Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nurse keeping Thapki’s babies in the ward. Sankara comes there secretly and thinks what if Thapki melts down seeing the babies, and thinks to kidnap both. Just then she hears Doctor coming there and hides. Doctor sees only one baby and calls Nurse. Nurse says she kept baby here only. They search for the baby in the ward, as if baby went by herself. Doctor says if Thapki or her family come to know that twin girls are born, but one is stolen then they will file case on our hospital and get it close. Nurse suggests him to tell them that they could save only one baby. Doctor agrees. He comes out and tells everyone that your prayers are answered. Thapki is save. Balwinder asks about babies. Doctor says she gave birth to twin daughters, but we couldn’t save one. They all

get sad. Bihaan is in the temple. Dhruv calls him and tells that that Thapki is fine, and he was blessed with two girls, but Doctor could save only one. Bihaan gets sad hearing this and asks God if this is your answer. You have treated Thapki, and snatched my baby. He says I am going….and leaves.

Sankara brings baby to road and says I wanted to kill both of you, but I got just you, and asks her to die and suffer for her mum’s deeds. She takes a wooden box and cover it on the baby and goes. It shows that people are going on bike. Bihaan hears baby sound and sees baby as the tokri moves from baby. He runs and saves the baby just as truck is about to crush her. He says God gave me the baby this way and promises baby that he will never let her go, and says Thapki will be happy to see her. Thapki cries for her baby. Preeti asks her to see the baby who is alive. Bihaan comes and says your other daughter is here. Sankara is shocked and recalls keeping the baby on road to make her die. Bihaan says God has snatched our baby and gave other. He says he found baby on road.

Sankara thinks Thapki’s babies is like her, and is unhurt. Balwinder asks him to get baby checked. Aditi says I will get her checked. Bihaan sees baby and holds her hand. Sankara says Thapki said that this baby is of Kabir. Preeti says you said that you have changed and asks her to stand silently. Bihaan says Thapki said that due to stress. Dhruv asks if he is right. Thapki recalls Sankara’s threat and tells him that this baby is of Kabir. Bihaan gets up shocked and refuses to accept. He asks Kabir to make her understand and says you said that your marriage was fake with her. Kabir says Thapki is saying truth. Bihaan slaps him and asks Thapki to tell why she is lying and asks why she is helpless. He says I won’t let anything happen to you and asks her to tell. Thapki says I have told what I wanted. I am going with my daughter and Kabir, and asks him to take her from there. Bihaan cries.

Doctor checks baby and says she is fine. He don’t recognize baby, strange. Sankara comes there and says your father saved you, but I will see who will save you this time. Shraddha comes and slaps her hard. She says what do you think that you will fool me like others. She shows the papers and says you are blackmailing Thapki with this paper and hugs her. She says you have done good. She asks why do you want to kill this baby. Sankara says this baby will unite them. Shraddha asks her to use her mind and tells that Thapki is going and asks why she is scared. She asks her to take revenge on the baby and says she will lie, but due to your fear. Aditi hears them and says so this is the truth. She says I will tell truth to Bihaan. Shraddha asks Sankara to stop Aditi. Ranjha song plays……….Bihaan cries badly. All the family members look on sad.

Thapki and Bihaan get separated due to conspiracies. After leap of 7 years, will the lovers meet….

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Emotionally tied episode…unbearable to see Bihaans pain.Thapki…do you have any sense?what did you say?how much you hurt him….I would say I hate you Thapki…
    Precap,which points out Adithi and Bihaan get an accident,due to the effect of an accident I think Bihaan lost his memory…so ML drama is on the way…
    As a Manish fan you just completely satisfies me with your performance…Bihaan as a son,friend,brother,lover,husband…really excited to see Bihaan in a fathers role…
    Friends…reshal,garima,vino,any,sandy,sruti,navami,santhosh Bhai…

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hello pooja .pooja tayar ho jao tm 7 years badhi honay wali ho in a one day.with thahaan and thier daughters
      yaar being a Manishian i am also satisfied with his performance as u mention all and also brother in law but these pz people don’t deserve bihu.yaar me too exited , MANI is also exited to play tow roles .
      i am afraid if in ml drama this gobri devi claim that she is his wife or mother of tina than hate cvs more than before i can’t digest this .
      babies r sooooooooooooooooooo cute

  2. Aditi will die. Is this going to go same way as SSEL did after leap?

  3. Bihaan slaps Kabir hahhah will he ever change he gets too angry too quick then again he has a crazy wife like Thapki who always does drama she cant communicate with her husband, she makes the life changing decisions for him, he is her partner he has a say she should talk to him.

