Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diwakar accepting Gupta’s proposal and scolding Nimmi and her daughter. Diwakar insults Khushi. Nimmi gets shocked. Aditi comes there and exposes Diwakar. She says this was her plan, Gupta is actually an actor Sharma, and this is fake 50 lakhs. Aditi says all notes are fake below real ones on the top. She asks Nimmi does she want prove now for greedy Diwakar. She asks her to get happy that they got rid of Diwakar.

Diwakar apologizes to Nimmi and says he was joking, Nimmi scolds him and her daughter also scolds him. She beats Diwakar. Nimmi and her husband insult Diwakar. The people beat Diwakar and he runs away. Suman asks for diamond ring. Suman says I knew Vasundara will ask, so I have worn this in foot ring. They go to hide the ring. They go to storeroom and

hide the ring in the basketball.

Bihaan tells Paan about basketball idea. He calls everyone and asks them to wait till others come. Thapki gets glad seeing her family. She says I did not know they are coming. Dhruv greets her family. Bihaan tells about basketball match between Pandey and Chaturvdei families. Dadi asks about exercise. Bihaan says play is best exercise. They all laugh having a talk.

Bihaan says shall we start the game. Krishnakant says I think we shall leave. Dadi and Bau ji ask him to stay. Dhruv says I have to go office early. Bihaan tells Paan about stopping Dhruv, as he has done this for Dhruv and Thapki, mum will like it. Vasundara requests Dhruv to stay and spend time with them for her sake. Dhruv agrees. Paan says now it will be good game when both families play together. Vasundara thinks this will be good as Dhruv will see Thapki and Bihaan together, he will get away from Thapki.

Bihaan makes Thapki and Dhruv the captains of the teams. Preeti tells Suman that Bihaan should become captain. Suman asks her to save ring first as its inside the basketball. Bau ji says I will also come in Thapki’s team as her team has less people. Vasundara and Dadi relax and watching. Kiran asks Bihaan from whose team is he playing, as Thapki is his wife. Bihaan says I will just see them playing, I will become referee and Paan will be scorekepper. The game begins. Kiran and Varun play and Kiran baskets. She argues with Varun and Ashwin makes second basket for Pandey family.

Bihaan says I think Chaturvedi family has no talent, they will lose. Thapki looks on and takes the ball. Dhruv stops her and takes the ball from her. They both see each other. Music plays…….. Vasundara worries and thinks she felt Dhruv will get away, its happening opposite. Bihaan smiles seeing them. Thapki snatches the ball and misses the basket. Dhruv takes the ball and baskets.

Thapki looks at Dhruv. Dhruv falls down and they all get worried for him. He says his foot got sprained and Suman takes the ball to get ring. Bau ji says game won’t stop if one gets hurt, pass the ball to me. Thapki plays well and they make a point for Chaturvedi. Dhruv smiles as he wanted Thapki to win. Bihaan says now I will play instead Dhruv and Dadi will become referee, I will see who will make Pandey family lose. He looks at Thapki and makes many baskets. Chaturvedi and Pandey families have equal scores and Paan says now one basket goal will decide the winner. Bihaan and Thapki look at each other.

Paan tells about winning point. Bihaan and Thapki play. Bihaan fools Thapki and takes the ball. He wins the match.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode i like Bau ji’s character as he always care for Thapki

  2. i think the seriil is going to be so sweat day by day

  3. plsssss druv and thapki b togethr nd bihaan u hav to reunite them love u druvki :-* 🙂

  4. I knew bihaan is gonna be the one who will end up playing with thapki

  5. Love Bihaan! Cute episode.

  6. Want bihan and thapki together

  7. Nice. Love thapki and bihaan.

  8. Zaynab mahmood

    Tgapki and bihaan

  9. Dhruv is really a good carecter from heart… Love you Dude… Bihaan is also caring… Both the brothers are good but ways are different… As always hope Thapki will patch up with Dhruv… As they loved each other And love always wins…

  10. Just want thapki and bihan together

  11. Well… Waiting for today’s episode…

  12. nice episode.pls I want thapki and bihaan together. pls unite them . pls bihaan strt love her. I love this pair. director pls do some changes and unite thapki and bihaan

  13. Love bihan &thapki .i love this pair…

  14. Plz unite thapki and bihaan

  15. i said bihaan and thapki nokjhok is too cute and for this the serial is doing gr8…i m a big fan of them n want them to be together so that the serial does not bcum bore…..they r mafe for each other….pls director bring thapki n bihaan close we wanna see them together as a loved couple…luv u BIHAANKI….

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