Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha rushing to Dhruv. She tells him that Vasundara broke his marriage with Thapki. He asks what are you saying. She says your mum is your enemy, she snatched your love and happiness, its better to not have a mum than having such mum. He slaps her hard. She gets shocked and her imagination ends. Dhruv asks what happened. She says I came to tell you that…Dadi and Vasundara come to Dhruv. Dadi says I had some work. Vasundara says Shraddha was telling something to Dhruv, let her complete. Dadi asks Shraddha what was she saying. Shraddha shows care for Dhruv. They smile. Vasundara and Dadi tell about special puja for the new member, you both have to do this. Dhruv agrees. Vasundara says so its decided, its tomorrow. Dhruv says I will get puja items. Shraddha says I have to

break Vasundara’s secret out, I will do this, but how. She thinks to do something that her name does not come and Vasundara gets exposed.

Thapki asks Bihaan not to see her when she wears the short dress. She says if you see me in such clothes, I can’t wear it, promise me, no cheating, you will turn to other side and won’t see me. He says fine, promise, but you wear it. She nods. Thapki changes the dress and comes. Bihaan turns unknowingly. She hides behind curtains and asks him not to see her. He turns away. She walks to him and stands behind. He sees her in phone camera and says I can atleast see your face. She asks him not to turn back. She feels shy. He says fine, I will leave, you change the dress, find my fav blue tshirt, get that for me and my locker keys. She feels bad and stops him. she comes infront of him. He closes eyes and says what are you doing, you asked me not to see you and now coming infront of me. She says you can open eyes. He asks why. She says you can see me. He opens eyes and sees her. He compliments her and covers her with a blanket. He says you look more pretty in the clothes you like. She smiles. He says I will not ask you to wear such clothes again.

Vasundara gives Dhruv his childhood clothes. Dhruv smiles seeing baby clothes and says you have kept it till now, its so cute. She says its your time now, you will also keep your baby’s everything safe. He says I don’t know, the love, values you gave me, I would be able to give my baby or not, I feel scared, I don’t know I will be able to fulfill this big responsibility or not. She says you will do it well. She shows the toy Dhruv used to sleep with. He says you kept this too. She says it’s a sign of mum and son’s relation, how can I lose this. She keeps the toy and shows the lighting stars. He says you used to do this in childhood when I was upset, you used to cheer me up. He rests in her lap and tells her that he left his life’s all imp decisions to her, I know you will take care of everything, I have no worries. She cries and thinks I will always regret for what I did with you.

Vasundara switches off unnecessary lights at home. She sees Shraddha crying and asks is everything fine. Shraddha hugs her and cries. Vasundara says I understand your mood swings, come. Shraddha says I won’t get sleep now after knowing this big truth of yours. Vasundara asks my truth. Shraddha says I heard you and Thapki talking, when I was going to storeroom, I got to know the truth, you broke Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage. Vasundara gets tensed. Shraddha says you made Bihaan helpless to do all that. I did not know what to do and came here to cry, you asked me with love and I told the truth to you, I m so sorry, you don’t worry, the way Thapki did not say this to anyone, I promise I won’t say this secret to anyone. Vasundara hugs her and cries.

Vasundara says I m a bad mother. Shraddha says no, you can’t be bad, that situation and time was bad, I can’t believe you did this, how can you be so normal, when you see Thapki, Bihaan and Dhruv, you would remember everything and feel guilty, when we do mistake, you punish us, what will you punish yourself for this big mistake, you can’t punish yourself, I know you will be regretting a lot. Vasundara cries.

Shraddha says humans do mistakes, you are so good and think good for everyone, can’t they forgive your mistake, if we share our heart with anyone, heart gets light, I will not ask you to share this with anyone, you forget everything, I will not tell this to anyone, we will end this here, I will go now, Dhruv would be waiting. She goes. Vasundara cries. Shraddha smiles seeing her and thinks I will make Vasundara cry more, I will regret you more.

Bau ji asks Vasundara to leave the house. Bihaan asks Thapki to get Maa back. Thapki cries and promises to get Vasundara’s right back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thapki was so niz n dress nd niz epi

  2. i feel so sorry for dhruv……..
    the only one who did not make stammering of thapki from the beginning…..
    even bihaan made fun of thapki and illtreated her……
    but i dono why dhruv is getting punishment for all his good deeds……he is really good by heart……….
    this much long support for dhruv from me because i watching old episodes…..

