thapki pyaar ki (Anjaana anjaani) epi 3

sorry for late my dear friend
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i dont know when i will updates the epi but it always entertain u all for sure.

there r many ffs which r mine favr8 i m mentioning the names
1.the strange & full of krazyness story (by my F 4 funny F 4 friend fatarajo)
2. destiny Vs love ( by nusz So emotional one And so lovely)
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6. thahaan made for each other ( by juggu) cutest ff and regular one

and many more………….:….

so guys read them & if u r reading than plZ comments and encourage them.

now here the epi start with thapki recalling lunch time & the bihaan face which is looking to funny and innocent face
riya: hey cutie u haven’t done right by doing this u have to say sorry to him Go and say sorry to him.”
T;”oh u want me to say sorry to Cockroach pandey no never its his fault who come in between pagal khi ka……Brainless.”
thapki laughs as she cant control her laughter.
our hero who is staring at thapki fumes in anger and want to teach her a good lesson
B:”u ChIPKALi u dare to laugh at me now wait & watch what will i do with u.”
Teacher comes at look at bihaan condition
teacher:”U boy see urself ……is y look like a obedient student no Not all .. U r so intelligent Than how can u do such type of mischief remember I m giving u warning last time….. if u do such things i have to call ur father.Sit down and mind it.”
bihaan bows his head down and Fuming in anger as he scolded out By teacher By no reason its someone else fault and he is getting punishment.
Thapki smiles as she is happy that bihaan got scolded by teacher
bihaan is in full mood of revenge

After the School.
At school gate
T:” hurry up riya we r getting late .Today i have promise Ma that i will make cake for her so Come fast.”
Riya:”coming baby.”:

thapki takes out her cycle from the stand and moves ahead ….
suddenly bihaan comes & push her.
she falls down on The Muddy slippery region….
Bihaan laughs and students around him also laugh
ha ha ha lolz
riya & rahul r super stunned.
rahul laughs and give A HiFi to bihaan.
B:oh CHIPKALI IN MUDDY WATER GAJABB …:-) 🙂 . he cant control his laughter and laughs.
T;” ouch what is this??? U cockroach I will not leave u.”
B:ha ha So chuk chuk gadi maja aaya Ha ha … what r u saying i cant beat u See urself & think that i beat u.”
he laughs.
Thapki fumes in anger.
riya try to help thapki but fails.
B:” oh i forgot to ask how r u feeling Happy or sad ……u dare to laugh at B 4 bihaan pandey now see ur condition & by the way u promise ur mum to Make a cake for her. so now how u will???? Will u use ur this Dirty hands Omg Aunty g going to be ill…So bad smell coming from ur body yukk stay away guys otherwise u all will die with This smell CHE CHE CHE.”
thapki gives a bad look to him.
B:”oh looking like B 4 bhootni of B 4 bargad (witch of banyan tree)
Oh plz dont stare at me otherwise i will die…… ha ha ha ha.
he laughs other also laughs.
thapki;” hey riya plz help me Na why r u not helping me ……..AHHHH suddenly she agains slips and fall down.

boys laugh again
her whole body drenched with the muddy water.
Bihaan thinks of his bauji words by seeing her in that condition that always help others who r in need forgetting what they do with u.
Bihaan gives his hand to thapki
She give a strange look to her As the guy who is laughing at her suddenly helping her.
B;oh Chuk chuk gadi give ur hand i said.”
Thapki gives her hand & thahaan holds each other hand
bihaan pull her hand suddenly he also slips and FALLS OVER THAPKI .They both r at each other.( na na na plays) MISSING THIS FLUTE SO ADD IT.
they have an eyelock.
bihaan wakes up and say;”oh whats this….”
T;” ohhh
B;” bcoz of u i struck here.”

T;” so who ask ur help And WANT U TO SAVE ME BY BECOMING HERO ha.”
B;” oh PRAVACHAN BABa i havent help u just done it bcoz of my bauji words who said to help everyone.”
T;”now just stop ur Nonsense talk (turning toward riya) hey u Devi g plz take me out .”
B;”hey what u say i m talking nonsense………..(suddenly he thinks getting out from here is must important so he Ask his friends to help him).” hey rahul,vicky, adarsh, sandy help me na.”
Rihul(riya & rahul) try to help thahaan.
others hold rihul from back so that the might didnt fall .
they succeed and thahaan come out from slippery region.
Thapki was about to fall but bihaan holds her.

riya takes thapki along with her & wash her face.
Rahul also helps bihaan in cleaning

Thahaan leaves from there looking at each other.

hope u guys enjoyed it.

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precap: bihaan talk to his friends about the incident
thapki comes and shout at him.Again the quarrel

bye thahaanian
love u all
happy wala sunday

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  1. woooow..thahan scene was amazing!! you rocked it dr!! waiting 4 the next epi….

    1. thanks sweety
      i know u liked it
      love u

  2. It was’nt g for great!!! It was s for super great.loved thahaan scenes!!! Really nice anu!!! Tomorrow is my very important exam plz pray for me:-)

    1. i will pray to god that ur exam will get clear and u passed with highest scores my dear

      and thanks for ur valuable comment

      all the best for ur exams

      u have to PROVE URSELF in front of everyone that Maira is a girl and a girl can do anything which she wants

      always here to pray for u
      bye dear

  3. It’s really nice . Today’s actual episode and this ff made my day.

    1. love u yar today’s epi is really good not good very good,awesome,marvellous and if like my epi also its a big compliment as its made ur day
      writing only for Dearest friends like u
      keep reading & support me

  4. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow anu its ghajab love it its so nice and thanks for mentioning my ff my dear friend 🙂

    1. its my pleasure that i add ur ff as its my favr8 best one
      love u & ur works

  5. Very nice dear…well done

    1. thank vinlora dear keep reading

  6. Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) my time to watch you aha

    Aw my little doll!!! Thanks for adding my name :)) I just love all your thahaan stories!!! You’re amazing, keep smiling Hun~Nusz

    1. thank u dear for liking the story
      its my pleasure that i add ur ff
      i loved it and its my favr8 so i add it
      bye tc

  7. awesome episode. both as child are too cute. thanks for adding my name. your word gajab made my day. i like you work. 🙂

    1. thanks true love keep smiling dear and god bless u

      post ur epi soon

  8. Wow the story is going damn good….i love bihaan thapiki and most loving is bihaan ….anu didi ur d
    Story is awwsome …???????????❤❤❤❤to u didi anu

    1. thanks pavi dear
      keep reading

  9. Really nice anuji and thank you fr your complements u r jzt awesome

    1. oh my dear juggu thank u

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