Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki keeping the makeup kit. Shraddha threw the gift boxes outside. Vasundara says I got gift for Ashwin and Sanjay. Shraddha says we will go, we have to get ready for party. She picks the gift boxes outside and smiles. Thapki gets ready and tries fixing broach. He says I have to set my hair. She says one min. He asks can’t she do this small work, and fixes the broach.

Her hair gets stuck in his coat buttons. They try to free the hair. They taunt each other. Dadi calls Thapki. She taunts him and goes. Suman and Preeti praise Thapki for making face pack and hair oil. Shraddha thinks they both will scold Thapki in some time.

Kiran asks Suman and Preeti to dance till their husbands come. Dadi asks all the four bahus to dance. Kiran says its perfect idea, it

will be history in Pandey Nivaas. The people praise Thapki and wish everyone get a bahu like her. Shraddha says I will call dad and come. She thinks Thapki can’t get applauded.

Shraddha says I will soften and cool the snacks by this blower, I want to see when guests eat snacks, will they praise Thapki or insult. Vasundara says fine, do it fast and come in party. Bihaan coughs and goes to drink water. Shraddha says now have this snacks and insult that Thapki. Bihaan comes and asks who will insult whom? She gets shocked. He asks what are you doing here with this blower. She says I was finding my earring. He says you were wearing both. She says I got another pair for dance. He doubts on her.

She asks him to mind his own business and not try to be over friendly with her. She goes. He says there is something fishy. Sanjay calls Thapki. Vasundara takes the call. He asks how can we wear these clothes. She says Thapki is busy, and tells them to wear the clothes and come soon, party started. Sanjay tells Ashwin that Vasundara asked us to wear these clothes and come. Ashwin says we have to wear it if Vasundara said.

Shraddha, Thapki, Suman and Preeti dance on Prem Ratan dhan paayo……….. Bihaan hears ladies complaining about snacks. Suman’s face turns red and Preeti’s hair gets bad. Everyone get shocked. Suman and Preeti why are they staring us. They see each other and scream. They laugh on each other. The guests laugh on them. Preeti says they are laughing seeing us, what happened to my hair. Suman says your hair got stiff as if it had current. Preeti says your face became red like monkey. They blame Thapki for this and run to their rooms. Shraddha winks to Vasundara. Thapki runs after Suman and Preeti. Bihaan thinks whats happening, snacks got spoiled and now this with Bhabhis.

Thapki goes to them. Vasundara says Suman and Preeti got insulted, look at them. Thapki says my Maa makes same lep and oil for me. Vasundara says you made them monkey and dog. Thapki asks them to trust her. Vasundara says you broke their trust. Thapki says trust me, I will make you both fine, you have to cut the cake too. Suman says we trust you, please make us fine, what will our husbands say. Thapki says I will get the items, wait.

Thapki brings the items and asks them to sit. Bihaan stops Shraddha and confronts her. She asks what did I do. He says stop acting, you used this blower to cool the snacks, so that guests blame Thapki, I m sure, I know you did something with Suman and Preeti, you added something in oil and face pack. I know you did this to show down Thapki. She says it happened good, this should happen with that oversmart Thapki. Thapki comes. Thapki and Bihaan get shocked.

Vasundara tells them that she did not stop Shraddha from adding anything, Thapki is her enemy, we all are wrong, just Thapki is right, she is Lord…. Bihaan and Thapki are shocked by Vasundara’s bitter words.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think writer’s three months now going to finish that s why they’re showing this much drama ….And now Thaki will go her home.
    Hate vasu now she is emotionally blackmailing both Thapki and Bihaan.
    She need tight slap from Bauji.

  2. good episode.hai guy,did you remember nisha kabir.our cute romantic pair nibir.frds please any on start nibir romance as fans firctions.please.miss you a lot nibir.please replay.

  3. Amena good job.
    I have written a short story at
    Hope you all read it.. Do tell your views.

    1. Hi smile, really superb….
      Keep sharing happiness and joy where we live…..
      Good job yaar…..

  4. Nice episode. Thahaan looked awesome today! So Bihaan’s touch sends Thapki emotions spiralling… this is happening often now… Great! Just love this couple and Bihaan looks so handsome in his new hair cut!