    Aditi will die and the actor playing Dhruv will change, 2 actors are leaving now maybe they even know the writers of this show have lost the plot.

    1. They’re both just as bad as each other, Thapki cant communicate and Bihan cant think straight without getting violent. Have to say though, Thapki is a master manipulator, she knows exactly how to manipulate people and exploit their feelings to get her way. Its always me me me and my Bihan, the person helping her bhala he bhaad mein jaye but nothing should happen to her or her Bihan. She’s willing to sacrifice Kabir and make him the bad guy by exploiting his feelings. Kabir deserves so much better than her. She is a disgusting character!

      1. Seriously,This thahaan are perfect selfish couple,they don’t value any other person.And Bihaan slapping kabir was, how could you expect some manners from person like Bihaan???Thapki is most selfish girl,she can use and abuse kabir for her own benefit.Thapki is ready to spoil and hurt kabir feelings and life and after the MU cleared between her and bihaan she won’t back off to kick kabir from her life.Thapki is ready to cut Kabir’s neck for the happiness of bihaan’s life,such a disgusting woman.
        Are you Indian fans watching it on TV???But don’t hope for more kabir and Thabir.There won’t be any Thabir in future and more prominent role for kabir.First cvs ditched us in the name ‘Thabir’ and then they kicked us like ball.They didn’t even consider kabir fandom request,now they reintroduced kabir,WHY???To gain more Trp.But guys don’t fall on their sweet trap,they won’t pair kabir with thapki(now mother of twins).So after leap,Kabir will be free watchman and caretaker of thapki and her child.He has to take care and give affection to the readymade child and her mom.Then again when things get sorted out between Thahaan,cvs would turn kabir to a phycotic obsessive lover for thapki in the near future.I am reading WU only not watching on TV

      2. +1 You said it well Hansa

    2. Yeh you can guess what will happen it will forward 7 years in the future and Kabir will be attached to Thapki and her child and the moment she will see Bihaan she will forget everything Kabir ever did for her and the sacrifices he made.

      He will get treated like crap and Thapki willl return with Bihaan and her other child and they probably will make Kabir bad again, after wasting 7 years of his life having a family and losing it I be angry too 😀

      Yeah its always me and my Bihaan yet she needs Kabirs help and trusts him with the truth she is one stupid woman.

      !st Dhruv was the male lead and they got rid of him and replaced with Bihaan so I aint surprised the actor who plays Dhruv has left, he even had a break after the whole Dhruv crazy storyline.

      Secondly they have definetly ruined the the character of Thapki who is always going on about what her dad says and what she has been teached and how she lies and hurts people just as much as others.

      It ruined Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi when Ishaani kept hurting Ranveer and now Thapki is exactly the same character.

      Bihaan wont even be Ranveer though 😀 because Ranveer was a legend.

  4. will u keep on separating bihaan and thapki why are u doing this sankara and shradah

  5. will u keep on separating bihaan and thapki why are u doing this sankara and shradah

  6. Indian cvs not only mocking d viewers# BUT# THEIR COUNTY’S# LAWS # JUDICATORY# POLICE# VALUE OF FAMILY#N# WOMEN#n# MORALS# they have no shame or respect for the realities# ##N# DEFEATING DARKNESS BY SHINE OF GOODNESS # their boring way of handling d shows #very quickly become# boring #N# protectabl # therefor after a short while # d attraction of shows # N# excitement of viewers# first will replaced by being shocked# then fed up# disgusted #N# LEAVE#

  7. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    cvs knows and we all know that the current high trp TPK become thahaan remarried, and thapki pregnant. but why unhappy episode was very short and thahaan separation will be made very long episode? if cvs makes serial TPK not to watch, why do not they end this series? please cvs create the movie by showing crime shankar and shrada and please watch yourself. I’m happy if people india nobody is watching a movie director and writernya no psychiatric disorder ….if cvs want to off air,please….

