Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan making Sankara eat cake piece, and start dancing with her romantically on the song Aisa Na Mujhe Tum Dekho……He lifts her in his arms. Thapki looks on angry. Sankara hugs him and dances. Bihaan tries to make Thapki jealous. She comes near them and throws water on Sankara’s face. Sankara asks have you gone mad? Thapki says she has done right and tried to teach a lesson to a second woman who tried to come in between her to be husband and her. Sankara says I am not a second woman, but you are a second woman. Thapki holds her hand and asks did you think I came here to enjoy this romantic date. No. I came here to make you show your place in his life. She asks her to move from their way.

Bihaan comes to her and says you have showed her place to her, but what

is your place in my life. He asks if she is j for jealous and asks if she fall in love with him. He asks her not to think that he will love her. Thapki says she is worried about her respect and says that his name is connected with her. She says you don’t respect woman else wouldn’t have kicked Thapki out. She adds that she will teach him what Thapki couldn’t. Bihaan looks on. Chacha is walking on road and just then his legs get stuck in the tar. He thinks how to call Kosi now. Just then Kosi comes there and says I know you couldn’t do a simple work. She walks and puts her leg in tar mistakenly. She sees her feet stuck and scolds Chacha. Just then they see someone there and hide their faces.

Chacha says he will scold the contractor if he meets her. Kosi scolds him and curses him. Just then album falls from his hand. Chacha and Kosi try to get it. Thapki comes there in her car and asks what they are doing here. Kosi says they are struck in the tar. Kosi picks the album and throws it in far. Thapki looks at the burning album.

She comes home. Dhruv apologizes to her. Thapki says we have to do something to prove their marriage. She says all family members will see their marriage now. Dhruv thinks to tell her about Aditi, then thinks this time is not right. Thapki says I will prove Thapki innocent and will do something big before my marriage which will shock everyone. Chacha mourns for the burnt wedding album. Kosi is also sad. Thapki comes there and returns her bridal dress. She says I will not marry Bihaan now and become your bahu. I can’t be relative of someone who is engaged in illegitimate affair. She says you have burnt the album as it was fake. She cancels the marriage.

Kosi says if you cancel the marriage, then my life will be cancelled. She says I am not lying, our marriage is not fake. We are ready to do whatever you says. Chacha also agrees. Thapki says okay and asks them to marry each other infront of her. Kosi is shocked. Thapki says if you marry him then I will marry Bihaan. Kosi agrees and says you are Lakshmi ji for me. I am ready to marry whenever you ask me. Thapki says okay. Kosi asks her to take back the bridal wear and not to cancel the marriage. Thapki takes it and determines to prove their relation and their criminal activities.

Someone kidnaps Bihaan and makes him smell chloroform. Bihaan falls unconscious. Chacha informs Kosi that he got Bihaan kidnapped as they can’t marry infront of him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Garima

    hy everyone I am also gone on shani page so It is difficult to me to comment on here so sorry and hello pooja Anu fatarajo Manish ki divani and die for manayasa joylin vino trupti and santhosh you are already gone there.

  2. Die for manyasa

    Hey guys me shruti and santhosh bhai and garima aap hamara s for saath chodkar s for shani page par chale gaye thats not fair;-( (dont take it seriously) and mere sucess ke liye santhosh bhai ki party and gift qubool hai qubool hai:-) bhai aap ka comment is page ki jaan hai plz hamare liye sirf 2 min ka time nikal ke comment kar dena accha lagega and shani forum par apki entry bhi dhamakedar thi ;-)btw ep was boring but thapki ne sankar ko accha sunaya good thapki and my all frnds comment plz

  3. Vinolin.d

    hai garima,pooja,manish ki deewani,die for manyasa and my all tpk friends….how r u???comments plz…but I felt boring about this track…they r taking so much time for showing kosi truth.writers pls end this track.

  4. Bihaan looked so good,handsome today..But it should have been Thahaan.But ya if thapki could dance with sapola,then Bihaan can also dance with sankar.He looks good with everyone..:()

  5. pooja prabha

    Another disinteresting episode…Dear Garima…I know you are really fed up with this story but always hope for the best.pls comment yaar.santhosh,vino,reshal sruti really miss you friends.

  6. In upcoming episode kosi suspects that maybe vaani is thapki
    so she make bihaan kidnap thinking that this kidnapping drama will bring out vaani’s truth

    thapki Aka vaani gets restless when she comes to know about bihaan’s kidnapping and sends dhruv to save him
    It will be intersting to see thapki gets exposed before kosi as she saved bihaan from kidnapping


    1. if see the spoiler, chacha ji who have idea kidnap bihan so bihan doesn’t see chacha ji & koshi married again.

      i see video TPK for 10th nov, finally all family know the truth about chacha ji & koshi are husband n wife. bihan very angry, he want throw rock to chacha ji but…

  7. Manish ki deewani

    Writers plz end that track and plz stop dragging I hate that idiot Shankar we r not interested to watch Shankar and bihaan together we love onscreen thahaan and of screen manyasa and plz expose kosi
    Hi friends

  8. This is my favorite

  9. E for end
    S for shankar tracks
    F for forever
    P for please
    B for boring
    T for tension scenes
    C for cvs need picnic

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