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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv shouting Thapki and looking for her. He says why are you doing this and making me helpless. Bihaan shouts for Thapki. Thapki runs away. She gets shocked seeing Dhruv and hides. Dhruv catches her and says I m sorry, you know I don’t like this, come with me. She cries and says please let me go with Bihaan. He asks her not to take Bihaan’s name. She cries.

Bau ji asks Vasundara how could she hide such big thing, that Dhruv is in mandap. Dadi asks how could she do big sin. Shraddha says I told Vasundara to tell everyone, what will happen now. Vasundara cries and says I thought I will explain Dhruv, he aimed gun at his head, how could I let him die. Bau ji asks how could you sacrifice Bihaan and Thapki’s happiness, Dhruv turned into animal, he is not your son,

you should have left him to die. Sanjay asks Bau ji to call Bihaan.

Dhruv gets Thapki to some place. She cries and says your love will be left incomplete as the marriage and rituals. He says wait, no rituals will be left incomplete, my love will get completed, will you go anywhere. She shouts Bihaan. He ties her with the rope and asks her to stay here. She cries. Bihaan looks for Thapki and calls her name loud.

Dhruv gets mehendi leaves and says I told you none of our marriage rituals will be incomplete. He takes a stone and grinds the mehendi leaves. She cries. Bihaan is still in jungle and calls out Thapki. He says where did Dhruv take her, how shall I find her. Dhruv says now we will do mehendi rasam. He opens the rope and frees her hand. He asks her to come for rasam. She cries. He makes her sit. She asks him what is he doing, did he go blind. He says person gets blind in love, I love you. She says don’t come close, I will shout. She calls out Bihaan. He gets angry and breaks a bottle. He asks her does she has to shout more, or is she done.

She says forgive me, let me go. He shouts just sit, I fold hands to you, don’t do this, times have changed. Bihaan shouts Thapki……………. Dhruv says I m sorry, you behave such way and I feel hurt, I m fed up, stop it now. She calls out Bihaan. He asks when will Bihaan die, stop crying, we will sing and dance. He plays Mehendi laga ke rakhna in his phone and dances. He smiles and says now I will apply mehendi to you, you enjoy the function. He gets angry seeing B written in her mehendi. He says I will make this D, D for Dhruv.

Bihaan cries. Thapki recalls her mehendi and cries. Dhruv applies mehendi and writes D on her hand. He ties her again and goes out to get haldi. Thapki takes a glass piece and cuts the rope. She runs outside. Dhruv comes with haldi and does not see her. She hides. Dhruv senses something and goes to check. He gets shocked seeing Thapki missing. He throws the haldi and says why do you do this with me Thapki. He sees her running away and smiles.

She shouts Bihaan. Bihaan hears her. She sees him standing far over the bridge and is about to shout. Dhruv stops her and takes her away. Bihaan turns and does not see them. He shouts Thapki. Bihaan leaves.

Dhruv gets Thapki’s back to the place and shouts on her. He asks her not to cry, he can’t see her crying. Thapki acts like fainting. He holds her and asks what happened. He checks there is no water, and says be here, I will go and get water. He goes. She calls Bihaan from Dhruv’s phone. Bihaan stops the bike and sees Dhruv’s call. Thapki says Bihaan, I m scared, come soon. He says Thapki, tell me where are you, I will come there. She describes the place and says I saw you over the bridge, come soon. He says all family members are finding you, police is also helping, don’t worry, we will come. Dhruv comes and she hides the phone. He asks whats in your hand and takes his phone. He gets angry seeing she calls Bihaan.

Dhruv aims gun and makes Thapki and Bihaan take reverse rounds. Vasundara comes and shouts Dhruv. She shoots.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Lightsabre