  8. As sad as it was I actually enjoyed the episode, looks like Shraddha and Sankar will be responsible for Aditis death. I actually thought with Aditi dying Shraddha can prove herself as a nice mother but what she suggested to Sankar to take revenge on the baby is beyond sick. Kabir poor bloke felt for him but again Thapkis decisions has broken Bihaan and put Kabir in an impossible situation. He was so happy holding the baby’s hand and then a few secs later it was so heartbreaking to see Bihaan and his baby being separated. how sad does he look in the promos whilst they show her happy, doesn’t seem right

  9. Manish ki deewani

    yesterday episode was full of emotion BIHAAN i can’t see u in so much pain which is given by ur loved ones .thapki i hate u sooooooooo much .do u even know hw much u gave him pain hw much ur words hurt him .thapki u gave him more than worse life .u don’t deserve him .hate u thapki .go thapki go with ur new bff kk.
    when bihu save his daughter without knowing the fact the love 4 her care bihu u r so kind hearted person hw MANISH portray the feelings its amazing .and when bihu came hospital again the baby and bihu short part but thapki u separate a father from his daughter and vice versa .last song part its so heart touching bihaan i can’t see u like this and thapki plz stop ur crocodile tears .sankri i don’t know which type of woman u r .
    in precap i think bihu know the truth and than shradha and gd sankri hit the bike .1 bihu memory loss or there r 2 looks of bihaan may b double personality disorder type .still confused 4 his two looks
    i am looking forward to see the father and daughter bond from montage tina take care of his papa nice .bihu look so depressed and thapki happy happy .
    poor bihu and his daughter sankri torture her .sankri tm dafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ho jao .
    cvs i hope bani and tina don’t call maa and papa to kk or gd .
    hello guys

  10. Manish ki deewani

    kk u came back and why u this time not interested to take revenge from sankri .now u know very well who burnt neha’s house in bihaan time u stoop so low a psyco revenger now a beegi billi what happen now sankri is in front of u .i can’t understand u .plz kill this sankri and take ur revenge

  11. same wahi ho rha h jo ssel m hua tha.but usme suhani ko kisi ne blackmail nhi kiya tha.

  12. The precap shows that aditi n bihan chase thapki’s ambulance, is that mean bihaan has know the truth from aditi? But because of the accident he got memory lost? But then why it’s shown that he has 2 avatars after the leap? Really interesting to see the next

  13. Wow cute babies cute parents . thapki u always hurt bihaan for this u make him go to jail. Sankar and shraddha both go to hell . irritating to see both o f them. Bihaan become handsome papa . wow bihaan is back.bihaan will have split personality morning he lost past memory so he looks cool. But in night he got memory about thapki and his daughter. Hope both girls will unite the parents.

  14. Vinolin.d

    I don’t know how to describe this episode.I am very very disappointed.
    what the hell is going on?I won’t scold actor/actress.because of they are doing their acting work.but CVS Is very least they have to show happyness for few days.there is no logical in this series.I think bihaan is twins.its just my guess.but let’s see.

  15. I have quit watching this serial since 2 days.& started waching on Rishtey .currently they r showing nok zok of thahaan,can’t bear soooo much sepration of thahaan

  16. Spoiler
    Bihaan and Sankara are living together with their daughter, Tina. Meanwhile, Thapki is living with her daughter, Bani, and later realises that she had given birth to twins.
    Thapki actual name is Vani chaturvedi,now she has given name to her doughter B for Bihan & Vani=Bani

  17. All I’m going to say is that it’s utter nonsense.

  18. very painful and emotional episode feeling bad for bihaan thapki and their cute babies sanker and sraddha go to the hell

  19. I’ve got the feeling that the CV are going to copy the Hollywood movie called the parent trap. It’s about twin girls got separated at birth. The girls goes to a boarding school and meet each other and hey get shocked coz they look alike and then hey swap palaces. I’m not sure but I think the story line will go like this. Hang on do the twins look alike? Do they look the same, its just that I just read the he update but didn’t watch yesterday’s epi yet.

    1. They not hey lol?

    2. That’s what I thought at first but in the parent trap they were identical so swapped places and they were separated at birth by the parents, mum and dad took one each. These twins are fraternal so that wouldn’t work and they think one is dead

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