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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Dhruv to give one chance to Shraddha. She asks him to move on in life, Shraddha is waiting for him, come soon. She leaves. Dhruv sees Thapki’s pic and says I don’t know Lord’s wish, I just want to know your wish, I m going ahead to marry as I know you will stop me and this marriage. Preeti gets gold coins on the floor and goes to a room. She goes to hide the coins in cupboard and not tell Suman. Someone shuts her in cupboard, and Preeti asks whoever it is to open the door.

Krishnakant asks Aditi what is she doing with Diwakar, and these garlands…. Aditi cries. Poonam asks whats this sindoor and mangalsutra. Diwakar says he has married Aditi. Varun gets angry and says he will kill Diwakar. Aditi stops Varun and says Diwakar is saying right,

he is my husband, we did marriage. Krishnakant asks Aditi is she in her senses. Aditi says this is truth. They get shocked. Poonam says my Aditi can’t do this, this can’t be true.

Varun asks Aditi is she mad, she knows what Diwakar did with Thapki. Poonam and Krishnakant get heartbroken. Diwakar says he will stay in his inlaws home now and troubles them. Shraddha says I will leave now. Vasundara stops her and says Dhruv will drop her. She says she has one more shagun for her, and asks Thapki to get a packet from her room. Shraddha says she is very lucky. Thapki hears Preeti calling for help and thinks from where is the sound coming. She goes to Preeti’s room, and looks around. She asks Preeti where is she. Preeti knocks the cupboard. Thapki opens the cupboard and finds Preeti fallen inside. She brings Preeti outside and asks what happened to her. Everyone come there and ask what happened. Thapki says someone has shut Preeti. Thapki says she has heard Preeti calling and came here.

Preeti says she was losing breath. Bihaan asks who was shut her in cupboard, someone did this intentionally. Bau ji asks who will do this here. Suman says I will say Bau ji. Maybe some ghost did this. Dadi asks what nonsense. Suman says I think some ghost is after Preeti, or she is just thinking after seeing ghost movies. Preeti says no, believe me, someone locked me. Vasundara says we are glad you are fine. Dadi says take rest, we will talk later. Shraddha asks Preeti to take rest and leaves.

Thapki asks Preeti not to worry, she is fine. Preeti cries and says someone has really shut me in cupboard. Thapki asks her to rest. She wonders who can do this from their family. She gets Jhumka there and says Shraddha has worn it. She says it means its Shraddha and gets worried.

Bihaan argues with Thapki and asks her to switch off lights. She falls over Bihaan and they have an eyelock. Music plays……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nyc epi………

  2. bihaan thapki made 4 each other.cute tom&jerry fight

  3. thapki married bihaan..plzzz understood dhruv go ahead thahaan life…..both cute jodi

  4. i luv thahaan cute romance

  5. That sharda is evil. I got the feeling that she will cause more trouble. Can’t wait till the day to see that mad vasundhara’s face when she finds out that sharda is evil. She is always comparing thapki with that evil sharda.

  6. Thahaan rocks.?

  7. Unite tharuv. Plzzzz I don’t want thahan.. bihan is a cheater. U better divorce thapki

  8. Waiting for tmrrw…….
    Thahaan rocks……<3

  9. Today episode is good.Bihan you are a spectacular actor yaa.Thahan is always awesome.iam so excited for watching tomorrows episode.anyway,i wish a memorable DIWALI for all dear friends and the whole team of THAPKI PYAR KI……especially for Manish.

    1. sibasankar nayak

      U r r8 mis.

  10. Wow thahaan another romance tmrw…
    bihaan fall in love with thapki wow
    super precap

  11. thahan rockz……….

  12. Thahaan rocks luv u ?????????????
    romance on the track..
    thahaan is more more better than tharuv..
    thahaan is cute and adorable couple..
    made for each other…
    very soon reveal vasus truth and unite thahaan…

  13. I am disgusted that such a regressive story is being conceived and telecasted. What kind of demented writer will create an alternate universe where educated girls are tormented and forcibly married, and accept to leave within such forced marriages? And shame on actors who agreed to play such characters.

    1. I agree with you DG, this series sucks. where is the inspiration one is getting from this movie. just one blo*dy cheat marriage triangle and pple are excited about it. This series is fiction and not reality

  14. Omg tmrw precap was awesome…
    eagerly wtng…
    earelier thapki falls falls on bihaans arms…
    but tmrw will be special thahaan fall together in bed wow wow I cnt bear ma cntrl to wtch wt an precapppoopppp

  15. Wooww w8ng.. Tumarw.. ….
    thahaaanss romance ?

  16. When will thapki know the truth

  17. Thahaan???? love u we want thahaan I don’t like tharuv

  18. Woow spoiler alert
    omg …..?
    Bihaan fall in ❤ with tapkii….. ??? thaHaaaN…..? ❤ ? rOckzz?

  19. Wooow spoiler
    Bihaaan fall in love with tapkii…???
    ThaHaanN? ? ? rOckzz??

  20. Nice precap……………….shraddah is a negative character and I think during Diwali thapki knows the truth that bihaan is an orphan child

  21. sibasankar nayak

    Thapki is radha & druve is krishna both are made for each other

  22. It’s really nice precape.

  23. Wow thahaan :*

  24. Dhruv’s and thapki’s kahani is old and boring but Thahaan they will make a good couple. Thahaan rocks.?

  25. Lovely precap…waiting for thahaan fall n romantic eyelock again….its a pleasure…love u thahaan u rock…as a pair…remain d same as i love to see d serial becoz of u two only…tpk best show….thapki bihaan ki…..

  26. The story is becoming stupid and stupiter. As far as I am concern I thought Thapki was stupid but her sister is just the same. Glad I don’t watch it, I just read the written article to see if there is any changes between Thapki and Druvf but by just reading it I can see where the story is going. I don’t think Thapki and Druve will ever get together. What a shame Thapk and druvf, Aditi and Bihaan will make a brilliant couples

    1. They surely will ,but if have thahaan who needs druv thapki and bihan aditi.

  27. Stupid writer and director.. they r showing that cheater and evil always wins.. truth and true love never wins.. I wanna kill that bihan and vasundhara.. m quitting to watch this crap..

    1. Roji said it all, how will evil prevail against good, what message is the writer sending to the public. making thapki’s family suffer more because they don’t have money. making thapki who was motivated, strong will, ready to work to help her family become a salve to the pandey ‘s family. I am not telling the writer to unite thapki and rhurv together but he should make thapki send a positive inspiration to pple who have flaws like her. One person that I’m angry at is Dadi who pray and bless wrong doing and even encourage it.

      1. Thanks flwless for support… I don’t know where story is going..

  28. First time thapki called out for bihaan to help preeti babhi. ☺

  29. Luv u thahaan

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