    I saw ur msg late so cudnt reply earlier.
    ?☝Dont asume wat ” we” think. Leme “tell” u want “v” thnk:
    1) none of us said tht we dont empathiz with druvs pain “inthe begining”. But v dont justify his action now coz V KNOW 2 C THE SITUATN FROM DIFFERENT ANGLES. So heres a tour of wat each character felt:( il use points n capslok 2 highlight lyk wat othrs do hre 2..its “not” screamin ???.al frenly cmts ?)
    A) DRUV : im sure v al agre tht hes had a rough tym sinz the groom swap. Our sincere sympathies. He cudnt mary the gal of his dreams… n as he ws told…it was BIHAANS OWN ACTION. Devastatn of losin hs luv… bein cheatd by brothr! I agre.
    ➡he didnt tak revenge bak then.
    He didnt call police 2 arrest bihaan. Insted he let thapki play the usual customery groom-bride games.let her wait in hs bedrm al nyt.n evn mornin she hd no clue.
    ➡ the least he cud do 4 thapki ws 2 stay singl of he really luvd her. Wat did Devdas do wen he cudnt gt paro ? Did he go n mary? Lol no. True lovrs dnt try 2 mov on n then cum bak 4 revnge
    BIHAAN: hard outsid….bt soft inside. Uneducated…. adoptd son whos alwys bin treatd as a glorified servant by Vasu.yet he cals her his god . He knws tht druv n Maa luv eachothr very much. He knw Maa wel enof 2 doubt if she wil acept a stammerin girl as bahu.he even askd her
    ➡ juz mins away frm wedin he gets blakmaild by Maa tht she wil suicid if he dosnt swap
    ? option A: refuse. “Bt wat if Maa kils herslf”. Im sure evn druv wud hv blamd bihaan.
    ?B) tell druv or othrs : this wud reveal the truth tht vasu ws playin triks 2 ruin the mariage. She is seen as the “1 tht keeps family 2gthr”. Evrybdy wil lose faith i her… family may brek up. Druv wil disrespct her. She may suicide undr deprsn.
    ? c) listn to her… save Maas lyf first. Then try to fix situatn.
    BIHAANS GAIN BY GRM SWAP: NONE. maa wil alwys c hm as adptd no matr wat.
    HIS LOSS: 1) ruin baujis and WHOLE familys faith 2) b culprit in thapkis eyes 3) his brothr wil hate him 4 evr 4) may gt kickd outa houz/arestd.
    ➡he tried fakin his own death….getin arestd etc 2 gt away frm tharuv
    ➡tried 2 unite tharuv
    ➡tried 2 prevnt sharuv mariag
    ➡stud by thapki n repentd 4 his action .nevr tried 2 force thapki to luv him.
    ➡protectd thapki frm worlds mockery.. Maas n shrads abuse etc
    THAPKI: devastd by yet anothr betrayal in marriage. She trustd druv.. bt he ddnt even tel her the truth as she sat playin gamz with whom she “thot ” is hubby. Waitd i his bedrm probably dreamjn of their futr 2gthr. So wn she knew the truth…she said shel neva marry coz she ws in despair. Havin knwn the truth only next day.. diwakar startin defamin her family tht she voluntarily married the brothr. So u c.. she HAD HER OWN REASN 2 B MAD AT DRUV.
    ➡insted of understndjn this druv married shrada
    ➡she tried stopin druv…revealin shradas charctr…bt he ws adamant abt mariage
    ➡druv dosnt speak against maas domestic abus.dosnt beliv her like bihaan did wen maa acusd her of framing her as a theif
    ➡didnt mind seein heras maid or getin kickd out
    ➡ddnt mind wen his wife askd 4 rent 4 thabela
    ➡latr hears hes gona b a fathr
    I wont say bihaan swapin as groom is a right thing. But its not a “crime” coz HE WAS BLACKMAILED. Even by law its nt a crime 4 tht reason. He dd it 2 sav maas lyf n has henz sufrd. He did luv druv bt hd no choiz. Thahaan fell in luv only recntly aftr they “thot” druv movd on.
    So u c. Druv may hv suffrd … bt he didnt fight 4 his luv n let othrs beliv he hs movd on. N thts v thahaan movd on 2. Druv didnt ” try to win thapki bak or take revenge”. Bihaan ws alwys the culprit in hs eyes. So nw tht he knws Maa n shradda r bad .. the only reason y he wants to brek thahaan IS NOT REVENGE… BUT JEALOUSY THT THEY HAV SOMETHIN BETTER IN LIFE( called love) THAN HE DOES. HE SIMPLY SHUD HV STAYED SINGLE ATLEAST!!!! Its wat the writers did.they creatd 2 many loopholes n blotches in druvs charactr . I wont deny druvs life is miserabl…bt he didnt fight 4 thapki at the ryt tym!
    ny mre questions?????????
    4gv typos.. long cant read wantd 2 settle ths thahaan tharuv daily debate.

    1. Lightsabre

      At the end of the day my point is simple: each character hs sufered frm their own perspective . To enjoy the show u must c it frm different angle. The curent psychola track is just a drag. Justifyin druvs new charactr twist is unreasonable

      1. SANTHOSH

        how much time taken to wrote this comment….❓❓❓???

      2. Lightsabre

        Haha… na… didnt take too long ,San.i type fast. N as such… its the same thing v al keep repeatin again n again… to soch na bhi nahi padta bt yeh.. borin 2 rpt it. Al charactrs hv done things tht r ryt frm their point of view… with usual illogical script writin from CVs!? tho ladna kya

    2. What is ds Dear??
      i started reading ds whn i was ?
      nd whn i finished i became??
      but couldn’t understand dat well??

