Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv waking up in the morning and says good morning. He wakes her up. Aditi asks how I came here? She says I went to washroom and then I don’t remember anything. Dhruv says you came out and I filled your maang with sindoor and makes you wear mangalsutra, and then….Aditi thinks why she didn’t remember anything. Kosi is again walking on road and thinks if she is getting mad, and looks for tantric baba. Just then a speedy car comes. Kosi shouts if the driver is blind. She is shocked to see Thapki driving the car and says I will kill you just as you had killed me. Kosi is shocked and scared. Kali Mata’s painting is on the wall is shown. Kosi runs while Thapki follows her in her car. Kosi shouts Bihaan. Thapki drives the car. Kosi shouts Bihaan and sees him coming on

his bike. He stops his bike and asks what happened? Kosi tells Bihaan that she will kill me. Bihaan asks who? Kosi says car…Bihaan says wait, I will see and goes to check. He don’t see any car there and tells Kosi that there is no car. Kosi says it was there. Just then Thapki comes there in Vani’s avatar.

Sankara is getting ready and thinks Bihaan doesn’t look at her. Vasu comes there and asks Sankara to answer her right as she hates lies. She shows the letter and asks did you write this letter to Bihaan. Sankara says no, I haven’t written. Vasu says lie. She asks again and asks did you write this? Sankara nods. Vasu asks did you give her this letter and if he had torn this. Sankara says yes, and asks why you are asking me this. Vasu says I want to know everything from you, which you are hiding. Sankara says there is nothing to hide. Vasu says if you are hiding something then it won’t be good for you. She tells her that her eyes will be on her only. Sankara thinks she has to do something to that letter and thinks she can’t lose Bihaan.

Bihaan asks what you are doing here? Thapki says she came here following Ram Pyaari. She stumbles and falls on Bihaan mistakenly. Kabir comes there on bike and stops seeing them on road. He asks why he is getting close to his wife. He helps Thapki stand up. Bihaan gets up. Kabir says it is not right to come in between husband and wife. Thapki says Ram Pyaari is here. Kabir says Bihaan Pandey, an animal is here, he will bring. Kosi sees them and says Bihaan will take care of her. Thapki sits on Kabir’s bike. Kabir asks her to hold him tightly. Bihaan looks on angrily. Kabir and Thapki leaves.

Dhruv and Shraddha comes back home. Servants throw flower petals on them. Dhruv asks servants, why they are showering flower petals on them and who asked you. Shraddha says I told. Dhruv and Aditi looks on shocked seeing her wearing mangalsutra and sporting sindoor. She asks Aditi if she had a romantic night and blah blah. Aditi asks about her sindoor and mangalsutra. Shraddha says I got married. Dhruv asks what? Aditi asks when? Shraddha says yesterday night with my love….Dhruv. Aditi asks what do you mean? Shraddha says she got married to Dhruv star…and tells her that she has no danger with her. Dhruv asks Aditi to come with her, and says there is no point to talk to mad people like her. Shraddha looks at them and laughs….

Sankara comes to the backyard of the house and says she will burn the real letter of Thapki and will see what vasu does then. Vasu comes there and calls her name. Sankara is about to burn the letter. She keeps the letter back in the newspapers. Vasu asks what you are doing? Sankara says I was lighting the stove. Vasu asks why? When you have gas at home. She snatches papers from her hand and tries to search. Sankara says I can’t burn these papers on gas so I am burning it here. She asks why you are doubting me. Vasu says if my doubt is cleared then….She says old newspapers should be used to place in almari. She takes the newspapers. Sankara thinks she has to get the newspapers back now itself else Bihaan will leave her.

Thapki comes to Kosi and thinks see what happens after you drink this special juice. Kosi gets shocked seeing her. Thapki says I am Vani and not Thapki, and asks her to take juice. Kosi asks her to give poison and give her mukti. Thapki asks her to drink juice and sleep. Kosi is scared of Thapki. Bihaan comes and asks Kosi not to drink that juice. Kosi looks at the juice, and refuses to drink it. Bihaan says I have stopped you from drinking juice as I want you to take the tablet first with juice. Kosi takes juice and says you takes care of me. She asks him to have apple juice. Thapki says he don’t drink apple juice. Kosi asks how do you know? Thapki says bitter people can’t digest sweet things. Kosi drinks juice and takes tablet. She says I am feeling sleepy. Thapki asks her to stand up and makes her sleep on bed. She tells this is my special juice effect. She says you will tell your truth to everyone.

Kosi gets a message asking her to meet her in the backside of jungle. Kosi decides to kill her today itself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. j hate thabki……
    deaf and blind women.i hate her more than sankar.there is a solid reason for sankar”s behavior but thapki is ……………..

  2. Why no improvement in any truth?

  3. I didn’t watch TPK for a month and not read the written story, hope today the track is better and the truth comes out. But when i read this, i think this is more confusing and terrible story. Oh please give me back my thapki pyaar ki

  4. It seems they are dragging it again. Another spoiler said kosi will find out thapki’s ghost plan, and make it fail.

  5. Diane Almeida

    OH God, I hope Shraddha doesn’t get pregnant.

  6. I hope Vasu will find out the truth behind Sankar…But Thapki definitely needs to repend for her revenge on Bihaan when she comes to know about the truth..Because Bihaan had experienced more agony than her..and I wish he should not forgive her that Thapki will realize Bihaan’s love..

  7. I hope vasuji willbe find the letter soon…from yesterdays episode I don’t like kabirs attitude…Bihaan you are the real star yaar…
    Hello,garima,reshal,vino,anu,santhoshbhai have a lovely weekend…

  8. I think Kosi-shankar track will end soon then they will start shardha pregnency drama with Kabir’s revenge drama.I think Kosi might have burnt the house of Neha & Bihaan did not any idea about this

  9. The upcoming episodes of Thapki Pyaar Ki will witness alot of twist and turns.

    Thapki has made plan to scare Koshi and make her confess that what she has done with her till now.

    Thapki comes to jungle for scaring Koshi but there she gets trapped in net and shouts for help.

    Thapki tensed post getting trapped in jungle

    Bihaan comes there but she cannot take help from Bihaan because if she will do so then he will get to know about her plan.

    Koshi has actually find about Thapki’s plan, she has understood that Vani is Thapki and she is doing all this to make her confess everything.

    So she makes evil plan against Thapki to trap her and stop Thapki from exposing her before all the members of the family.

  10. Why is Kosi always win over Thapki’s plan.., so sad.. 🙁
    really want to see Kosi get catch red-handed..
    Get away Shankara too…

  11. Mona146

    guys can someone tell me why shraddha is staying in the family even when Dhruv has got married to aditi. Are they not divorced? Then how can dhruv marry? Why no one including vasu doubt shraddha for accidents happening with aditi even though everyone know about her?

    1. Because vani and kosi let srada still in that house become servant

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