    1. ur wrong. The one who loved with true heart was Bihaan not druv. He don’t make fun of her, but it doesn’t mean he is a nice guy who loved Thapki.
      If u watch it from beginn on, bihaan was more man then Druv.

      Bihann didn’t make fun of her, he just teased her. In one ep he said, that teasing her was a kind of Love, he showed her. Like nickname.

      In many ways, I was glad that Thapki get married with bihaan instead with druve. If not, she wouldn’t be happy like now.

      1. how can u say that druv’s love is not true………????????
        thapki moved on with bihaan but druv did not move on with shraddha………….now say who is true ???i accept thapki hesitates bihaan…….but my conclusion is all three (thapki,bihaan,dhruv)are true only………but why should dhruv alone has to suffer…:(

      2. wat is the difference between to make her fun of and to tease her???
        if she is not hurt by his tease its ok…but she was initially hurt ………….:(

      3. Wallowing in self pity and obsessing over someone is not love. Dhruv is one of those people who always got everything they’ve ever wanted( Vasundhra’s fault) . Nothing was ever denied him except for one thing, Thapki. Because he couldn’t get her he is now obsessed to the exclusion of everything else. How is that love?

      4. I feel, if something happend to thapki like rj Rahul did to thapki whn thapki ws druv wife… I don’t think druv ll handle d situation as bihan did… Instead I think he ll go to thapki n adviced her not to talk to such pple…. so bihaan is The Right Choice…. n thx to vasu. … she is actually a best mom for bihaan

      5. I don’t agree on this point that dhruv will tell thapki to not talk to such people….remember in starting when sakshi insulted thapki in front of all then dhruv came forward and proved the worth of thapki in front of not only sakshi but also the other people through the interview and that time he didn’t even realise his love for thapki… we can’t say that dhruv wouldn’t have done anything……definitely he would have done something….and last but not the least me too the thahaan fan….?

      6. agree with you all ……but not onething dhruv is obessed with thapki…….he loved her truely…..

      7. I agree with Bea and Simran.

        Druv’s may loved her but once he couldn’t get her, his loved turned into obsess.
        He made her suffer instead to take action. Imagine if the Situation would turn around, Bihaan would be on Durv’s place and Durv on Bihaan. Bihaan wouldn’t let this matter go easily off. He would anything to get Thapki back. He is much more man then Durv, who acts like spoild Kid.

        She was hurt indeed but in ion episode, Bihaan says to thapki, those nickname he gave her while teasing was special thing, wich only belonged to him.

    2. Yes I agree with u. He is the one who always supported or never made fun of Thapki’s stammering. But if Dhruv got married to Thapki by now show would have been ended as tey will just show vasu’s negativity, and then MU between Dhruv and Thapki and then seperation n then Bihaan and aditi love story they join hand to unit Dhruv n Thapki, then Dhruv n Thapki unite and then Bihaan Aditi marriage that will be sooooooooo boring. And I m so happy that it’s Bihaan marrying Thapki even though I hated this track initially because their nok Jhok is so cute love their HATKE story so it’s a good move to make thahaan a pair. And yes Dhruv is a ‘perfect’ guy anyone would want to marry him wheras Bihaan is an uneducated guy so he also have a flaw. And usually it’s very rare for a girl with a flaw to marry a ‘perfect’ guy I m not here to offend anyone it’s just my thinking and no one is perfect. So that would have been quite typical. So making thapki-Bihaan a pair is a good move but te groom swapping was a very wrong thing that’s why some tharuv fans r angry

