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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara saying Thapki has won today too. Shraddha says wait, how can Thapki win. Vasundara says you lost patience and got anger. Shraddha says Thapki has scolded family, she got angry. Vasundara says you lost patience and Thapki did not lose her cool, there is much difference in your and her anger, I would have not been here, she did right to end evil, her anger was to end evil, its Dharm, she raised voice for right thing, she has won in this test, even Kaali Mata gets angry for protecting Dharm, but that’s not bad. She asks Thapki to place the kalash. Thapki does the kalash puja and ties the yellow cloth to it. Shraddha gets angry.

Later, Shraddha is angry to lose again and says Thapki has always made me lose, she did not let Dhruv come close to me, and now even

Vasundara is getting away, I will kill you. She stabs something. Dhruv comes there and she hides the knife. He asks with whom are you talking. She says no one. He says I heard you taking Thapki’s name. She says yes, I took Bihaan’s name too, I was thinking Bihaan proposed Thapki well, they love each other, I m sure they will think of family planning, child is not a problem. He asks whats your problem, why do you take Thapki’s name to trouble me. He gets angry and scolds her asking her not to take Thapki and Bihaan’s name.

She says I m bearing all this, Thapki’s name is in your heart, you are talking in loud tone, no one treated me like this, I m already hurt and you are hurting me more. She cries. He says I m sorry, stop crying, have this juice. She says I got this for us, I thought you will share this for you, I forgot you have just anger and annoyance to share with me. He says fine, we will make your wish true, we will share this juice. She gets glad. They share the juice. She stares at him.

Its morning, Dhruv wakes up and sees himself shirtless. He finds Shraddha close and tries to wake her. He wears a vest and asks how are we in such state, what happened between us. She says the thing which happens between husband and wife. He says impossible. She says you got tired and slept, so you don’t remember anything. He says I can’t do this, I m extremely sorry. She says calm down, why are you sorry, we are husband and wife. He says no, I m not ready for our relation, this is wrong, I m sorry. He goes. She smiles.

Diwakar says we will start auction of this house, we will start with 50 lakhs minimum. The people do bidding. A man comes and says no one can buy this house, and none can sell it. He sends everyone outside.

Thapki thinks to put her phone on charging before Bihaan keeps his phone. Bihaan goes to her. They get close and music plays………….. he takes the charger from her and keeps his phone on charging. He asks her not to collide with him, what does she want. She asks what do you want, I had to charge my phone. He says I will do what I want, you always told me, now I will tell you, be away from me.

He moves her away and asks her not to come close. She says I m not coming close to you, you are standing in my way, I want my towel, I have go and bath, I m getting late for puja. She takes towel. He asks her to listen, don’t come in his way again, be one foot away else it will be bad. She says even now its very bad happening, I will be two foot away, you also be 2 foot away. He says I will go to bath first. She asks him to move. They argue.

Shraddha goes to Thapki’s room and sees her dress. She says oh, so Thapki is wearing this dress in puja today, nice, zip is there too, you made my work easy Thapki, you felt you will make me fall in Vasundara’s eyes. She applies some solution to the zip and says now wear this dress and come downstairs, now this zip will cheat you Thapki, you won’t be able to meet anyone’s eyes now.

Thapki is praying along everyone, and the back zip starts opening. Shraddha looks on and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shraddha is such a jealous cow

  2. I presume that bihaan will help thpki coz he don’t like anyone instuled him

  3. was bihaan wearing cross in towel scene?

  4. Oh my God so much jealousy that she can’t even respect her as a girl..?? Evil shraddha..?? But bihaan is always to the rescue..??? Thahaan..?

  5. How cheap shraddha is.
    By the way writer ji stop dragging too much.
    The best serial I have watched is Saraswatichandra which aired on Starplus.
    It was very very romantic and non dragged show.
    And plz end this Diwakar drama.we aren’t interested in it anymore.

    1. Want only Thahaan.

      1. Ur right i hate the migit diwvakar nd i hate the new aditi

    2. saraswatichandra far better than this but i didn’t liked the way it ended

      1. Ya UV I agree that its end is not that much good.But I enjoyed that show till the beginning. Because many serials are dragging unnecessarily.
        Anyway watching TPK only for cute Thahaan.

      2. Ya mini123 I totally agree with too don’t like new aditi.And earlier one was superb acting and I enjoyed her fighting scenes so much.New one has artificial acting.So not interested in diwakar drama anymore.

  6. i hate you shraddha…stupid

  7. Cheapo idiot female rascal shraddha… Plz get a life

  8. i think shraddha added something in juice…..

    1. Ya even I have a doubt that the juice contains drugs or something like that

      1. Yeah it might hav sleeping drugs in it

    2. I think that 2 because he fell a sleep already

  9. kill that sharadda thapki. Frenz Any 1 from bhutan?

