Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki recalling Balwinder’s words that she is not Thapki, else she would have never done this with them. She gets teary eyes and tells that she is not innocent Thapki, but Vani oberoi, who wants to take revenge from all of them. She tells that Bihaan and everyone forced her to become Vani oberoi. Just then Bihaan comes and knocks on the door. Thapki gets tensed as she is standing without her artificial teeth, she then uses tooth brush and keeps in her mouth. Bihaan enters and looks at her. Vani is still keeping brush inside her mouth. Bihaan looks at her surprisingly, and goes. He thinks even after you have changed your avatar, but I can read your eyes. He thinks to do something big to make her confess her identity. Shraddha is pressing Kosi’s feet. Kosi tells Shraddha

that the room was very big like a palace. Shraddha tells about five star hotel and its ambience.

Thapki comes there and says I thought you to give you something in return, as you are doing so much for us. She takes money from cover. Kosi says it is not needed. Shraddha asks her to accept it. Kosi accepts it and asks Shraddha to keep in locker. Shraddha tells that locker is not opening. Kosi types the pin and opens locker. Shraddha keeps the money. Thapki sees property papers in it and thinks Bihaan have transferred property on his name. She hears Bihaan talking to someone and telling that he can’t come to take care of Thapki’s father. He says until when I will take care of her father. Thapki hears him and runs out of house in a hurry. Suman stops her, but she goes. Bihaan thinks I knew that you will run after hearing this news and thinks until when you will hide this fact from me. Thapki gets down her car and thinks she has always prayed for them even though she was away from them since 2 years. She thinks I couldn’t stop myself today. She comes to the lane, recalling her parents’ love and care towards her. She stands outside her parents’ home and looks on.

Bihaan comes on his bike and sees Thapki’s car parked nearby to her parents’ house. He thinks I will see how you will save your identity now from me. She is about to get inside, just then someone comes and holds her hand. He takes her to side and hide with her. Bihaan comes to that area looking for Thapki and looks for her. Thapki is hiding in the opposite house. Bihaan thinks she came here, but where did she went. He leaves. Thapki comes out from that house, sees Bihaan leaving on his bike. That man comes out from the house, and asks what you are doing here. Thapki looks at him. His face is revealed and he is Dhruv. She says my papa is unwell and that’s why I came to meet him. She sees the door locked. Dhruv tells Thapki that Diwakar and Aarti got divorced, and they left the city and settled down in foreign. Thapki is shocked and says they didn’t have that much money to go there. Dhruv says I didn’t know that, just now that they went from here. Thapki asks why did you hide this from me. Dhruv says so that you don’t get emotionally weak. Thapki says Bihaan got the call.

Dhruv says he came here just to catch you red handed. Thapki thanks him for becoming her mentor since 2 years and guiding her in every step. She says you have hired Surbhi also to support me. Dhruv gets teary eyes and says he is just doing penance for his sins, and is thankful to her as she allowed him to help her. Thapki says I am alive and is now taking revenge from them, is all because of you. Dhruv says I am also responsible somewhere for your condition and God gave me a chance to help you when I found you after your accident. He says if Bihaan would have seen you here then? Thapki says I fall weak infront of him.

Dhruv says you have to face him and asks her to be strong. He says we have to think about something to deal with this weakness. Thapki says there is one way, and asks him to come with her to Pandey Nivas. Dhruv refuses and says if I go there, then my past will come infront of me. He asks her not to worry and says I am far from you, but near. Don’t love strength and remember the promise made to your child. He says Navratri is going to come, and God will give you strength. Thapki wears specs again and leaves. Dhruv turns and looks on.

Preeti takes selfie. Shraddha scolds her for not working properly and asks about the arrangements. Preeto says I am just supervising them as I can’t high jump and work. Shraddha asks her to make arrangements by herself and jumps high. Kosi smiles. Vani comes home. Kosi asks where is she? And says I called on your number. Shraddha asks where did you go? Bihaan comes and says I will tell you. Thapki gets tensed. Bihaan says she went to Thapki’s old house to meet her parents….yes Vani ji. He says now we can call you Thapki as your truth is revealed to everyone now. Thapki is shocked.

Bihaan calls Aditi there and says this is your sister Thapki’s house. Aditi comes inside and looks at Thapki/Vani. She is shocked. Thapki gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Woww…love the story of Thahaan the way,what’s the mean of ‘pyaar ki’? Because in Indonesia the tittle only ‘Thapki’..

