Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki saying I m Bihaan Pandey’s lawyer, I will fight his case. She says I m Thapki Pandey, I m his wife, I want permission to fight this case, I studied law and this is my degree. Judge checks degree and permits her. Dhruv’s lawyer speaks against Bihaan and tells his crime. He tells how Bihaan has been attacking people since childhood, he has beaten up people few days back, this time he tried to stab his father with a knife. The burqa clad person looks on. The lawyer says Bihaan should be punished severely.

Judge asks Thapki to present her opinion. She says it will be wrong to call Bihaan a culprit, his crime is not proved. She stammers. The lawyer says you are wasting court’s time by your stammering, it will take 50 days for this case to end, if you take so

much time to talk. Everyone laugh. Dhruv and Bihaan feel bad. Thapki gets sad. Lawyer says sorry, get another lawyer, or let judge declare his decision. Shraddha thinks who will wait for her lecture in court, Thapki gives lecture to family at home. Thapki wipes her tears. Lawyer says she thinks its joke to fight case, I request judge to declare decision, judge gives 30mins time to Thapki and asks her to think what she has to do, if she has nothing to say, court will take a decision, we will resume hearing after 30mins. Thapki looks at Bihaan. Dhruv and family leave.

Vasundara goes to Thapki and says great, you defended Bihaan at home and came in court, you are hurting us a lot by supporting Bihaan, he has hurt Bau ji, you have hurt me. She gets angry on Thapki. Vasundara says you are not wrong, but your tongue is not supporting you, as you are wrong. She goes. Bihaan comes to Thapki and says let it be Thapki, stop trying, everyone will joke of your stammering, I also did the same, you used to get angry and say a lot to me, don’t get insulted because of me.

Thapki thinks when she got angry, my stammering used to get less. She recalls how she scolded Bihaan once. The court case hearing resumes. Judge asks her to say. Thapki says you can’t take decision without hearing defense side. She closes eyes. She tells the lawyer that she will answer him, as he has blamed her husband. She tells judge and says Mr. Atal has counted Bihaan’s crimes, he did not say why Bihaan did that, Bihaan attacked some people in childhood as those people wanted to kill Bau ji, Bihaan saved Bau ji’s life. Dhruv gets angry.

Thapki says Bihaan killed few guys, as those goons were trying to misbehave with a girl, he saved girl from the goons, and Bau ji gave new life to Bihaan, Bihaan regards Bau ji more than Lord. Dhruv fumes red in anger. The burqa clad person sits in court and hears the proceedings. Thapki asks Bihaan am I saying right. She says how can Bihaan raise hand on his Lord, I know he gets angry, but he gets angry when something wrong happens infront of him, senior advocate Atal tell something where Bihaan did anger without reason and broke laws.

Thapki says it will be injustice with Bihaan to regard him criminal, I m sure court laws will not punish Bihaan till his crime is proved. Atal says you give good lecture, but I regret, court will decide on evidence, not lecture. She says I will get evidence to prove Bihaan innocent. She asks judge to give some time to collect evidence. Judge gives her 24hours time, and asks her to come tomorrow with evidence. She thanks the judge. Bihaan and Thapki sign each other. They all come home. Vasundara and Dhruv stare at Thapki and Bihaan and leave.

Thapki goes to terrace and checks two staircases. She thinks to ask neighbors whether they have seen anyone coming. The man says that tea stall in left open for long, maybe that man has seen someone. Thapki asks the man if he has seen anyone. He says no. she thanks him and goes. She gets thinking and milk gets boiled. Bihaan comes and switches off the gas. He says let me get punished, court will not believe me without evidence. She says we can repeat everything, we can get some clue.

Bihaan apologizes to Thapki. She says we will try this apology does not come between us till we are together. He hugs her and they cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thnx for fast update amena epi was superb……If atal gets in my hand.i slap him

  2. Who is responsible for Bau ji’s situation?

  3. precap is superb…..finally some thahaan a days i hate dhruv becoz he is against thapki today..

  4. what a precap……

    I hope this is not a dream sequence.

    eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  5. Tq so much Amena… Ur WU always helps me a lot as I dont understand Hindi language…Earlier I watched this serial without understanding what is happening but now I know what’s going on…I watch this serial after read to ur updates…atleast I have clear pic of the story… Thanx

  6. precap awesome ????
    thahaan hug gajabb i think after cold storage scene thahaan feels so cold that they cant stop for hugging each other.
    lolzz but i loved it
    now plz no rift b/w them and only love & trust.

