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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode strats with Vasundara lying to Poonam. She says Bihaan did wrong with Thapki before marriage. Poonam says I was worried. Vasundara manages the situation and scolds Preeti and Suman. Aditi sees Diwakar getting all the money from Nimmi. Raghav there and she talks to him. She tells him about Diwakar, he is a really bad guy. He asks how did she know about Diwakar so well. She tells him everything about Diwakar breaking marriage with Thapki. She says she tried explaining Nimmi a lot, its marriage tomorrow. He says if we can’t stop it, we can postpone it, and smiles.

Thapki sees Dhruv and goes. He gets sad. Mishra and Manju ask Diwakar to get the parlor papers. Diwakar is about to sign papers for registered marriage. Aditi and Raghav come there and try to influence Nimmi saying

about its Amavasya today. Raghav asks why can’t marriage happen today. Aditi says its very unlucky, groom or bride dies. Nimmi stops her daughter and says sorry, this marriage can’t happen today. Diwakar says its all superstitions. Nimmi disagrees. Aditi and Raghav get happy.

Bihaan recalls what happened and injures his hand. The blood falls. Thapki is downstairs and the blood falls over her maang. Bihaan looks down and gets shocked seeing her. Bihaan runs and comes to her. He apologizes. She says she can’t forgive the mistake he did. She tells about the cheat marriage and she broke this relation. Bihaan and Thapki turn and get shocked seeing Krishnakant and Varun. Krishnakant asks Thapki what did she mean. She makes excuse. He says some relations get linked unintentionally and we have to keep it. Everyone come there and look on.

Krishnakant asks Bihaan to understand Thapki, as she has married Dhruv now, she will make place in your heart like she has made in others heart. Thapki stops him saying and asks him about his health. Krishnakant asks Bau ji can he take Thapki for pagphere, he will send her with Dhruv in evening.

Vasundara says yes, sure, take her along. She asks Thapki to get ready. Vasundara gives the saree to Thapki. Thapki gets dressed and Vasundara compliments her. Vasundara asks Thapki to wera mangalsutra, as she can’t answer her family, will her dad be able to bear this shock. Thapki nods no.

Vasundara applies sindoor to her and makes her ready. Preeti asks Dhruv to pass tea to Bihaan. Dhruv passes it being annoyed. Kiran talks to Varun and asks is he going back. He says no, till dad gets fine, I will stay with family. Thapki comes. Suman gives sweets and fruits basket to Thapki. She tells Preeti that she has kept Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage pic in it, the truth will come out. Dhruv looks at Thapki.

Aditi gets the fruits and does not see the pic. Krishnakant sees the pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dragging,Dragging,Dragging…
    Please go fast…

  2. Sab kehathe ki serials me shadhi ko apaman karthehi.ok mebi manthihu. Esiliye dhruvu & thapiki ko fir se judaneki kehathe. Tike. Lekin ekbar sabike samne pachbuth ke sath judihue rishtha ko aap kese thodsakathe? Esiko kya kehathehe? esa karne se shadhi ko aoanam hothi nahea kya?

  3. After the marriage track,TPK take a bearable track……

  4. Ethana slow Q he?…… serial ko speed karona plz…. ….

  5. Its just dragging on n on.. plz makers make d serial a bit fassst we want druvki backk.. Poor dhruv..:'(

  6. plz join thapki and dhruv fast

  7. Meri maanna hai ki ye serials tho joota hai asli zindagi mein eisa nahi hota phir bhi kuch exception s yoga ! So be cool

  8. Saswat Panigrahi

    Faltu Bakwass serial

  9. Pathetic serial could thapki get married to bihan..all interest lost..maha faaltu ?

  10. Ye sare. Serial m kya ho rha h kisi ki bhi sadi uske lover se nhi hoti .
    thapki, amaya , dwara sab m ek hi story dal rahe hai.

  11. i think Dhruv is leaving the show,cant see why they doing this

    1. I would leave too if I was druv. The most stupid series ever. And for the people happy with bihaan and Thapki together I know it’s not real but truly ask yourself what’s inspirational about it. I hope the ratings in dropping in India because I know it has dropped in UK. I for one has stopped watching the stupid show

  12. In this serial really silly things are happen…so plz stop this episods n start its another part.

    1. In your thinking what will be happen in next?

  13. y they dragging too much..when they expose truth in front of thapki’s family…i love bihaan..feel pity for him…thapki n bihaan s cute n nice pair..better unite thapki n bihaan

  14. beginning of this serial was superbbb so I make daily rutin to show this nd I like so much this serial special office seens nd now office is so far in serial like no part….nd dhurv also not react after marriage no interesting..he is ok …if he react badly like devdas …then vashu try to be all is well ….lets see what happen…I hope somthing will be good with both lovers…..eagrly waiting for dhruv’s smile face nd thpki’happines..

    1. I know what you mean. In the beginning it was so nice and I also watched it even the repeat. And I know why people would want bihaan with Thapki but have people thought about how it is in the society. So does that mean Vasu wins and her son does not know the type of mum he has. Until I read any positive thing coming out of this series. I won’t watch it again. It will be nice to see Thapki as a strong character after this wedding fiasco.

  15. Mom nd i love thapki nd druv jodi…but abi ye rishta tho judne wala nhi. We r vry upset to watch dis.Dhoke ki shadi.Agar druv and thapki ki shadi ho jati aur us k baad vasundara ko thapki ka stammering pata chalta tho serial superb lagta.And nw its so boring.Ap phir se shadi kara dene se drv and thapki ki tho hamme acha lagega.

  16. I am so glad. Bihaan got to marry with Thapki. I hope Bihaan will fall in love with Thapki coming soon.

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