thapki pyaar ki (Anjaana anjaani) epi 1


thanks for all ur response now i m writing my epi 1and if i get positive response i will continue it.
so here it goes

On the way In morning
two girls r Cycling and going somewhere.
First girl:” have u finished ur HW its hard but i have finished.”
Second girl:” ha my cutie baby i have finished earlier.”
They both r talking and Cycling.
first girl is Looking beautiful, innocent, bubbly & like an angel.
yes she is our Thapki (vaani).
other girl is her friend riya.They both knew each other since 5 years. In every situation both of them r together and never believe others who say bad things to them.
Riya:” hey cutie yesterday when that stupid Adarsh Taunts u about ur Stammering i feels so bad but the way u Give him answer i m proud of you my Thapu.”
Thapki:” so what he thinks of himself he taunts me i havent mind but when he Say bad to Ma & papa i cant control and SLAPS HIM HARD now he never taunts anyone .”
riya:” yes my baby and than when u say about his habits of FLIRTING HA HA & u say KAUWA ( crow) to him i loved it. u r lovely my cutie.

Thapki;” so whats bad in it he looks like Kauwa ( crow) his hairstyle looks like MURGE KI TAANG ( foot of a cock.)
riya & thapki laughs.
Talking & cycling they r near to the school.
suddenly a bike rider about to HIT thapki
thapki screams & Riya is shocked
but the guy applies brake and thapki was save .
Thapki falls down.
she gets up and come near that boy who is dashing handsome wearing schl costumes. Who have no felt of guilt what he do.
thapki(in angry tone):” you Boy cant you see a Ggggirl coming.”
The boy laughs which make thapki red.
Boy;”GAJABB what u say ggggirl ha ha ha so u r A CHUK CHUK GADI who always stop in every station ”
yes he is our B 4 bihaan pandey.
Thapki;” first u break rules as here no boy is aaallow to ride bike in this age than u Hit ur bike with my ccccycle So u Indiscipline instead of SAying Sssorry u r laughing at me U bad guy.Looks like A COCKROACH AND ur voice like a MAD MONKEY.stupid!!!”
Bihaan:oh so u r A CHIPKALI (lizard) ALSO C 4 chuk chuk gadi C 4 chipkali. ha ha ha and u said i m a monkey what u r i told you VIRUS u know what is virus? i think u knoW and never dare to come in front of me otherwise i will kill you as u say i m indiscipline.”
bihaan about to go but thapki come in front of him and slaps him hard
thapki;” i was wwwrong u r not monkey u r a DIRTY ALGAE ok u r so spoiled child Cockroach khi ke. NOT ME u never dare to come in front of me otherwise Next day u will not on bike But on A WWHEEL CHAIR ok so stay away and respect others its good for u.”

bihaan is about to give her answer as she say bad to him and SAY SPOILED CHILD to him but suddenly rahul comes and he takes him to class room.
Riya;” wow thapu i love you again u Teach a lesson to a boy all boys r same but this guy whom u scold is not a ordinary boy Every girl likes him A handsome guy whom teachers also like.Last year he is in OUR ANOTHER SCHL BRANCH BUT he transfers here now saw what will happen.”
Thapki:” nothing will hhhappen riya If He is Sher than i m Sawa sher i will show him what a girl can do if he dares to come near me next time ”
the bell rangs and they both enters in the school.

In class
thapki monitoring class as teacher havent come yet suddenly she saw bihaan sitting and is shocked bihaan also looks at her with surprise.
bihaan(in mind) now U CHIPKALI CHUK CHUK GADI I will show u what i m.Destiny decide our meeting but now i will decide what will going to happen in future. he smiles.
thapki ( in mind):” u COCKROACH ALGAE NOW its nice that u r in my section now everyone will see my hatredness tttowards boys. u dare to give me answer now u will not able to answer anyone U monkey
she give a Weird smile looking at bihaan

so this is thahaan tashan full story if u want TASHAN OR FRIENSHIP WALA LOVE plz tell
do comment
want to know whether my plot is good or bad plZ tell
hey silent readers u also.

no regularity by ENTERTAINMENT FULL

precap:” Thapki throwing water at riya but mistakenly it all falls on bihaan.
thapki laughs which made bihaan angry.
again they quarrel.

bye thahaan lovers love u all

Credit to: anu

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  1. Nice anu….pls continue sis

    1. ok kumutha i will & thanks for ur comment

  2. cute episode

    1. thank u pooja dear

  3. Fatarajo(KRPKAB n EDKV fan)

    Wow anu it’s really very nice happy u r back with a new ff and also read the introduction just now and the precap is Hahahahaha lol

    1. thank u fatarajo dear
      waiting for ur comment
      love u

  4. That was awesome…thapki’s dailouge are better than bihaan…give some nice dailouge to bihaan too…
    And i want tashan …tashan and only tashan….nok jhoks were the only reason to watch thapki initially but nowa days only rona dhona…fed up of this yaar…you are my only support i guess…

  5. And ya, you should prefer college than school, it would be nice ,as than you can add scenes of fest and other activities

  6. Nice episode…..

  7. Hi anu..nice to see u back!! plz add some nok-joke btwn thahan…waiting 4 d nxt epi dr….

  8. Superb episode anu…thapki”s dialogues r awesome…waiting eagerly for the next episode. When u post the nxt episode dear..

    1. i dont know shruti dear when i will post next part but it will be funny & full of thahaan nok jhok
      thanks for ur comment

  9. rafay don kon

    Amazing aur nok jhok cute ha and bihan is right you should prefer colg.

  10. ok dear friends i will give good dialogues to bihaan too
    and so i will try to prefer college
    and nok jhok will continue
    thanks for all ur comment

  11. It’s really nice anu! Thahaan’s cute fight! I really enjoyed this!:-) hope so that soon their lovestory will start:-)

    1. thanks maira for ur comment.
      love u thanks

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