  10. ha mini… shradha has a worst mind… creaters are thinking too much… i think bihaan will save her tmrw.. paapoom. nalaiki kandipa update paakanum.. but youtube la full episode pakamudiyala

    1. Pakka mudiyum paa. Adutha episode air aagina piragu than previous epi upload panaranga

      1. Swasan Eppo YouTube la pakka mudiyala.

    2. Go to’ voot’ is colors official app. Its good. They edited thrishakthi episode too. Under tpk show ,only tpk parts. Its nice to watch. And also full 20min. episode. Appuram,Kandippa bihaan kapathiduvaan. Adha naan youtube la parthitten.

      1. Thanks

      2. Nanum pathen, Bihaan Thapki ku help panran, he is a nice guy.

    3. Hi gals me too frm tamil nadu big hiiii

      1. It is not to easy all tamil guys to remember. Mudinghavarai appapo tamila pesina nalla irrukkum. Not full in tamil , little lines.

  11. Being a women Shraddha is so cheap How could she damage Thapki’s dress;shameful for women. ??
    Disgusting Druv; because of his attitude towards shraddha she is doing like this.
    Being a married man he has some duties towards his wife.. after all he himself married shraddha.
    And Bihaan behaving so weird. Always running behind vasu so blindly. When will he open his eyes and see reality of vasu.

  12. saraswatichandra was far better than this but i didn’t liked the way it ended

  13. guys i had watched sbs segment…where bihaan will see that and put the chunri on thapki to hide that and will held her throughout the pooja, and then bring her to room, but thapki will misunderstand her , and got angry on him, thinking like its a new trick of bihaan to irritate her.

  14. Seriously,aftr watching ths episode i was just thinking whats going on to writrs mind?? Too much dragging. & i dont lyk diwakars drama. Tht is unneccesary. Just wasting time. & dat shradhha, i just hate her face. Cez look lyk a monky. Poor dhruv. U feel sad for him. He deserve sum1 better.

  15. & bihan wat kind of luv is this?? If u truly luv her then how u can behave lyk dis. So much careless u r. Wen u cheated thapki & snatched evry happiness from her, that was ok. & now when thapki wants to know the trust that is wrong. & ur love & care for her totaly gone away. Thats not a sign of a true lover. Dhruv is much better than bihan. Hez perfect in evry field.

    1. when bihaan was wrong , he also go through of all of this,he was also treated like this, now its thapki’s turn

  16. Thahaan scene was nice..Waiting for Thahaan unite.


  18. Pls pls writer just kick out shradha from dis show. C is too bad looking & also her charactr is vry bad. I want c hav a slap from dhruv & basu. That will b d most happiest moment for all tpk lovers.

  19. Ofcourse… bihaan is going to help her he is gonna hide thapki back with her scarf

  20. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ……………..

    Wow ……DS r for really aur r for RAPED…!!!!!???!???????
    Shraddha agar hai suchh hai life mai first time best kaam kiya hai thum…..
    B for Bechara DS B for BAAP bangaya………!!!!!!!!????.????????????
    Crying baby DS……

    1. Up coming episode. …… shraddha again new dragging …….
      Rats eating something ( rice) thapki avoid the rates smartly and also dare ………
      I can’t understand what is the next task. ….!!
      But it’s true. ….
      I saw the location video shoot. …..

      1. Thapki Pyar Ki – 9th April 2016 – थपकी प्यार की – On Location …

      2. Even i watched the location video

    2. What a comedy. Why the makers are not use these type of comedies. Ha..ha…haaaaaaa

  21. I have not seen the episode and don’t plan on it until all the childish behavior stops..

    I suggest to everyone to watch Kasam or krishnadasi. I just read the updatesummary.

  22. Shradda said she brought the glass of juice for Dhruv and her to share but after seeing her only take a sip he tipped the remainder down his own throat. He was selfish and got his just rewards. If he had shared equally with her this would never have happened.
    Now Shradda has got him by the short and curlies. She can manipulate his loss of memory in any way she likes, and the possibilities are endless.
    Interesting times ahead I reckon.

    As for Thapki and Bihaan get it over and done with already. Make love not war. What are these childish tiffs all about ?Where are you? School playground?
    You obviously passionately feel for each other but just mask it as anger .
    Time to recognise it for what it is:
    mad ,passionate LOVE.

  23. Its been a long time since preeti is not on the show were is she now suman is all alone

    1. Ha.
      kiran,preeti bhabi,ashwin,sanjay are missing.
      Specially Kiran……..

  24. No offense to “Shradda” but the close ups are frightening and unflattering.

    1. Lol…that is so true..lmao

  25. Their fight is like sis&bro fight. They fought for bathroom, charger (only one charger to 2 different mobile). In future they will fight for paper, pen, study table, wardrobe, pillow and many silly things. Thapki fight to get back gulel from bhihaan, and bhihaan fight for his high heel sandals and thapki star. O…….M…….G.

  26. Yuck I hate Shraddha y don’t they just get Shraddha and vasundhara exposed once and for all. And your so right mini123 Shraddha is a cow. But I love thahan a lot.

    Poor dhruv….

  27. hey whaat happened to that girl called pinky posing with the gun

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