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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman giving water to Bihaan. He says I did not ask for it. She says you should drink it, its just water. He drinks. She asks did you drink it completely, leave it, why are you drinking it when you did not ask for it. He gets puzzled. Kosi looks on. Suman and Preeti get the glass for Thapki, and ask her to break her fast by drinking this water, which Bihaan drank. Kosi says Thapki’s fast will break this way. Vasundara asks Thapki to drink fast, there was no better way. Kosi gets gulel. She aims and shoots stone by the gulel. The glass falls. They all look around and Kosi hides.

Preeti says what will happen now. Thapki says its fine Maa, you all thought a lot for me, you all break your fasts. Vasundara says no, this won’t happen. Preeti and Suman say they will

plan something else. Thapki says I will be hurt if you stay hungry. Suman says Bihaan won’t agree. Preeti asks will you stay hungry forever for Bihaan. Thapki says I can do anything for him, you all break the fasts, please.

The husbands break their wives’ fasts. Kosi sees Thapki and smiles, thinking did Thapki think I m Vasundara, Bihaan is going to die soon. Kosi says all puja is done, everyone broke fasts, pandit did not come for Ganesh abhishek. Sankara says Bihaan is son of this house, he can do abhishek. Kosi says yes, let him do puja for the last time, I mean pandit will come tomorrow.

Bihaan does puja and Ganesh abhishek by pouring milk over the idol. Thapki and Sankara stand beside him. Sankara takes the milk in bowl. Thapki thanks Sankara for helping her and hugs her. She drinks the milk and breaks her fast. Bihaan looks on and thinks situation can change, but things between us can’t change, that’s why I had little milk from it, so that you can break your fast. Thapki thanks Sankara for help, and says I wish your wish gets fulfilled. Sankara thinks what will Lord help me, there is no milk, maybe this tulsi leaf is enough for me, I regard Bihaan as my husband since childhood, even if Thapki is with him now or not. She eats the tulsi leaf and breaks her fast.

Kosi asks Vasundara whats all this. Vasundara says we will doing tradition to design pots and then fill grains in it, and donate it to people, this four pottery wheels are for four couples. Kosi says good, but will Bihaan support Thapki. Bihaan comes and says I will support Thapki, Dadi started this tradition and I will fulfill it, I m doing this just for Dadi.

Preeti thanks Lord for new phone and says what shall I do with old phone. She calls Sankara and says I m giving this phone to you in charity. Sankara says I don’t know to use it, what will I do. Preeti asks her to message, call and click selfies. She takes selfie and shows her. Kosi calls Sankara. Preeti asks Sankara to keep phone.

Kosi tells Sankara that all couples will make pots and donate grains, will you not make pot with Bihaan. Sankara says I want to, but Bihaan wants to make it with Thapki. Kosi says fine, cry for our bad fate then, Bihaan has to make pot with you, else forget Bihaan, go and make pot. Kosi says I have to make Thapki away from my way, so that John gets the kidney.

All the couples sit to make the pots. Bihaan and Thapki mould the soil to make the pot. Preeti and Ashwin say our pot is made and show the small one. Vasundara and Bau ji ask them to make well. She sees Thapki and Bihaan not being able to make pot well, and asks them to make pot well for puja, think of your love and make it, see it will be made good. Thapki and Bihaan start moulding the soil again. Bihaan and Thapki think of each other and their love moments. Maujood hai har saans me……….plays……… They smile and mould the soil, while having an eyelock.

Bau ji and Vasundara make their pot. She says like some soil made this pot, our family is also such which is made of all of them. She prays to anesh ji. Bau ji says Ganesh ji has come to end all problems. Kosi thinks Thapki made pot, but it will break like her relation with Bihaan is breaking. Everyone take their pots outside. Vasundara says we will do puja and then fill grains and give the pots. She asks Bihaan and Thapki to keep their pot. They keep pot and see each other. Kosi aims gulel to break pot.

Vasundara tells about some rituals in backside. Thapki asks her to do puja, I will do. Kosi worries and says Thapki will see Dadi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Siddhi

    Can anyone tell me where is dhruv?

  2. pooja prabha

    Thahaans part is really charmful…Sankara,what a childish character you are…waiting for more Thahaan scenes in upcoming episodes.hi…Garima I think you are in a busy,you could not able to update properly…

  3. Better than before

  4. Divyasri SivaKumar

    Glad that Bihaan still has love for thapki

  5. Sunshine Zareen

    nice… but plsss finish this koshi part soon… I want bihaan & thapki together…

  6. i hope I can tell the writer too alwys keep ThaHaan scene even only 1 or 2 min only so that fans not get bored w the story… Fans only want ThaHaan…

  7. Sankara u r very bad.don’t think about bihaan.

  8. I think preeti gave sankara phone so it can come in use later on, when the plot gets unfolded.

  9. Pls CVs end koshi chaalisa….?

  10. wondering till now what does CVS mean ??????
    Can anyone elaborate it please ?

  11. Where is shardha now… she has not seen last 3 or 4 episode. This is stupid.. Ppl get lost without knowing.. even no idea abt tapki mom and dad and aditi and diwakar. .. stupid director.. plz bring on level the story plzzzzz

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