    1. Pyaar ki means love i thnk. So thapki pyar ki means pat of love

      1. SANTHOSH

        yes pyaar means LOVE.❤❤❤

    2. Tepukan kasih sayang

  2. bihaan pls don’t expose thapki infront of kosi and shraddha.whatever u found information about her pls be with ur heart.if they will know she is thapki then kosi and shraddha will start to take pls don’t tell truth to them.

  3. Hi pooja and santosh and other thahaan loyal fans. I dont think i can follow thapki anymore.

    I watch thapki because i love bihaan character and how supportive he is to thapki but the latest episode really made me angry to his character. Its clear that strange things happened to him but he didnt suspect kosi at all, he is beyond stupid for easily deceived by kosi.

    If dhruv is a coward then bihaan is ignorant. both men are hopeless, any sane girl must run away from both of them.

    And thapki is also stupid for accepting dhruv help. Dhruv will help thapki avenge his own family? Even more bakwas plot, i cant take it no more. Shame manish, jigyasa and ankit talent wasted on this show. Farewell everyone.


      plz stay with us…

  4. Wow….dhruv came back……and I don’t think thapki’s identity would be revealed in front of everyone……and santosh anna….yes….I am from shimoga


      hai RACHANA..???
      santosh alla SANTHOSHA nan hesru?
      400km doora nanigu ninigu…?naanu MANDYA….
      adu sari ninige hege gottu naanu karnataka antha… ❗❓(yakandre idikke modlu neenu comment maadodanna nodilla adikke )

      1. Neevu karnatakana anta kelidralla adikke andukonde….mathe Mandya hawa hegide anna….?


      neenu karnataka antha yaake keliddu andre ANNA anno pada banthalla adikke, matthe e modlu neenu comment madodanna nodilla aadru naanu ninge hege gottu anno ❓❓❓prasne..???

      MANDYA hawa andre …❗❓
      2tara ide..
      1 hawa ?kaaveri galate iga illa yellru summnidare..
      2 hawamaana ? bisilu dinadinda dinakke jaasti aagtha ide, male kooda illa, bele yella onagthaidave … ???
      totally mandya paristhiti saddyakke chennagilla..

      1. Naanu usually comment madalla comments oodtini…..especially nim comments super….tumba channagide nim hindi….actually nanu innu 11th..nanu mandya galate cool agidiya anta keliddu….but hawamana kooda istu critical agide anta nija gotirlilla…..but don’t worry anna everything will be fine….afterall we all are kannadigaru…..?

  5. pooja prabha

    Yes vino…you are right.Dhruvs reentry is nice,I like his way of talking to Thapki.Dhruvs words will gives her more power to fulfil her revenge towards kosiji.Anyway…precap is good.I wish our Chuck Chuck gadi realize Bihaans innocence soon…
    Garima I am fine dear.I feel really happy because of your concern for me.Hi…friends Anu,Santhosh,Reshal,Jo,Shruthi,Jann and each and everyone Navarathri wishes for all.


      same to u & also thahaan family ….?

  6. I think maybe aditi will deny that she is her sister thapki.

  7. Nice episode love you Thahaan ? ? ?

  8. pooja prabha

    Jann…hope for the best yaar…one more thing JANN your name is really nice.

  9. Welcome back to serial dsl.this serial was boring without you.

  10. Wow…Dhruv came back…and helping Thapki..precap was nice..hope Aditi helps Thapki.

  11. I think dhurv and thapki’s sister are working together , therefore will deny that vani is thapki!


      a lo DHONI bhi aagaya forum pe, ab hume kohi bhi nahi rok saktha…????
      let’s party time MSD bhai….?????????


    JO ??? where r u..❗❓

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Areh main yahaan Hun yaar ? Bhoot dekne gayi that’s why aaj got late ?
      And btw Kal mein msd picture dekne wali Hoon ???
      Kya bataun yaar mera Toh dil hi toot gaya after all fav show EDKV khatam hogaya but kamsekam fav pair ka show abhi bhi chalu hain ? kaash thahaan Koh EDKV jaisa show milta aur Shraman Koh thahaan jaisa romance ? Agar thahaan Koh aisa show milta Toh phir Toh mein uss show Koh EDKV Ke jaise hi sar pe charake rakta ?

      1. SANTHOSH

        ✳ dil hi toot gaya… ???
        ↗jodne ke liye thahaan a na…??

  13. Even though I like bihaan. Druv was the one that was intelligent and is on same level as tapki. Bihaan got his long lost mother and went dumb and blind and I don’t think he deserves tapki love. How could he loose trust in tapki just by meeting his mother. U would have thought everything tapki bihaan went through with druv mother would make him think twice. But didnt. Druv and thapki should now get together at end of day bbihaan threw her out of his life. And even if he proves she’s tapki he will take revenge of her as he still thinks mum is right and shes wrong.