    1. I think bihaan fixed an AC in the room finally??

  7. Good episode but still want to slap that burqe wala ediot but really I want to give him a big huge thx bcoz he again united thahaan without misunderstandings wow ! then also this tpk is really very strange all daily soaps have 2 romantic pairs but this one without any romance ran one year unlike supernatural and mythology all serials same topic but this omg!!!! I can’t imagine this director loosed his sense totally ooofff cud bring som sense

    1. instead of romance scenes director invente eyelocks 😛 😛 😛

  8. Haha.. sag n santosh…….i hav a spoof on the RAW idea u guys wr discusin ystrdy.didnt gt tym so sndin it nw . Its not that hilarious but the imagination just popped into my brain n i wntd to share.
    The episode is inspired from couple of real episodes… like the one wr thapki runs off with the dandia bomb etc… hw she solvs chalengz with prayers n her naive faith in enemies like shradda.
    THAPKI AS RAW( or cbi or wateva u lik) AGENT:
    Scenerio… thapki and bihaan RAW agents. Druv is their superior officer. Xyz is a foreign terrorist organisation.i hv mixd hindi n english for convenience of typing.
    scene :
    In RAW office:Bihaan : we have received information that a member of xyz is residin in a house in delhi.agent Thapki.. we shud plan an attack.
    Thapki ( naive as alwys): bihaan… i dont thnk they r terrorists. Tum hamesha logon par shak karte ho .
    Bihaan gives an irritated “do watevr u want” expression.
    Druv enters the office.Druv : thapki… we have received information that xyz members r residing at this address( gives her address). We want u to go in undercover as a maid

    Thapki (apologeticaly): nahi druv sir… bau ji kehte hai kkkisi ko dhoka dena paap hai. Aa aa aap to jante hai na ki mein kabhi choot nahi bolti
    Bihaan ( angry luk) : *coughs*.. ehem ehem… le phir se choot bol rahi hai!mujhe jo dhoka diya uska kya?! abhi tak aasu nahi sukhe.
    Thapki ( guilty luk): i i am sorry bihaan (same teary expressn n dialogue as last 2 wks) Ok il do
    the job.

    Scene 2…

    one week later thapki reports bak to raw office wr shes supposed to brief regardin the info she got from undercover maid operation.Druv : agent thapki… tel us abt their mission. Suna hai ki kahi par bomb lagane wale hai. Did u get the location??
    Thapki : dddruv sir… mujhe aisi koi info nahi mili

    Bihaan (stunned) : kya..???.to tu ek hafte vaha bhel puri kha rahi dhi kya
    Thapki : bihaan… me meine vaha khoob mehnat ki. dupatta se joothe saaf ki. mere Bau ji ne kaha dha ki aditi ki seva karo
    Bihaan (angry) : lekin tumari behan aditi to diwakar ke saat hai na
    Thapki : bihaan…. adhiti matlab guests. i wanted to prove that we respect them and wanted to change their motives n teach them goodness with love and affection
    Bihaan (furious) :achaa..Mahaan Atma….. mujhe to lecture de deke pada rahi dhi.
    Druv (irritated but calm) : leave it bihaan…. lets find out wr the bomb is.
    After much hard work… bihaan and druv locate the bomb in PN .the 3 of them reach pn n r tryin to defuse the bomb.Suddenly thapki starts running off with the bomb.Stunned, Bihaan and druv ask:
    Bihaan: kya kar rahi ho
    Thapki : il run off to the Cow shed with this….il cover it with some weight like last tym. u guys stay in.
    Recollecting how the bomb xploded last tym wen she did this, bihaan retorts with irony
    Bihaan : dhoda gobar bhi upar laga lena.
    Druv: ok..u guys dont fight… thapki…. plss…. i hv cald the bomb squad. my hand is still burning from the injury i got while saving u thapki.
    Bomb squad arrives… is unable to figure out whch wire to cut… finally orders for evacuation.
    Druv n bihaan step outside and notices thapki missin. they run bak in to find her praying.
    bihaan : Thappkkiiii… wat r u doing?!
    right wen they think evrythn is gona blow up, a bunch of rats enter and cut the right wire…. thereby defusing the bomb.bihaan n druv stare in disbelief
    Final scene:
    thapki is receiving medal of honour from PM. she gets promotted above druv. she takes out aam papdi frm her fav bag and hands it to PMBihaan and druv amongst te audience:
    Bihaan (speechless) : gajabbbb
    Druv : Bihaan ur really lucky
    Bihaan: y? bcoz i married thapki?
    Druv: no. bcoz u neva went to school ! itna padke kya faida. im goin.Bihaan:(laughing) :wr? to shradda?Druv (exhausted) : No… i hav send her on a suicide mission. im gona raise some rats now