      1. Yes u r rite fatarajo….

      2. Hein!!! Fatarajo ye kya tha??? Thapki pyaar ki season 2 ???hehehe…but I agree with you. .

    3. Such a long debate ! wow. Wel… both druv n bihaan fans r ryt in one aspect…both r gud guys and wud hav kept thapki happy..
      They wr united/ separated by fate.thts al. ☺Druv’s was a gr8 character til they turned him into a silent sufferer for sake of trps. Had they been real life charctrs both wud hav been great husbands… perhaps druv a lil bettr than bihaan coz in real lfe if u enter a radio station with a gun…ur in for deep sht load of troubl n ur gona b luked upon as a gunda….not a romeo (remmbr tht guy in news hu hijackd a plane to redirect it to his x wife’s place).
      On one aspect i beg to differ… im sure druv wud hav cald up the radio station owner and fired rj…may b even insultd him in his channel. And hes nt spoil brat coz like how bihaan nevr got mucha moms luv, hes had an emotional rift with bauji…infact bauji used to mak him pay room rent durin initial episodes. Druv was n is a reserved n dejectd charactr.hes got al the luv tht hes entitld to due to his genetics bt is unhappy.
      Bihaan is gr8 too bt i neednt say ryt…so many thahanians here.
      At the end of the day .. thahaan and tharuv fans…. i gota say fatarajo is ryt. U guys hav to remmebr its just a serial and story is manipulated for sake of spicy entertainment and trps. So if any charactr or couple seem unfit for eachthr…then ots the deeds of the writers. This is…aftral just business.
      Apart from wat has alredy been said… theres one thing tht makes thahaan a bettr couple than tharuv. If druv comes to knw tht vasu did the groom swap…hes gona consider as a crime regardles of whom she is. Bt both bihaan and thapki hav a common silly trait “maa ne kiya tho sab khoon maaf” aka…if mom dos anythin wrong…then the act shud be redeemed as “right”.so i thnk they both r perfect for eachothr ?????

      1. U r absolutely right sissy on speaking frankly i started cing tpk oly becoz of ankit (known him by veera starplus series)
        Ofcourse he is more handsome than in that series. So i started loving tharuv. When the track changed to thahaan from tharuv i started to like bihaan(first he doesnt impress me as dhruv did)
        He has become a lead so we r forced to watch thahaan soon our hearts accepted bihaann as hero . Thats practical too.although dhruv worried for his love a lot. Now he started to move on with his wife and baby .so we love thahaan and dont want tharuv track anymore

        But we have to def appreciate cvs fr their awesomest doings . When dhruv was a lead he looked awesomest,hansomest guy.bihaan wasnt, but nw bihaan looks awesomest nt dhruv???

        THAHAAN-MADE FOR EACH OTHER(this is my ff wat i felt)

      2. Areh I dont know how my comment leads to debate, kal dehleez ke page main bhi yeh huwa tha aur aaj thapki ke page main look main yaha debate karwane nahi yani apne opinions express karne ke liye aaya hoon 😛 sorry tried to write in hindi not so familiar with hindi 😛

      3. Haha…fatarajo… a debate is not a bad thing esp wen its done calmly. its jus an expression of diff ideas???. So no worries dear

    4. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

      Hello.. neenga yaarunu na therinchikalama..
      May i know who are you?..
      whats ur name ?

  3. Highlight of the episode MK acting really superb …..
    She is a very good negative actress. ..

  4. Moonu naal munnadi ellaru thapkiku bihaan dress gift panranu sonnanga photola pathutu enada idu aniku ava cut pana dress madhiriye irukenu patha payapulla adhadha kuduthiruku che….na inno edhir pathen anyways

    Hi kana ,nasreen,nages,ash,kums,roshini,fatarajo
    Ramzan mudiyura varaikum vara matenu nenacha but

    Unga comments enna koki potu iluthutu vandhurchu

    1. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

      Ramzan epdi pothu juggu ma..

      1. Ssuper ah podhu goms neenga epudi irukeenga

      2. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

        Nalla irukan..juggu..
        Waiting fa yur “ff” ma

    2. Ramzan valthukal juggu…epadi irukinga…naa ungga ff ku wait panittu iruken baby….naa unga Kekalama onnu kekalama????

      1. Edhuvairundhalu kelunga andha vanam venduma?? Nila venduma?? Illai natchathirangal tha venduma??

        Sollu santha ena vendum(aiyo konjam overa poche)

        Neenga sollunga kums enna vendum????

      2. juggu kekaran tappa ninaikathinga malaysiala one month ramzan appo morning irunthu evening varaikum virutham edupanga india angayum apdi irupingala??? tappa ketta irutha manichurunga sorry……

      3. Ama akka one month ramzan nale viradham dha well eat in mrng before sunrise and after sun set

      4. Idha kekradhuku thana ivlo build upuh idhula sorry vera ponga ka

        ore chinna pulla thanamala iruku??

