Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara getting tape. She thinks it has marriage recording and plays the tape. She sees Shraddha telling Thapki that she does not love Dhruv. Vasundara gets shocked hearing Shraddha’s bitter words. Kiran asks Shraddha to come. Shraddha says I will meet aunty, I came in this house because of her, I will take her blessings. Kiran goes. Shraddha says if I have to get this house in my hand, I have to act like Sati Savitri.

Shraddha comes there and sees that video. She gets shocked. Vasundara sees Shraddha at the door and is shocked. She asks Shraddha whats all this, I trusted you so much. Shraddha gets angry and asks her to shut up. Shraddha takes knife and asks her not to say a word. Thapki and Kiran are also going to Vasundara. Shraddha asks Shraddha to say that

Shraddha is my fav bahu, this knife is very sharp. Vasundara says yes, you are my fav bahu Shraddha, not Thapki.

Shraddha leaves Vasundara. Vasundara gets stunned seeing her. Shraddha falls in her feet and apologizes for doing this. She says I had no way to prove myself innocent. She cries and says this tape which you have seen had same thing, I was forced to tell all that by Thapki. I told what Thapki said, I was scared. Vasundara asks did Thapki do this. Shraddha says yes, she did not wish my and Dhruv’s marriage to happen, why is she after me, she tried a lot to stop marriage, she was going to make you against me by showing this tape.

Vasundara consoles her and says I will talk to Thapki. Shraddha says no, I don’t want anyone to hate Thapki, I want to spread happiness, I don’t want to fall to Thapki’s level, I want to see you happy. Vasundara gets glad and gets fooled. Shraddha says promise me, you won’t tell anything to Thapki. Vasundara says you are really so good, forgive me, I misunderstood you, I did not know Thapki will fall to this extent. She sees Thapki and Kiran. Kiran says Dadi has sent me to give bangles for Thapki, which Vasundara will make her wear. She asks Shraddha to come with her. They leave. Vasundara looks at Thapki.

Vasundara keeps the bangles. Thapki apologizes to her. Vasundara thinks she will never forgive Thapki for doing this with Shraddha. She makes Thapki wear bangles. Thapki promises Vasundara that she won’t break her trust. Vasundara feels Thapki broke her trust and she won’t trust Thapki again.

Thapki tries convincing Vasundara. Vasundara thinks she will never forget this and not forgive Thapki. She does not tell her anything. Suman and Preeti have a talk about Shraddha. Shraddha goes to Dhruv’s room and is glad that she has become his wife.

Bihaan is annoyed as he failed and has to call Shraddha his Bhabhi. Thapki comes and he gets angry hearing bangle sound. He holds her hand to remove bangles. She says Maa gave it and he stops. He tied thread to the bangles so that the sound does not come and asks her to always have this thread. They both sleep on either sides on the ground. Shraddha says finally I became Dhruv’s wife, and that Thapki is fallen in Vasundara’s eyes. She smiles.

Vasundara praises Shraddha and says she will cook good. Thapki cooks food. Shraddha does not cook and her lie gets caught.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Totaay disappointing episode…….

  2. Totally disappointing episode……

  3. useless serial.. waste of time…
    good that i didn’t watch it..

  4. Hey Ameena… You said,”Vasu get fooled”… Nicely discribed… Thanks for that…
    Precap is awesome… You are done Shraddha…

  5. and how dare bihaan hurt thapki.. their scenes are useless

  6. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb precap but expose sharaddha soon she is fooling vasundra she will get back nicely

  7. Wow! This is an epic drama. VAsu who is “smartest” is so naive that she has fallen for a crap excuse like this. Seriously guys I think this series has just lost its meaning. All characters are either mentally sick or ego sick. I think reading the updates also is waste of time now. Sigh!

  8. Can’t wait more… Pl…expose vasu sooooonnnnn!!!!!

  9. the makers are dragging the show.thats y its a flop show.thapki should leave the house soon and shradha should ill treat vasu.

  10. This vasu she is so smart yet stupid does she not understand tapki yet? And that tapki why does she never prove herself innocent.

  11. west of time

  12. There is a good saying that “what we did before will always reach us” so what vasu did for thapki has reached to her by shraddha, that’s it…..hats off for this…but pl.. Make thapki smarter enough

  13. Love today’s episode….I mean the fear in Vasu’s eyes even though for some time.. I love it. I like to see that fear and anxiety hundred times in her eyes. Then only I feel relief because it’s her punishment for what she had done against Thapki.
    Love Thahaan ?????

    1. I also liked that scene a lot. Vasundhara’s reaction is sooo funny 😛

  14. Kal bhi kuch nai hone wala..we are going to get fooled

  15. Y bihaaann yyyyyyy??????? Very bad…..


    most faltu

  17. I don’t want this kind of scenes always negative characters won in tpk.before vasu Nw shradha.there is no inspiration scene.finally thahaan scene is unwanted today.precap is nice. I thought that evil shradha again blame thapki and then escape

  18. Uff! kitchen politics,its boring day by day , except thahaan scenes ,end this shradha drama soon .

  19. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh……totally irritating….just warp up soon. Pls…

  20. I only liked the first two paragraphs of today’s episode , and after that when it continued, it entirely spoiled today’s episode.
    Today, I came to know that Vasundhara is the most foolish member in the family, and she calls her daughter-in-laws foolish. How can she trust Shraddha even after watching the video.
    Typical saas Bahu saga -_-

  21. Bihan thapki scenes were useless.. only waste of time..

  22. boRinggggg epiiii… bihaan will fall in love with tapki soon ,thahaan fall in love soon, malapuram katti , abbum villum, OLakathe mOod .. . ethu egane paraya ennaland Onnum KanunilaaalOoow… EGotta Ponee !!! plz unite thahaan … iwant thahaan Romance… plzz …. I love BIhaaan..

  23. Vasu is a fool but was very happy to ses her in d staye of fear….she was dam scare….its good dat she will get good lessons from her beloved DIL in her own language which is mean n rude…thapki n bihaan cute fight is what i really njoy….keep dis sweetness between both of u…..precap is really funny…feel like lol.

  24. Vasu is a fool but was very happy to ses her in d staye of fear….she was dam scare….its good dat she will get good lessons from her beloved DIL in her own language which is mean n rude…thapki n bihaan cute fight is what i really njoy….keep dis sweetness between both of u…..precap is really funny…feel like lol……

  25. I think I m not the only one who enjoyed Vasundhara’s reaction 😛

  26. Hate bihaan…plz kick bihaan out of the show and unite tharuv…love dhruv

  27. Me too like the reaction …….????

  28. bihan always hurts tapki.. i hate him
    shradha should out of dhruv life

  29. dhruv deserves some one who undestands him. .
    tapki also dont deserve dhruv..

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