    Thpki alwys seems to havv some rats come to her rescue.btw i typed in a hurry…so there myt be spellin mistakes n typo errors. also its alredy so long… wonder if theyl remove it durin modertion chek. i hv cut short a few jokes to decres length.

    1. tum ne to such me
      rai ka pahaad bana diya… 😛 😛 😛

      nice n awesome nd too humorous n funny

      It was best of this “bbbihaan…. adhiti matlab guests” n the “rats”…..

    2. That is cool.. You should try this out often!! 😀

      1. Thnx guys?. I thot nobdy wil read it coz its long. I thnk wn the episodes start draggin…this is a gud tym pass.

    3. ???????????????
      Bihaan ??

      1. Glad u liked it☺

      2. How about writing an ff with this theme… You’ve got very good humour sense…

      3. I liked the portion where he says dhoda gobar bhi upar laga Lena… I just imagined his expression????

      4. I wud luv to put up a spoof blog. Bt i dnt thnk nybdy wil interested to read it. Hmmm stil… wud be fun if we al cud take turns at a lil humorous spoof section.the director has given us umpteen loop holes??

  9. I think d burka person is rakha…. The fighter from d fighter club whom bihaan defeated

    1. Yeh… ho sakta hai… bihaan punched his face so hard tht hes no longer abl to show his face to public?.on a serious note… tht guy ws jus a guest artist n ws too buff.i dnt thnk the writers even remmbr him now

  10. Suberb and emotional episode!:-)bas ab jo precap main dikhaya hai wo thapki ki imagination na ho.i think ke thapki ko proof mil jaye ga:-)aur sab thek ho jaye ga:-)

    1. tpki ko bina proof bhi jit hi jayegi 🙂

      aur precap imagination na ho ye possible but sab think ho jay ye Mission Impossible

  11. Good episode..
    Stunning precap with Thahaan hug.. ??
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode..
    Is that burqa wala shraddha’s father..

  12. Superb precap finally thahaan scenes r back

  13. it would be nice……..if the written update is with dialogues spoken by the characters……..bcoz…..i tooo dont know hindi……but i watch without understanding……….
    In the precap there would be some dialogues spoken by thahaan…..can anyone dub in english and write here?????????????plz………

    1. B:” sorry thapki ”
      T;”its problem in our relation that we say sorry to each other bihaan now both of them never teases each other and share everything and never hides anything.”
      after that bihaan hugs her and they both cry with HUMDARD SONG PLAY IN BG
      dnt know right translation or not

      1. thank u anu!!!!!!

  14. Lovely(helly)

    Precap is awesome.guys I saw on twitter that thahaan unite romantically after winning the case.but don’t know the truth about it.

    1. I don’t hv trust on makers about unity news because they don’t hv commitment issues 😛 😛

  15. Wow these few episodes TPK is going so awesome, finally makers have started to use their mind and r showing thahaan scenes and also Thapki’s career I just wished that they showed Thapki as a lawyer from day 1, because I fear people may be confused and hence they stop watching this show. But thahaan hug is too good and lovely awesome precap. TPK rocks these days. Good comeback by makers also good suspense created. I am sure makers can do even better, and please don’t drag this Bihaan’s case like other tracks if they don’t drag na this means TPK is going perfect, and I really want TPK to get higher trps.

  16. Today episode superb..enakku pidichirukku.. Yaar killer ??? I like this suspens…hope not pandey parivaalo..

    1. Killer vaare yaaro… Bihaan vandha innocent… Pakalam.. Upcoming episode le 🙂

  17. It’s been almost a year and I m still watching this show it’s very rare for me to generally follow a show for a year but a lot of unnesscary dragging was there if not this show was perfect almost. I think only shows I m loving from what aired last year is TPK n TEI, n also KT. IKRS black magic track spoiled the show and YVR too much negativity also spoiled the show. I think there is only handful of shows I followed for a year more like beintehaa(first till last), Qubool hain(until azad’s death) , Veera , Ek Hasina , Yeh hain Mohabbatein(till surrogacy) are few shows I have followed for more than a year

  18. Ya saw in spoilerr Burkha Is shraddha pop

  19. Hoffffffffffffffffffff…….. finally bihaan ka gussa katham huva…………..
    Sorry hug……..and MG iv….

    1. hmmm awaited THAHAAN hug. but I hope ye koi dream sequence na ho….