    3. Pochu pochu ellam pochu etho twistnu soli thahaan trackku aappu vaikira mathiri etho plan panidanugal pola,etho tharuv track vara mari pechu adi paduthu,sathyama solran tharuv track madum vanthichu naan pakave maden.
      @juggu-pavam paiyanuku enna pana kashdamooo!! Unakethuku antha aratchi?? Ethu epdiyo namaku thahaan romance vantha sari 🙂

      1. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

        Kavala padatha kana..nama irukom..nama thapki bihaan eh serthu vachidalam..

      2. @kana ama ya thirupiyu tharuv track vara mari pechu adipaduthu dhruvu nalla paiyan tha but bihaan alavuku illa

        So cvs the conclusion is no tharuv track r separation of thahaan track thn nangala kola karigala marudha yaru thaduka mudiyadhu

        @goms,kums sry akkas na ramzan nala konjam busy ah iruken ramzan mudinjadhu upload panren adhu varaikum

        Let the suspense continue ……

      3. kana sis naanum promise pandren tharuv track vathuchi naanum parka matten….naa tamil serial vittu TPK parthutey thahaan track mattum…. atha viddu tharuv vathuchi dictertor en kitta setharu antha sotta mandaye kotti viduven….

    4. Hey juggu… actually thse days even im not watchin episodes… interest konjam kammi ayidichu.dont knw y. I just read bits and pieces of updates sinz i cant resist talkin to u al??. Btw “virutham”is fastin? Lerned a new tamil word?

      1. Ama sis viradham means fasting

  5. I don’t know what is the problem. …

    please tell me what is problem in my Samsung phone. ….I using the UC browser. ….

    This problem in last one month…every comment asking to enter the name and ID….
    Today change the my id but no use
    Same problem continue….

    baar baar mein ne name aur id enter karke mera mood kaarab gaya a…. phele aisa nahi hotha tha per abb 1 mahine se a problem shru hogaya a…..aur cmt bi teek thara se review bi nahi horaha a…. mein bi bahut kosish ki problem doond ne ki per nahi mila….. agar kisi ko patha a mera help kijiye…. ……

    1. Lol..
      I thot its some othr santhosh fakin as our santhosh ???

  6. I hope thapki bring her bak

  7. Thapki Bihaan Ki

    Please don’t break the pair of Thahaan……. I don’t want tharuv back…….. i have been watching this daily soap from its starting leaving a few epis……………… I love Thahaan…………. 🙂

    1. Dnt worry thahaan started loving each other so hope that no separation mistake if cvs keep any twists thahaan fans will kill them

  8. I am thinking about upcoming track…….

    Jab shraddha ki sacchyi patha chelega tab usko gharr se baahar nikaaldiya tho triangle love track shru hoga……

    Agar shraddha ki sacchyi jaan ke baadh bi usko maaf kardiya tho bihaan past life story ayega kyon ki wo culprit baath sab ko yaad a na isliye

    bachcha exchange drama (bihaan real son of bauji and dhruv bauji brother son )

    Cvs tho drama mai drama create kar raha a phir bi trp same position pay a
    Still 1.3

    Abb superwoman thapki kya karegi ……!!!,,??????

  9. Thanks Amena for this fast update…because,I couldn’t see today’s this update will help me to understand today’s part.Thahaan scenes are really is a shocking one.Waiting for more and more Thahaans scenes.Manish you just rocking yaar.Good night friends…

  10. Tahaan scenes were cool.. I like the way of story progression..
    Anyways I have some work.. So can’t comment for 2 weeks.. Miss u guys..

  11. I hope they don’t break up bhiaan and thapki..just to make druv happy. That would be wrong in so many ways. They love eachother druv needs to get over it.

    Why do I feel heart break for our beloved thahaan..??????

