Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu giving commentary. Shraddha comes to bat and thinks I will play my own game, will kill Aditi and her baby. She eyes Aditi. Aditi is tensed looking at her. Vasu says Shraddha is ready to bat while Dhruv is throwing the ball. Dhruv throws the ball. Shraddha hits the ball targeting Aditi. Aditi is shocked to see the ball coming towards her, but Thapki holds the ball at right time. Vasu says so you are trying to kill like this. Aditi is shocked. Dhruv asks Aditi if she is fine. Thapki warns Shraddha and says I know what game you are playing here, and if anything happens to my sister or her baby then I will not leave you. Aditi thanks Thapki with a hug. Shraddha and Bihaan continue to bat. Vasu comment that Bihaan’s team have to work harder as they made only 40 till now.

Sankara thinks she has to do something to make more runs, else they will lose. She sees the juice bottles at water counter. She goes there and adds some powder/drug in the juice. She says now Thapki’s team will drink this bhang, then catch our ball.

Neha comes to the cricket stadium and insists to go near her brother, but a man makes her sit and asks her to watch the match. Vasu comments that they are making runs slowly and says their total runs are 70. Shraddha turns comes again. She throws bat on Aditi. Aditi is shocked. Dhruv runs to Aditi and asks Shraddha if she is mad. Bihaan asks why did you throw the bat. Shraddha tells that she didn’t do it intentionally, it was just that bat slipped from her hand. Thapki warns her again. Shraddha tells her that she is not having time to hear her sister’s nonsense. She asks someone give me my bat. She plays match again.

Vasu comments asking Thapki to make Shraddha out and not to leave her. Shraddha is out from game by Thapki. Everyone claps for Thapki. Vasu asks her to get out. Kabir says good job Thapki. Vasu says Shraddha has a humiliated exit and announces a drink break. Everyone goes to drink juice. Thapki stops Aditi from drinking cold water, and asks her to drink plain water. Sankara sees everyone drinking juice, and thinks now nobody will stop our win. She says Bihaan…you can make 4 and 6 runs. Thapki looks at Bihaan.

Sankara comes as a new player. Bihaan and Sankara start playing. Sankara looks at everyone. Dhruv feels dizzy due to bhang affect. Sankara makes more runs, as Thapki’s team couldn’t catch the ball due to bhaang affect. Vasu comments that it seems they have applied oil on their hands and making the ball slips away. Bihaan’s team makes 110 runs. Thapki requests Umpire for the break. Umpire grants her break. Vasu gives commentary. Thapki talks to her team and says why we are unable to hold the ball. Kabir says it seems like we are drunk. They opines that they have drank something wrong.

Aditi asks Thapki if she wants to win or wants Bihaan to win. Thapki says I want to play fair game and says I have an idea. She comes holding a bowl with green chillies and asks everyone except Aditi, to eat to come out of the effect. Everyone eat green chillies and get back to normal. Sankara hears them and thinks Thapki’s mind runs faster, although she stammers while speaking. Vasu comments that Kabir is bowling now. Thapki catches Sankara’s ball. Vasu comments Thapki made Sankara go away from Bihaan’s life. Sankara says I am not out and asks Umpire. Umpire signs that she is out. Sankara says your wife played well, but my lady luck…my wife will make me win. Bihaan says I don’t need any lady luck. Preeti comes to bat. Bihaan asks her to take just 1 run and help him come to bat again.

Neha watches the match happily. Bihaan throws water on his head and wears helmet…Kabir throws ball. Bihaan plays and makes 4 runs. Kabir looks at him. Bihaan smiles. While he is taking runs, Kabir pushes him and makes Bihaan falls. Bihaan’s shoulder is a badly hurt. Bihaan screams in pain. Thapki runs to him. Bihaan says it is good, that a husband gives pain and wife comes to put ointment. He writhes in pain. Preeti says his shoulder is dislocated. Kabir smiles. They help him get up. Balwinder tries to make his hand set right. Bihaan shouts. Dhruv says lets go to Doctor. Bihaan says no, and says I will play this game even if I die. Everyone looks on shocked.

Vasu comments that 6 runs are needed for Bihaan’s victory. Bihaan hits the ball in car. Kabir is about to catch the ball, but the ball is up high in the sky. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. LOL what?! Eat chillies to overcome bhang? I haven’t seen a show like this where medical science is butchered repeatedly, I can’t believe this show and the stupidity it encourages

    1. Alister La Frenais

      Rani, like you I am of the same opinion. I guess the show’s writers are catering for the gullible and naïve viewer. The show is going downhill very fast.

  2. Borrring filler episode again

  3. wao kabir ????at least you should have played a fair game….once a cheat always a cheat….first used thapki as a shield and now this in a game because you trust Bihaan more than your ownself….you know he will win ….if you were a man enough….. a man of your words…you would have given a fair chance to bihaan n team….. kabir-sankar-shradha are equals n thapki is the biggest hypocrite…..TPK CVS rot in hell

    1. yes u r right… he is a big cheater…it seems that his name should be kabir cheater..hate this man… if u truely beleive in lady luck then u do cheating

      Thahaan forever

    2. You are right… He knew that bihaan and so he cheated… atleast whatever bihaan speaks, he sticks to his words… and I felt upset for bihaan because he is doing so much for his family but half of his family supported the other team…what a disaster can happen with a person like bihaan.. bihaan who always believed on other people more and got hurt from them only..the spoiler said kabir will win by the cheating only..but i won’t feel bad because the man of the match is bihaan…anyways #thahaan forever

