Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha and Vasundara asking Thapki to wash clothes from hands. Thapki recalls Bihaan’s words and says I will wash clothes by hand. Shraddha and Vasundara see each other and ask Thapki to start work. Thapki sits washing clothes and gets tired. She finishes the work and takes clothes to keep for drying. Shradda says all clothes over, sorry, I forgot to give this bedsheet. The color from bedsheet falls in the clothes. Shraddha smiles. Thapki gets shocked and says I have to wash clothes again, how did this whitener get in this. The water goes. Suman reminds Thapki that water will come after 2 days, come and help me in cooking, Sanjay’s NRI friends are coming.

Diwakar is drunk, and laughs. Aditi tells him that constable called you by bad names and insulted you.

Diwakar fumes and says I m getting angry. Diwakar goes and insults constable. He says I gave wrong complaint in police station, I trouble these people. Diwakar’s parents worry. He says I blackmailed Aditi by using her bad pics, and married her, I trapped her. Mishra stops Diwakar and asks are you mad to say this. Diwakar faints. Mishra takes him. Aditi smiles.

Thapki helps Suman in kitchen. Thapki feels weak. Suman says did you not have breakfast. Thapki says I m fine. Bihaan comes back and calls out Thapki on not finding her. Thapki worries that Bihaan can see me. She tells Suman that she will just come, and thinks to change clothes, else Bihaan will know truth.

Bihaan looks for Thapki. Thapki changes clothes and comes out. She sees him busy on phone. Bihaan tries calling Thapki. She hides and goes towards the cowshed. She sits there. Bihaan sees her there and asks how did you come here, are you Miss India to appear and disappear. She says I was here. He asks am I mad to shout and call you.

She says I went there in lawn to get tulsi leaves. He sees red marks on her hands and asks what happened. She says I got hurt while plucking tulsi leaves. He says show me, did you get much hurt. She says no need. He says I m hungry, I will not think of you, fine, but I can think of my stomach. Thapki signs Suman to go. Bihaan asks her to give some food, he has to go out. Thapki says I made food, but I was so hungry that I had eaten whole food. He asks did you not leave food for me, what will I eat.

She asks him to have food outside. He says you know I don’t like food made outside, cook something. She asks him to cook food himself. He angrily leaves. She says sorry Bihaan, I can’t say why I did not make food, I was not here, I was working at home.

Suman takes utensils instead old clothes. Shraddha asks her what is she doing, let Thapki do this small work, you just command, you are house owner. Suman agrees and calls Thapki. Shraddha smiles. Suman asks Thapki to bargain and get big utensils, as maids do this work, not owners. Thapki asks the man to give three utensils.

The man asks her to take it, else she will get scolded. Sanjay brings his NRI friends. Suman welcomes them. Shraddha talks to them well. She gets a call and goes. Suman says I was waiting for you, Sanjay told me you guys are coming, and does not speak proper English. Shraddha and Sanjay look on as Suman embarrasses them. Sanjay says what Suman means. The guys laugh on Suman, and assume Suman is Sanjay’s maid.

Sanjay asks Suman to go. His friend says let her be here, she is entertaining, did you get her from villager, I heard villager maids made good food, from which village are you. Thapki comes and says India…. The man says another maid has come, I asked village. Thapki says I told the same, India, its big country which is made by villagers, 70% Indians stay in villages. She talks well and tells the importance of villages. She says villagers have big heart, where there is less noise and more heart peace. She speaks a lot about villages and villagers. She says village is something to be proud of, I m sorry to say a lot, I could not bear this, by the way you are assuming Suman to be maid, she is from village but not a servant of this house, I m the maid.

Vasundara gives first day earnings to Thapki and takes it as its rent. Bihaan asks Thapki how did she get another 500rs note.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thapki u should stand and rise ur voice for u also..don’t be Mahan aatma…

  2. Now suman will support thapki and I hate vasundra ???????such a cunning mind yaar

  3. Omg!!! Thapki thinks abt all but CVS doesn’t think abt her!!! So sad…..but only on Saturday Bihaan will come to know abt thapki’s work….very sad..bcoz of his maa,today he didn’t eat lunch also…..