    1. Is tis parvini ur true name r nick name becoz my zrue name is parvin too☺☺

      1. My name is Parvini…not any other person I have met has my if you’re namedoing parvin…it’s amazing …even cooler we love thahaan

      2. Nice to meet u parvini .im jahana parvin,my sis name is vajiha parvin. I am a muslim. Ur full name??

  12. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Enna koki ma adhu… romba strong ah irundhucha….
    Innimey yaarum comment panna miss pannadhinga.. namelam apdiya palaginom… yaaru kannu pattucho nadula konjam problem vandhurchu… but ippo adhu sari agiduchunu nenakiran…
    I request you all… pls… come back to this sangam…
    Ama na yen…. request panren…sangathula irukra ellarum… inniki ajar anum.. first varavankaluku… gift voucher freee…….
    Yeppa bihaanu… kollathapa… love solrathuku munadi …aiyo… indha ponnu love solla matangudhunu nenchen… ippa yenda indha ponnu love solluchunu nenakiren…
    Avlo alagha marikitey poriye da neee….

    1. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)

      Bihaan mela avlo loveee ah nasreen akka

      1. Nasreen akka aduthava purushanna site adikradhe thappu idhula love veraya pavam ka thapkiku dhrogam pannadheenga vena manisha pudichukonga???

      2. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga vilayatuku than apdi sonnen.. ne serious ah eduthukadha.. pinna yenna pa.. neeye paaru… indha paiyan bihaan irukaney.. ivan startingla epdi irundhan.. ipp epdi irukann paaru.. adhu love and romantic scene la paaka evlo alagha irukan… adhan konjam ila ila romba poraaaaaamaiya iruku… mmmmm..
        Sari .. indha kana.. kumutha.lam… nages akka lam enga… nan than inga vangenu sonanla..
        Yenama neenga ipdi panreengaley ma…!!!!
        Sangathula paathi pera kaanom… navera perusa… list vera potuten… ana.. ippa andha. list la ullavangelam enga ponaganey theriyala….
        Yema ungalelam vethala paaki vachu koopta than varuvingala…
        Mayanna vandhurunkaga.. maapula mooka sami vandhurukaga matrum nam list ah illadha vangelam vandhrukaga.. vangamaa minnnal…….

    2. all ur comments make me to laugh out aloud……..:)seriously

      1. Nalla siringa boomi nikumvarai siri , vanam ediyum varai siri, ulakai udaiyum varai siri

        Sry yaar konjam unarchivasam patuten nee apdi orama poi sirichutu va pesalam??

    3. Tamil ponnu...SMN

      Hi Nasreen …I wonder enna problem bcoz too much to read in previous comments until nooru mella irrukuthu….anyway ippo all fine I’m happy…I’m going to start back my daily routine bcoz skool going start….voucher ellam theva illai yar.
      .ellam varuvom juz bz….Apporom hru?Well I miss good episode n going to c dhruv track which I really solla theriyilla….Ennai nenaicha pity ya irrukum…

    4. Ithoo vanthudden 🙂 juggu nee aniyayathuku nallavala irukka,nammmmaaa bihaanpa nammmma manish avana sight adikirathila enna thappu,nasreen nee sight adi,kan adi idaila vantha juggu ah adi i’ll support u.ada amampa intha manish kolran romance la pinni pidal edukiran thapkiya patha poramaiya than iruku mmm enna panrathu naama kuduthu vaichathu avlo than,intha gold award function potos la manish irukaneee naan ennatha solla savadikiran

      1. Tamil ponnunga-kana(1)

        Hey sorry thalivare naan type panna comments la namma sangathoda peru type panna maranthuden

      2. Tamil Ponnunga-Goms (6)


      3. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

        Ama smn akka… in previous updates we reached above 100 comments… Nowadays our comments are getting too below.. I dont know whats the reason. Anyways… keep commenting guys.
        Ennama kana solra.. sight adikalam kira.. mmm. bihaan adi kalama..illa . manish adikalama..
        indha kumutha ponnu enga pochi… ellarum apapa kanama poiyidranga pa…
        hey… indira serial pathiya.. indira ku marriage scene varudhu.. inimey bihaanukum thapkikum mrge scene.. miss pannadhinga guys…

      4. Hey ama pa manish sooooo cute adhuvu anniku katrina photova tear pannumbothu reaction paaaah… supr
        @kana gold awards eppo na pakunum.therinja sangathula report pannunga porulalare???

