Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan going towards Bani. Munna stops him and asks who are you and how did you come after many years. Aryan tells that he was away from his family since 15 years and was in coma and lost his memory. He says he came back to Pandey Nivas as he got his memory back. Munna says who will believe on your filmy story. Vasu scolds Munna for doubting on him and says there is no guarantee that he is Bihaan. He says if he is fake then you all will be pained. He asks him to give proof of his honesty Bihaan tells that he is Bihaan Pandey, son of Balwinder Pandey and tells about their birth dates and places. He tells everything and says I was changed by her. Our Jodi is made by God and says our love is still connected and the proof is that I am standing here with my Thapki. Thapki is surprised.

Aryan/Bihaan asks him to see Tina and Bani’s smiling faces and Thapki’s mangalsultra. He says if you permit me, can I meet my daughters. Bani goes from there. Tina tells that Bani missed you very much, more than everyone of us. Vasu asks him to go to Bani. Bani is crying sitting in the lawn. Aryan/Bihaan goes to her. He tells that he heard that Bani missed him much, but she don’t want to talk to him, says ghajab. Bani gives him catapult and asks him to aim at the glass bottles. He couldn’t aim it rightly. Bani is surprised and helps him aim at it rightly. Aryan says he couldn’t aim it properly as he lost his memory. Bani says I am not doubting on him and asks him never to go far from him. She says she is very happu. Aryan promises that everything will be fine. Kosi thinks she won’t let anything fine.

Suman takes Aryan to Bihaan’s room. Vasu says everything is same. Thapki comes there. Vasu apologizes to her for not believing that Bihaan is alive. She says this house is because of you. Suman asks Vasu to come. They leave. Thapki closes the door. Aryan thanks Thapki. Thapki asks how do you know everything. Aryan says he is a businessman and got all info of Pandey family. He tells that he shall leave now. Thapki says you said that what you will get by doing this acting. Aryan says he will stop the act after Tina’s marriage. Thapki asks him to do as she says. Bihaan says deal and shake hands with her.

Everyone come to inhouse temple. Vasu says today is Diwali and asks them to do aarti together. Thapki and Aryan do the aarti together. Vasu asks Aryan to fill sindoor on her forehead. Suman says this is Thapki’s right.Vasu asks him to fill her maang. He says why not and picks a pinch of sindoor and is about to fill her maang.

Kosi tells that she thought to get Thapki and Bihaan married tomorrow. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. pooja prabha

    Superb episode but I am still confused about Aryan…precap is kosijis track for to expose Aryan I think it will not workout because Thapki will do something for to stop.anyways let’s see.Manish you just cool man…
    My dearies…garima,reshu,sandy,vino
    Navami,sruti,kudrat,santhosh Bhai
    Rinks,anu…how are youuu?happy wala week.
    Again TPK going to time change.its telecast @5pm on Monday towards.I believe it will be difficult for the viewed to watch regularly….

  2. Ermmm this doesnt make any sense cos Kosi is just guest at the Pandey house and she has no right to say anything about anyones life in the Pandey family lololol

    1. I wish kosi is out of the pandey family as well as Samar and dolly have big beautiful house. Why dolly steal things? ?????

  3. Gajaaa…..Bb
    yha to srsly gajab p gajab ho rha h…
    anyone here plz tell me what’s the age of AK..
    bcoz in today epi AK said that – ” I’m not looking like father ”
    I’m present nd what about u all THAHAAN lovers…
    yaarrr really miss you..

  4. Hi guys iam new here superb episode..i liked iam 100% sure that aryan is our bihan only..and we will get our thahaan u thahaan

  5. Don’t know what the cv is going to do. Miss THAHAAN a lot. But i can’t take thayan as thahaan. Though ak becomes bihaan.

  6. 2day i was watching tpk past episodes. *Thapki as kat, thn 1st kiss, thapki’s return gift & other lovely moments……


  8. Loved the way Aryaan gave all that info even though with all the leaps bauji and Vasu would be much older, sw messed up by putting d.o.b Into the dialogue, also I loved the cheeky way he said to Thapki about how it feels funny to be called papa as he’s too young and that Thapk doesn’t look like she has children

    1. ?date of birth ! Love this. Cheeky Aryan lol !?

  9. Hey guyzz??? how r u all?!! Actually I m a silent….uh!! Not silent,but ridiculously silent reader!! U guys can call me “JENELIA”
    Mmmm..coming 2 the episode ..I must say it’s pretty compicated epi..but Ihave some masala news for u all…n that is tpk time slot is gonna change to 5.00 o clock..and the same hatke news is that………………my comments r always hatke …hahahah

    1. Hello Jani di,
      how r u..??
      didi if u don’t mind can I call u “Jani”
      di please tell me something about urself like study, hobby etc…
      it’s not forcefully..

    2. I was also a silent now start to commenting

  10. Ohho..totally ghajjab !! Kudrat yarr..kab mujhe “Di” bolna chodoge yarr..
    Yep..I have many hobbies like firstly I love writing poems ..I love studying,and most of all I love dance …but right now studying is my passion ??

  11. Koi hai bhi ya phir sab tpk ke writers ki tarah so gyeoo …tpk mai vese bhi sab faltu log ki bakwasswali bewakoofi chal rhi hai..

    Take care guyz ..
    HAVE A GR8 DAY..

  12. Hey kudrat ..yep u can call me as jani ..n mujhe “di” bolna kab chodoge?! I’ve many hobbies like firstly studying n dance,but right now my passion is studying..wht abt u?

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