  20. I dont know why i hav a strong belief that dhruv is behind this baujis murder. Bcz he want bihan to b away from thapki…. So that he gets thapki back. Its just a doubt

    1. no dhruv can’t do that

      I m sure that killer is not a family member…

      not even shraddha..

  21. 2day i loved thapki’s confidence and determination. I am sure she gets some evidence to prove bihaan innocent.

  22. thahaan hug gajabbb

  23. Thapki….i really like are the perfect partner of Bihaan.super excited to watch tomorrows episode.but its a sorry hug only……..

    1. But something is better than nothing

  24. my friends
    ankit say in a video;” dhruv thapki relationship bcome sour bcoz of bihaan now the new sequences will change the relationships.”

    what kind of change dont know
    may he create rift b/w our thahaan
    or he help thahaan in confession
    dont know guys what u all think ???????????????????

    1. Relations kiska bi change ho……. humara thahaan ka relation change math karo bahi DS………hooper wale se….
      ho…….. nahi ……Nahi….
      cvs se yahi request hein meri……..!!!!!!!!!

    2. genuinely based on cv’s past records possibility of rift between thahaan is very high….

      But hope 4 positive 🙂

    3. Does that indirectly applies that Dhruv is the one who tried to kill his dad as it says that now the new sequences will change the relationships? I m quite curious. I think the burqa person may not be the one who killed Bauji but he wants Bihaan to be punished for no reason

      1. Na…i dnt thnk druv cud injure his dad. I mean if he really wantd to make the route clear to marry thapki he shud hv stabbed shradda insted…. tht wud hav been a social service as well?
        One funny thing is how pretty n suman made a long list of family membrs hu werent arnd durin the incident…hence suspects. Bt we clearly saw the entire family gathered below the stairs. Bewakoof direction yaar

  25. wow precap is nice

  26. i hope the writers makes a new good hearted girl’s entry in Dhruv’s life.
    He has been a victim of many plots and conspiracy’s. This is the first time that he seems to take a stand and i already see many people started hating him for that.
    He believed what he saw.
    He cannot wait for Thapki any longer. She will never come back to him.
    He is so kind and respectful to everyone but still he got a girl like Shraddha.
    He too needs to be happy.
    This serial is really starting to get on my nerves.
    It just show how bad people are happy and good people are suffering.

    1. yes dhruv’s character is not bad even thahaan fans also agree on that but actually problem is what he still love to tpki nd what I think is definitely cv was kept something 4 thet problem

    2. Ur so ryt…. all plots of the serial end up as druvs misery.whetr it be vasu’s groom swap… marriage to shradda or even the fake n they say thapkiz kismat is bad! Luk at bechara druv… he shud stay away frm women… mom..wife.. ex gf…?

  27. Did they just hug???!!!! OMG

    1. I hope its not a dream again! Bt luked like a dhosti wala hug… well…somethin better than nothin.
      I didnt like todays episode much. But luved the precap. I wud sumariz the entire episode as “thapki to judge : ur honour.. aaj mein bhaashan dungi… kal sabooth lekar avungi.
      And judge replied :ok beta. Chai pani peeke aana”. I mean thre was no legitimate argument. Bihaan is arestd on the basis of just circumstantial evidenz n the xperiencd prosecutor didnt even call ny witneses. Not to mention…wudnt ny security notiz tht its a man behind the burka. I wud prefer an entire episode of hugs instd of this legal blunder??. Precap saved todays episode in my opinion.

  28. Anu….i think Dhruv willbe tried to make rift between THAHAAN,but…these will create their relation more strong.Iam sure THAHAAN is the finest pair…their is no doubt about it.

