Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki praying to Lord for Bihaan and the family. She keeps a letter for Bihaan and cries seeing him sleeping. She asks him to read letter in morning. She starts leaving. She recalls the Pandey family. Ankhon pe dhoop si…. Thapki pyaar ki…..plays……….. She recalls Bihaan and cries. She leaves from there.

Bihaan gets bitten by mosquitoes and wakes up. He says Thapki, did you…. And sees her gone. He sees her letter and reads it. She writes I m going away from your life as you wanted, you stay with your family and be happy… He gets shocked.

Thapki rings the bell. Krishnakant says who can it be. Diwakar and his parents also wonder who came at night, and go to see. Everyone get shocked seeing Thapki. Diwakar gets scared and recalls Bihaan. He says it

means Thapki will also come here, he will not leave me, what to do. He says we will hide under dining table. Mishra asks what. Diwakar says do as I say. They hide. Krishnakant asks Thapki what is the matter.

Thapki says I have left Pandey Nivaas forever and came here. They all get shocked. Thapki asks whats this sound. Aditi says there are many rats here. She signs Poonam. Aditi asks did anyone not stop you here. Thapki says I did not tell anyone. Krishnakant asks what happened that you had to come this way. Bihaan comes and says I will say….. Diwakar says I told you he will come.

Bihaan says Thapki is annoyed with me, she knows I always argue like that, why did she feel bad, fine, I will apologize, come with me. He holds her hand and says I promise I will keep my belongings on place, come for family, if they know you left home for small thing, what will they think. Thapki says leave my hand. He says no, come with me, else I will apologize to everyone. Aditi says if he is feeling sorry, go with him, forgive him.

Krishnakant says but Aditi… Aditi stops him. Poonam asks Thapki not to care for small things, as after few days, Thapki has to come here forever, you inform everyone there and come here. Bihaan says I will not do anything that Thapki comes like this, I promise. Poonam asks Thapki not to get angry, and sends her. Bihaan holds Thapki’s hand and takes her bag. They leave. Krishnakant asks Aditi why did you let Thapki go. Aditi says if Thapki knew about Diwakar and family, she would be upset. Poonam says yes, Bihaan said its not big issue, so I have sent her.

Diwakar asks who came here. Aditi says Thapki and Bihaan, why do you care. Diwakar boasts of himself. Aditi taunts him that he was hiding under dining table. She says everything will be fine soon, then Thapki will stay here.

Bihaan asks Thapki to sit in bike and she goes by walk. They start arguing. She asks why did he do acting infront of her family. He asks can’t only you do acting. She asks what acting. He says you fought with me intentionally, so that you can leave house. She says I did acting, why did you come to take me, you and stay with your family, let me stay here. He says you have to stay with me there. She asks why, you know I won’t prove myself good, why do you want I stay in small cowshed and face everyone’s hatred, why do you want to hurt me, are old sorrows less. He says fine, I will not give you more sorrows, come home with me this time, just two days, then go anywhere you want. She asks what will happen in 2 days. He says just 2 days, then I will agree to your every condition, if you see any goodness in me, for its sake, please come with me. She says fine, you did a lot for me till now, I will come with you, but I have a condition, you will not stop me when I come back here after 2 days. He thinks after 2 days, you won’t leave home, I will take you inside Pandey house in 2 days.

Thapki and Bihaan come back. Thapki thinks Krishnakant looked worried and calls him to ask. He asks her is everything fine there. She says yes. He reminds that he is always with her. She asks him not to worry about her. She ends call. He gets relieved.

Its morning, Dadi gets shocked seeing her husband’s pic frame broken. She cries and tells Vasundara. Suman and Preeti wonder how did rat come here. Dadi says rat would have come to eat Prasad. Vasundara scolds Suman for keeping Prasad there, this pic is Dadi and Dada ji’s marriage pic, there is no copy. Dadi says all his things are going away from me. Vasundara blames Suman for hurting Dadi and asks what will we do now.

Bau ji cuts the grass for Gulabo as servant did not come. Bihaan asks shall I help. He cuts the grass and calls Thapki to help him. Thapki helps them. Dadi, Vasundara, Suman and Preeti come out. Dadi asks Bau ji about servant. Bau ji says he is ill, he won’t come. Dadi tells about rat biting the photo frame, but she got the last pic now, I want you to get it framed. Bihaan says I will do it. Dadi says fine. Vasundara stops Dadi and says we don’t need outsiders help for our personal work.

Thapki and Suman look for the pic. Pic falls in the grass and servant is about to cut it. Thapki sees this and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hazel ^bubbly^

    Dragging draggjng…….!!! Vasundra n shradha shud be exposed very soon..plzzzz…

    1. riya(die hard fan of rivanya)

      I think in d next janam only they will reveal the truth

    2. Hello everyone..can you all please check out “music sheet” it’s a fan fiction..??hope you will

  2. I know thapki will take the pic by hurting herself
    mahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatmaaaaaaa

  3. thank u amena for the fast update .

  4. Rubbish story

  5. I know thapki take out d photo by hurting herself n den she will win bck trust of preeti bhabi.☺

  6. When I saw the precap I thought it was something related to the marriage truth, but it isn’t I got so annoyed when the pic turned out to be some other pic, either expose vasu truth asap or let thahaan fall for love each other and realize it
    And if anyone didn’t read my fanfiction the loving pat episode 11 and u can also read summary of episode 1-10(if u didn’t read the ff u can read the summary of epi 1-10) in this link:
    And please kindly do drop a comment m always hungry for comments 😛

  7. Yup sonia y r right….. Same thing will going to be happen…

  8. enough drag………………………stop it .soon thahaan will realize their love only after separation.

    1. Where is your ff yaar

  9. Yup sonia u r right….. Same thing will going to be happen…

  10. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. …………..
    Dadi maa ki photo frame mai glass nahi tha kya …..?
    Nonsense thinking. …..!!!!!!
    WriteWriter jii…..aur kya kya dhekna padega humko…….!!!!!?

  11. Boring …all boring … Plz cv change the script

    Thapki itni mahaaan kyo hai

    Or us idiot deewakar ka drama khtam karo

  12. Happy women’s day

  13. its dragging too much. plz expose shradha and vasundhara before shradha i want vasundhara to be exposed . really hate her . she always consider bihan as outsider

  14. Manish congrats for your golden achievement you really deserve it.Episode is BORRING…….BORRING……….

    1. can anyone tell me what achievement bihaan achieved I mean manish achieved.

      1. Oh he received the best debutant male award in colors golden petal awards

  15. Bad track…. of the year..
    I can’t tolerate this much stupidity.
    At least make Thapki and Aditi as self dependent with job.

  16. Plzzz stop dragging..the best dragging serial of d yr winner goes tooooooooooooooo thapki pyaar kii..

  17. Very nice I knw bihaan will go for her

  18. I really hate vasu more than shraddha.And one more thing..whr is puppy??Puppy used to comment each n evry updates f tpk.

  19. And hey puppy I saw your comment in my ff but I miss your comments in written updates where are you?

  20. Hi ruhi bihan aka mànish goplani got best male debut in golden petal awards

  21. Hi santosh even i was thinking the same

  22. Damn terrible, why the hell you have to drag this long

  23. Love Bihaan .. came and got thyapki back. .he is adorable..great acting. He deserves the award. .his character grew which is the key to being a actor.

    Back to the episode they are soooo cute. He knows her better than she realizes. That is a long lasting friendship which means love.

    But the rat eating a pic in a frame. .hmm mm, come on..

  24. After all it’s
    Pandey Nivas’ Rat….
    Everything is possible for them yaar

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