        Nasreen akka chennaila enga irukeenga onnu cholla matingureenga namma chennai ka pakathu theruvula kooda irukalam fblayachu chollunga

        Permission granted sangathula yaru vena bihaana site adikala(illana na adi vangirve pola iruku)
        K va nalaila irunthu ellaru crctah ajar ayirunga

        Yema ashu nangalu una naal thavarama vethala pakku poo palam vachi koopudro vaye ma…..
        Ennama nee ippadi panriyema….

      5. hi nanum vanthuten…..ellarum epadi irukinga chella kuttikala…..

      6. Ama pa irath(thahaan) marriage track varudhu yaru miss panniratheenga.

        Solla pona na oru 2weeks ah tha tpk pakre . Thahaan old tracksla tamila tha pakanum

  13. Monica acting super good. . . Awesme actress.

  14. Wow…. thapki was looking sooo cute in that dress and i just want to kill sharadha????
    i really feel for vasu??

  15. What is this yaar? What problem that devil shradha have? Is she mental
    ? sometimes problem with thhaan and now problem with vasu. What she will get by doing all this collapse? Oh director sir throw out her from this serial yaar

  16. After 2 weeks of very sweet episodes crying drama starts again.

  17. Very boring episodes from tomorrow.
    O god i cant watch dhruv on screen sorry to say but that guy just cant act.
    He is a nice person but not a good actor.

    1. I second that! He looks good n all but has the same expression when hez sad, angry or anything for that matter

    2. I agree…he is not an actor

    3. Yes agree with you if thapki had marraid to dhruv her life would be all satyanash

  18. There is some buzz that there may be love triangle. ..vasu ko gar se get out karenge…sirf thahaan vasu ka saath denge. ..sachchayi jaane ke baadh Dhruv thapki ke peeche padega. ..aur idhar bihaan bhi bhayi ka pyaar cheen ne ke liye guilty feel karega. ..aur mahaan aatma ne tho vasu ko PN vapas laane ki taan Lee hai tho kahi maa ke liye thahaan apna pyaar sacrifice na kar de….
    Mera guessing hai ki:
    Vasu gar se baahar…usse vapas laane ke liye thahaan kuch bhi kar sakthe hai..
    Dhruv thapki ke peeche…uska condition hai ki agar maa ko maaf karna hai tho thapki se meri shaadi karvado. ..
    Aur hamaare mahaan aatma jodi thahaan MAA ke liye maan jaayenge. ..
    Fir tharuv shaadi ki tayariya. ..thahaan rona dhona. ..thode emotional eyelock s bhi. ..
    Final shaadi ka din. ..lekin last moment par twist….
    Dhruv ko ye ehsaas ho jayega ki thahaan ek doosre ke liye hi bane hai aur thapki ab sirf aur sirf BIHAAN ki hai. ..fir kya???iss baar Dhruv hi thapki ki shaadi bihaan se karwaye ga. ..Thahaan Remarriage..thapki pehnegi mangalsuthr and sindoor bihaan ke naam ka….hogaya na Gazab….eaise thapki ke zindagi mein jo aadha adhura Dhruv angle tha na wo hamesha ke liye katam…ab sirf thahaan thahaan aur thahaan. ..
    Hehehe. .kuch zyaada boldiya na…but kya kare ??cvs ka koi barosa nahi. .kuch bhi ho sakta hai…isliye apna mann behlarahi hun…
    Dhruv ko vasu ki sachchayi tho pata chal gayi ab plzzz koi usse kadvi hi sahi ye sachchayi tho samjavo ki Thapki ab Bihaan ki ho chuki hai hamesha ke liye. ..thahaan forever. ..I hate Dhruv. ..

    1. Hai dosth…….

      Maa ne bihaan ke dimaak war kiya aur beta abb dill per war karega…….

      Sab kuch thapki ke haath mai a……

      1. Arey santosh…. chutti do thapki ko…. bechari…. aisa lagta hai puri duniya thapki ki meharbani se chalti hai

    2. Tamil ponnu...SMN

      Yes…I also read that article from Thahaan forever FB…hope not going to happen any love triangle…I definitely will stop watching if Dhruv get back Tapki’s love…it will b very sickening … currently track was fine n I was not able to see … when I’m going to see now , tragedy going to happen…?

