Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi giving photo to Preeti. Bihaan talks on phone about something. He ends call and says the thing is so good that Thapki will be back inside home. Shraddha hears this and wonders what is that thing. Preeti goes to take help from Shraddha to decide photo frames. She finalizes the photo frame and asks Shraddha to hold the photo, its Dadi’s old photo, be careful. She goes. Shraddha gets angry and says she is useless and gave work to me. She keeps photo there. She gets friend’s call and gets busy talking.

The photo flies by air and falls down. Bau ji keeps grass to cut. Preeti tells Shraddha that she ordered the frame and asks for the photo. Shraddha asks what photo, I don’t have. Preeti says I gave you, if anything happens to that photo, Dadi will be upset. Shraddha

says I kept photo there. Preeti says there is no photo there, it means its lost, Vasundara will kill us. Shraddha asks why us, don’t involve me in your mistake, you gave me that photo. Preeti says it does not mean you lose that photo, I will tell Dadi and Vasundara, see what they punish you. Shraddha starts acting and says do anything, lets see they trust me or you. Preeti cries and says Vasundara will kick me out. Shraddha asks her to put blame on Thapki. Preeti says you mean, putting fake blame. Shraddha says Thapki does many mistakes, elders will easily believe you. Dadi comes and asks Preeti about the frame. Preeti says frame will come by evening. Dadi asks for photo. Photo falls in grass. Suman and Thapki help Bau ji and keep dry grass.

Shraddha tells Dadi that photo got lost. Dadi asks what. Shraddha says its not Preeti’s mistake, Thapki lost it. Thapki gets shocked. Shraddha says Preeti left photo there, Thapki was around, photo is missing, Thapki can do this, she does not value the photo. Dadi scolds Thapki for snatching her husband’s signs, it was my last photo, I wish to kick you out, you are here for Bihaan’s sake. Suman says no Dadi maa…. Thapki stops Suman. Dadi says I want that photo any how, find it out, else even Bihaan can’t save you today.

Suman asks Thapki is she mute, Shraddha was blaming you, you did not say anything and stopped me. Preeti hears them. Suman says you were with me all the time, why did you do this. Thapki says for Preeti’s sake, if I told truth, blame would come on Preeti, she was given photo work. Preeti gets shocked. Suman says it means you took Preeti’s blame. Thapki says they all regard me wrong already, its fine. Suman asks how will you get photo. Thapki says I think photo will be fallen around here, come lets find it.

Servant comes and tells Bau ji that Lakhan has sent me, tell me what work to do. Bau ji asks him to cut the remaining grass. The photo is going inside the machine too. Thapki prays to Lord to show the photo, Dadi will be upset if photo gets lost. She sees the photo going to get cut.

Thapki runs and takes the photo in nick of the time. Suman shouts Thapki, are you mad, your hand would have not cut by machine, are you hurt, show me your hand. Thapki says I m fine, I had to save this photo from getting cut, this is Dadi’s photo. She gives photo to Preeti. Suman scolds Preeti and asks her to take credit for this, as you can’t do anything else. Preeti cries and recalls Suman’s words. Preeti gives photo to Dadi and says I found it. Dadi says you did big work and blesses her. Preeti says then give this blessing to Thapki. Dadi gets shocked. Preeti says Thapki saved the photo from getting cut, thank God nothing happened to Thapki, I lost this photo, not Thapki. Dadi looks on shocked.

Trishakti promo…. Thieves get inside the house. Thapki walks towards the room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tomorrow Once again boring episode coming ……!
    And today episode see the only Maahanathma scene…… missing THAHAAN….

    1. Check out me ff “music sheet” please it’s written by bella

  2. no thahaan scene….why the hell they showing this show then, they already know that we tolerate this because of thahaan scenes but they take advantage of this and sometimes put some crap in whole episode ….they just wasted my whole day

  3. hazel ^bubbly^

    Urgh!!! Tapki’s goodness is a bit over…

  4. Thapki hide the truth from Dadima about photo in order to save preeti bhabi ….after all she is MA. ??
    But it’s good some way ;Preeti understood Thapki’s goodness and told reality to Dadima. ☺☺
    And I think Thieves entered house is pre-planed By Bihaan for Giving back Thapki’s respect through saving home from robbery

    1. 50 50
      Mere mann mai be yahi ayatha…!

  5. Today’s episode was to short…… Oh no i don’t like trishakti episode… I like individual episode…. No this trishakti typesss….. :[email protected]

    1. same…. IKRS… ok but can’t tolerate SSK
      and it’s wandering ghosts. ???

  6. Yup missing thahaan scene…. 😐

  7. Missing thahaan scenes…

  8. Today no thahaan scenes so it’s useless to watch today’s episode now and trishakti is annoying it is so confusing

    1. Yes…..
      I am also….

    2. Confusing, boring and irritating . Can t tolerate this 1 and half hour trishakti epi. It eats our time lot. Why colors do like this? Today no thahaan scenes, tomorrow trishakti….OMG,already heat, they give us headache too.

  9. Very nice but need more romance between thapki an bihaan when both will realize they love each other

  10. BORRING AND ALSO DRAGGING EPISODE.Bihaan challenges that within 2 days they willbe rejoin their pandey family,when the 2days willbe completed?iam confused….friend MONI,waiting for your comments related to the upcoming twist of this serial.

  11. now Preeti is also at thapki’s side n also dadi has forgiven thapki its Gud
    n now bihaan will make every efforts to make thapki back to the house.

  12. Boring episode

  13. Finally preeti has changed…..

  14. Lovely episode.

  15. same…. IKRS… ok but can’t tolerate SSK
    and it’s wandering ghosts. ???

  16. same…. IKRS… ok but can’t tolerate SSK
    and it’s wandering ghosts.

  17. yeah preeti also thapki’s side

  18. This episode was boring as no thahaan scenes ?

  19. Druv’wife is evil undefeated wicked witch. .she should be kicked in the face several times. Out right making up lie, the panday family are the stupidest people alive letting her control them.

    Thapki has given up she just wants to get the hell away from these morons. You go girl. .

    Let them belive the dumb crap vasu and shradda is doing. she is just waiting to leave..however she still has a good heart.

    It’s kind of saying “f.u”.people.

    Gotta love she is making them look stupid.

  20. But ..writers please just have Thapki slap Sharradha just once…PLEASE. ..

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