    1. exactly thahaan is ULTIMATE but after shraddha get exposed cv’s May create such type of love triangle but this is only prediction…

    2. yes pooja i also think the same
      may now no rift b/w THAHAAN only there love

  29. gud epo………….wooow suprrrrrrrrrr precap

  30. Yaar i think burqa lady is bauji. This is,his drama to make thaan unite. I m sooo sure its a drama of bauji. At the end where tapki couldnt save bihaan. Then burqa lady will pull up his veil and we will see that he is bauji

  31. Sam how com he be bauji becoz we all saw the burqa wala trying to kill bauji in hospital by removing oxygen mask then how ?!!

    1. I m sure there is drama to it. Ek knife say coma,mein kaysay jahsaktay hain

  32. A very nice episode. superb acting by Thapki.

  33. Tpk ….3 re telecast cancelled
    After 11pm
    Next Day 10:30AM
    Only next day re telecast 1pm

    ……… Changes……..

    Kasam and krishnadasi each 45 minutes episodes. …..

    I think low TRP. ……!!!!!!!!!

    1. no santosh this schedule is only for 10 May and from 11 May as it 4 retelicast…

  34. Hav u guys noticed tht thapki never stammers wen she says ” bihaan”. I dnt knw if jigyasa dos it intentionally….bt its kinda cute. May b she thot it wl bcom lik kkikkikiran

    1. Yes, it’s very cute and sweet and lovely. Xxx

    2. maybe kyoki hamari chuk chuk gaadi bihaan station pe rukna hi nai chahti 😛 😛 😛

      1. Haha gud one sag. But thapki train ko tho bihaan station mein hamesha keliye halt karna hi padega na?????

  35. Best bits on today’s episode were the looks between Bihan and Thapki. The way they look deep into each other’s eyes, the slow supportive blinks they give each other and the way Bihan hits Thapki in the Precap.
    Vasu up to her old bullying tactics.
    Is no one worried about the burka clad person in the corner.
    Thapki check the cctv footage at the hospital for the night bauji’s mask was removed. Use your head. You can do this,

    1. The way Bihan HUGS Thapki in the Precap. Gah! My typos! Sorry. ?

      1. Hahaahaa nimsha… u scared me for a sec thre yaar.Bihaan ” hits” thapki??. Then i thot u meant the “hittin on someone” phrase whch means line marna?

      2. Lol! ROshni! My typos are always bad and will one day get me into serious trouble. ?????

    2. I think tpki get something proof while she repeating half murder scene of that night. she can’t think about cctv

      1. I hope she dosnt end up stabbin bihaan while recreatin the scene?
        Wts the police doin. I find pandey parivaar very kanjoos. First they dnt hire servants n make their bahus do al houswork …. they dont educate their son…wont employ a guard at the gate… bijli bachane keliye lights sab off kar dhi durin the stabbin day… n now wont hire a detectv?.

  36. Wooow…..osum precap bihaan hug thapki

    1. Really?wil watch the video latr.
      Hmmm thapki shud hav bodyguards. . She hs more enemies the PM.Divakar … sakshi…. vasu… shradda… momentarily even bihaan… nw burkha wala.evn chutki n badki almst got her kiled ( tank incident… then makin her eat charcoal etc) Lol…alryt as long as bodyguard bihaan keeps givin hugs folowin rescues…..?

    2. Was expecting this to be honest! That’s why burka walla man woman is in the courtroom, to make sure they don’t reveal the truth.

      Vaus’s threat to Thapki yesterday that she’ll do anything to make sure Bihan pays was interesting. I’m wondering if she’s involved somehow. I don’t think she’d want to hurt Bauji, but she is too quick to blame Bihan.

  37. I hav som doubts.
    1) ?hasnt nybdy noticed how the incident tuk place inthe outsid balcony bt bauji fell off the stairs inside. Like i said last tym.. did bihaan n bauji do a Tango n reach inside.v al hv seen tht the coridor b4the stairs is long
    2) ?rich pandey parivaar has no guard even at the gate
    3) ?police dont seem interstd in investigatiin case or colectin forensic evidenz like finger print from crime site. They jus wana chat near the gate

    4) old man (bauji) fell off the stairs (rathr long one)… was stabbd… and arey wah…hes alive?. Ironically hes not on ventilator. Hes just left in a room with no nurse or relative or security with a suspiciously masculine lookin burkha clad lady enterin in.
    Shud i even bother mentionin tht the patient was gaspin for air n insted of the dr or nurses noticin this or monitors beepin… bihaan gets a
    telepathic alarm.??? reminds me of the mom in karan arjun “mera karan arjun ayega”.

    I hav couple more.. bt il lev thos for now. Wat abt evrybdy else… u guys hav somethin to say?