      1. Lightsabre

        Haha…sorry nadira 4 speeding ur agin process ?. Bt tht wz only intended as a reply to a particular comnt ystrdyz .. 2 bring out a differnt perspectiv?r u new hre?

    3. this took 300 episodes for the writers ;-P !

    4. OMG !!!!MUCHH TO READ!!!!!!

  2. Is there any logic or reality in this track right now… The story is like a fairy tale. Just for our sane minds to turn insane !!!!!!

    1. Renuverma

      True thapish there is not even one % reality in it.

  3. Enjoy every episode, don’t judge the actor. They just do what have to do as an actor, right.

  4. I honestly want Dhruv to leave the show, we’ll deal with Shraddha later, but Dhruv’s gott ago, he’s an idiot, and quiet honestly he doesn’t deserve anything… Why should he get anything, he just sat there and watched Thapki and Bihaan fall in love… He never actively tried to win her back… I’ll say this every time, Dhruv doesn’t and shouldn’t deserve Thapki because he’s a coward, Bihaan is the true hero and Thapki deserves her chance to be with a man who cares and loves her despite whatever is going on and cares for her with all his heart~!

  5. Also if Bihaan is the one who gets shot, I will flip out!! He’s completely innocent in all this drama!!

  6. Ishwarya_santhosh – good morning. I did answer your question. Please check it under the same day’s comment as i dont want to (nor have i the patience or time) keep repeating the same.
    We all do know bihaan did a mistake by switching the grooms place but HE WAS BLACKMAILED. Bihaan thapki and druv had a hard time since but druv made some choices in life which has now made him atleast partially responsible for his own miseries. Vasu was the culprit but even so she did it out of love for of the family has always supported druv .

    Its clear that u love druvs character and nothing wrong with that. but unless u understand the other characters story, u will always find bihaan as a sinner and druv as a saint. Please check what BLACKMAILing means. Thanks.

  7. Anyone know surely who will be shotted by vasu bihan or Dhruv…..pls reply or with us ?….

  8. ThAnkyou friends for giving such a relief news for me.Mental Dhruv will leave out the show.Oh….god,Bihaan will safe.

  9. Winnifred

    It seems that the producers and writers of all my favourite serials have taken to making as many twists in the story as possible so I lose interest. First it was suhani si ek ladki then kaala teeka. Thapki was the straw that broke the camel’s back or hump whatever. However, (shifting course of my rant towards the fictional story) I find vasu guilty for dhruv’s present actions I know it might sound weird but if she was a humble, accepting person from the very beginning over looking thapki’s stammering and looking at bihaan and dhruv in equal light as her “sons” then we will not be here right now but a con about my perspective is that if the producers decided to go along with this story line then there will be no Thapki Pyaar Ki bcus we would all assume that life was easy for her and tht everyone welcomes disabilities\weaknesses and there would be no inspiration for those who have been through troubles bcus of their weakness or disability whether physical or internal.

    1. Lightsabre

      Yup. Vasu the devious mastermind . Dnt knw y eveybdy in the family holds her in such high esteem!?

    2. You are totally right. It’s Vasu who is to blame. I accept Dhruv should have fought for Thapki then but why didn’t she also understand he was not to blame for the groom swap. One minute she trust him more than anything and the next she gives back the engagement ring. We viewers can clearly see how upset Dhruv was, why couldn’t she see that?
      I know what you mean, if all goes well then there won’t be a story but still this is taking it far too much. How many times, her wedding is spoilt???

  10. Renuverma

    Dhruv forces Thapki to apply make-up and get ready for their wedding. Later, she sees a kite stuck outside the window and writes Bihaan’s name on it.
    Episode – 408
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 12 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Bihaan reaches the place where Thapki is about to get married to Dhruv. They begin fighting and Dhruv tries to hurt him. When the family members arrive, Dhruv compels them to go inside a gas chamber.

  11. Why ankit unfollow jigyasa? How about their relationship now?

  12. delshad saifudeen

    At the starting of the show…i was nt use to watch it…this story is i did’nt like the jodi of tharuv…bt later when i saw a new entry bihaan, then i regularly start watching it..bcz i luv the jodi thahaan instead of tharuv..i luv bihaan nd thapki fighting with each other all tym…”Thahaan” the cutest jodi….

  13. What a stupid story . Am only like dhruv and thapki pair.why the director making the story useless.pls make joining dhruv and thapki

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