thapki pyaar ki (Anjaana anjaani) epi 4

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now i start

the epi start with thapki reaches home & poonam scold her Bcoz of Her Dirty dresses.
Poonam:” what is this thapki? u r my sincere Child no its not good see ur age? Is it right to play In mud in age of 15.Go change ur dress and u will wash ur dress alone ….this is ur punishment.No washing machine…nothing.”
thapki bows her head & listen her mom words
She is very angry with Cockroach pandey.
Thapki POV
today I was very happy As That Cockroach scolded by teacher but he Cant digest my happiness & push me in that muddy region….. he laughed at me,taunts me than suddenly try to help me..SO STRANGE COCKROACH ON THIS EARTH….ha ha ha cockroach pandey… What u think of urself now u will see my true face….U monkey..
she goes in her room.

@ PN
bihaan reaches home along with dhruv. He tells him everything
D:” oh my young bro U have to just Ignore that Girl. if u Didnt listen to her i know she never make fun of go & change ur dresses otherwise Ma will see.”
Vasu come and see bihaan
vasu become angry & Scold him.( In my ff too bihaan is adopted child so guys same here Vasu will love dhruv more but he loves bihaan also but never express In front of him & if something happen to him…Vasu become restless & take care of him.)
vasu:”how irresponsible u Are bihaan? So dirty clothes see my Child dhruv who always be good & behave nicely and u What to say? Go & change….”
Bihaan becomes sad and go in his room.
dhruv also Become sad as he dont like his Mom behaviour.
Bihaan POVs
TODAY The most unlucky day for me .THAT chipkali & her friend make fun of me and when i show her right path…i too fell on the muddy region now i got scolded by mom….Because of me her works increase now i will wash my cloth …
He goes & after some time
he go in bathroom & began to wash his clothes.

vasu hears Water running voice and comes in bihaan room.
she saw he is washing his dress.
Fully drenched in sweat & his delicate hand become rough..
Vasu cant see him like this & say:” bihaan beta What r u doing?”
he heard his voice & jumps
B:”ma nothing just decreasing ur works.”
Vasu;”ok leave all this and go i will manage and next time u will not Do like that..”
Bihaan sees her mothers which r fills with tears.
he leaves.
Vasu(in mind):” how will i tell u my son that what r u for me? I know u r not my child but i love u from core of my heart…U r not decreasing my works bur increasing my pain by doing works…i love u so much my child.”

Next day
IN school.
Bihaan telling his friends about the incident & laughs.
B(in a loud voice):” U all know The CHIPKALI is looking like a Ghost… WITCH i was scared but U know I m Khatron ka khiladi so I havent dead if u all r there then sure u all died..
That Chuk chuk gadi try to laugh at me So now she never speak in front of me…..
Thapki hears and fumes
she takes her bottle & go towards him

thapki threw water at his face.
everyone is shocked.
bihaan is much angry & say;” hey WHATS UR PROBLEM??”
B;”mind ur language I m bihaan B 4 bihaan pandey so speak with manners.”
T;manner my foot i m tolerating u And u r crossing ur limits….What u think of urself If i m girl so u can say anything to me..See ur face most girlish..And ur way to walk like girls…way to eat like first be a man ok.”
B;”hey not u i m tolerating U.And if i want u will leave the school, not only school, but whole noida so behave nicely..ha and one more thing u r one who make fun of other not I u compelled me to Talk about u like this So plz for god sake Leave me na…do ur work.. & let me do my work.”
T;”so u Lose in front of me.”
B stands up and points finger towards her.(still teacher havent come & as he is absent)
B;” I never lose bcoz i m B 4 bihaan pandey but i made u to lose everything…….”
Thapki:”ha time will tell u will win & who will lose.”
she give a weird look to him and goes and sits in her place..
bihaan also sits and Fumes

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Precap;promo vasu slaps thapki. Thapki family leave noida & Go to agra.Thapki is in now in college and still hates bihaan…she say:”i never leave u bihaan u ruined my life.i will never forgive u.

so guys what u think why Vasu slaps thapki?
why did thapki leave noida?
why she began to hate bihaan more???

Give ur views

answer will come in upcoming episodes

keep loving me
love u all

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  1. rafay don kon

    Wao ya to interesting ho gaya.

    1. yes rafay don kon its becoming interesting
      now upcoming epi
      TWISTS on its way

      thank to comment

  2. rafay don kon

    But ya to nafrat ho gae.

  3. S 4 sooper anuji

    1. thanks juggu
      where is ur ff ???
      Update soon

      1. Ive submitted g

  4. vasu’s care 4 bihaan it’s really nice

    1. thanks dear Tara for ur comment

      vasu loves bihaan so she cares for him.

  5. Nice anu:-) it was really nice episode:-)but was short:-(.by the way, thanks anu for praying for me.i have cleared the cs exam:-)this was to check my fsc marks that they are marks which are scored by myself or i have taken help.our hole class (in which i was in collage life) gaved this exam:-) thanks anu! Tysm:-)

    1. i m always here maira to pray for u
      love u

      thanks for comment

  6. Sumedh mudgalkar

    Nice episode

    1. thanks sumedh
      keep reading

    1. thank u pooja dear
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  7. nice episode. c 4 cockroach and c 4 chipkali. haha that’s so funny.

    1. thanks true love
      yes i know the names r funny

      i love it
      thanks for ur lovely comment
      keep reading

  8. Wow nice yaar anu chipkali lol

    1. thanks dear friend

  9. nice fiction dear….:-)
    amm….bt I think d bond btwn vasu n bihaan should be same as in tpk…may this will bring thahaan closer;-)

    1. actually vinni dear dont worry Vasu will reason for thahaan CLOSENESS in my ff too

      its just a twist so enjoy it
      keep reading

  10. Anuji I want to know movie names of d songs which thapki and bihaan sang in tpk could u help me

  11. ya juggu for sure
    jalte diye song from prem ratan dhan payo

    and jeena jeena song from badlapur
    these two song sung by thahaan

  12. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) You need to rock the world!!

    So late at commenting!!! But you were amazing!!! You’re amazing my doll!! Keep smiling :))~Nusz

  13. thank u dear nusz
    love u

  14. well, well, that was nice but didnt have that much matter in this part, and you wrote – precap and promo altogether, i didnt get that vasu slapping thapki is coming in next part or will be coming this week

    1. hey its a promo of upcoming episodes

      i will try to make my epi
      more interesting & Funny….
      missing ur comments

      thanks for ur lovely comment
      keep encouraging

  15. awesome 🙂

  16. Nice its gr8 just love it

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