Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aryan about to fill sindoor in her maang. Thapki takes sindoor silently and fills her maang. Everyone claps for them. Kosi is upset. Munna comes and asks why do you want to play with their lives, Mr. Aryan Khanna. Aryan says you have met me after many days and asks won’t you hug your brother Manav. Manav says he is not his brother, but Munna. He says you didn’t understand it, and blames him for his mum’s death. He says mum called you when she got heart attack, but you was busy. Aryan says he was in the meeting with his foreign delegates. Munna says you would have picked her call once, she would have been with us. He says you have snatched my mum from me and that’s why I eloped from here. He says when I saw the pic, I couldn’t believe when I saw Bani’s father pic.

He says I will tell everyone that you are a selfish person.

Aryan asks him to listen to him and says Thapki Bihaan Pandey brought me here. He tells him everything. Munna is shocked. He says Bani came here to stop Tina’s marriage and can kill herself. He says I will get you married to Bani and may be this way I will get my brother. Munna says you can stay here, but just to help Thapki, I don’t need your help. Aryan says I have apologizes to you many times. Munna folds his hands and asks him not to apologize. Bani comes and asks what he is saying? She asks why you are apologizing. Aryan says when I come here, he was doubting on me and that’s why feeling guilty. Bani says Munna is good and says our story is same, both of us eloped from our homes and stayed in basti. Aryan says you and this family is his, and now I came to him. He goes.

Kosi goes to Aryan and asks with whom he was talking to. Aryan says actually I….Kosi asks why is he stammering like Thapki and is about to spit pan. Aryan asks her to go out. She swallows it. Aryan says he was talking via blue tooth. Kosi spits pan on his shirt while talking. Aryan says I will not spare you next time. Kosi thinks how can he talk in engish. She gather everyone and tells that he is not Bihaan, but an imposter. Vasu asks her to be in control. Kosi says Bihaan didn’t know English and asks how did the miracle happened? Vasu says Bihaan is not illiterate and says Thapki taught him, and now he speaks fluent English.

Suman says you came to loot our house and not him. Aryan comes wearing Bihaan’s clothes and says I was waiting for her wrong move so that I can teach her a lesson. He says I won’t let you do anything, as we will not let you stay here. He gives her bag and asks her to go. Thapki recalls talking to Aryan and asking him to kick Kosi out. Kosi says I am your mum, don’t kick me out and apologizes. Aryan says I have to take you out. Bani comes and stops them. She requests Aryan not to kick her out and says I am standing infront of you because of her. Bihaan says okay, I will forgive her because of you, but if she do anything then I will not hear her. Kosi thinks you have stopped your barbadi which will ruin Pandey family. Thapki looks on as Bani hugs Kosi.

Kosi tells that she thought to get Bihaan and Thapki marry tomorrow. Thapki and Aryan are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Oh no! this is not good that bani want kosi to stay. Silly!!! Kosi knew Aryan ?

    1. Hello heera di,
      how r u..??
      see you after long time..
      everything fine na..
      di in which country do u belong..

  2. Wish u very CHIRPING morning to all..

  3. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I am really not interested in seeing jigyasa play two characters. I like watching a show of comedy. Hate you cvs …

  4. What is this…aryan is munnas brother..then also i think aryan is our bihaan.i think munna’s parents rescued bihaan and treated him like their son

    1. Hello Jasi di,
      how r u..??
      di r u Indian..??
      di please tell me something about yourself

      1. Yup..iam indian..and iam from kerala…

    2. Gaja….Bb !! Kerlaaa… meri do or didi(Navami di, Fidot di) kerla m hi rhti h…
      Ye bhi meri TU ki hi friends h..
      di plz tell me ur full or real name I mean to say Jis or aage…
      di do u know or understand hindi properly…
      bcoz sometime Navami di find difficulties to understant hindi…

      1. You can can call me jisu dear..and about hindi….in kerala hindi is a subject for us till 10th i can understand.

  5. Manav please be aware actually our Mani was very smart…
    yesterday scene was looking like Manav as a Dhruv or AK as a Bihaan I mean to say AK promise Manav that he will marrie ur with bani…
    but we know that bani is pair with AK..

  6. Vry happy to know that munna is opposite tina & ak is opposite bani. Waiting for their love story. Hope for a nice story

  7. Manyasa rocking. Manyasa=tpk

  8. Hey guyz…n wish u all a full Ghajjab wala morning ???..actually the epi is not tha boring..cause I’d really love 2 see jigs in 2 new
    Have a gr8 day guyzz..
    Keep rocking

    1. Hello Jani,
      how r u sweety…??

  9. is it confirmed that Ak plays opp Bani.

  10. I’m all cool here dear kudrat,’s u doing?! ..sab change?!???

  11. Just an OK episode nothing moreeeee.
    Hello friends…

  12. Vinolin.d

    It is not good. How they are writing story like this. how they are making aryan opposite to bani. It’s ridiculous. because thapki met him first and she has that feeling when she touches bihaan’s finger. Then she was senses that Bihaan’s feeling. Aryan is looking like bani’s father. then How She will fall in love that same looking like his father. then why they are showing thapki also sensing the same feeling. Police didn’t find bihaan’s body. If he was not bihaan, Then again one more bihaan will come ah? how many jigayasa and manish? It’s simply ridiculous. When she saw the photo, Then why they shows that bihaan’s face on that photo. If Aryan is opposite to bani means, it is not good because of these things. And Sandy wrote the wonderful OS yesterday. But I hope the will come like that. Hai my dear pooja, garima, reshal, anu, jo, sruthi, kudrat, sandy, simran,sri, leena, rifa, ritz, naira, vinni, navami, juvi and all my tpk friends….how are you? I miss you all guys. I am so sorry If i left anyone name guys pls…

  13. Sj, agree with you.vinolin.d; ari yer!! it’s just drama. so you just enjoy it.don’t take any logic. I want to see another new love story between bani and Aryan. if it’s happened then I will be happy.

  14. Oh I don’t like that young actors act middle-aged roles like old people thapki is ypung yet but it’s like old woman with nice face

  15. unite thahaan in another world please ?they would not be happy in this world

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