    1. Yaar,bihaan was awesome and Thapki was very cute today in her pink and white combo !!!! Really loved it….and loved them…..both just kill and rocks…………………..

    2. yes my sentiments exactly !!!

    3. that pink sari was in the words of Preeti “awesome”,and Bihaan hair cut on point.

  5. Omg……pl…bihaan at least u free Thapki from ur house……
    And i think they might have given servants’ dress to aswin and sanjay bhaiya….as yesterday shraddha told them and today she will prove it ……
    And Thapki pl….give her a tight slap…shraddha deserves…..
    Everyone….Thapki , shraddha and mainly vasu deserves a tight slap…..that too especially from bauji…
    I think that vasu would have been like shraddha… I mean she too would have loved bauji only for money…..bcoz only if love is not pure,then they can and will hide their doings from their hubby…..
    I know bihaan will trust Thapki at all instances and circumstances…… As he know exactly what and who Thapki is……..and he also know well about his mum…….
    Pl….writer ji don’t make very harshy crying scenes for her….she always help others but god never help her……
    Pl….show as if Thapki or bihaan decides themselves to break marriage ater proving that everything is bcoz of shraddha……
    But we don’t want everyone in the house to hate Thapki…of course,
    I know bihaan will never hate her……at any cost…!!!!!!!!

    At last thahaan scenes were ghazabbbbbbb…….
    But then tomorrow Thapki will surely get to know that vasu and shraddha have changed the gifts also……for aswin and sanjay bhaiyya…..

  6. At last vasu’s raudra rup n admitted dats she was helping shraddha but thapki deserves it as bihaan always helps her n she rudely behaves wid her….n I know even after dis he will help her…go on bihaan u rock…..

  7. Writers make that three months to over soon pls…dragging so much…

  8. I knew that all shows will turn saas-Bahu saga at one point of time but never expected this Thapki Pyaar ki to become one. Only thing worthy to watch is thahaan scenes ,acting and dialouge. Besides that nothing else is there concept is totally lost. Life of stammering girl aiming to become a news anchor to the same girl tackling with saas-Bahu politics?????? Really???? Very disappointing . Precap seems to be better. That Thapki should really know that vasu’s evilness and cruelty and just stop supporting vasu and support Bihaan

  9. good epi

  10. Everytime I look at the witch shradda all I can see is the devil she has in her eyes. I hope bauji hears what vasu says and give her slap so hard that —— they both can go to hell

  11. Those 2 vasu and sharda are Naagins. When will them both will get exposed. Can’t wait till that day to come.

  12. I wish Bihaan is really Bauji ‘s own son. Like shraddha vasu entered in Bauji’s life breaking his real love with someone in past. And Bihaan is with Bauji’s real son in that relationship.

  13. vasu and shradha youu are just creep men …dance karte waqt bhi kash shradha gir jatii toh aur v maaja aa jata ….

  14. Thapki was looking like a rose and bihaan could not take his eyes off here. Dhruv too was amused with her dance.

  15. I have already stopped watching this serial just reading story sometimes.but they have shown everything wrongly.first they showed thapki and Dhruv liked each other and wanted to marry.suddenly they changed the hero now Bihaan is the hero and he also married to thapki wtongly and now they are showing that both will fall in love.that means thanks love for Dhruv was fake ?if she loves Dhruv how can she again fall in love with Bihaan ?we must not watch this type of serials.they are just making us fool.they are not using any logic.dhruv was good but he got very bad woman as a wife bec of his mother and he didn’t take any action just silently observing everything.its not interesting now so I have stopped.

  16. Thapki didn’t want to marry Dhruv ,only Dhruv and her parents convinced her to agree for marriage….. But she had given him the resignation letter also and refused the marriage….
    And u correctly said that he is silently observing every thing!!! If his love is true…how can he be silent….he should have taken a stand for him…but he didn’t….. So he lost her..
    U all see how bihaan helps her ,save her all times….. So no wrong in both loving each other…

    But my problem is they must unite thahaaan or atleast tharuv soon…reveal the truth……

    1. Unite thahaan………,…..they are perfect couple….

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