  14. Last time i am one of thahan fans. But now i dun like bihan charcters. He so easily trust kosi and dun trust thapki anymore. I am worry if thapki identity reveal the story will repeat again cuz bihan still at kosi’s side. i dun like bihan anymore and hope thapki win this time. And Bihan will realize that he was wrong about thapki

  15. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh vah now show is more interesting but the only reason i watch the show is for thahaan until and unless i get satisfying thahaan scenes i will watch the show big i like dhruv character though will watch whenever i free because 6.30pm am busy usually or will watch online
    And i may not be active much because Monday ko mera root canal wala surgery hain


      ▶”mera root canal wala surgery”❗•
      problem kya a JO….❗❗❓❓

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Areh yaar daat ka surgery zyaada mithai kha Li isliye ??


      u r sweet lover….???
      teeth ko nikaal na padega kya…❗❓

      tum chintha math karo thapki ke pass ek extra set hai ya nahi pooch ke aatha hoo tumhare liye….?????..(just kidding)
      sab teek hojayega bas tum ICE CREAM?????? kana thoda kum karo.. TC and gn8..

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    Some pics from Tpk sets
    Wah Wah after leap looks like suddenly respecting Tpk ?? lagta hain leap Ke Baath show ka storyline ne viewers ka dil jitliya even my cousins and aunt and even my mom watches Tpk but for me i can’t watch regularly due to being busy at 6.30pm but did show really win viewers heart after leap yeh Toh sirf Thursday ko pata chalenga after seeing trp ?


      ha, Thursday ko patha chalega kaisa impress kiya tpk logo ko…☝☝☝

  17. bakwasss
    pretty n summa vamp
    vasundra vamp
    bihan marrying thapki vamp
    sharradha vamp
    dhuruv vamp
    kosi vamp
    nd now thapki as a vamp
    kisi ko tou chord dou
    wat a bullshit
    CVS pagal hogaye


      VAMPIRE FAMILY.. ???

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Areh hain na rampyaari aur Gulabo ???

  18. So Glad that Sheena Bajaj has made re entry into show, really missed her scenes. Too bad that Adihaan couldnt happen, but really hope to see the love story of Aditi and Dhruv happening. Can’t stand just one love angle in show focusing on Thapki, Aditi has been my favorite character in beginning, and really wanted focus to be on her too, so I’m glad finally that CV’s are directing their focus on her part. And glad that the character of Dhruv is being given attention to. Dhruv and Aditi <3

  19. Alister La Frenais

    This episode has edged this serial closer to cancellation. Let us analyse the direction of the storyline. Vaani, having over heard a telephone conversation, rushes out to her parents home to check on her father. There she is met by Dhruv who pulls her to one side, to prevent Bihaan who has followed her, from seeing her. After Bihaan leaves, Dhruv informs Vaani that her parents have sold up and moved abroad. This is where the story goes pear shaped, surely in the two years that Thapki moved from the Pandey residence she did not contact her parents, further more, when Dhruv found Thapki unconscious on the roadside, would he not have informed her parents or next of kin? The introduction of Thapki’s sister is hard to believe, because where in heavens name was this woman living if the parents moved abroad. Added to this, is it not strange that Bihaan managed to locate her and bring her to his house. Poor logic even for fiction and uncoordinated storylines. This sitcom is heading for the thrash can.

  20. Hi pooja same to u episode is nice precap is also nice but I also think that aditi will deny that vaani is thapki and pooja now thapki became non stop gadi my brother said phelay Chuck chuck gadi thi an non stop gadi bn gai hai

  21. hello guys especially pooja Anu fatarajo how are you and fatarajo w
    you going to watch ms Dhoni movie ??i am already watch it and I am very happy to see you.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      I saw that movie is so nice ??? paar Voh accident wala part bohoti heartbreaking hain ??

  22. and hello Manish ki divani sorry for late comment and what is your real name and what I call you ?? hello dear.

  23. Manish ki deewani

    Hi garima u call me reshal

  24. Manish ki deewani

    How r u

  25. I am very happy dhruv
    Back to thapki. I see
    Thapki pyaar ki because acting ankit bathla.

  26. Hello reshal I am fine how are you and I like your name Manish ki divani because I am watching this show only his brilliant acting ? but I didn’t like latest track but I hope it is end soon and how are you fell on latest track ?.

  27. I am very happy come back drunv.i want return couple thapki and drunv i like this couple ?

  28. Hello everyone
    It’s great that dhruv is back in the series . Now the trp of the series would be high as it was recently. I’m very excited and happy to c Ankit is back.

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