wrong…
I told what u look like when u jump and behave like this…
U seems PAGAL KUTTA (mad dog)…Yes right Dog kutta.
B;” MOTI BHAINS( buffalo)”
T;” pagal kutta.”
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
B:”Chuk chuk gadi.”
🙂 🙂

they both laugh taunting each other.
for a while they both forget that they dont like each other company and hate each other.
B:”Yeah Chipkali back…yipee.”
T;” pagal khi ka…mad.”
they both laugh from heart.
Riya & rahul r happy seeing there friends happy
riya (in mind): thank u bihaan today bcoz of u my friend laughs..U r really a good hearted.
Rahul;” for a first time i saw my friend laughing from heart..Everytime he laugh or smiles from outside bt from inside he always sad bcoz of her mother ….Today bcoz of u thapki my Friend my bhai…Had laugh thank u dear thank u.
Rihul r teary eyed as They both r happy so much happy.
true friendship

thahaan still laughing.

this happiness in only for a short time….A huge Twist is waiting for them
which is going to change there life….
this happiness is temporary…..

After school

aliya is standing at school gate waiting for bihaan.
suddenly some boys come teases aliya
aliya;”hey u what is this? if bihaan will come to know that u all r teasing me than he will not leave u.”
Boy 1:” oho dear forget him ha we r much handsome & yes we all r very rich…U can be with us.”
Boy2:yes some day with him and some day with me..”
Boy 3;”and if u want so I can also be with u.”
Aliya slaps Boy 1
Boys:”how dare u now u will…..
They began to Misbehave..
Thapki sees and go there
T:”hey what u all r doing?? Respect girls..ha This is school go from here.”
Boy1:” Hey see her cant speak properly…And giving pravachan..ha ”
he push thapki
again they teases aliya.
Thapki stands up and see a Stick there and began to beats them
Boy 1;Oh pagal ah!!
Boy 2:”lets go.

boy 3:” bhag chal.”
They go.
Thapki sees aliya and said:”R u fine dear…”
aliya:”u r so good thapki. Sorry as i misunderstand u.”
she folds her hand bt thapki separate them
T;’its ok now be happy they never tease u.”
Aliya:”yes ”

suddenly bihaan comes and he misunderstood that thapki is teasing aliya…as he saw stick in her hand.
Bihaan comes and shout at thapki
B:” hey how dare u to tease my Aloo u r so bad ..i was so wrong that Think u r good girl..Bt u always try to prove me wrong..u so cheap …
Thapki is shocked and get teary eyed and say;”no u r wrong i was just…She try to explain but bihaan didnt listen.
B:”Go from here & today u prove ur nature….Bad girl..”
thapki leaves from there in anger & sadness.
bihaan:”R u fine aliya..” hey how this marks…
Aliya;”u have done wrong bihaan she help me …she explain everything to bihaan.
he repents on his deeds
B:”i have to say sorry to her..”
he goes and aliya say;”i m going bihaan mom is waiting for me…. Meet u at 4 pm.”
B;”ok first i had to say sorry to her…bye dear tc.”
aliya waves bye and goes.

bihaan come behind thapki.
thapki is cycling and going to her home.
Bihaan comes & say;”sorry vaani i m really sorry i think..”
T;”oh u r repenting just go…..i was right all boys r same… U r so bad
B;”sorry na plz forgive me..He slow her bike and began to drive slowly.
Thapki:”dont come behind me…go i said..”
B:”first u say u forgive me otherwise i will not go.
T;”Ah mad go i said;”
B:”no way;”:
t:”u plz go.”
B;”no chance.”
Suddenly he saw thapki about to hit by truck he is shocked and speeds his bike and come in front of her

truck hits bihaan.

Thapki;” Bihaan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”

oh guys bihaan met with an accident to save thapki.

oh what will happen now…

precap;”vasu slaps thapki at hospital.”

At last i want to say keep reading & do comments

keep watching Tpk @ 7pm on colors as trp is low
prove ur thahaan love guys

bye thahaanian

Credit to: anu

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  1. Good one…keep writing dear..

    1. thanks vinlora

  2. nice episode. i love riya’s character. she reminds me one of my old school friend. due to my father’s transfer we separated. after that we never meet again. i miss her so much. good friends are hard to find. no one could take their place in your heart. 🙂

    1. yea true love
      true friend r hard to find i have my best friend which also separate from me

      i missed her so much
      thats why i add thapki friend in ff

      love my friend

      thanks to comment

    1. thanks snoor
      keep reading

  3. Awesome anu
    But if bihaan sacrifices his life for thapki hw could she be angry on bihaan then is habitat is more than a life
    But awesome

    1. its the big twist my dear friend
      u have to wait for next epi
      for ur answer
      why she will hate bihaan ?

      Keep reading
      thanks for ur comment

    2. It’s good anu
      Remember I’m waiting. ..

    3. Anu u din reply it seems I’m elder than u

      1. hey juggu i m in class 12

        i m 17 yrs old

  4. Superb episode dear anu…waiting for ur episode dear….plz upload soon ma…

    1. hey kumutha thanks for ur comment
      if i will be free than i will surely Update the epi soon

      keep reading

  5. rafay don kon


    1. yes rafay don kon its omg
      I know u r shock??
      thanks for ur comment
      keep reading

  6. hi dr…sry!! for the not comenting in ur previous epi. bcs,i’m busy with my studies….anyway asuseual u rocked dlz…. keep it up!!

    1. thanks sweety
      Concentrate on ur studies
      whenever u get time
      Read & than comment

      love u

  7. Anu yaar you r too good

    1. thanks dear friend
      keep reading dear

  8. This si very good.please unite thapki and bihaan.

    1. thanks tanvi dear for ur comment
      keep reading dear

  9. Precap is shocking one…
    When I read your ff I can get a special feeling yaar….

    1. oho special feeling ha ha
      what happen ??
      jokes apart

      thanks for comment

      yes its shocking
      keep reading

      One more thing
      even i feel special when i read ur comments

      bye tc
      love u

  10. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) You need to rock the world!!

    No Vasu can’t slap Thapki!!! Oh my god Bihaan :(( I hope everything gets fine soon!!! Man you nailed it with your beautiful writing Hun, keep rocking love you


    1. thank u nusz
      vasu is vasu.she can do anything
      keep reading

  11. Its not a jocking yaar…because your ff have the magical power to makes such a great impact on us.another reason is your my good friend…so I feel super happy.

    1. thank u pooja
      u always support me whenever i write ff
      ur love is the reason why after busy schedules i cant control myself from writing

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