  4. At last suman got touched by thapki…….good…go ahead thapki……but think abt Bihaan yaar…..Bechara…….

    1. Tomorrow onwards morning itself cook it…else he will fall sick….I am worried more than u…pl….

  5. wow!!!…mtlb thapki ko bhi lagta h ki bihaan kuch kaam ni kar sakta
    bihaan kitna trust karta h thapki par aur thapki ko thoda sa bhi bharosa ni h ki vo kuch na kuch to kar hi lega
    superb mahan atma , khud to apni education, apni degree bhul gyi aur bihaan ko nakara samjhti h

  6. Iss mahan aatma Thapki ka kuch nahi Ho sakta , I liked the part when Thapki raised her voice against the guy and praises villages, but then she is is a maahan atma. And where is Bihaan? He is being shown very less and according to Indiaforum Manish Goplani is in top 50 among Telly actors, I enjoy his one liners a lot

  7. GAJAB…..really super…

  8. Again they”ve started to dragging..I feel very bad for um happy thapki s doing all this for bihaanz I dont want to see her to wear such kind of a servantz drees n doing all stuffs..anyway plss unite thahaan. Al least plzz let thapki to knw the truth of vasu…

  9. Thapki find a job outside pandey nivas yaar… ?
    Poor Bihaan…… no food bcoz of B FOR BIWI

  10. Guys!!! Any upcoming news of tpk???

  11. This is not a realistic story. Pls made it as a real scene. Foolish & feelingless charactors ruin the drama.

  12. kuch bhi yaar.. kuch bhi kar rahe ho… is serial ki lead thapki hi ya wo b*t*h shraddha …. Kuch bhi dikha raha hai ye director bakwaas kar diya show ka. Wo kamini b*t*h wo to aise apna muh banati hai jaise lead wahi ho Band karo yaar is show ko itana injustice nai dekha jata. Had hoti hai kisi cheez ki, wo thapki bechaari kitana or sehan karegi. One Suggestion please change the name of serial. It’s not Thapki… Pyaar Ki it will be Shraddha…Cheating ki

  13. Hey guys next drama
    Thapki ko dhoodh mai shrddha ne fevi quick daalke philadiya hai uske mouth bandh hogaya hai
    Uske baadh bihaan ne knife se mouth kola hai
    Kya bakwas story yarrr …….

  14. Soooo bOoooooring noW pLEAse biHaan kuch To karo tumhari chuk. Chuk. Gari. Ghar main kam kar rahi hai aur tumhe kuch pata hi nahi ……………………….really friends main khud bohat SaD hoon

  15. bechara bihaan aaj bhukha hi rehna pada us e
    par koi baat nahi agar thapki ye sab bihaan ke liye kar rahi hai to
    but CVS plz.. thahaan ke romantic scenes bhi add kar do n make them fell for each other
    n yes one more question when will this three month will end

  16. Oh my gosh…Thapki pher start ho gayi apna probachan suna ne Ki liye.Plz kuch nayi dekhao.Sas-bahu ki drama se tang aa chuki hoo

  17. Arey Bhai kaam hi karna tha taw dhruv ki office mei jese pehley karti thee wese kar leti… Kya paagalpann hei iss dramey mei..

  18. i m sad for bihaan
    but i m happy as thapki now win heart of suman

  19. Vat rubbish thought yaar thapki.. Vo galath ka saath nehein dey sakthi aur nehein kabhi karegi.. Lekin vasundara kare vo kabhi bhi galath nehein he uskeliye.. I jst hate thapki.. Ithna mahan math bano

  20. Very boring please change title as Shraddha cheating ki as only Shraddha appears more and is very intelligent than thapki ; thapki is waste in this serial

  21. how can a man stand and look on as his wife is being ridicule and mock by people who call themselves his friends?. where is his backbone?. where is his heart?, what kind of human is he?.

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