thapki pyaar ki (Anjaana anjaani) epi 2


hey guys thanks for all ur positive response now i decide to continue my ff

so here it goes
thahaan look at each other
teacher comes and start taking attendance of the students.
still thahaan dont know each other and Have no interest in it.
Teacher Call BIHAAN PANDEY Bihaan say present mam!
thapki;”oh This cockroach name is bihaan not good ha ha ha COCKROACH SUITS HIM WELL cockroach pandey. i cant understand why girls like him so disgusting boy Not So Cool like salman & Sharukh nor So gabru jawan like arjun kapoor nor so dashing like OTHER HEROES than why girl die on him.( poor girl cant understand Bihaan personality very different from actors his name is enough to kill girls.his cute face, lovely eyes,angry looks,Nice expression kill girls.Am i right girls? his each & every activity is being loved by girls..this is to all bihaan lovers. I m also bihaan lover ) now returning to ff as i m lost in explaining bihaan.
Riya listen her whispering and say.”
oh cutie u never understand His eyes, his PERSONALITY enough for a girl to fall for him.
omg so handsome he is.”
thapki:”oh stop it riya he is not so good that u Began to DESCRIBE Him.In my eyes he is always a COCKROACH.”
after that thapki give a weird look to bihaan and fumes.
Teacher call vaani chaturvedi (thapki) name.
she stood up and say Present teacher.
bihaan(thinks):” oh so this Chuk chuk gadi Is vaani omg what a name it means VOICE yes i m right but her voice ha ha ha so funny now miss vaani Now i never let ur voice come in front me. i show u right path.”
rahul who understood bihaan.
rahul;” no bihaan never try to harm her or doing bad with her.Everyone here fears from her HITLER OF this school and KIND OF MUSIBAT for boys. so Stay away if u want to live peacefully here ok otherwi…..”
bihaan cuts him in middle and say;”Oh stop my boy HITLER MY FOOT. ok i will make her my servant and Than no one will fear from her MY WORDS WILL BECOME HER ORDERS ok.”
bihaan smile

hours passed now lunch time
thapki & riya r having there lunch And talking about the projects.
bihaan also having lunch with his friends.
suddenly a beautifuL girl enters she is Aliya ( bihaan gf)
aliya;!oh babu u r having lunch Here now i will feed u with my hands ok .”
bihaan(in mind): oh what a timing of aliya now i will show u Vaani ( chuk chuk gadi) that girls love me not hate me.
Bihaan:” ha dear where r u i m searching u but u r not in ur class room so i return. now sit i also feed u with my hands.”
aliya about to feed bihaan with her hand suddenly thapki Holds her hand and say;”oh DEAR PRINCESS this is class room not ur Home here u not allowed to do such things ok.If a teacher saw this u will be punished ok so bye bye.”she pushed her aliya about to slap thapki but riya holds her hand and say;”Oh dear g go if we will began to teach u lesson na U WILL become dadi amma so go its nice for u.”
everyone laughs by hearing riya words.
Bihaan;” how dare to talk to my aloo like this.”he goes toward riya bt thapki come in between.
thapki;” take ur ALOO FROm here othewise i will make her BHALU OK.
aliya;” oh u first speak properly u Gadhi.”
aliya is in REVENGE FULL mood but bihaan said;” leave her baby She never speak properly as she is CHUK CHUK GADI and lets go otherwise THIS PRAVACHAN baba will Start giving MORAL values.” boys laugh
bihaan leaves with aliya thapki is too angry on him.
riya;” dont angry cutie god will punish him.”
thapki;” not god i will punish him.”
she is very angry
riya thinks something and THROW water at her and say;”Be cool cutie.”
thapki;”U never change now i will show u.”
she Open her water bottle which is filled with cold water. a throw at riya bt suddenly bihaan comes to drink water in class and he is in b/w riya & thapki and whole COLD WATER FALLS on him.
thapki & riya laughs and other also laughs.
bihaan is hell shocked and shivers with cold.
thapki laugh at him and say;” b 4 bihaan b 4 bheeg gaya.”
bihaan become angry and say;” u chuk chuk gadi i will not leave u.”
he search his bottle and run behind thapki. thapki also runs but her good luck bihaan slips and again water falls on him lolz
thapki;cockroach u never beats me.”
she laughs and go as bell rings
bihaan thinks and get a MASTER plan to take revenge from thapki.

he thinks and smiles

now bye thahaan lovers
hope u like it

no regularity but sure entertainment

plz comments

Credit to: anu

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  1. wow superb…i love cockroach pandey n chuk chuk gadi….

    1. thanks kumutha for ur lovely comment

  2. Anu…you just rock it.eagerly waiting to read their upcoming twists and turns in their life.

  3. Nice anuji bt too much of rudeness in bihaan hope soon caring starts

    1. rudeness will continue but adter some epi
      sweet bihaan will soon
      bt not caring

      1. K anuji im waiting

  4. it’s really nice . t for thahaan ka t for thashan ghajab.

    1. thank u tara g
      yes its T 4 thahaan ka t 4 tashan
      love u thank u
      and plz keep reading

  5. rafay don kon

    End boht cute tha and lunch scene is very funy?

    1. as i already told it will be funny
      and Omg episodes
      thank u for lovely comment
      keep reading

  6. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Wow anu I love ur ff yaar the cockroach wala scene was funny 😛 love ur ff you write better than me I m jealous of u 😛

    1. no dear u r best best best best than me its my idea and some MY SHAITANIYA IN SCHL

      as i m so funny in real life

      thank u for ur lovely comment

  7. mineey(mishti)

    Wow!! Anu soo good.

  8. thank u mineey

  9. very interesting dr!!! & thnk u for accepting my request… eagerly waiting for the nxt epi…

    1. ur welcome dear
      keep reading

  10. It’s very nice anu! But i do’nt like bihaan’s gf! I do’nt want her to come b/w thahaan;-(

    1. hey maira u just have to wait & watch
      she never come b/w thahaan i promise
      and my ff only for thahaan ok

  11. bihaan ki deewani

    hi anu wonderful concept of cockroach pandey really made me laugh haha lol but thumbs up for u girl keep it up

    1. thanks dear and keep reading

  12. Why r u not uploading next episode

    1. i m trying my best u can read the epi 3 in evening or tommorow

      thanks for ur support
      love u
      keep reading

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