      1. Oh really dear .bihaan said I will die never ever merry Shankar then on 30december he fill sankar hair line and wear her mangle_sutra..
        Wah kia stick raha apnne baat pai?
        Bihaan never believed thank I always be outsider.
        Bihaan never ask thapki kahan tee tum doo saal Kai hua tumhera saat never..
        And thapki madam she also remain keep quite never stand up against kabir .she know that kabir is doing to harm bihaan and trying to take pandey nivas.. She remain statute…
        She also never trust bihaan
        Both are equally blame..
        And CVS destroy all beauty of main lead thahaan
        So much dragging..
        And more thing no Noe see that sankar what she is doing.
        I must say from tpk we got lesson that always evil wins and innocent always lose..
        I am not fan of thahaan or thabir..
        Jo nazer as raha so bola.
        Or kal bihaan will lose and wear thapki prize and again he say to thapki stay away from me..
        Please cvs I am silent reader I quiet tpk when you start sankar track I hate her I also hate new entry in the show it damage all show.. CVS you totally forget thapki parents house.this is first drama where gal parents disappear..
        Please stop this sankar and kabir track come with new story like aditi become Bari bahu of pandey nivas and ordering her elder sister thapki..
        Bihaan and dgru fight because their wife
        Thapki and bihaan leave pandey nivas
        And start new life thapki teach bihaan and so many stories and please on 14th February I want thahaan back new destroy new year gift and give bi..nkar marriage then on 2nd January you give us lollipops scenes for two min to maintain your trp your trip is stable since 3weeks because of thahaan fans if you non stop showing this dragging and separate than a an I must say your trip will get up to 0.7 just like isqh ka rang safaad.. Please it is humble request united leads couple
        Please finished Shankar track and kabir track

  4. Why even let pregnant women play when you know it couldn’t potentially lead to a miscarriage, isn’t it better to be cautious and prevent a situation where things could go wrong rather than hoping for the best?

  5. pooja prabha

    Bihaan you are the hero…the real hero of this show and this match.what a powerful playing yaar,spectacular.while,I don’t have so much of anticipation about tomorrows episode because CVS always tried to show the victory of devil characters.but the real facti s Bihaan already won the match because from the start to end he has to lead a fair match so the real winner is none other than our B for Bihaan.
    In this moment I would happy to say
    I heard the news that Manish going to marry in this year,its a very surprising news for me.anyway all the wala best dear Manii for your career and personal life…I am not a just temporary fan of you I am a ever time fan of youuuuuuu.

  6. Manish ki deewani

    Bihaan hats off to ur spirit I know yesterday u win.but ur style is superb shame on u kabir and Sankara
    In between I enjoyed vasu maa commentary and that dialogue in which she said thapki u separate Sankara from ur Bihaan.Thahaan forever love u Bihaan
    CVS join our thahaan and end this track
    Hello pooja garima vino santhosh Bhai shruti Bhai break lambi ho gayi hai
    Sadaf thanks dear 4 the link

  7. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    whether cvs replace TPK writer of the series? if this news is true?

  8. Disappointed by the lack of Thabir scenes, i thought the story would move on but it was just another filler episode.

  9. Neha’s in the crowd, I’m intrigued to know how the story will progress, cant wait for tomorrow’s episode. The preach seemed rather overdramatic but thats TPK for you. Hoping for more Thabir tomorrow!

  10. Thabir rock!!!! only reason i watch this show

  11. bihaan look like sachin today.super bating .lov u lot

    1. Bihaan rocking u… stay blessed….

  12. Bihaan u r great… Kabir u cheater….. i want to kill u…. always a cheater man…. lady luck what a joke if u truely believe on what u says then why u do cheating … non sense stupid person on tpk….

    Bihaan Pandey keep rocking
    Love u loads

  13. Thahaan forever…

    PLz CV don’t hurt bihaan too much…

    he is suffering from start by her mother and now from her wife…

    Let him free to live his life peacefully

  14. Give ThaBir a chance cv’s hoping for more scenes

  15. Thabir forever!!!! thanks for wu

  16. thabir thabir thabir thabir thabir thabir

    pair rocks, won to see more of them

  17. Superb Bihaan..once again you rocked.. ☺☺

    Thahaan always ☺

    1. Thahaan for ever

  18. thapki kabir <3

  19. Thahaan forever…

    Plz Cv reunite our thahaan

  20. Thahaan Forever……

    Kabir cheater….

  21. Thabir what thabir there won’t be any thabir. I don’t know why people thinking that there will be thabir. Come on stop dreaming and face the fact it will be thahaan at the end.

  22. plz stop this nonsense….a lot of stories u can make…even u can taje the ideas frm supr thahaan ff u are taking much care on stupid lines and dragging….

  23. How long is this cricket match going to go on for??? The other thing l do not understand is why are they letting Sharaddha and Aditi play when they are both pregant, please make ths program more realist.

  24. please do not prolong the series with unnecessary things,..we just want the truth about shankar and kabir revealed..why it has take so much time???

    1. yes.. I can’t wait to see sankara’s evil & kabir’s motive get reveal soon. It has been too long.. ??
      till now just kabir who knows sankara’s bad deeds.. but unfortunately he keeps silent for his own purpose.. ??

  25. Why they let Aditi play such game ? mdr and Shraddha is mad , no one slaps her , like nothing happens ! she’s trying to kill her baby ! this show should end soon

  26. I enjoyed the fun.

  27. tpk full of stupidity… two pregnant ladies playing cricket…
    mirchi used ??????? formula.
    fair khelne wale….two cheater….

    sb do do… .

    to do. ande bhi mar do writer ko ???????
    .. ghatiyapanti

  28. get lost kabir.just remember one thing always true love will win .no one can seperate thahaan

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