    ?One last doubt…. do houses in noida hv cow shed( instd of car shed) ryt near front door so as to greet ppl with the fragrance
    of fresh cow dung? ???

    1. You’re so funny ROshni. Yes yes yes agree! All the little quirks and oddities are what makes it more fun. Lol!

      When Bauji fell back after wrestling the knife off Bihan he fell into the shadows.msomeone could have easily been there, hiding.

      I have a suspicion on the porter man I n white in the hospital. He was shown in close up when they first showed Bauji in the room with the doctor talking to the family. Also, Bihan ran into him as he ran to the ward after his dream that Bauji couldn’t breath.

      I wonder if the actual target was Bihan, and Bauji was attacked to frame Bihan.

      Both Bihan and Bauji would have plenty of enemies. When we first met Bauji in the show he was threatening someone with a rifle in the house. Only trouble is I haven’t been paying attention to the people they kerfuffled with to see which one has a penchant for ladies sandals, lol.

      1. I thnk we make better detectives than tpk team. Ur ryt..tht compounder guy or wteva is shown again n again. But whoevr it be.. i blame thapki….? first she made bihaan blind with fury …. then diya jalate jalate she switched off all the lights??.poor bihaan n bau ji cudnt see a thing??

      2. Hahahaha exactly
        Your last few lines made me laugh harder ????

    2. I have many more such doubts…..There are so many loop holes in the story yet we watch….. how stupid we are as the audience to watch such crap with interest..???

      1. Il watch as long as manish is there?? btw … share the spoofs…. its fun laughin at it.

    3. Same only watching for manish ?
      Ok sharing some.
      1)in the beggining they show thapki wants to pursue her career as a journalist she muat have studied jaurnalism but now she suddenly got a degree in law
      2)if she was a lawyer why the heck she was searching for a lawyer, no one can defend bihaan better than her .
      3)noramlly family members are not allowed to enter ICU easily. how could a burka clad man/women entered???
      4)doctor was not even worried how the mask got removed this is something to worry about neither the family member think about it as bihaan was not tbeir who will remove it (actually its a kind of an evidence)
      5)why us thapki searching for proofs she jave could easily called the doctor to court (1.left hand 2 .mask got removed when bihaan was not there.)
      6)why police is not investigating crime scene as you mentioned.

      rest u already mentioned about stairs gaurds etc:p
      How stupid is the writer ??

      1. Journalism*

      2. Ps- ignore typing errors :p

      3. Haha..yup.. totally agree. U know… i think the reason y the writer made bihaan and suman almst illiterate is coz he himslf is so. I mean common yaar… audiences r nt stupid. V r jus ignoring it fr the sake of the casts.
        Like u said… thapki didnt attempt to bring in the doc. In reality…no dr wud say to thapki tht the knife went in from left to ryt …they wud share tht only with the police as forensic evidence. For relatives they wud say somethin like “the knife went in inthe right side puncturing his intestines”. This in itslf is a poor argument to support bihaan entirely sinz in an accidental stabbin.. handedness doesnt matter much. N the degree…. must be from Photoshop University of law. If she was a lawyr she cud hav gon fr a marriage annulment n etc etc etc… law degree dosnt suit our naive thapki

    4. Hahaha lol Roshni strikes again 😛

    5. Hahahaha omg yar last few lines

  38. Manish iv
    The scene is, thapki receives a letter that, if you wanted to save bihaan than ,comes to the given adress, thapki don’t infrom bihaan as he is too much angry knowing the involvement of third person. She fears if she told him, he may kill that person so she leave alon at night to meet him , but then bihaan as always have dream that thapki is in danger when he gets up he don’t find thapki, instead find the letter with adress, so he runs to that place. On the other hand mantries to kill thapki. But bihaan reached at time and saved thapki.Now bihaan now believed that he is not culprit but family still not believes thapki they think she is making stories. (And this track is going to drag.)Manish futher explained that ,burqa man is unknown and also not decided on script who is he,(lol cvs you are great). And further he said to his fans we are gettingg ur request and we r working on it.

    1. Not decided who is gonna be the mystery man? Worse. Nothing to say

  39. Is it sakshi….??

    1. Actually had a sharp intake of breath at that. LOL!!!

      It could be… She has a thing against Thapki but why Bihan and Bauji. Vasu would have been a better target for her as she slapped her, hard!

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