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The Episode starts with Thapki talking to Kaka. He says he will talk to computer engineer who repairs systems in the office, maybe he can make the memory chip fine and recover the data. Sakshi comes there and asks Thapki to give the chip. Thapki gets tensed. Rachna and Suman dream to rule in the house. Vasundara serves them in their imagination. They smile and come out of the dream. They put water in the boondi and panic. The engineer guy checks the chip and says if interview is recovered, then its miracle. Thapki asks him to help. Poonam calls her and says she will apologize to them. Sakshi goes to her and says Thapki is very slow.

Thapki says she has to tell the truth, if interview is not recovered. Sakshi hears that the chip got fried and is shocked. Vasundara makes the cake. Dhruv comes

and everyone compliment him. They ask him to cut the cake, as Vasundara has made it by love. Dhruv says fine, for my mum. Vasundara smiles. He cuts the cake and they sing happy birthday to you. He makes Vasundara have the cake and she makes him eat too. Suman says she will apply cake to his face and Dhruv stops her. Vasundara gets angry.

Dhruv says you know I don’t like this. He tells Vasundara to keep the money. She says its his birthday today. He says I give you rent every month on this day, give this to dad. She says he is your dad, how can you be different from him. Dhruv says we were never the same, I know him well, this is the problem, dad has earned everything by wrong ways. She says I know, I can’t bear this. He says I m staying here just because of you, dad and I will always have distance, by our thinking. He says she made the cake well and leaves for office.

She thinks he is sad from within. Sakshi calls Dhruv and says about the problem. Dhruv says what, and asks how can she give the chip to any new girl. Sakshi says the girl has fried the chip, the interview is lost. Dhruv gets angry. Thapki prays to get the file. The engineer says sorry, the chip is totally damaged, interview can’t be recovered. Dhruv comes to office and everyone wish him happy birthday. He asks Sakshi about the chip. He asks Vivek to call technical team in conference room. Sakshi thinks Dhruv will fire Thapki today.

The engineer says sorry. Thapki says don’t say sorry, you tried your best. She is called by Dhruv and gets worried. She says what will I answer him. Bau ji is with his goat and talks to his servant, spending time with animals and laughing. Vasundara comes and gives the rent to him from Dhruv’s side. He takes it. He asks the servant to give it to poor people and smiles. She says its hard earned money of Dhruv. He says he is bearing Dhruv because of her. He says she encourages him, she made him educated that he got out of his hand. She asks him to explain him with love. He says there is nothing to explain.

Sakshi says we can arrange interview again, but the problem is Priya is out of country for 6 months, its my mistake to trust Thapki. She calls her careless. Thapki comes there. Dhruv gets angry seeing her. The engineer says Thapki will lose her job, poor girl. He sees the chip being read and gets glad. Dhruv says Thapki has done a big loss, sponsors, rival channels, audience and even Miss Priya is waiting, what will I answer everyone. Sakshi blames Thapki and says she will not be in this office, right Dhruv. Kaka brings the tea and gives the memory chip to Thapki, saying she has asked him to bring it from her desk, sorry, I got late while making tea. He signs her. Sakshi asks whats this drama, the chip was damaged.

Vivek checks the chip and the interview plays. Thapki gets happy. Sakshi is shocked. Dhruv looks at Sakshi. Thapki thanks Kaka. Dhruv says its wrong to blame anyone without the proof. Sakshi says she is saying the truth. Thapki says Sakshi is not lying, the chip was really fried, I was tensed, Kaka helped me, they took the engineer’s help. Kaka says he wants to say something. Thapki did a mistake but she did everything to rectify it, she did not fear to lose her job, but was worried for your hardwork, forgive her. Thapki says sorry Sir and cries.

Sakshi says its all drama on Dhruv’s birthday and new interns always got a chance to apply cake on his face. Thapki applies the face on his face and wishes him happy birthday. Dhruv gets angry and asks how dare you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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