    3. First of all.. y dos shradda want to unveil vasus secret and dig her own grave.
      1) If druv knws the secret he wil rekindle his feelinga for thapki. Bt i dont thnk a track of him goin aftt thapki again is apt sinz hes got a wife n a baby (pillow hi sahi).
      2) druv wil forgv shaddas othr enemy… bihaan.
      3) bihaan and thapki wil b respctd furthr for keepin this as a secret to prevent the family from.breakin apart (ofcourz v may see a drama wr druv wud b mad at thahaan for keepin him inthe darkness)
      Hmm… tpk is bcomin so loaded with illogical plots tht im losin interest.
      Ye log kabhi bhi nahi sudrenge.
      I havnt seen episode.. lekin aap logon ke baton se lagta hai ki monica did a great job. I thnk in tpk team… some of the gr8 actors include monica… bauji and diwakar ( hes so gud tht we hate him?).dadi is cute too

    4. Agar aise track hoga toh shraddha ka kya hoga sabko toh lagta ha ki shraddha pregnant ha?

  19. Yaar, mein thahaan ko khabi be alag alag nahin deik saktee a.

    if something like that happen. then i will quit show.
    tapki bihaan ko please yaar maat alag karoo.

    muj say bardaash nahin hogah.
    i think that vinlora saying right that tapki say shadi karay gah.

    bihaan maa kay liy tapki ko divorce dayday gah

  20. Omg…….bihaan’s love is so true, pure and unconditional……i m a great fan of this serial.Love thahaan’s chemistry and manyasa’s friendship!!

  21. please don’t start continuous drama again

  22. Omg…….bihaan’s love is so true, pure and unconditional……i m a great fan of this serial.Watching this serial right from day 1.Love thahaan’s chemistry and manyasa’s friendship!!

  23. just hate shrv

  24. do wat ig they break up bihasn n thapki.they broke up dhruv n thapki for bihaan.bihaan love isnt true it is forced out og helplessneds for his mom

    1. Hmm actually the marriage was forced upon them. Not the luv.they decided to stay togthr on their own.personally i thnk vasu wud hav loved to kick shradda out n remarry tharuv now

  25. Wow I wanted thapki to wear the short dress and Bihaan cover her that is what exactly happened that made me happy 🙂 and so sad vasu’s truth came out but it had to come out one day but wrong timing -_- well I m super disappointed with the fact that trp is still the same this week -_-

    1. ???that is such a cliche. This “ask a girl to wear a se*y dress and then cover it” dek kar muje chakkar atha hai abhi?????.
      Hmmm…. hey… lets list out some of the reused-and-recycled scenes of indian tv
      1) maine pyaar kiya scene. I ws really young wen this movie cam out. Indian serials hv immortalised a particular scene: guy gifts a short se*y dres to girl…she wears it… and then covers her up as though to say “i hv enjoyed the scenery darlin. Now u can wear ur usual clothes”. And ironically…its the husbands hu dos this in serials! Pati se itna kya sharmana. I hv seen this in so many serials
      2) dupatta gets stuck in furniture and insted of impulsively turnin bak..the heroin assumes its the hero and shyly gives a long lecture “arey ye kya…koi dek lega…chodo na…” etc etc without evr turnin bak
      3) over fashionabl intelligent antagonistic female? vs super naive righteous protagonist
      Hmmmm wel… if u guys recal more then do share for some fun

      1. Yes. .. there’s one more..
        Heroine girti padti rahti h n hamesha uska hero hi use bachata h… aakar apni baaho me bhar leta h…. n romantic song/music playing in BG n eyelocks also most of the tym…??

  26. I hate shradda but I love bihan

  27. Kal upcoming spoilers dekh ke tho mein bahut upset thi…lekin aaj morning insta pe gold awards ke manyasa and tpk cast ke pictures dekhe tho mann ko bahuth sukoon mila. ..aur meri kushi ka aur ek reason bhi tha uss pictures mein Dhruv hamare thahaan ke aas pass bhi nahi tha…hehe

  28. Bihaan &thapki ya pirichudathinga apdi mattu panna athukapram intha tpk pakkave matta.thahaan fans all want thahaan forever not tharuv.

  29. I love a lot bihaan thapki

  30. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    Hey juggu… na chennaila old perungalathurla iruken… nee enga iruka..

    1. Na madipakkathula iruken sis.

  31. Nasreen{Sanga thalaivi} - Tamil ponnunga

    we are neae to tambaram juggu…

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